Aliens vs Predator 2




AvP2 2007 Complete texture overhaul

avp207_v11_by_dex909.rar | 307.01 MB

game in the way it should actually look like (my opinion of course). More movielike, less comic. Basically I wanted to change the overall looks and feel of the game to be more realistic, dark and detailed. This is a step away from the colourful comic-look and changes various things. All flags for every modified dtx texture have been checked, compared with each original dxt and set by hand in Dedit as there is no other way to retain the original settings for fullbright, sounds on impact or each detailtexture right. No bugs with textures so far. For more screenshots and animated gifs for comparison go to my thread at: All stuff I did, is of course freely available to everyone for further modification. Feel free to take it apart, use textures from it in your mod or the modified dll - just CREDIT me with \"dex909\" in your readme or whatever and you can include any of my work in your mods. I am not responsible for any stupid/senseless/cheat/garbage mods anyone creates using this, though. If you want to use the modified high res weapon skins you will still have to ask Yaji. Have fun! ;) I combined some textures from Yaji\'s High Resolution Weapons and his higher resolution Aliens as well as several graphics and sounds from AJL and did a full overhaul. I did not simply copy and paste them, though. All of Yaji\'s skins as well as the original game\'s worldtextures, skins, characters etc. have been reworked to make them look less \"saturated\" and less \"comiclike\". I used a \"fake\" bumpmapping effect over every texture to gain a bit more depth and basically make it appear more realistic. I did not change any things that were perfect in first place, or game mechanics like weaponstats etc. are all original. The motion tracker from AJL has been tweaked a bit (rotation was a bit rough), the HUD colours for human weapons (ammon counter digits) and the Predator energy display were changed to red to make it a bit more movielike. I tweaked some inventory-graphics from the predator to match the new (darker) weapon skins and altered some menu-graphics slightly. The saturation of the marine weapon in the loading screen has been slightly altered to look more realistic and the marine menu skin is now darker. Everything is true to the original \"Aliens\" and \"Predator\" universe. Even more movielike were the Projam skins which I also \"de-comic-a-lized\" but only included in my PRIVATE version of the mod, those skins are not going to be released to the public due to Projam copyrights, sorry (takes a lot of the realism away though, if they ever change their policy I\'d be happy to include these). I also edited the cshell.dll to make the colour of the light the shoulder lamp casts white/blue instead of yellow and give all the Predator vision modes a slight distortion as seen in the movies. Several attribute files have been changed to alter various things like: changing the colour and font of subtitles to appear more movie/dvd like as well as changing the colours from the ammo counter in the marine hud to red (and only the ammo counters). This change comes in a separate .rez so you can choose if you want to use it or not (or to prevent compatibility problems when playing online). Many changes are subtle and it would take too long to explain and count everythig I did. I am finally happy with this game, as in my opinion it\'s now looking the way it should. But as with all texture mods, this is a matter of personal preference and taste. Version 1.1 Changes: -------------------- - The folder \"MODELS\" which was included in one rez in the initial version was removed the models there are broken (caused problems in MP) and not intended to be in the mod release.




Vision Mode Patch -- MP Only | 1.59 MB

textures (reused) from my Heat Vision Patch. New textures for viewing aliens in thermal vision. Disc trail removed Laser locking triangles removed Lock on sound removed Why? Because you can still lock onto humans in blue vision when I didn\'t want it to but this is the best I can do to keep it client sided... So now everything related to the disc is non-exsistent so it can be a tad hard to see if you threw it or are fully locked on.. anyways.. Aliens electro sparks removed around the skins. These are the tiny electrical sparks that appear in default red vision. They are removed so they don\'t give an alien away in the red vision. Humans \"heat glow\" textures removed so they don\'t give away a human that easily in blue vision. Threw in the Pred (blank) cloak sparks that appear when a pred turns invisible. They are not visible anymore




HQP - High Resolution Textures | 168.6 MB

Well, singleplayer is affected too but not as much as MP. I was making this mod more than a year, and its almost 10 times bigger than previous version. Its not perfect however. Textures I made at the begining are not so nice as the latest ones, and stuff like that. But it still looks better than original ones, I hope :)




AVP2 Widescreen Patch

avp2_widescreen_patch.rar | 3.32 MB

view really started to annoy me and so I've written this little patcher-tool which corrects the FOV for widescreen displays. I thought it might be a good idea to share it. I've also made a second version for users with 16:9 displays (both versions are included in this download). For more details check the Readme... I've taken some before/after-screenshots you might check as well, showing you the difference between the view with and without the patch on my 16:10 display.




Heat Vision Patch | 1.12 MB

off more heat then others and all are viewable in heat vision easily (like they can hide anyways). I will do other versions of this soon. But this one is damn fun to use ingame. Only the default characters are changed. Ichiro, Harrison Jones, Johnson, Rykov, Dimitri, Ivan and Dunya. The best thing about this is that you can apply it and join ANY server. Enjoy the new mod.[/quote]




High Quality Pack | 18.92 MB




High Quality Pack | 6.73 MB




DetailTex Enchantment | 5.76 MB

now much more visible and sharp. In some places Detail Textures ware missing, so I add them there. The result is on the screens. The mod affects multi player and single player maps.




Heat Glow | 678.36 KB




New Alien Auras | 1.25 MB




AvP_Movie_Electrovision | 202.9 KB

predator vision mode. The green aliens are inspired by the predator vision in the AVP movie, however the environment in electrovision is still red to maintain client side status (You can join any server with this mod running). This file was originally made to appear in the \"AvP2 Open Pyramid Project\" over at the planetavp forums, but I thought others may want to use it separately from the big map project. However, be sure to check out the Pyramid Project\'s release, as the electrovision in the map will appear green in the environment as well, for a more true to the movie electrovision. As for this mod, it looks pretty simple and is. Although its a nice change from the blue e.v. aliens. Enjoy the file.




Night Vision Goggles | 186.16 KB

such a great Advantage. Now it's like you are viewing through actual night vision goggles. The limited area view was done on purpose to balance out the clear view. I like *balance* along with a great idea. This is for the HUMANS of course. Enjoy![/quote]

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