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have merged. I will be getting a web site soon and I will make better info file there along with more detailed readme and help files. ============== New Characters ============== /////// Aliens /////// 1. Facehugger 2. Stealth Runner 3. Acid Spitter /////// Marines /////// 1. Synthetic 2. Exterminator /////// Corporates /////// 1. Cyborg /////// Predators /////// 1. Sniper Predator 2. Elder Predator =========== New Weapons =========== /////// (Human) /////// 1. Auto Shotgun /////// (Alien) /////// 1. Acid Spit 2. Stealth Runner's Claws /////// (Predators) /////// 1. Self Destruct 2. Advanced Shoulder Cannon 3. Energy Flechette =========== Attrib Mods =========== /////// (Human) /////// 1. All humans can run a little faster. /////// (Alien) /////// 1. All aliens run fast enough to catch a running human. 2. All aliens can head bite past 100 health. 3. The Praetorian has been given wall-walk and an enhanced jump (to use the enhanced jump, press the crouch toggle and jump while running and holding forward. He then jumps forward more than a regular alien) 4. The tail attack when fully charged does more damage. /////// (Predators) /////// 1. Predators have been given more energy. 2. The predators are faster now. 3. The shoulder cannon projectile is faster.




Pilot Project Modification

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intended to be played. You can change these if you want but alien life cycle should stay off all the time I did a major work on the character butes and this no longer works like it should. If used you will only change to a Warrior, Queen or Predalien all other types will not be used and some attributes may not work like they are intended Lowering damage % will cause serious damage effect problems for weapons some will become far to weak and others far to strong. Increasing it has less of a negative effect and will mainly cause people to die faster as it should. KINDRED READ ME INFO--------------------------- The Primal Hunt version of Pilot Project was not tested as much and is considered a beta test so there will be more bugs in it Make sure you set all weapons and classes to ON, BEFORE you activate the mod. Start a normal game and set every thing to on then go back and activate the mod. This version of the Mod does not support weapon and classes so that option does not work and will really mess things up if you try to use it, so DON’T. The predator energy icon on their hud does not work correctly so you will not know an accurate amount but you will see it empty, it’s the best I can do for know Getting in to a game- do to the class deactivation option in Primal Hunt you can only select certain characters to JOIN a game, however once in the game you can then select any character you want. It was brought to my attention that the game sometimes will set class characters off randomly so you may have to search for one to join with. This may be a pain at times for corps vs marines only games and such. The pred stalker seems to be the only one that stays available all the time so leaving one pred in every game should be a sure way for people can join, the game then auto changes them to another character if that class is full. Tools are character specific unlike regular avp2 players can not pick up hacking tools or torches so if you’re playing a map that uses them you better have the right teammates with the right equipment Dual Pistols can be used however not all players can get them. Also once out of ammo you drop one BUGS AND SUCH--------------------- Some skins in SP and custom maps may be wrong the SADAR gunner is one of them Footprints, may in some maps end up floating in a spot in the map and still work on the ground. nothing I can do about that it has to do with how the map is built If you set your resolution differently overlays and other game modifications will not work as intended and will look all wrong. This mod was created using a basic 640x480x32 resolution. Some weapon models will JAM if you try hitting the fire key really fast in attempts to make the weapon shot faster then intended like the old trick with the sniper and pulse rifle either select another weapon or hit f1 twice to fix KINDRED- The big one is the weapon and character selection. do not use these at all, don’t even look at it. Before you start activating the kindred mod. Start a normal game and turn all weapons and characters ON. Then quit and activate the mod. KINDRED - To Join a game you may have to select a character you don’t want to join the game but once in you can select any character you want. MAIN GAME PLAY CHANGES---------------- Mod is coop and MP skirmish friendly, weapons do the right damage to AI characters I built in a rewards system into the game play. For example being a lowly face hugger is very difficult but allows you to be the strongest aliens in the game, the Warrior, the Predalien or the Queen. There are other rewards you’ll have to figure out The jump on most human characters is drastically reduced. Humans now have to put more thought in their evasion tactics, the Mexican jumping bean approach will no longer work but team work and use of cover does. Character attributes such as speed and armor have been determined by the characters weapon load out. Some characters are set to give you the Queen when face hugged to make them a more desirable target Some characters are immune to being faced hugged. Another reason why life cycle should be set to off. Class Weapons are always on Night Vision and Motion trackers are only given to certain characters New vision modes added to humans. -------------------CLASS OVERVIEW ----------- Preds have an advantage in one on one combat. There weapons do large amounts of damage but are set in a way to be more “sporting” which when faced by multiple opponents is a disadvantage. Aliens- with their new weapon types, allow players a verity of tactics, so don’t play every alien the same way use their strengths and weakness. They are vulnerable at a distance but once in close they can kill easily. Marines- As a team they are almost unbeatable. Having a large assortment of weapons and munitions to choose from. Stick together and cover you teammates. Corporates- They too are strong as a team however each character has a more specialized role limiting their overall effectiveness. When filling their assigned role however individually they are unmatched. EXOs- Now can only be used by one type of character in the marines and one the corp. It now uses ammunition supplied by that player so you can gather more ammo and rearm the Exo. It no longer shows how much life you have left either. I’m working on a damage effect like smoke or something for a later version --------------------------CHARACTER SPECS-------------------- ------------PREDATORS-------- Light Pred-------- Faster and more agile but with lighter armor, the Juvenile can easily out maneuver humans and use its spear gun to stay concealed and attack from afar its light armor though gives it little benefit against heavy weapon assaults and Xenomorph melee attacks. The short ranged homing Disc does allow some advantaged over weaker Xenomorphs and humans however. Equipment LIGHT BLADES RAZOR DISC SPEAR GUN PLASMA CANNON PICK UP HACK SELF DESTRUCT SCRAM GUN(PH) Huntress---------- Like the Juvenile she is fast and agile but has slightly more armor. She uses the same tactics but is equipped with the Net Gun so she can render heavily armed human enemies immobile. Her spear gun fires poisoned tipped darts that cause damage over a long period of time and the secondary fire is a melee attack which also poisons its victims. This allows her to be very proficient in hit and run and evasion maneuvers. Equipment- LIGHT BLADES POISON DART GUN NET GUN PLASMA CANNON PICK UP HACK SELF DESTRUCT SCRAM GUN(PH) Stalker------- Having thicker armor then the light predators allows the stalker to survive most encounters with hostile prey and though armored still retains a high level of agility and speed. Equipped with the basic hunting gear of the plasma caster, net gun, spear and able to pick up the disc allows this predator a verity of hunting tactics. The Plasma Caster when Alt charged has increased velocity and stopping power. Equipment- WRIST BLADES SPEAR SHOULDER CANNON DISC PICK UP NET GUN SELF DESTRUCT HACKING DEVICE Spear Master----- Like the Stalker the Spear Master has good over all Physical abilities and standard armor. Its attack range though is limited by its use of staff weapons. The Javelin has a moderate range when thrown with high damage versus humans and weaker aliens. The Lance has a very fast melee attack causing light damage, it can also be thrown and locks on to enemies. Equipment- WRIST BLADES THROWING SPEAR HOMING SPEAR PLASMA CANNON PICK UP HACK SELF DESTRUCT SCRAM GUN(PH) High Hunter----- Heavily armored but slow and bulky, the Hunter can take on any prey in melee combat and hold its own. Preferring a more thrilling hunt he uses no vision modes Equipment- HEAVY BLADES THROWING SPEAR SHOULDER CANNON DISC PICK UP NET GUN PICK UP SELF DESTRUCT Warrior The Warrior does not hunt its prey he lays waist to them. Though equipped with a cloak the warrior has little use for it. Its energy weapons drain far to much energy for it to be useful. A personal shield generator allows the warrior to find cover to recharge if he unwittingly used all his energy reserves in the heat of battle. This shield produces its own power and can also disrupt AI tracking weapons, unfortunately it can not stop large projectiles and area effect damage from getting through. Equipment- PLASMA BLADES WAR CANNON WRIST BLASTER ENERGY SHIELD PLASMA CANNON PICK UP DISC PICK UP Xeno Slayer(Kindred Only)— Similar to the High Hunter he however has an advantage over Xenomorphs do to his use of Xenomorph armor. The Slayers chosen prey is the Xenomorph and so uses only that vision mode. During a ceremonial initiation of the clans juveniles, Xenomorphs overran his ship massacring his clan which triggered the self destruct. Alone he survived months of hunting and being hunted In his attempts to elude death he found ways of mixing the aliens fluids and soaking them in to his covering which diminished the aliens ability to effectively track him. This prolonged exposer to the fluids allowed them to seep through into his flesh blending with it causing permanent side effects. Equipment- XENO BLADE THROWING SPEAR SHOULDER CANNON DISC PICK UP NET GUN PICK UP HACK SELF DESTRUCT ----------------MARINES---------------------- Corp/Marine Combat Synthetic The class 3 Combat Synthetic is designed to fill the heavy machine gun support role with secondary skill sets in light rifle use. The synthetic vision is an improvement over night vision and makes spotting enemy units easier. With high health and the capability to carry extra armor this unit can be a hard target to take down. Equipment- KNIFE PISTOL PULSE RIFLE PICK UP MINI-GUN Trooper Well protected and equipped the trooper forms the back bone of any squad. Equipment- THROWING KNIFE PISTOL HAND GRENADE PULSE RIFLE FLAME THROWER BLOWTORCH MOTION TRACKER Smart-Gunners Equipped with the Smart gun limits this troopers weapons and armor load out and makes him weak as a stand alone unit however when placed in the squad support roll he is invaluable to any team. Equipment- KNIFE HAND GRENADES PISTOL SMARTGUN FLAMER PICK UP Grenadier Outfitted with a multi round grenade launcher this trooper can send explosive, incendiary, chemical or smoke rounds at enemy units. Extra armor to repel damage when using munitions in close slows this trooper down. Equipment- KNIFE PISTOL HAND GRENADES PULSE GRENADE LAUNCHER NBC trooper Carrying a multi use rocket system and extra rounds is no easy matter for this trooper, he sacrifices armor and movement for brute force . MLRT system can fire SABOT antitank rounds which are great for taking out FIST units and incendiary rockets cause good wide area damage. The Heavy Mortar can drop rounds behind enemy cover causing massive damage. If timed right it can also be air burst over enemy positions Equipped with a flame retardant suit and a shot gun incase things get too close. He is also cross trained to supply and operate FIST units. Equipment- KNIFE PISTOL PICK UP SHOTGUN MISSILE LAUNCHER HEAVY MORTAR FIST SUPPLIES Sniper Snipers are lightly armored but are fast and can easily get to places other troopers have a harder time getting to. They are issued a semi automatic high powered rifle and automatic pistol and if the need should arise they can equip a Pulse Rifle. Do to their ability to move quickly and engage from a distance they are best used for recon and support Equipment- KNIFE HAND GRENADE AUTO PISTOL PULSE PICK UP SEMI AUTO RIFLE HACKING DEVICE NIGHT VISION TARGAT Trans Atmospheric Rapid Global Assault Trooper The TARGAT is patched into the command ship in high orbit through his helmet. This allows him to order orbital strikes of bunker buster rockets or a precision rail gun strike against targets on the planets surface. It also has built in night vision and motion tracker. Standard issued armor and pulse rifle allows this trooper to bring the fight to the enemy Equipment- KNIFE PISTOL PULSE HACK ORBITAL STRIKES MOTION TRACKER NIGHT VISION Demolitions Heavy armor slows this trooper down but working with satchel charges, booby traps, and cluster mines he’s going need all he can get. Equipment- KNIFE PISTOL PULSE RIFLE DEMO CHARGES BOOBY TRAPS CLUSTER MINES CUTTING TORCH -------CORPORATE-------------------- Ghost Ghosts rely on cover, athleticism and covert weaponry. More mobile then their other teammates they are able to quickly move, climb and crawl creating minimum disturbance. Gaining entry to areas that are inaccessible to others. Ghosts utilizes a cloaking device and high energy rifle. The cloak however is limited compared to the predator type, it can be overloaded by bright light, can’t fool night vision and limits the amount of ordnance and protective gear that can be used. The energy rifle is equipped with a scope that can see through certain materials and smoke screens and its energy blast can kill with just a single hit. A charge delay before firing and its need to be reset after each discharge limits this weapon. Equipment- TANTO KNIFE SILENCED PISTOL PLASMA RIFLE NIGHT VISION S.H.O.C.S. Special Hazardous Operations and Combat Squad Equipped with a verity of eradication, nullification and retrieval ordnance, these troops are heavily armored and use special vision modes to track, capture or eliminate Xenomorph threats. The MAWL can fire a verity of ordinance like Nets and Napalm. The EM Rifle causes no damage but can stop any alien even the queen dead in its tracks allowing other units to engage and kill it. Equipment- KNIFE PULSE/SHOT COMBO MAWL GRENADE LAUNCHER EM RIFLE NIGHT VISION ELECTRO VISION S.H.O.C. Officer Leading a SHOC squad down into a Hive is not what any sane man would do for a living. Unless of course the pay is good. With that pay you can suit up in the best armor, weapons and equipment you can buy. But special vision goggles, flamethrower and a fully automatic shot gun can only take you so far, you need big chrome balls to face what lies down there. A brave man can look death in the eye but what do you do when it doesn’t have any. Equipment- KNIFE PISTOL SHREDDER AUTO SHOTGUN FLAME THROWER HACK TORCH SMARTGUN PICK UP MOTION TRACKER NIGHT VISION Specialist Similar in many ways to his marine counter part the Specialist also has had training in demolitions and sharpshooting, this gives him I wider range of tactics compared to the marine trooper. Equipment- THROWING KNIFE PISTOL HAND GRENADES ASSAULT RIFLE DEMO CHARGES HACK TORCH NIGHT VISION Iron bear Rehabilitated with synthetics this trooper can with stand more punishment then most. He fills the roll of smart gunner but uses instead the new G.U.N. tracking rifle which uses sadar tracking rather then the outdated smart tracking. It does however have a smaller magazine and fires slower then the smartgun. Equipment- KNIFE AUTO PISTOL HAND GRENADES G.U.N. TRACKING RIFLE HACK SHOTGUN PICK UP Pred Hunter Killing one of her “gods” and escaping from their ship this Yajanti slave is now hunted by her former masters for her trespass against them. The tables have turned though, stealing weapons and a small ship she has now become the hunter. Equipment- RAZOR GAUNTLETS ENERGY PISTOL SPEAR GUN PREDTECH VISION FIST Operator FIST Operators are specially trained to pilot exo units into combat situations. The FIST was designed to be light and easily transportable and so limits the amount of ammunition it can store. FIST Operators must dismount and carry ammunition back to their units often, leaving them vulnerably to enemy attack. The need to carry the heavy ordinance slows them down so they are issued only light armor. Equipment- KNIFE PISTOL SHOT GUN FIST SUPPLIES TORCH F.I.S.T. Forward Infantry Support Tactical Though heavily armored and equipped with devastating fire power, the FIST is designed to be a force multiplier and not a stand along unit. Limited ammo stores and restricted peripheral vision at times leaves it vulnerably to attack. Its slow speed allows faster enemy units to out flank it and use hit and run tactics as well. Its best used to support light infantry in engagements against enemies with superior fire power or numbers. The infantry should assist in covering its flanks and spotting targets so the FIST can bring its weapons to bare on the target and concentrate its limited supply of munitions. ------------------XENOMORPHS-------------- Pilot Strain Queens( AvP2 only) Smaller then the Xenomorph Queen and believed to come from the impregnation of the still unknown species of alien known as Pilot. It has the ability to birth facehuggers without the need for eggs and can resist fire damage and light ammunition fire. The Pilot face hugger is different from the Xeno facehugger and for some reason attacks other aliens. This behavior maybe a form of genocide, further research is needed. Pilot Strain Drones Born stronger then Xenos but has a faster molt cycle which limits it over all growth. Its heavier armor makes this drone slower then its Xeno cousins but gives it some fire resistance. Pilot drones are known to use a stream of disgorged acid to momentarily paralyze prey before closing to attack. Its armor like skin has serrated edges which allows it to shred through nets easily. Pilot strain and Xeno strain aliens have been known to show aggressive behavior towards each other. Arachnodrones Discovered in the deep thickets and under growth on LV-988. It lies in wait in burrows until prey happens by and traps them in a sticky acidic paste. Much weaker and slower then other drones its change in ontogenesis is believed to be an adaptation to LV-988s overgrowth of vine like vegetation which heavily hinders movement by anything larger then your average sized house cat. Sentinels A subclass of drone rarely seen. Found in hives that are under frequent attacks these drones are a kamikaze like last line of defense for the Queen. Its bulbous head contains sacks of biochemical agent which when the sacks membranes retract mix with the aliens blood causing it to explode into a shower of acid and acidic shrapnel. Weak and having a thin carapace its sole purpose is to die for the hive. Razorbacks Found on LV-348 where its major animal life was a porcupine like sloth. This alien is able to throw multiple barbed spikes that cause exquisite pain which momentarily stuns victims, it then closes to leap on them with a devastating claw attack. Weak and slow compared to other drones its ability to strike from afar gives this alien its lethality. Warriors Only seen before a hive is fully formed, the Warrior is believed to be the progenitor for the formation of new hives. Altering victims into facehugger eggs that can produce a Queen and once a Queen is established the occurrence or warrior type aliens dwindles and seem to be replaced by what are called drones. The Warrior slow molt cycle compared to the drone leaves it very vulnerable at first but allows it to grow stronger and deadlier then the drone. Born to survive and not just serve its strength is matched only by the Predalien. Both can only come from victims that have been face hugged and when they eat their first kills can double there health level. Once you are lucky enough to facehug a victim and change to an adult even if you die you will come back as a full grown alien but your health will always start out low until you can feed. Predalien A predalien is born when facehugging a predator. It is at first weak but if able to feed it will gain health that surpasses all other aliens but the warrior. Just as the warrior once you become an adult you stay an adult even after death Runners Coming from basic quadruped hosts such as canines and large felines they are given a vicious bite attack. Runners are faster then drones and warriors and prefer to run down their prey like a cheetah rather then pounce or use their tail. The tail on the runner is very weak doing little damage. Its legs and arms are more suited for running on open ground thus if the Runner tries climbing its mobility will be greatly reduced Facehugger Light skinned and a bit slow it is capable of impregnating hosts with a larva which then matures to a Warrior, a Queen or if the host is a Predator a Predalien. Its small size allows it to hide until an unlucky victim happens by Queen She is strong fast and heavily armored. Capable of tearing a man in half with little effort. She can not wall walk very well, Small areas are inaccessible to her but on an open field she’ll strike fear in the hearts of anyone unlucky enough to face her. She is only playable if you face hug the right character Empress(Queen Mother) Stronger then the Queen she can destroy any thing in her path. Her large size though can allow prey to evade her by hiding in areas too small for her to enter. Being so powerful it would be wise to set queen molt kills to above 7 at least Bio-Mechanoid (KINDRED Only) Bio-Mechnoids are captured Xenomorphs that have had extensive synthetic augmentation. The control units grafted into their skulls were intended to moderate their aggressive behavior and make them more controllable for security and urban pacification. Unfortunately these components only amplified their hostility to the point of rabid psychoses. Most were terminated when the experiment failed but a few managed escaped containment and returned to their hive. Similar to your basic drone it has however more armor and less life also has the synthvision mode. -----------------New Specifications For Weapons, Ammo, Equipment and Abilities ------------------- _________________________MARINE_______________________ Knife - works just like the original Hand Grenade - Simply fire to throw the frag grenade has a short range Knife/ Throwing Knife- alt switch to use the throwing knife alt switch back to use the knife uses time grenades as an ammo pool Tanto (Ghost blade) functions like the knife with a charging strike like the pred wrist blades, however the charged cut comes at the back swing so timing your cut is necessary. This was done to off set the high damage it does. It can kill a base human with in 1 to 2 slices. Pistol - the PV laser sight is always on but the third person laser shows only after you fire the weapon. The pistol uses only one ammo type Auto Pistol - a faster firing version of the one above. Laser sight functions the same Silenced Pistol (Ghost only) a low muzzle report and low muzzle flash pistol for stealth. It essentially the Ghost main weapon Shot Gun - Uses only buck shot. Pulse Rifle - Does more damage, pump grenades are now effected by gravity so they now drop as they approach their target Corp Rifle (corp trooper)- A tri burst scoped rifle, does a little more damage then the pulse Shredder (SHOC pulse shot gun) - automatic shot gun with grenade launcher. EM-Rifle (SHOC) does no damage, used to stun large aliens so other teammates can fire on the targets easily. Also can stun and cause power drain on preds SHOC Pulse Rifle - same as marine pulse but has a shot gun secondary instead, did this so the shoc wouldn’t have the need for as many pick up weapons G.U.N. (Iron Bear only) Low fire rate and ammo count but uses SADAR tracking to aim. Uses pulse ammo Flame Thrower - has much less ammo but does more damage. Best used in bursts. Grenade launcher(Marine only) now has explosive, napalm, gas and smoke rounds. Gas in PH version causes long term stun affect and little damage MAWL (SHOC grenade launcher) Fires explosive, napalm, net and EM stun rounds Mine launcher (marine) A one shot weapon that fires a wide cluster of proximity mines Booby Traps (marine)- Prox mines that look like armor and health pick ups Satchel Charge - a high explosive charge that functions like the pred hot bombs. Make sure you keep at least one in your inventory or you will auto switch to your next weapon before you have a chance to detonate them Smart Gun - same as original but with more power and shorter lock on range Mini-gun (synth only)- has a shorter warm up time, pre spin removed SADAR(Marine only) - has explosive and napalm rockets. Tracking rockets removed Heavy Mortar (Marine only) - wide area effect weapon. Make sure you aim high Sniper Rifle(marine only) semi auto fast firing rifle. 5 round clip Plasma Rifle(Ghost) - Similar to the original rail gun but no longer zooms instead uses a scope like iron sight that must be “charged” to bring it up. Has a slight delay when firing and has a very small ammo count Orbital Missile Strike (TARGAT only) - can alt select between cluster, vertical or horizontal strike patterns. Uses smart gun tracking to aim. Some maps with low sky boxes don’t allow this weapon to be used. If not locked on to you target you should aim at a nearby object such as a crate this weapon can not aim at non objects such as the ground and walls in some maps. This is a one shot weapon Orbital Rail Strike (TARGAT only)- Functions the same as above. FIST Supplies - Not a weapon but carried by the Corp FIST Pilot and Marine Heavy Weapons Trooper this allows the troopers to carry ammo to the FIST and resupply it when it runs out FIST Minigun - causes high explosive damage and has a high rate of fire. It uses the same ammo pool as its Flame thrower. This was done to keep the fist needing to be supplied and to keep it from becoming to powerful FIST Flame Thrower - same a normal napalm. uses the same ammo pool as the fist mini gun FIST Rockets - High explosive and wide area damage. It uses the Napalm rocket pool so use of rockets in the FIST will take ammo from the SADAR the Marine carries. Pred Hunter Pistol- Similar to the old Pred pistol but removed the secondary trishot stun Pred Hunter Spear Gun- Single shot then reloads has a sniper zoom Pred Hunter Wrist- Similar damage and speed as the Pred wrist blades -------------------------------New Marine Equipment Specs---------------------------- Torch/ welder- same as the one found in the game but now does more damage to player targets Hacking tool - same as the one found in the game Motion Tracker - Has less accuracy do to it using larger blips and is only available to a few troops. Use vision selection to activate Flares - now have a wider area of light Ghost Cloak - A very light sensitive minor cloak New Vision Modes>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.. Synth-Vision - Full bright with player textures set darker but aliens are hard to see SHOC Vision - Uses Predator Electro Vision ---------------------NEW AMMUNITION SPECS------------------------------------- New coop weapons have a gravity effect so rounds will drop over distance. This also makes sniping more realistic. All ammo causes some kind of long term damage mostly bleeding damage. Amount depends on the weapon used. So you may die long after you were shot Hand Grenades - short range fragmentation grenades Pulse grenades - high explosive. is now effected by gravity so they drop as they fly Napalm - now use a projectile class affected by gravity. If you fire it straight up it will come back down at you and set you ablaze Gas Grenades - large area effect weapon causing long term damage(AvP). KINDRED version causes a longer stun effect since you can still walk in PH its like getting sick Smoke Grenades - used to cover movement through open terrain and block enemy vision. Good for covering troops from snipers Heavy Mortar - a gravity affected missile with short range and wide area effect uses the napalm missile ammo pool SADAR rockets - causes less area damage but instant damage is very high. Great verse FIST units and large alien targets SADAR Napalm - good area effect range plus fire damage Plasma Rifle Rounds - Very high damage a one shot one kill against most characters ============================PREDATORS=========================== Wrist blades - do little damage to aliens but does high damage to humans Heavy Wrist Blade - Does Double Damage Light Blade - Does 3/4 of normal wrist blade damage Plasma Blade(Warrior) - high damage plasma that stuns for a split second. It’s charging strike has three levels, first a normal strike then a high explosive cut then finally it fires a power bolt like that of the pred pistol secondary Spear - Does good melee damage to all characters Javelin- Throwing spear- alt switch to secondary to throw, uses pred energy Lance- Homing spear (spear master)- a homing spear with high penetrative damage and very fast melee attack. When called back you must switch to another weapon then back to use it again. This keeps players from spamming it, must have line of sight to retrieve Disc - no longer homes and must have line of sight to retrieve Shoulder cannon - Must be charged to second sound key before a plasma bolt will fire. The charging secondary is used for the faster shot, its ready when you here the double sound key. The Plasma cannon now does higher damage 2 to 3 shots will kill about any player but has a slower firing rate War cannon(warrior)- a shot gun type plasma cannon doing wide area stun and energy damage. does not lock on Poison Dart (huntress)- Causes light damage but poisons its target for an extended time. if timed right the victim will die after being hit only twice if they can not reach health Has a secondary melee that does good damage as well as poisons. Darts do not decapitate. Wrist Blaster(Warrior) - A projectile weapon that is unaffected by gravity and can bounce around corners before exploding Net Gun - its nets are not as strong as before and is limited to two shots. The reload time is also slowed Scram gun (JINDRED ONLY) replaces the pred pistol. Primary fires motion spikes which registers on morion trackers. Still in beta testing -------------------------------New Predator Equipment Specs---------------------------- Predator Hacking Device - Can hack, weld and cut and does damage to targeted players. Weld and cut are not fully tested. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ALIENS





king_mod.rar | 26.37 MB

previous skins (except my Matrix Drone) and work to the sound pack in order to display all my work up to 06/23/04. I decided to keep this mod server friendly since most people don't use mods because of the lack of servers running them. In other words, YOU CAN JOIN ANY SERVER with this mod. Also, there is a major amount of sounds that have been added that can only be heard in singleplayer. So play both modes. Mod Changes: ------------------ A) Menus: 1) New Splash. 2) New loading screen/custom level background featuring an AvP movie poster. 2) All the main menus now have the song from Predator where Arnold (Dutch) chases the Pred. 3) Marine single player menu now has the "Attention Emergency" alarm from Aliens as the background music. (Plus tracker sound) 4) Predator single player menu now has the Predator theme song as the background music. B) Humans: 1) Marines: Harrison---Forest_Harrison Skin (This skin changes another marine's camo in single player) Johnson---New Unreleased Skin Jones------New Unreleased Skin Ichiro------New Unreleased Skin 2) Corporates: Revised_Corps Skin Pack. 3) Classic_Shotgun and Urban_SG skins added. New unreleased skins for the flamethrower, grenade launcher, pistol, railgun, and knife included. 4) Sounds: New multiplayer taunts for both marines and corps. (Arnold Schwarzenegger) New tracker and sniper rifle fire sounds. New Death and Pain Sounds. Huge amount of new sounds from both the Predator and Alien films, only accessible through single player mode. C) Aliens: 1) Drone----------Black_Emerald_Drone Skin Runner---------Ice_Runner Skin Praetorian------Leaf_Prae Skin Predalien-------New Unreleased Skin Queen----------Black_Emerald_EQ Skin Empress--------Black_Emerald_EQ Skin Facehugger----Warped_LC Skin (Added a new display of when a character is facehugged in 1st person view) Chestburster---Warped_LC Skin 2) New sounds/taunts for the chestburster, empress, praetorian, queen, and facehugger. D) Predators: 1) Predator--------Inferno_Pred Skin Assault Pred---Village_Pred Skin Heavy Pred----Sinister_Pred Skin Light Pred------Decayed_Pred 2) New taunts and sounds for vision loop, vision lock ons, mask zooms, deaths, yells, shoulder cannon, speargun, disc fire, cloaking, and idle sounds. 3) New Predator cloak which is "a realistic representation of the Predator's Optical Camoflauge." (One of the best, if not the best, cloaks out there) *See special thanks below for more info.*




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monkeys chase players around and blow them to bits." The idea was too funny not to make. It took a while for me to get around to it (and I forgot about it for a while), but one year later I decided to take the idea and make it into a mod. I initially replaced all the grenades with AvP2's monkey model (with special attention to the spider mines), but the mod grew to include more animal-related projectiles such as birds, fish, and a few extras. There was no logic as to why predators use fish in this mod, or why marines and corps can shoot monkeys and birds at people. I randomly tried replacing projectiles with animal models. If it looked funny and wasn't too big (like a giant shark in the player's hands) I kept it. I even included some random audio stuff related around the monkey theme. The mod is entirely client side, and will thus function like normal AvP2 with the changes listed below. This mod should probably be named as something else which makes reference to all the animal changes in the mod, but the monkeys are the focal point. Therefore, Exploding Monkeys Mod it is. Moreover, this mod is the dumbest mod I have ever made, but it is certainly hilarious to see the new projectiles and hear the new sound effects in action. Hope you enjoy it!




Warzone | 10.14 MB

officially supported by Monolith Productions, Inc. or Fox Interactive. This mod is specifically designed to work with AVP2 version Using other modifications or on older versions of AVP2 may lead to unpredictable results. I do not take any responsibility for any damages that may be caused by this modification. use this mod at your own risk! Creater--Red version--1.1 BETA time to create--1 month date created--January 23 2009 uncompressed size of mod--16.8 MB changes in the game: note that the info below may not list every changed thing in the mod & or it may be out of date. ===================================================================== Humans: Hud--removed the flare icon & redun the health/armor icon. Marines gave the marines 7 new skins. added 4 new characters hudson,hicks,drake,& vasquez. ===================================================================== Corp gave the corps 5 new skins added 4 new characters synthetic,twichy,wy-apesuit,& toxic. ===================================================================== Predators: Hud--all preds now have a red health/energy bar just like avp2:ph. removed the energy/health icon. changed the airsupplytime from 180 to 200 decreased damage that the pred pistol can inflict. gave the preds 5 new skins added 4 new characters the warrior,cityhunter,honor guard,& ancient predator. ===================================================================== Aliens: gave the predalien the green health bar from avp2:ph. the chestburster now has 75 hit points insted of 50 changed HitBoxScale from 2.0 to 1.2 the runner has 3 new taunts. the drone,warrior,guardian,& wy2000 has 3 new taunts. the praetorian has 3 new taunts. the predalien has 5 new taunts. gave the aliens 7 new skins added 4 new Characters warrior,battle queen,guardian,& wy2000 . ===================================================================== Weapons FlameThrower--gave the flamethrower a new flame texture & gave it a new muzzle flash effect. added 4 new weapons Dual pistols,energy flechette, bigblade,& a new knife. gave the marine pistol,& flamethrower new skins. gave the corps a new knife so now the marines/corps have there own knife. Medicomp--no longer uses energy but it still decloaks you. ===================================================================== Sounds almost all the marines/corps/aliens have new taunts except for the preds. options/multiplayer/profile/credits menus have a differnt menu music. ===================================================================== All Menus: changed it to where the help words do not show up. changed basicaly all the menus. MP Loading screen: took off the glowing effect & the gray circle from the word loading did this to speed up loading on mp for slower cp's. Splash Screen: changed it to the one i made for my mod. ===================================================================== Known Bug's




Fortress mod | 37.69 MB

group Email: Build Date: 2008-10-01 Version: 1.0




Zero Single Player Mod

zero_single_player_mod_v1.0.rar | 22.5 MB

multi-playable. In fact, a few modifications are just for multi-player. Please note version 1.0 (this version)is unfinished. The human modifications are only 70% done and the alien and predator modifications haven't been started yet. But, with that said, the mod plays perfectly fine. Most of the changes are more subtle ones, more in depth modification would have caused problems in the single player campaigns. Please note: This mod will also work with most, but not all custom single player maps. I cannot provide a list at this time of which maps will work, and which ones will not, but any custom single player maps found in the "Ultimate Mappack" series will most likely work. [/quote]




Zombie Survivor mod

zombiesurvivormod.rar | 4.92 MB

weapon - Knife good game for all




StarGate Mod

stargate_mod_beta_0.1.rar | 82.55 MB

Multy Player New Weapon New Effect weapons New Power weapons New Tauns New Maps And more next ........ Downloads link :;9355168; /fileinfo.html




Queen for praetorian Mod | 158.17 KB

Multiplayer 4. Queen Now Added In Multiplayer The First Difference About This Mod Is The Fact That The Praetorian Has Been Kicked Out Of The Game. Why? I\'ll Tell You. The Praetorian Has Been Replaced With The Queen. Finally, No More Queen Molting Kills! You Can Now Start Off As A Queen Automatically. I Also Ended Up Adding A Chestburster Into The Game. The Burster Will Automatically Molt Into A Drone. For Some Reason It Will Not Molt Into Anything Else. P.S.. The Game Will Still Read The Queen As A Praetorian.




Ballistic mod | 9.17 MB

having a finite speed and a finite mass. Therefore, a bullet needs some time to reach a target. Also the shooter should aim higher to make sure that his bullets will reach the target. Also you will be able to use meelee weapons also as projectiles, ie: throwing knifes, or throwing the spear (predator), or use the disc to slash oponents (meelee weapon). Silenced weapons were added, and the single player weapon sets were changed so that these added weapons can be seen in the vanilla campaigns, ie: in the \"Betryal\" marine mission. No, you do not get any character skins on this mod. The focus for this mod is weapons, not character skins. The following changes were done: Overall ------- - used the alpha channel to make weapons more shiny/metallic - knife - smartgun - minigun - wristblades - disc - predator pistol - spear - hotbomb Marine & Corporates ------------------- - the HUD layout was changed: - health and armor counters are now in the lower part of the screen - the crosshair for pulse rifle and grenade launcher were changed to help aiming in long range hits using grenades Changed weapons: - All projectile based weapons, except SADAR and shotgun pelee are balistic (affected by gravity and having a finite velocity) - the minigun, smartgun and exosuit minigun fire tracer rounds - for some weapons, the crosshair was removed and replaced by ironsights - regular pistol - shotgun - the knife can be thrown (ALT-FIRE; the throw can be charged) - the shotgun can use in adition rubber bullets, to stun enemies - the minigun fires at a rate of 4000 rounds per minute and has a maximum of 300 rounds of ammo and has a stronger recoil - the sound of the EMP grenades is more \"electric\" - the exosuit minigun fires at a rate of 3750 rounds per minute. Added weapons: - silenced pistol (detachable silencer) - jackhammer automatic shotgun (uses regular shells) - tactical pulse rifle (scope and silencer - two versions, one for corps and one for marines) - silenced rail gun (two versions, one for corps and one for marines) - hand grenades (uses same grenades as the grenade launcher) Added MP characters - Shugi - Recon (marine). Uses silenced weapons - Light Exosuit (marine). Can use regular napalm and minigun ammo - Seyri - Infiltrations (corporate). Uses silenced weapons - Synthetic Unit 396 (corporate). Cannot be set on fire or facehugged Alien ----- Added weapons: - The predalien has now the ability of tearing the head off of an oponent. Changed weapons: - Tail does progressive damage. Changed characters: - The Praetorian can wall-walk. Predator -------- Changed weapons: - both spears and hotbombs are now affected by gravity - the spear can be thrown - the disk can be used as meelee weapon Added weapons: - suicide (requires a full energy bar) Known issues: ============= - repeated change of character type under MP may lead to a crash to desktop - the hud may load the wrong images - the weapon counter for the silenced pistol doesn\'t work with the silencer removed - removing the silencer then selecting another weapon results (when selecting the pistol again) in having the pistol with the silencer on but acting un-silenced. - the blue sparks from the energy device are tinted with ambient light.




AVP Primal Hunt: Co-Op | 38.09 MB

is mostly dedicated to the Predator, as that was my favorite campaign out of Primal Hunt. The coop version also works the most. It is a VERY good idea to turn class weapons on if you want to even think of surviving. I added some extra ammo to all classes in order to live. Also, the alien lifecycle is needed for the alien's campaign.




AVP Armageddon | 39.48 MB

click, for all the elementals have 1 normal and 3 elemental (right click through them to cycle through) but the wind has 1 1st normal one without right clicking is normal bite, 2nd is elemental attack, 3rd is special element attack, and 4th is 1 hit KO (only get to use this 1 time till you die, then when you respawn you can use it again) Predators: Disc Master --- A Varaity of Discs to throw! But they dont lock. Hunter Brawler Stalker Hydra Predator --- Has a Varaity of Energy Based weapons. Spear Master Grim Elder Humans (Corp and Rine): Ninja Zombie Hazmat Combat Synth Nemesis Rebecca Exosuit Vanessa **WEAPONS!** Predator: Poison Dart Big Disc Fast Disc Multi Discs Brawler Blades x Nets Smoke Proximity Bombs Ice Spear Javilon Energy Spear Energy Gun Fire Dart Acid Cloud Gun Hyrda Cannon Floating Plasma Boeys Scythe (Still working on the positioning for it to look like he is holding it right!) (also needs a skin) Flying Flaming Skull And More! Human (Corp and Rine): .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle Stun/Blind Dart Zombie Bite Katana (3rd Person Only, needs skin) Smoke Bombs ----- Knife Kunai ------ Knife Zombie Acid Vomit Double Barrel Shotgun Chainsaw And More! Fixed/Modified Weapons: Shotgun Buck Shot Railgun Recoil No lock on Smartgun No lock on Discs




NaLeSha Mod | 30.79 MB

:)).Secondly there are some glitches in this mod you should know about 1.when playing as a badblood predator you must use the number keys to switch weapons. 2.minigun keeps making fire sound when not firing




AVP Armageddon | 22.88 MB

future! BETA v0.2 **HOW TO INSTALL:** First: Make a new folder and rename it Custom. Place it in your C:\\Program Files\\Fox\\Aliens vs. Predator 2




Imp Coop V2.something

impcoopv2.something.rar | 59.47 MB

put together (not that it was hard or anything, i just got hooked on playing wow :D). First and foremost i would like to put out a massive thanks to Windebieste for donating maps and helping out also to the great Bunny-s for creating the level advancement mod and allowing the use of his server mod which is the main feature of this release. So whats new then? ***Level advancement fixed*** Now when a player hits an exit trigger everyone in the server will no longer be kicked into single player, this means we can now host 24/7 dedicated coop servers without the need of an admin ***HUD layout corrected (i think)*** Fixed the bug that was a side product of replacing the knife with the Hacking Device / torch it should work fine now, but a few people say its still there i'll look into it more but either way it doesnt really matter. ***Marine Single player maps added*** The single player maps from the marine sp have been added, pred and alien sp maps have not, this was because not only would the size be increased a lot but i felt that with the Human AI animations not working correctly it would juts be a waste of space to add them at this point, however once i have correct the animation bug then they will be added so you can enjoy them ;) ***Scraping of PS files*** In the previous version players had to setup the "Player Settings" rez as well as the main coop rez, this caused too much confusion, for the love of god i cant see why it did but im just making everything very simple in this version. While the PS files where scraped the AI have been permanently set to a certain difficulty (rough 150% that of sp, two players can cope with that, this is coop after all) max armor reduced to 150 however armor and pickups increased to 150 and health pickups to 200 (to cope with the increased player count) On the marine sp maps some bugs might happen because i only had access to the .dat format of the maps and could not edit them for true coop support (believe me i tried to contact lithtech for the .ed's but its like talking to a brick wall, they're just like "our new fear engine is great, buy it!" Fear suck btw) ******************************************************************************* ***The following explanation of sp marine maps Taken form the X-coop read me*** *** (no point in making my own, its all the same) *** ******************************************************************************* COLATERAL DAMAGE - The Marines (except the host) will get stuck behind the APC. The Host must select a marine to open doors with the Hacking Device and the Blowtorch and he cannot die. The rest of players must select predator to jump the APC. A LONG DETOUR - If the players are not together, the doors can separate the Team - LOOSE ENDS - Don’t kill marines, if you kill a marine, you’ll fail the mission. - The last elevator will kill all players except the Host. SAVIOR 1 - Players must stay alive all the game, if a marine dies he’ll not be able to continue playing. SAVIOR 2 - The map will disappear after the Queen dies UNWELCOME GUEST - If a player dies, the mission will be accomplished.




Star Wars Mod

sw_mod.rar | 143.18 MB

supposed to be weapon skins, huds, menus, and music, but many people requested more and more. Therefore I winded up changing most of the AvP2 game. I heavily compressed most of the files in the mod, otherwise it would be around 700 mb or so. Im pretty sure this is the biggest mod ever made for AvP2, but size isnt the purpose of this mod. This mod is basically a "fun mod" which changes a lot of things to revive interest in the game and to, well have fun. Keep in mind that this mod is completely client side and was made to work on any server, EXCEPT for the multiplayer maps, which are needed by all players. Therefore there are no gameplay changes in this mod, however the gameplay may feel different with all the things changed in this mod. For those who only play online, you will only have half the fun you can have with this mod running. I suggest you try playing any of the three single player campaigns again, even any singleplayer custom levels. With all the new skins, sounds, and especially music changed, the singleplayer campaigns have a very cinematic feel to them. This applies to both actual gameplay and cutscenes. *Be sure to read the changes for both the mod and the Cultist rez files, so you understand whats what.* SW_MOD.rez Changes: A) Menus: 1) New Splash + Splash Sound 2) New Menus depicting mostly Vader in Ep.5 - Including new animated Alien, Marine, and Predator singleplayer menus. The menus should look and feel more cinematic now. 3) Battle Of The Heros, Vader Defeats Luke, Battle Of Endor 2, and Imperial March themes used on the menus. 4) The Harrison character on the singleplayer menu has been skinned to look like Luke Skywalker. 5) Many new text changes in the menus from the opening menum, to the difficulty select, to option settings, and to player select. 6) New custom level/loading screen background. 7) New loading menus. 8) New "You were killed!" or "Game Over" menu backgrounds. 9) New in-game credits. B) Huds: 1) New Marine Hud 2) New Predator Hud 3) New Exosuit Hud C) Music: 1) All and I mean ALL of AvP2's music has been changed to Star Wars Music from the 6 episodes. I selected only the best (most suitable) music from the movies since there wasnt enough to use them all. Alien music is mostly taken from Ep.1 and 2., Predator Music is mostly from Ep. 2 and 3, and Marine/Corp music is mostly taken from Ep. 4, 5, and 6. I carefully edited all the music to provide looping and to give each of the three species a different mood or emotion during gameplay. The music files should also suit all custom levels as well. Humans should feel like they're in an Empire era, aliens in a Republic era, and preds in-betweeen the two time periods. Note that the music files arent cheap and most are longer than the original AvP2 music. Furthermore the new music should support most (mainly all) custom levels at the time of this release, pretty well. D) Sounds: 1) New bar ambient sound of the cantina theme. 2) New Alien Sounds a) Facehugger sounds of Ewoks. b) Chestburster sounds of Jawas. c) Runner sounds of Howlers. d) Predalien sounds of Tauntauns. e) Praetorian sounds of Sand Creatures. f) Queen and Empress sounds of Rancors. 3) New Synth sounds of Stormtroopers. 4) New Predator Sounds a) Standard Pred sounds of Wampas. b) Heavy Pred Sounds of Jabba the Hutt. c) Light Pred sounds of the Sarlacc Pitt and Rhino. d) Assault Pred sounds of Jabba's Pig Guards. e) Some random sounds of Tusken Raiders, Bossyk, and Chewbacca as well. 5) New Human Sounds a) Jump land sound. b) All male sounds changed except for two - death, pain, inspect, attack, cower, retreat, and cocooned sounds changed. c) Nearly all female sounds changed as well. 6) A few new event sounds. 7) New Impact sounds. a) Bullet impacts now sound like laser bolt impacts. b) Spear Gun impact changed to a bowcaster impact sound. c) Knife impact sounds changed to lightsaber impact sounds. 8) New Interface Sounds a) Multiplayer loading, player selections, free fly mode, observere mode, vision mode, vision loop, chat, cancel, and cheat sounds changed to various sounds. b) Evac and survivor sounds changed to small music clips. This provides a more cinematic feel to the game. 9) New Item sounds for the pda and locked ammo. 10) A few new lift sounds. 11) New powerup sounds for weapon pickups, health, armor, and destroy. 12) New explosion sounds. 13) New debris sounds for flesh, glass, metal, and pred mask. 14) New weapon sounds. a) New turret and pickup sounds. b) New Alien facehug and headbite sounds. c) New exosuit sounds for mounting, dismounting, minigun, rocket, laser, and weapon selects. d) New sounds for the grenade launcher, hacking device, knife, minigun, pistol, shotgun, pulse rifle, sniper rifle and rocket launcher. - The knife sounds are changed to lightsaber sounds, while many others sound like laser bolt fire now. New select sounds for all of these as well. f) New flare toss sound - force push. g) New cloak, decloak, failcloak, lasertrack, and charge sounds for the predators. h) New wristblade, energysift, hacking, pistol, shouldercannon, spear and speargun sounds. Energysift has a deathstar charging up sound and a few others have laserbolt fire sounds. E) Sprite Textures: 1) Clear nightvision, new railgun scope (Zem's Sniper Rifle Scope), and synth blood is now normal human blood since synths are human in the mod. 2) New explosion textures. 3) New spiderflare textures - somewhat like a thermal detonator. 4) New muzzle flares to simulate laser bolts. 5) New cloak effects, disc trail, and alien electical auras. 6) New pred pistol projectile textures. F) Multiplayer Maps - with authentic custom textures and sounds: 1) SW_Bespin_V2 by HHO 2) SW_DeathStar by HHO 3) SW_Republic Destroyer by Artalavista 4) SW_Tatooine by Artalavista G) Singleplayer Maps - with authentic custom textures and sounds: 1) Assassin by Artalavista 2) Tatooine Getaway by Artalavista H) Worldtextures: 1) Added planets/space stations to certain skies. - Alesserfate has Alderann and the Death Star in the skybox. It should feel as if you're in-between the two as the Death Star is positioning itself for an attack. - Lucifer's Fate has Kashyyyk and Mustafar in the skybox. 2) Intro and Outro cutscenes now have the 2nd Death Star and the solar system from Ep.5. I) Skins: 1) New attachment textures for helmets, hats, smartgunner, and shoulder lamp. 2) New powerup skins for some weapon pickups, ammo pickups, armor, and health. The health pickup also uses a new model of a bacta tank as in many Star Wars games. 3) Various props skinned including ammoboxes, motion tracker, and uniforms to match character skins. 4) New SFX skins a) Debris textures for muzzle flares and effects. Synth guts are also human like now. b) Rockets, grenades, and flares skinned black to match guns. Energy bolt is now green. c) New bullet shell textures. 5) All marine weapons/tools skinned to match weapons used by the Rebel Alliance, Empire, and Republic. - Except for the flamethrower which uses Boba Fett flamethrower textures, and the sniper rifle which is based on the sniper rifle in the game Star Wars Bounty Hunter. - The knife, pistol, and pulse rifle use a custom models to make them appear as a lightsaber, blaster, and a blaster rifle in 3rd person view. 6) All predator weapons/gear skinned. I know they look nothing like anything in the movies, but the weapon models look nothing like anything in the movies. Therefore I tried to give some of the weapons a matching look of custom bounty hunter gear and somewhat tie it in to the green laser fire by the Empire. It was either this or nothing for the predators since this is mostly a human mod. - However, the spear and speargun use custom models to make them appear as a sith scepter and a bowcaster in 3rd person view. 7) All human characters skinned for both singleplayer and multiplayer. The guard skin was the only skin not made by myself, as it was made by Artalavista. Also note that many of the skins use model changes and the Tavion character uses Coty's "Tomika's Daughter" model. I also added hair, ears, skin, and nails, to many skins/models that didn't have them originally. Probably only the modders and skinners will notice all the little changes though. Anyways, here is a little list for those who want to know who's who: (maroon = bad guy) (blue = good guy) (teal = varies) Default AvP2 Skins SW_MOD Skins Ape Suit Reborn Twin Combat Synth Swamp Trooper Convicts 1 + 2 Prisoners Drop Pilot + Obrian (Johnson) Jaden Korr Drunkard Tech Saboteur Eisenberg + Bloody Eisenberg Imperial Officer Female Lab Synth Female Merc Female Lab Tech Female Saboteur Grenadier Jedi Guard, POC Guard, Officer, POC Officer Trooper and Color Varied Cultists Harrison Luke Skywalker Hazmat + Hazmat Harris Galak (Imperial Officer) Laborer Imperial Worker Lab Tech Auditor New Reborn Lt. Mcain Jedi Male Lab Synth Merc Male Lab Tech Saboteur Mean Guard Shadow Trooper Merc1 (Ivan) Count Dooku Merc 2 (Dunya) Tavion Merc 3 Darth Maul Merc 4 (Dimitri) Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker - Evil) Minigunner (Jones) Mace Windu Mr. Nutty Jedi Pulse Rifle Girl Jedi Pulse Rifle Guy Qui-Gon Jinn Pulse Rifle Marine Jedi Railgunner SP + MP (Ichirio) Obi-Wan Kenobi Rykov The Emperor Rykov Jr. Chancellor Palpatine Sadar Gunner Jedi Scientists Imperial Officers Smartgunner Kyle Katarn Smuggler Chiss Tamiko Imperial Officer J) Vision Mode Skins: 1) Heat Vision - All humans skinned to look like the vision mode textures in Zem's Sniper Rifle. (In Ep. 2) 2) Electro Vision - All aliens skinned to appear like the vision mode textures in Zem's binoculars. (Ep.2 as well) Although this one isnt as exact as the heatvision since it would look messed up in AvP2 if made it so. - Humans skinned to preserve character skins in this mode as well. 3) Nav Vision/Pred Tech Vision - All humans are skinned in this vision mode also. However I made this one up by myself just to keep characters like Obi-Wan to stay looking like Obi-Wan and not Ichiro. Characters look jelly like and hi-tech in this vision mode. Looks cool anyway. K) Misc Changes: 1) New multiplayer icon for Server Control (Star) = Yoda 2) "You were kicked from the server" changed. I'll let you see this yourself. 3) A bunch of multiplayer messages changed to various quotes from the movies. I made one or two up for laughs. 4) A few mission objectives changed to support the new skins. 5) Marines are labeled as Jedi, Iron Bears as Sith, Weyland Yutani employees as the Empire and Dark Force users, and Predators as Bounty Hunters. This is actually an important change in the mod, but couldnt find anywhere else to state it. 6) I chose to use only Jedi and Sith for the multiplayer skins, since they are mainly the most important characters. SW_CULTIST.rez Changes: This rez file replaces AvP2's default guard skin to a Dark Force User: The Cultist. This was the original skin I made for the mod, but I replaced it with Artalavista's Trooper guard skin to support his maps. Its up to you whether or not you want to use this skin, but I recommend using this skin for AvP2's singleplayer campaigns, as it matches the other guard skin more accurately than Artalavista's.




Honor Fields

honorfields.rar | 1.48 MB

and client mod meaning both will need it. To set up Place the .rez file into your main avp2 directory and add the following to the splash\'s command line: -rez HONORFIELDS.REZ Some notes on the game play, All preds can no longer cloak (whats the point?) Use Medicomps, recall Disc, Use energy shift, or use energy weapons (hense the name Honor). The Preds based on the marines get ammo pickups from ammo boxes, a lost disc can be replaced by going to any ammo box (pred or human). The Map sUk Arena is a qucik 10 minute job i know it suks :P




AO2: Encounter | 71.7 MB




======Impcoop v2======

impcoopv2.rar | 35.21 MB

ps file up there stands for the player settings higher player count = harder ai so if you have 6 players use IMPCOOP-PS-6-8.REZ I know there are still bugs, such as the runner stands and looks at you sometimes -.- and i'm trying to fix these but until then enjoy this version, try not to complain too much and all Hail to Windebieste the great map maker that has given me alot of support in this




AJL Modification Patch | 7.55 MB

previous version are game play and balance changes. So you won't notice a big change if you play alone. Server Command limbloss (Toggle Alien Limbloss on, off) All Species: - Become tired more quickly due to repeated jumping. This affects Predators the most, and humans the least. Humans: - New explosion effects and sounds. - New rocket sound, new pistol sound and new shotgun sounds. - When reloading a clip you'll lose the old one and all the ammunition it carried. - Shotgun, reduced damage against predators, now knocks down if all the 8 pellets hit. - Buckshot now works against aliens and will knock them down, but slugs are far more effective against Xeno's. - New fog-independent IR vision for the marines (many older video cards do not have fog). - Name change: from Sniper to Flamer (Go figure) - Added hand-grenades to Rifleman and Flamer (Press 'Throw Flare' button to throw a grenade) - Loads of damage changes. Pistol is now powerful and useful weapon in patient and skilled hands - Other minor things Predators: - The attack ranges of the combistick and wristblades have been adjusted to be more realistic. - Speargun is now inaccurate if used while moving - Edited Lasers back to Tracking Disc - Tweaked the Plasma Cannons (Cannon, Burner, Blaster - Seeker is unchanged) for slightly improved speed and accuracy - Loads of damage changes. Aliens: - New taunts. - Loads of balance changes Runner's tail is now weaker than other aliens (While lifecycle is on this applies to Drone as well) Guards are now slightly slower than before, but very tough All aliens have slightly reduced jumping distance (crouch jump) - Loads of damage changes. Hitting the target directly with a charged tail will result in more damage An alien damaged just before a tail attack will suffer a damage penalty on their tail attack (lasting 0.5 seconds). Jaw attack must hit predators in the head to kill with one hit, but humans always die from a jaw attack hit. - All alien classes now have unique strengths, weaknesses and general characteristics. Drone is so called "training" Alien. He doesnt have anything over the other Alien classes. He's an Alien for those who like challenge and for those hosts who cant handle the "real" Aliens. (Nearly same as Warrior when Life cycle is on) **Special thanks for Help and Testing** JThePrayer IArt Akalamanaia Archer Christofori **Special Thanks for sounds** JThePrayer ConQuiX




AJL Modification | 38.32 MB

humans but they can only carry knife, pistol and Two normal or one heavy weapon at the time (minigun and smartgun are the heavy weapons) and also the smartgun targeting can only be used by the marine smartgunner and only the corporate minigunner can carry the full load of ammo for minigun and some weapons aren't always as accurate when used by someone to whom they doesn't belong. - To reload Grenades or Shells into pulse rifle you need to shoot the gun empty and then press secondary fire to begin reloading or you can hold down the reload button until the reloading begins and the reloading the grenades or shotgun shells happens slowly one at the time and the reloading will stop when you have no more or when the gun is full or when you press the fire button. - With sniper rifle holding down the secondary fire button doesn't zoom in like in normal AVP2 it simply keeps the scope up (to zoom in/out you need to use the separate zoom in/out buttons) - You can charge some weapons like discs and nets but this wont increase the damage, it just makes it more accurate. (Though the net flies faster when you've charged it first, you can cancel the charge by pressing secondary fire while using Netgun) - You can make SpearGun more accurate if you hold down the fire button, but this will show the lasers and enemies will spot you easily. (To cancel, press secondary fire button) - There's no energy sift, the batteries will "slowly" recharge if you're not cloaked. - To use quick messages/voice commands you'll need to hold down the taunt button (Marines and Corporates only) - There are no shared buttons anymore so remember to set all the buttons for all the characters. - There is no Alien "HeadBite". To use Alien's jaw attack, hold down the secondary fire button and then Press primary fire button. You can also charge them.




Amok | 912.94 KB

with changing everything I\'d like to change, so there will be next releases of Amok. To be able to play the mod you need to have both Primal Hunt and AvP 2 installed on your system. Amok is small and compact. It focuses on gameplay settings. Many of them were altered in quite significant ways which results in different multiplayer experience. There are not many additions in this mod - it makes it small and easy to download even for modem users. Here is the list of changes and additions in Amok: |-faster aliens |-faster predators |-slower humans, slower exosuit |-no homing weapons, all weapons require some skill to use |-all weapons, except for wristblades, spear, netgun and bombs, decloak the predator |-altered weapon damage settings, some weapons are a bit more and some a bit less powerful |-reassigned class weapons |-modified health point and armor point levels for most characters |-darker skin for predalien |-darker skin for runner |-new skin for predator spear




Imp\'s Co-op Fix | 13.14 MB

placed run avp2, when the splash screen appears click options and place [i]-rez impcoop[/i] and run the game. You can either run the maps in TDM or overrun, if your setting it to overrun make sure you set the time limit to 0 and set the lives to whatever you want.




Dual Pistol | 156.33 KB

same time.




Hunter Mod

hunter_mod_v14.rar | 11.27 MB




FFPS Tournoi

ffps_tournoi_mod_v1.rar | 890.63 KB

first got in touch with the French Clans i.e. no grenade/rocket launcher/smartgun/disc/plasma. This is a both a server-side and client-side mod, hence any players willing to connect a server loaded with this mod will need to run the game with it. It is unlikely that cheaters play the mod as they would be forced to accept its constraining rules :)




Space Roaches | 80.84 MB

levels. But some of the models in the cinematic get freaky.[/quote]




AvP2Z Contamination | 660.44 KB





Mageless | 47.67 MB

attributes ppl mighten like Predator Changes: - New Predators have been added, with a few weapon and ammo changes. Human Changes - New Humans have been added with new skins, crosshairs and ammo changess. Also a new sniper rifle ammo type :D Alien Changes - New Aliens have been added with new skins, and other attribute changes.[/quote]




Survival Of The Fittest | 1.69 MB

setting tweaks.[/quote] Here is what has been improved/added: [quote]- new Predator class called Panther, with its own, dark skin - some tweaks in the characters settings - some tweaks in the weapons settings - additional sounds for Predators: 2 medicomp use sounds and 3 headgib sounds. Those sounds are variations of the original sounds. They are similar, but they introduce at least a bit of variety. :-)[/quote]




AXP Extreme | 20 MB

other modifications or on older versions of AVP2 may lead to unpredictable results.[/quote]




Survival Of The Fittest | 17.95 MB

player classes are present, and new music, skins, sounds and characteres are introduced. Most of the sounds come from the movies and AvP Gold, but there are also a few sounds from Soldier of Fortune.[/quote]




AvP2 Gold25 Mod | 18.57 MB




Lethal Tournament | 23.19 MB

a \"Version verification denied.\" So anyone who can work it post your thoughts about it.




AXP1097final | 1.25 MB

there breath when they spawn or respawn into the world of AVP. It is a server-side only(means only someone who\'s hosting a game.) mod that creates a spawn area. within this spawn area the player who spawns cannot be harmed or killed and may do almost whatever he\\she wants.. except jump, jumping kills the spawn area. you can make adjustments to your AVP configuration witohut worrying about getting killed or run to the rest-room thow you have to die first because it only activates when you die and respawn. And you can\'t shoot at anyone else while in your safe zone either, or pick-up ammo. in essance you become a spectator of sorts.. it\'s a great mod!




AvP Special Edition | 149.68 KB




AvP Special Edition | 99.25 KB




AvP2 Special Edition | 1021.72 KB

features in the future, but only in the interests of making things more fun, more movie-accurate, and more balanced.




AXP | 915.57 KB




AXP | 1.06 MB

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