Aliens vs Predator 2




AvP2 - 2010 Modification | 91.8 MB

"description stuff" here... If you want to see the preview video of this mod, go here.... Just one more reccomendation: USE WINZIP TO UNPACK THIS FILE: I am not going to help anyone who comes up crying "the file is corrupted, help me, booh-ooh, booh-ooh!" lol! Enjoy dear AvP2 gamers!!!




StarGate Crusade - BETA

sgc_beta.rar | 118.23 MB

Rommie, KingKenny




Aliens vs. Predator 2 Type N Modification | 76.27 MB

light and simple, but it looks like the "deluxe" version of the standard AVP2 (lol) you'll find more detailed informations into the readme file. You can play online with this mod, and map packs are also compatible with it, so have fun boys and girls! **IMPORTANT** Extract this file with win-zip, not win-rar, I'm kinda sick to receive the classic reviews "ugh the file is corrupt" I've made a few tests before uploading it, and it worked properly :-)




Evilution MOD | 146.29 MB

PC. Hopefully, the file works fine: it must work! But if there are any problems with it, post here so I can notice and eventually fix it, oh, feedback is also well-received ;-) Quick description...Evilution has been developed along with my previous MOD, Commando, it has very similar traits, like the ARCADE-ISH gameplay and the more callenging single player experience, but Evilution is not just a copy and paste of its precursor, just take a look at the readme file, and you'll get what I mean.... ...HAVE FUN BOYS AND GIRLS!!!




Commando Modification | 100.62 MB

sure this MOD will please that guy. AvP2 Commando is not a super-realistic or movie-esque MOD (it has some AVP-R sounds though) it's more like a funny Arcade MOD with a slight influence of realism. I guarantee: it's way different than my previous MODS. Another reference to AVP-R is the Predalien, he's the real star in this MOD, you can browse the readme file for more information about AvP2 Commando and its features. If you think the preview pics aren't enough, take a look at there... (remember, the one showed in the video is the beta version of this MOD) Now have fun boys and girls :-)




AVP Movie Mod

avp.rar | 41.29 MB

Mode, AvP Spear VIP Mod - Hand for desert eagle Created By : San_Michele Rayven Whats new ? Predator : All predators has normal pred. models and new skins (from avp movie). Weapons - Wristblades, Spear, Throw Spear, Wrist Net, Shuriken, Wrist SpearGun, Shoulder Cannon and Self Destruct Visions - Red, Green, (green does work in old avp2 missions) New Shoulder Cannon model Red laser line (its only model ) New sounds for characters, weapons and hud Human : New skins for guards Weapons - Knife, Desert Eagle, G36c and FlareGun New sounds for characters and weapons Moution tracker is removed from hud Alien : Drone model for Runner, predalien New skins for all characters New sound for characters and hud In Menu/Play Mod/Custom is unfinish first map of bouvetoya island (for predator) Sorry for bugs and problems with mod but its only unfinish beta version, i want finish that mod but i have verry much work with StarGate Crusade mod. Sry for my bad English If anybody will want use any stuff from this mod so must ask me !




Time Raiders Modification | 112.35 MB

for Primal Hunt, but you can revise more info through the readme file. I also had an hard time by translating it form the italian to english, so, don't slaught me if it doesn't shine for grammarsyntax. If you are really interested into TOTAL OVERHAUL MODS, this one may be a good one ;-) FBV86




A Raider\'s Tale MOD

ph_rt.rar | 239.59 MB

here, \'cuz i am not of english language. Extra news: i am making a sequel to this MOD, based on the standard AvP2 game \"Time Raiders\" go check it on Youtube if you want to see the sneak peek video ;-) Final warn: i am not from USA or UK, so don\'t blame me if you find some cheesy grammarsyntax errors...thanks :-)




Zero Mod | 4 MB

the movies. Relating that to if it was real life combat. To do this, I\'ve had to change settings to bring the game up to what I feel the combat experience should be. And at the same time, trying to keep an equal balance of combat between all the species. CHANGES INCLUDE: -- HUMANS have the same health, armor, and speed, but I\'ve increased the fire power of the weapons. -- PREDATORS have a lot more health, almost twice the speed but only minor changes to their weapons. -- ALIENS have more speed, and health, but this dramatically differs between the alien types. And to make them on par with the humans and predators, their killing capability is now phenomenal. -- EXO it is the same health, reduce the speed to very slow, but it makes up in fire power. Check out the dual mini guns, they\'ll kill anything in a second. -- There are many more minor changes, skins, and added sounds. But I will not give a complete list of all the changes until I finish the mod. There are a lot more things I would like to do to my mod but it is beyond my ability at the moment to accomplish this. There are a lot of little bugs and glitches still in the mod. I plan to get those out in future version. However, none of them are bad enough to cause problems in game play. If you do find a serious bug or glitch or if you just have a suggestion, please email me. (email below) I\'m also looking for any other modder or skinner who would like to help contribute to my mod, please [url=\"\"]email me.[/url]




MicroMod | 978.79 KB

been altered to achieve a level of balance which simply is not present in regular old AvP2. Thanks for the input from everyone that sent suggestions.[/quote]




MicroMod | 964.87 KB

to a more fair and balanced AvP2 experience. Weapons that can drop opponents quickly have are no longer \'all powerful\', and tracking has been removed completely. Predators and aliens are faster. Class weapons have been moved around a lot as well. I made a load of sound changes in this version (especially to humans) by adding some new taunts, different pain sounds (humans), and aliens are a little more stealthy in the sound department. I think I\'ve finally fixed all the quirks of earlier versions, but please send me some mail if you notice anything strange or have other suggestions. Oh, and mad props to Roh for all the help beta-testing stuff! :P[/quote]




Utter Chaos | 7.01 MB

who want nothing but death and mayhem.[/quote]




Bloody Tears Pack | 14.89 MB

great! Sounds: The sounds were crisp and clear. ripped from several platforms such as Films and Games. Included are, AvP Gold AvP2: Primal Hunt Alien Aliens Alien: Resurrection Predator 1 Predator2 and afew sounds from the movie blade. This pack alters the main menu music to a high temp dance mix.. only it starts in the middle of the song and just continues to play repeatidly. I'm sorry I just don't think this song belongs here. The multiplayer menu and sub-menus get a nice gothic song with a woman vocalizing. I don't think this song belongs eithe,r thow it's nice and the same genre, it dosen't seem to get me in the mood to kill things or be on my gaurd.. it just makes me feel awkward. I have issues with songs that strike me as soothing when i'm about to go into a battle. I like the hover sound(The sound when you highlight an option) Both are very nice songs and I wish I had the names for them. but I just don't think they belong in-game. Predators get the best sounds from this pack. you'll hear many roars from the various predator films all.. beautifully blended into the game. Humans get afew movie based taunts and screams but none that really stand out. Except the FLY! Did I mention there's a fly? yeah he's a static object apparently he hangs around humans mostly in the Vengance map for bugs thow. They even brush him away at times. I spent hours stalking people and rolling on the floor laughing when a fly buzzes by them and they wave it off. Aliens recieve some nice SFX too... but it's hard to hear any differance from the old ones at times. Weapons, the SoundFX for pred weapons is very nicely done. they sound like real blades, and the projectiles are finely added to the silhouette of horror. H-Weapons, Human weapons however, do not fit in that well.. They sound very high-tech and futuristic but for some reason I don't think a pulse rifle should sound like a Laser gun. Skins: Predators The predator skins are from a skin pack called the "Shadow Predator" also made by Acid_Glow These skins darken the normal predator skin and armor, they also add a nifty red or green glow to the eye shiedlings on the masks. A really sweet HUD, nicely done. Humans, some nice HUD changes but the motion tracker changed to black with red blips which is hard to see and frustraiting at times. Aliens, The bugs sport a new HUD layout. I don't care much for the health bar for an adult but the facehuggers is pretty cool. Weapons: The weapons are for all species /VERY/ nicely skinned and textured. They look great in game! but their fire graphic(little flame from the barrel when shooting) is sort of cartoonish. Look at the screenshot to see what I mean. I'm not sure what the Marine aimer was and the only cloaking change to the predator that I noticed was if you stood still you were completely clear except for your eyes. And the bright blood was a nice touch even thow certain times it seemed out of place. All in all I give this mod a 9 out of 10.. with a replay value of 8. I think you should try going through AVP singleplayer with this pack. it should give you a differant experiance worth trying.




Red Dwarf | 4.04 MB




Lock On Targeting | 217.62 KB


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