Battle for Middle Earth 2




Minas Tirith Edited | 1.67 MB

and units with attack trolls. Men(inside minas tirith) base is now in the third level(now accessible) ans start with a few units a farm a barracks and an archery range, also the city has a few more gates to improve defense, oh and be sure to close quickly the main gates or the attack trolls will tear up your men and gate and grond will lose its meaning there. To play this map to its full potential download my Harder but more fun gameplay mod to ensure the enemy keeps sending lots of units against you, otherwise the map will become boring as the original.




Huge Battle | 56.35 KB




In Moria, In Kazad-Dum!

in_moria_in_kazaddum_by_matt_the_legoman.rar | 1.18 MB

uploaded. This is my first file. Tell me if you like it. :) Discuss it on Revora Forums please, more likely to get a response there.




Haven, Elven Sanctity

haven_elven_sanctity.rar | 39.47 KB

archers in middle-earth that came with Harondir when he left Mirkwood. Haven is a sanctity for the elves of Eriador hidden very well, deep in the forests outside Rivendell. The elves of this fort are led by the great King Harondir who in times past used to be a great captain of the Mirkwood elves. Haven used to have a direct road to Rivendell that was frequently used but the link was lost due to masses of trees and overgrowth. After long searching through the woods of Eriador Saurons forces in the north have discovered the fort and have caught Harondir's forces unprepared.




funstairs | 51.24 KB




riverhills | 401.62 KB




The Purge of Rohan

22the_purgue_of_rohan_1.0.rar | 298.25 KB

player is the Gondor base and the left player is the Isengard base. There is a Morodor camp on the middle.You shall play against a Brutal for make it more fun if you want. If you make any chage please e-mail ti to me i'm working on the part two.




Barrow Downs Map | 263.6 KB

players. So try to play this, and I will continue with Bree.




Defend Your Homes! | 156.74 KB




Balrog Unlimited | 256.86 KB

balrog, you ARE the Balrog! Could you survive? This map uses a map.ini file, thus you should refresh your game after you\'ve played this map. ;)




Shores of Loren | 811.26 KB

space, AI working. Lots of water and 6 shipyards for those who like to take battles to the seas. Player 1's position is setup and designed more for the Men of the west/Dwarven players. To the Northeast position is more dark and gloomy, more designed for evil civilizations. And the Northwest Corner is designed more for Elves, Men or Dwarves. Water reflections is added so all your ships and units will reflect in the water as well as the enviroment (Trees/Mountains). When you start the map, a brief Intro will play (very short) about the Mountains. The radar image was totally redone. I never really liked the colored radar image you see on custom maps. So I designed the image to look more like the default maps, The parchment look to it. The most unique feature to the map is that golem will not spawn nor drop the ring. Instead, I designed more of a dungeon. In the Southwest corner of the map is a creepy mountain full of VERY tuff spiders amongst other creatures. I don't want to give it all away, But I will say that you will need a medium sized army or larger to get to the end. Once you kill the Elite Creature at the end, the ring will drop along with some treasure. Do you dare split your forces from battle to try and capture the ring? The choice is yours! -------------------------------- Installation: Simply run the installation file. This will install the map files to your existing directory. ( :\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\My Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II Files\Maps )




Last desert singleplayer | 742.07 KB

faction hero and your custom Create-a-Hero. The map isn\'t too hard at the start, but get\'s a lot harder when you enter the area of the dragons. You can\'t research any upgrades (except Banner Carriers), and your maximum Command Point limit is less than 600. Your starting position must be the upper right-hand one. Read the README file before you play this map for further information about this mission.




3 vs 2 minas tirith | 717.52 KB




TheHugeBattle | 26.08 KB

players but its guarded buy tons of different lairs that can die. Gl HF




The Islands of Umbar | 152.27 KB

good island map out as soon as possible so here it is. Also I know Umbar is a peninsula, but there may have been a few islands off the coast and also this allows people without the Umbar map to see the buildings. :) Facts: It is a 1vs1 map. Each player starts like normal. Each island has a inn and an outpost strategically placed an decorated to fit right in. I have added various buildings and textures to give it the look and feel of a beach front. Each islands has two docks. There is a middle rock shooting out of the water so that you can maneuver around an enemies ship. Also there are two islands that are very small and each has a signal fire on them. The islands are placed close together so that the overpowering demolition ship (good and evil version) wont always be able to stop you from landing or attacking because the shores are so close. This is also the reason the rock is in the center to better balance out the types of ships. Skirmish and Online; this map works in both skirmish against the AI and online. Map difficulties: as many of you may notice no matter what you put your water setting on the water in this map will still look the same. I have tried to fix the water various times, but have come up with no answers to the solution. If anyone better understands the new water tool and has the answer then please tell me below. Also you may notice that that some textures did not blend. I have tried to fix this issue but it seems almost imposable to fix. Instead of keeping similar boring textures. I left these imperfections. In it was either make it boring or a little messy and a little messy seemed better to me. (its not that noticeable EA does the same thing) Final Thoughts: As you may all know this is my second map for BFME 2 to get it started I sent in 2 at once. (naming the Blue mountains my first)This map may have some imperfections, but what map doesn\'t. I assure you all this is the beginning. I plan on making even better maps in the future. So I hope you all enjoy this map. After all I am here to help make BFME 2 a better playing experience. So like always any questions comments or concerns are welcome. Please list them below and a big Thanks to all that download! :) Sincerely, Steve Campen (High Elven Lord) UPDATTE VERSION 1.01: I have made the map a little bigger and added another outpost to both sides as well as a new center peice. Update vesion 1.02: I have fixed the bug where the AI does not build resource buildings. Now they will. This should make the map much better for skirmish. NOTE: the updated version is not the installer. For now it is only in manual form, but most of you should know how to do this by now.




Realm of Numenor | 151.27 KB

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