Battlefield 1942




BF1942 Match Mappack V1.0

bf1942_match_mappack_v1.0.exe | 94.91 MB

all four maps added something unique to the game, be it in the form of custom objects, layout, setting or over all feeling, without loosing the original game play that is associated with Battlefield series. With these goals in mind, we sat down and looked through all the original maps, trying to figure out what types of map we thought were missing. It was in this process that the four maps started to take form. For Faid Pass we felt we wanted to create an allround map in Africa that added the US Army to this theater. In Operation Forager we wanted to create an infatry based map in the Pacific theater that would also feature the PT boats from Invasion of the Philippines. We also wanted to create a more gloomy feel for this map, deviating from the high blue skies and white sands found in the other pacific maps. The Great Pursuit fullfilled our wishes to create a tankbased map for the East European theater and also create an assault styled map instead of the head-on game style. Finally, with Remagen we wanted to bring into play a classic battle from WW2 that we felt should rightfully have a place in the Battlefield 1942 universe.




Mod Development Kit | 3.6 MB

award-winning 3ds max™. Built for gamers to create their own in-game content for gmax-ready games, a gamer can produce everything from characters to vehicles to objects such as buildings, trees and props.[/quote]








Battlefield Vietnam Dedicated server files

battlefieldvietnamdedicatedserverv1.0.exe | 109.95 MB

visitors of this site i will not sleep until i have fragged 1000 peeps in BFV now lets get it on!!!




Battlecraft 1942 v. 2.0 | 18.72 MB




Mod Development Toolkit

mdt_version_9a.exe | 1.57 MB

you make a mod that works with Battlefield 1942.[/quote] Wohoo get downloading!!!!




BattleCraft Readme

battlecraft_readme.txt | 8.96 KB




Battlecraft 1942 | 12.34 MB

Surface Map Painter mode, press the palette shortcut on the toolbar, next to the object mapper button. Once activated, you will see a \"brushes\" drop down list on the right, a darken tool, a lighten tool, a material painter tool (which, it is important to note, does not actually paint the materials-- the sound a soldier stepping on an area of \"wet grass\" material that has had \"rock surface\" painted on it will still make the \"wet grass\" sound) a texture blender for smoothing out rough edges, and a color selector. At far right is a drop down menu with textures-- only used, of course, if you are using the material painter. Undo: Undo has been implemented. It is functional in all mapper modes. Undo will function on every change you have made to an object, but cannot function if you have since selected a new object. There is no redo. Keyboard shortcut is CTRL-Z Undo does not function in Surface Map Painter mode. Con File Editor: Now you can editor your level\'s con files without unpacking and repacking. The Battelcraft 1942 confile editor allows you to open and make changes to your level\'s con files. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: If you save your level after editing con files, your con files will be overwritten. So, save your level first, then edit your con files (saving each individually through the con file editor), then exit without saving the level in general. Also, I suggest heartily that if you\'ve made many changes to your con files you\'d be sad to lose, copy and paste them into a word document-- that way they\'ll be perfectly safe. Lock/Unlock: In order to prevent the pain and suffering of accidentally moving an object you just spent a half hour moving into just the right position, you now have the option to lock objects in place. In fact, objects come into being locked into place-- you\'ll have to use the unlock button one of a group of three new new buttons to the right of the toolbar. After you\'re done jockeying your object into place, lock it up. You can also lock all objects at once by hitting \"lock all objects\". CTRL-Click Functionality: Now when you\'re selecting an object inside another object (such as an ammo box inside a house) a dialogue box will appear asking you if you which of the two (or both) you want to select, making transportation of your nicely-set-up houses a snap. Nudge Tool: To ease perfect placement of objects, the nudge tool allows you to increment very small changes to the X and Y positioning of the object. Just select the object, select the new nudge tool from the object manipulation toolbar (it\'s red, right next to the \"rotate objects on the Z axis\" button. Then just click and drag, and your object will move with you... hold down CTRL to slow the speed of movement-- and remember to lock it when you\'ve nudged it into just the right place. Editor Options: You can increase or decrease your view distance through editor options, found under \"edit\". Copy To: A pseudo \"save as\", this creates a complete copy of your level .rfa, named whatever you like. Note that after using this, the editor stays in the original level. And because of the way Battlefield 1942 handles appended filenames DON\'T RENAME FILES USING NUMBERS. In other words, don\'t make \"My_Cool_Level2.rfa\". Battlefield 1942 will treat it as an appendix to \"My_Cool_Level\" and problems will arise. Generate Material Map: Found under tools, this allows you to specify whether materials will be auto-generated using either height or angle as a reference. Tips: A handy bunchy of tips now display at startup. These cannot be deselected until you have read (or at least scrolled through) all of them. We advise reading them. Changes The \"red orb of terrain editing\" has been removed. The terrain editing tools for carve and raise have been reworked to be smoother. Custom mouse icons have been added for all tools. Can now resize the level tree Changed the name of the default theater to “Europe” Added uninstaller available through start menu. Fixes ***-Fixed crash bug with running Test Level on MOD other than bf1942 ***-Fixed crash bug on creating new MOD of same name then deleting duplicate one in the list ***-Fixed bug with selecting \"NO\" in new MOD dialog upon install of BC42 ***-Fixed creating new MOD with no characters in name ***-Fixed texture rendering problem on Radeon 9x Pro video cards ***-Addressed memory issues when generating by clearing surface maps before-hand ***-Fixed Mini Map to update properly ***-Fixed Offsets on Surface Map Assignments dialog ***-Fixed mini-map cursor movement in normal windowstate ***-Fixed maxnumberofobjects [/quote]




Battlecraft 1942 Map Editor Samples | 51.42 MB




Battlecraft 1942 (Map Editor) | 11.49 MB

v1.4[/file] [file="14958"]Also, check out the samples that are a must![/file] The readme.txt that comes with this zip file is "corrupted" because it doesn´t break the lines to start a new line, you can copy and paste it from below or you can download it seperately by clicking [file="15015"]here[/file].




Win32 Stand Alone Server - 1.3.1

battlefield_1942_server_v1.31.exe | 69.06 MB

to occur right after a map switch We removed the default Remote Admin Password for servers – there was a default password in place that could be used as an exploit We changed the object collision system to prevent exploits involving players hiding inside of objects – more widely known as the “Coral Sea” bug Client Fixes We locked out an exploit to prevent users from seeing through walls. Sound Fixes We modified several attributes of the sound system to provide better sound performance. If you still experience problems, be sure to consult our guide below. BF 1942 SOUND GUIDE With the release of the 1.31 patch, BFHQ has decided to kick down some intel that should help you get your audio up to snuff. If for some reason this guide doesn’t solve your sound problems, try adjusting the in game audio settings until you find a combination that gives you the best performance.

General TipsMake sure you have the latest sound drivers installed for your card. If you have trouble with this, consult the documentation that came with the device. If you card is not listed below, try adjusting the in game audio settings until you get a mix that gives the best performance. Sound Blaster Audigy/Audigy 2Get updated drivers here. Try using the following in game settings – 44khz sounds, High sound detail, Hardware acceleration enabled. Sound Blaster LiveGet updated drivers here. Try using the following in game settings – 44khz sounds, High sound detail, Hardware acceleration disabled. Experiment with different channel settings until you find the best performance Sound Blaster PCI 512Get updated drivers here. Try using the following in game settings - 44khz sounds, High sound detail, Hardware acceleration enabled. Turtle Beach Santa Cruz CardsGet updated drivers Get updated drivers here. Try using the following in game settings - 22khz sounds, High sound detail, Hardware acceleration enabled. AC 97 SoundTry using the following in game settings – 44khz sounds, Medium sound detail, 32 Channels. Hercules SoundGet updated drivers Get updated drivers here.Try using the following in game settings – 44khz sounds, High sound detail, Hardware acceleration enabled. Cmedia AudioTry using the following in game settings – 44khz sounds, High sound detail, 64 channels. Sound MaxTry using the following in game settings – 44khz sounds, Medium sound detail, 32 Channels.

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