Battlefield 2




BattleGroup Frontlines v1.05 Beta Client Files

bgf_v1.05_beta_client.exe | 1.25 GB

available to them. Performance for slower machines has been greatly improved, and a new map called "Fall 1943" is available. View the rest of their changes in the v1.05 changelog.




BattleGroup Frontlines v1.05 Beta Server Files

bgf_v1.05_beta_server.rar | 55.65 MB

available to them. Performance for slower machines has been greatly improved, and a new map called "Fall 1943" is available. View the rest of their changes in the v1.05 changelog.




Battlegroup Frontlines Heightmap Utility | 1.04 MB

(.RAW) files. It is primarily intended to make it easy to convert maps from Battlefield 1942 or Battlefield Vietnam to Battlefield 2, but it can also be used to change a BF2 map to a different size. Long-term Battlegroup42 fans will recall that we converted many classic BF42 and BG42 maps to the Battlefield Vietnam engine, including Midway, Guadalcanal, Coral Sea, Gavutu Islands, Angaur and others. Since moving to the BF2 engine we have been developing software that can automatically convert BF42 and BFV maps to BGF. This conversion involves first converting the heightmap using a heightmap utility, then converting the map objects with a map converter program. We are pleased to release the heightmap utility today, and may release the map converter program at a later date (after the release of BGF). We have successfully converted a number of BF42 and BG42 maps to BGF, and today we have pleasure in showing work-in-progress screenshots of some of them. These include the classic open-steppes Operation Citadel map, and the Dnieper River map, from BG42, plus the original DICE Kursk map. Note that these are shown as they were originally converted; apart from the addition of basic vegetation they have not yet been manually improved. Citadel and Dnieper will be worked on by our mappers to bring them up to the BGF standard, while there are no plans to release Kursk or any of the other DICE maps.




BattleGroup Frontlines Client Files

bgf_v1.0_client.exe | 1.32 GB

BattleGroup-Frontlines is to shift the players of Battlefield 2 back to the Second World War. BattleGroup-Frontlines will feature an extremely authentic atmosphere. Features include: - Historically accurate vehicles, aircraft, and weapons - Realistic and accurate sounds - Realistic weapon aiming aiming and firing physics - Famous battlefields Our team's goal of realism is an ambitious one, with the need of incorporating accurate striking powers and ranges of weapons. Naturally, a few things will need to be amended for the sake of quality gameplay, but with realism still held to the highest standard. We believe that it is possible to incorporate both incredible realism and exciting gameplay, and BattleGroup-Frontlines will achieve that balance. In BattleGroup-Frontlines, you are given the option of playing as one of several great nations: Great Britain, the German Reich, America, and Russia. Smaller countries will also be involved, but not as the primary players. Besides well-known battlefields such as Stalingrad and Normandy, one will be able to assist in the defence of Stalingrad with a Polish 7Tp or assist in the fight in Normandy with a Char B.[/quote]

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