Battlefield 2




Battlefield 2 Assault Mod | 1.61 GB

singleplayer, coop, and multiplayer mod. HEAVY emphasis on single player. FULL SP SUPPORT.In the works since 2005. custom skins. effects. enhanced ai. and of course BULLET PENETRATION. and lots of tweaks to the weapons to behave realistic. the bots are probably some of the hardest out there laying down fire up to 350 meters with small arms. there is going to be no one left standing after this fight. THANKS TO. BF SINGLEPLAYER COMMUNITY , PROJECT REALITY, AIX2 , USI, OPK, BLACK SAND STUDIOS AND ALL WHO HELPED. MAP MAKER, SKINNERS, CODERS, TESTERS, AND TO YOU. for playin =) i suggest u give the other mods a good play, and vote for them for top 100 mods! PS. if the bots totally, and utterly pwn the hell out of you, i did my job. have fun. watch your lanes. dont blame me when they light u up lol ALWAYS REMEMBER. be polite. be professional. and always have a plan to kill everyone you meet[/quote]

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