Battlefield 2





bb_v0.31_full.rar | 239.97 MB

the skies and islands with two aircraft and two boats. Engage in combined-arms warfare for command of islands and fortresses on four maps. Or fight for the seas on two unique open-sea maps, where the view stretches for 3 kilometers! We hope the community enjoys playing the mod as much as we enjoyed making it. See you on the battlefield! There is now a server for you to play on![/quote]




Battleship Patch

bb_v0.31v0.32_patch.rar | 108.96 MB

the comments, the interest and suggestions. So we were able to address some of the most pressing problems with Battleship. Following Changes are happened: CTD with squad orders fixed BF2CC issues fixed Reduced bomb strength Adjusted flak effectiveness Fixed Typhoon fighter handling All commander special functions (artillery, supply, uav, sattelite) removed Thunder bomber reload time at tender reduced Ship death explosions adjusted to allow more chance of survival on large ships No recharge on rifleman and medic abilities fixed North Sea, Briggs Bank, and Battle for Supremacy textures redone Battle for Supremacy changed to night conditions General map balance fixes (flags, ships per side, etc) Ship HP\'s adjusted (reduced slightly on most ships) Fixed Victory re-arming enemy ships and repairing/rearming enemy aircraft Mines now persist after minelaying ship is destroyed Added 3rd person alarm sounds for all ships[/quote]




Battleship Server Files

bb_v0.31_server.rar | 15.05 MB

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