Battlefield 2




Stargate BFM

stargatebfm2_alphar1.exe | 36.94 MB

F-302 Fighter -Goa\'uld Deathglider -Goa\'uld Tel\'tak Cargo/Transport ship -Atlantian Puddlejumper -SG Team Skins for USMC (Sniper, Spec-Ops, Medic, Engineer have correct SG Team Skin only) (China presently unmodified) -Tau\'ri Flag ingame (Goa\'uld flag also ingame but needs work) This version has only been tested with Battlefield 2 v1.41 The download can be found in our Downloads section, or by clicking Here (36.9MB) This version is Multiplayer Only, we do however have a dedicated server up that can be connected to at: with standard bf2 port number. Keep in mind this is an Alpha release, and as such, essentialy it is a Public Beta. Do not expect everything to be perfect however I do encourage you to post bugs in the Bug Section of our Forums (Things like the Goa\'uld Flag are not bugs)[/quote]

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