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Stargate: La Relève

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experience. Stargate: La Releve capitalizes on asymmetrical warfare, each side with their strengths and weakness. Teamplay is required to reach victory. To do such a thing we are working on more than 40 new weapons (all already seen in the TV show ) : - Tau’ri weapons, like the P90, MP5, Beretta, G36k, M249, Spas12, AT4, Stinger and many more! - Goa'uld weapons, like the Jaffa Staff Weapon, Zat, TER, Shock Grenade, Goal'uld Cannon, Hand of God and many more! Stargate: The Relief isn’t just weapons, it also includes many vehicles: - Use the Death Gliders to fight against the Tau’ri’s X-302. - Use the Jumper to transport your teammates on big maps. This mod also features a sound-scape from the TV show to give you the best immersion possible from the Battlefield 2 engine. On top of all of this, this mod features several new planet maps on which to battle! Some examples: - Abydos, Kresh’ta, Erebus, all recreated and designed from the TV show!




Stargate : La Releve

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Stargate: La Relève Video

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