Black and White 2




Black & White 2 Patch

bw2patch1_1.exe | 106.47 MB

population. - Fixed the command function which cycles through platoon units to not include enemy units. - Fixed a crash involving creature/tree interaction when the tree had no town status. - Fixed a creature issue which could stop the paternity suit or seven samurai challenges. - Fixed a statistics error, after a save/load, with the number of soldiers and archers reported in a town. - Fixed general balance issues involving rush tactics by an Aggressive God. - Fixed an issue involving the height at which archer\'s fire from walls. - Fixed a crash involving smashing a two story skyscraper. - Fixed a crash involving walls where a new section of wall from a previously destroyed one could be created. - Fixed a crash when deconstructing a wall while placing a gatehouse. - Fixed a restarting land issue when the creature would sometimes change if the profile has save games of different creatures in it. - Fixed a Technical Hang with the Archaeologist script on Land 6 involving killing a final archaeologist - Fixed a bug where evil embellishments couldn\'t be built if you are a good God. - Fixed a bug where Alignment could go above 100%. - Fixed a graphical issue when adding a layer to a damaged skyscraper. - Fixed a statistics error with Towns displaying 0 impressiveness needed to migrate when they cannot migrate. - Fixed a graphical bug causing the shoreline visuals to vanish. - Fixed a graphical bug where the Ape does not morph alignment correctly. - Added an option to skip the initial advisor speech on Land 1 by pressing the Escape key - this will take you directly to the Creature selection. - Added a silver scroll after the creature selection screen to skip the movement tutorials. - Added two development team members to credits (sorry guys).

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