Black and White 2




Black and White 2 Trainer | 4.29 MB

experienced an issue where the trainer would say \"White.exe in memory. Not connected\". Meaning: The game is running, but the trainer is not connected. This has been fixed and tested. -- \"Use Wonders Without Charge\" is now functional once more. This is the *only* feature that was not properly translated from the previous version the first time. (Fixed) The readme is contained in the .zip file, named \"BW2v12_Trn_v1201.txt\" Thanks, - Zhoul




UnSTUFF | 45.48 KB




Tiger Unlocker

unlocker.exe | 188 KB




Black & White 2 v1.1 - All Countries - Trainer | 185.95 KB

Influance - Alt+Numpad - (Minus) - (Toggle) *Note* - This option isn't 100% 'functional'. Also, toggle it on while in your own influance ring. If you toggle this on outside of your own ring, it will appear not to work. Simply toggle it back off, return to your influance ring, then toggle it back on. - Added All Entities - Lock Health (Lock) (Toggle) - Alt+Numpad . (Period) *Note* - This option will lock the health of all entities. I imagine even villagers could be tossed without getting hurt. Armies will light aflame, burning but not dying. This was to fill a request from forums, to enable endless creature fights.




Lndromat 0.96 | 115.35 KB

textures should be filled in using another tool (e.g., BWSurveyor).




Sculpted Trainer | 196.85 KB




HardCore For Crescent Map | 31.74 KB

script, triggered at a certain point in the map and will only run once. The enemy is still pretty straightforward to beat! Also, certain things will trip it up and get it confused. Hardcore Script to install, extract to land8887.chl ------> \\Black & White 2\\Scripts\\BW2 its the same script as before, just larger and more platoons. Hope it works! havent particularly tested it.[/quote]




Godkilla1\'s Skinning Tut 2 (Amphitheatre) | 58.67 MB

Voice Acting! By the man himself. Very nicely done.




Black and White 2 v1.1 - All Countries - Trainer | 3.58 MB

view on the main page to enable more options in 1 place. -- Three Tabs have been created. The newest features... --== An embedded "Wally's Creature Changer", with documentation and link to updates. --== GUI Features - This will be visible on both the Main and Wonders/Resources pages. Three buttons, "Disable Cheats", "Disable Stat Locks" and "Disable Both", for quick disabling of trainer features. -- Offsets added to Checkbox ToolTips and villager populations! - When the game is running, hover your mouse over the checkboxes. Most people won't use this information, so its designed specifically for those who might --== *HINT* - The offsets reported by this new feature, can somehow be seen or used in the CreatureMorph(tm) page. -- Added a "Reset" button between Creature Minimum/Maximum Size. It simply has an "R" on it, but the tool-tip gives more info. This will reset to 'v1.1 defaults'. It *does not write to any files*, so if you have changed the CreatureBalance.txt file, this will reset to v1.1 values, only until you quit the game. -- Added 2 buttons to the CreatureMorph(tm) page labeled --== These buttons will take the current offset (default is &H0) and subtract/add &H140 to it. --== Why +/- &H140? Because changing the offset by that much is equal to a 'full page' of values. (kind of like previous/next page buttons). --== Why would I want to do this?! Because you can 'find your own' hacks in the areas of memory where I found some. --== *Warning* - This can definately cause the game to end unexpectedly, however the 80 default features should not crash the game. Always save/backup before using this feature. -- For all features with in-game hot-keys, I have added their combonation to the tooltips (mouse hover pops) of their names. I.e. Hover your mouse over "God Alignment" , "Mana" , "Impressiveness" etc. For the cheats, I have added their key-combo to the actual cheat object, i.e. hover your mouse over the Baby Factory check-box, etc. -- Added hot-key support for GUI Features. Ctrl+Home = Disable All Cheats / Alt+Home = Disable All Locks / Ctrl+Alt+Home = Disable Both




Black and White 2 v1.1 - All Countries - Trainer | 3.06 MB

toggle this off, all citizens return to the age they would have been. Adults population will not drop , children population will increase. Doesn't crash the game, but does mess with the 'needs' of the people. -- Added - Current housing numbers, Adults/Children. Unfortunately, this seems to only reflect the numbers of villagers/children/houses in your first/main 'base'. This feature was added so you could toggle on Baby-Factory and watch the children number increase. *warning* If you toggle this option on, wait 5-10 seconds, then turn it off, you will produce 1 full round of babies (equal to the number of women, exactly). Some people report that they can't turn off this feature. They *can* and do, but you must be patient and wait for all the women to finish up with having the 'current' child. -- Added - Profile Menu's! You can save up to 4 settings profiles, and load them, with hot-key support! - CTRL+F1 - CTRL+F4 to load any profile. Saving still takes using the interface, as you have to name the profile. -- Moved - The "Play B&W2" and "Help/About" buttons to the top shifting everything else downward. 'Fixed: -- Changed - The way that locked values work. Now, you may freely change the values with hot-keys, even when locked. The value will remain locked, where ever you leave it. -- Changed - The way "Lock Impressiveness" functions. Before: It would 'fight' with B&W2 to force set the impressiveness value. Now: It disables the 3 pieces of B&W2 code that write this value, therefore: Allowing you to set it to 0 , and not 'gain' any impressiveness. -- Fixed - Issues surrounding the "Toggle" feature, on the CreatureMorph(tm) page. I forget exactly what I did, but it's a good thing, I sware =)

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