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Bridge Commander Patch

stbc_patch.exe | 7.59 MB

the mission cannot be completed. Zhukov registry texture being upside-down Fixed "redshirts" getting stuck in an animation after falling down Multiplayer names containing '[' causing problems when restarting the game. If you believe that your copy of the game suffers from this problem, please delete the config file, that is found where you installed the game, before launching and repatching. Better support for adding custom missions Banning of players by IP address Well, enjoy. Feedback in here.




TGA Tool Editor | 187.78 KB

advanced graphic makers.




BC Supermod 3 | 294.65 MB

after nearly seven years, we have all the fancy new models made by members of the BCFiles community, working in Single player, with out a problem. This mod is BC's campaign as it was meant to be. Some of the ships include, the CG Sovereign for the [i]Sovereign[/i] and [i]Enterprise [/i]in the game, the SNS Galaxy for the [i]Dauntless, Venture[/i] and other galaxies, the SNS Akira for the [i]Geronimo [/i]and the other akiras, LC's warbird for the Warbirds in game, and so much more. and everything has been rebalanced to work with the other models. What's more is that CR has actually made the ships in the game different variants, the [i]Sovereign[/i] is an NX Sovereign, while the [i]Enterprise[/i] is a production model, the [i]Berkley[/i] is a Phoenix type Nebula, while the nightingale is a Hospital ship and the Khitomer is a Weapons pod variant. And he included dozens of alternate registries for each federation ship for use with SDT, including thirty odd Galaxy registries and eighteen Akiras. In all this is a great mod. But wait there's more, as a special bonus, CR has also included several popular CR ship mods such as the Europa class, and the Galaxy Dreadnaught. Enjoy;)




BCMI final | 1.69 MB

program.[/b] Main Features: - Install BC-Mod (*.BCMod) Files - Uninstall BC-Mod (*.UnBCMod) Files - Extraction to Default BC Folder or a Custom Folder or your choice - Viewing the contents of a BC-Mod file - Drag and Drop selected files while viewing a BC-Mod file




BCMP full version | 7.93 MB

If you have a version prior to the 4.3, then download this full version. I don't think I need to say anything else here (ya already know what this program does) all the fixes are in the readme below.




Stargate Ship Pack | 79.79 MB

stations. [i]Note: Missing Credits for Goa’uld Death Gliders, this ship was modeled and textured by DaAan. The X-301 was also modeled by DaAan. Anyone wishing to use these vessels should contact him for permissions in future at 'daaandesigns at'[/i] [b][u]Please note that this pack is NOT compatible with the latest version of the Stargate Pack, if you install this one as well as the third version of the stargate pack this will cause some problems. It is highly recommended that you either install stargate packs 1 + 2 or stargate pack version 3 (not all of them[/u][/b] [u][b]More Information about the Modification[/b][/u] Here is the Stargate Ship pack, this includes several ships from Stargate SG - 1 and Stargate Atlantis, including Goa'uld, Tau'ri (Earth), Asgard, Replicator, Wraith and Ori ships / stations. [b]Please note that the following Review / Description contains spoilers for Stargate SG - 1 Season 9, and Stargate Atlantis Season 2[/b] [u][b]Tau'ri[/b][/u] There are four different types of Earth ship including in the ship pack, the X301, F302 Fighter, X303 (Prometheus), and the BC304. All of these ships are highly detailed and well made with realistic sounds to the series. The X303 and X304 have the ability to Launch F302's giving you the choice of flying the Capital ship or a fighter. [b]X301[/b] - This ship has been completely retextured to match what was seen in the Stargate SG - 1 episode "Tangent", the hardpoint has been improved so that it includes two missiles rather than the original staff cannons. [b]F302[/b] - This ship has been retextured and upgraded, the hardpoints have been changed to be more consistant with the Stargate shows including more ammunition for the cannons and an increase in speed to match the Goa'uld Death Gliders. Highly recommended in dog fights against the Wraith Dart or Death Gliders. Just to note this ship is very vulnerable to NanoFX explosions and will probably not survive a close explosion. [b]X303 - Prometheus[/b] - This ship has been completely remodeled and retextured to be more look more like it did in the Stargate SG-1 episode "Ethon", the ship is armed with numerous rail guns and missles (standard and mark 9 nuclear warheads). This ship is more realistic and detailed than that of the previous version, and also has realistic sounds when compared to the Stargate SG-1 show. [b]BC - 304[/b] - This ship has been an improved model and more detailed textures that make the ship look highly detailed and very well made, the ship looks a lot more closer to the version as seen in both SG-1 and Atlantis. There are three different versions included, the Daedalus, Odyssey and the Korolev. Each ship has similar weapons with a few exeptions, such as the Daedalus being able to dual rail guns while the Odyseey and Korlev can only fore single rail guns. The Korolev is a weaker ship due to it being rushed into battle (for more click [url=]here[/url] - spoiler warning) [u][b]Goa'uld[/b][/u] The Goa'uld ships and stations include the Death Glider, Needle Threader, Al'Kesh, four different variants of Ha'tak, Anubis Mothership and a Goa'uld Starbase. All of the variant of the Ha'tak with the execption of the replicator version can all launch Death Gliders via MVAM, giving you the choice of flying the Ha'tak or the Death Glider. [b]Death Glider[/b] - This is the orginal model created by ScottPKeene, a ship that can be launched from the Ha'tak. This ship is now balanced towards the F-302. It is highly recommended and very fun to use this in a fight against the F302s, although you may not win all of the time as it depends on who gets the first shot. [b]Needle Threader[/b] - a ship that was seen in Stargate SG - 1, Season 3 episode "In To The Fire". This ship is similar to that of a Ancient / Alterran puddle jumper (although very different shape), where it was designed to go through the stargate. The Needle Threader is more manuverable than that of a standard death glider and just as powerful. This ship is more than a match for the wraith dart and possibly the F302, although the latter is more difficult to fight against (depending on who gets the first shot). [b]Al'kesh Mid Range Bomber[/b] - The model and textures have been vastly improved over the previous version and is more detailed. This ship is armed with 2 staff weapons (which can fire in multiple directions) and 2 downward firing bomb launchers. This ship is relatively fast and relatively weak compared to the other stargate vessels. This ship can easily beat F302's, Death Gliders or Wraith Darts one on one (not always though), although against those fighters in numbers this ship would not stand a chance. The Al'Kesh does not stand a chance against any of the capital ships, and mayl do some damage to the either the ha'tak or bc 303. [b]Ha'tak (all versions)[/b] - The ha'tak has be retextured and has new hardpoints for all of the variants included. The Replicator version of this ship has been made more powerful than before as it was too easy to take damage. There are four versions included in this mod, the Standard Goa'uld Ha'tak, a refit Ha'tak, Anubis' Ha'tak (The one that destroyed an Asgard Beliskner in "Revelations" (Season 5) and a Replicator controlled Ha'tak as seen in "The Reckoning Parts I and II" (Season 8 - SG - 1). All three of the ships are identical other than their weapons and shields. The first type of ha'tak is the standard early Goa'uld version, this one is weaker than that of the X303 and BC 303. This ship can also destroy several small Star Trek vessels but against more manuverable ships such as a bird of prey or defiant it might not be able to hit it a long range. The second type of Ha'tak is a refit version that might have been used within the later seasons of SG-1 under the ranks of the Free Jaffa, this ship would be more powerful than the first but in a one on one fight with the earth ships it may very well struggle. The third type of Ha'tak, Anubis Ha'tak is more powerful than the first and can take on the X303 or BC 303 although will take damage from it and can possibly take on multiple "heavy" star trek ships (i.e, Galaxies, Sovereigns, etc). The forth type of Ha'tak is the Replicator Controlled Ha'tak, this ship is a lot more powerful and can easily destroy most ships fairly quickly. This ship can possibly take on 4 - 7 standard Ha'taks or more and win. This ship would also easily destroy most Star Trek ships with the exception of a Borg Cube which will more than likely destroy the Ha'tak. [b]Anubis Flagship[/b] - This ship has been made even more powerful and should easily be able to take on an even larger fleet of Ha'taks, as seen in the Stargate SG - 1, Season 6 Episode "Full Circle". This was where a fleet of eight Ha'tak attacked Anubis' Flagship causing no damage and loosing most of the attack fleet. In its standard form this ship can take on a couple of Ha'tak or perhaps the Daedalus Class Battlecruiser (BC304) or even an Asgard vessel. In its attack mode this ship becomes a lot more powerful and is capable of taking out fleets of Ha'taks fairly easily. [b]Goa'uld Starbase[/b] - Here is the starbase of the Goa'uld as seen in Stargate SG -1 Season 5 episodes "Summit" and "Last Stand", this base is very powerful, this ship can easily take on a medium - large fleet of Ha'taks and even a couple of Asgard ships. This base is highly detailed and well made, however just as a note on slower computers when taking damage this may cause some slow downs to occur in game. [b][u]Asgard[/u][/b] Here is the Asgard ships including two ships, the Daniel Jackson (Science Vessel) and the O'Neill. Both of these ships now include a cloaking device as this has been mentioned in the Stargate SG-1 show. [b]Daniel Jackson (Science Vessel)[/b] - This ship has been improved in several places by having newer more detailed textures in a couple of areas and the model has also been improved upon. This ship was first seen in the SG-1 episode "New Order". However since this ship is only a science vessel, it won't be as powerful as the main warships within the Asgard Fleet. Saying that this ship is still more than a match for the Goa'uld Ha'tak vessels, although may loose against Anubis's Ha'tak or anything Higher. [b]O'Neill Class Warship[/b] - This ship was seen in several Stargate SG - 1 episodes and named after Colonel / Brigadier General / Major General Jack O'Neill (depending on which season of SG - 1 you watch). This ship is armed with numerous pulse weapons and several ion cannons which can do heavy damage to almost all ships. This is a very powerful ship that can easily destroy ha'taks, daedalus classes (X304 / BC 304) and many other ships. This ship can also easily take out most star trek vessels, although may struggle against a borg cube or the heavy ships such as a dominion battleship or the excalibur (although this is a tough one to call as both ships won and lost). The O'Neill may struggle against the Replicator Ha'tak as this is slightly too powerful for it. This ship now inlcudes two versions, both have more detailed textures and more weapons coverage to ensure that all areas are covered when going into a fight. There is the standard warship and the earlier prototype which is less powerful. [u][b]Alteran / Ancient[/b][/u] [b]Puddle Jumper[/b] - This ship is the ship as seen in Stargate Atlantis and three episodes of SG - 1 in Season 8. This ship is highly manuverable (in fact very similar to the show) and can easily avoid shots from the Ha'taks weapons at longer ranges but will get hit close up. The puddle jumper is only armed with 36 Drones which are all very powerful (even more so if you have Future Technologies), these weapons can easily destroy many ships including Ha'taks, TNG Cruiser Level ships from TNG. The Puddle Jumper is more than a match for the wraith dart or even six. Although this may seem an uber ship, it is far from it as its hull is very weak in comparison to its weapons as any ship armed with phasers or a few unlucky hits from pulse phasers, distruptors or staff weapons can easily damage its hull. This ship also includes a MVAM mode where the weapons and engines pods are either inside or outside the ship. The weapons can only be fired when they are outside of the Puddle Jumper itself. This ship has also been rescaled and made more accurate to the show. [u][b]Wraith[/b][/u] [b]Wraith Dart[/b] - This ship has been made more accruate and has been re-scaled to match the other stargate vessels within the game. Unfortunately the weapons are slighly misaligned but this ship is still highly detailed and well made. This ship is fast and is capable of taking on either the F-302 or the Puddle Jumper but this does not mean that it will win. If the Dart gets the first shot then it may have a chance against a F - 302. [u][b]Ori[/b][/u] There are two Ori stations included within this modification, the Ori Satelite and the Supergate. [b]Ori Satelite[/b] - This is basically a weapons platform that has one weapon which is very powerful and can literally destroy stargate ships very quickly within 1 - 3 shots at most (more for the more advanced ships). This weapon isn't completely accurate to the SG - 1 episode "Ethon", as this has a quicker recharge that that episode although it is still slow. To even have a chance against this weapon use at least 4 - 5 ships when attacking. Unfortunately when the AI is in control of the weapon it may not fire correctly causing less damage to your ship than if the player was in control of it. [b]Ori Supergate[/b] - There are two versions of this one active and one in-active. These do not do much, although it does have MVAM capability to activate the gate. This is mainly for good screenshots at the moment. All of these ships can be used to re-inact scenes against within Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. This modification pack is highly recommended to any Stargate Fan as it will add a new part to bridge commander.




Stargate Ship Pack

secondstargatepack.rar | 63.43 MB

problems. It is highly recommended that you either install stargate packs 1 + 2 or stargate pack version 3 (not all of them[/u][/b] Here is the Stargate Ship pack, this includes several ships from Stargate SG - 1 and Stargate Atlantis, including Goa'uld, Tau'ri (Earth), Asgard, Replicator, Wraith and Ori ships / stations. [b]Please note that the First Stargate Pack is required for the orginal vessels to be installed and so that some of the updated functions work properly. This can be found here -;65246[/b] [b]More Information about the Modification[/b] [b]Please note that the following Review / Description contains spoilers for Stargate SG - 1 Season 9 and 10, and Stargate Atlantis Season 2 and 3.[/b] [u][b]Tau'ri[/b][/u] There is one ship included in this pack, but however also includes hardpoints for the other earth ships from the first stargate pack. [b]F302[/b] - The textures have been replaced with newer versions that are lighter and more detailed. There appear to be two different versions of the F-302 one that has been seen defending earth in SG-1 Season 7 episode Lost City Part 2 and another one that has been launched from the capital vessels. Highly recommended in dog fights against the Wraith Dart or Death Gliders. Just to note this ship is very vulnerable to NanoFX explosions and will probably not survive a close explosion. [u][b]Goa'uld[/b][/u] The second stargate pack contains retextures of the Needle Treader, Ha'tak and Goa'uld starbase. This pack also includes one more new vessel Apophis's Flagship. [b]Needle Threader[/b] - a ship that was seen in Stargate SG - 1, Season 3 episode "In To The Fire". This ship is similar to that of a Ancient / Alterran puddle jumper (although very different shape), where it was designed to go through the stargate. The Needle Threader is more manuverable than that of a standard death glider and just as powerful. This ship is more than a match for the wraith dart and possibly the F302, although the latter is more difficult to fight against (depending on who gets the first shot). There is a slight improvement to the cockpit, but other than that this ship is still the same. [b]Ha'tak (all versions)[/b] - Since the last stargate pack, this ship has been given a brand new texture, including ore realistic textures that make the ha'tak look more like the shows version . The Replicator version of this ship has been made more powerful than before as it was too easy to take damage. There are four versions included in this mod, the Standard Goa'uld Ha'tak, a refit Ha'tak, Anubis' Ha'tak (The one that destroyed an Asgard Beliskner in "Revelations" (Season 5) and a Replicator controlled Ha'tak as seen in "The Reckoning Parts I and II" (Season 8 - SG - 1). All three of the ships are identical other than their weapons and shields. The first type of ha'tak is the standard early Goa'uld version, this one is weaker than that of the X303 and BC 303. This ship can also destroy several small Star Trek vessels but against more manuverable ships such as a bird of prey or defiant it might not be able to hit it a long range. The second type of Ha'tak is a refit version that might have been used within the later seasons of SG-1 under the ranks of the Free Jaffa, this ship would be more powerful than the first but in a one on one fight with the earth ships it may very well struggle. The third type of Ha'tak, Anubis Ha'tak is more powerful than the first and can take on the X303 or BC 303 although will take damage from it and can possibly take on multiple "heavy" star trek ships (i.e, Galaxies, Sovereigns, etc). Anubis' Hat'ak has been balanced against the Asgard Beliskner meaning it should be able to take it out. The forth type of Ha'tak is the Replicator Controlled Ha'tak, this ship is a lot more powerful and can easily destroy most ships fairly quickly. This ship can possibly take on 4 - 7 standard Ha'taks or more and win. This ship would also easily destroy most Star Trek ships with the exception of a Borg Cube which will more than likely destroy the Ha'tak. [b]Goa'uld Starbase[/b] - Here is the starbase of the Goa'uld as seen in Stargate SG -1 Season 5 episodes "Summit" and "Last Stand", this base is very powerful, this ship can easily take on a medium - large fleet of Ha'taks and even a couple of Asgard ships. This base is highly detailed and well made, however just as a note on slower computers when taking damage this may cause some slow downs to occur in game. This has been retextured for the second stargate pack and adds some improvements to the outsite (i.e. looks a bit better [b]Apophis's Flagship[/b] - Here is the powerful flagship of Apophis stole from Sokar, this ship is far more powerful than that of the ha'taks, the Asgard Beliskner and possibly the earth ships (BC304s). This ship is more than a match for multiple Ha'tak vessels (with the exception of the replicator version), multiple Tau'ri ships, but will struggle against Anubis mothership for firepower. This ship is no match for any of the ships that are far more powerful. [b][u]Asgard[/u][/b] Here is the Asgard ships including two ships, a retexture of the Daniel Jackson (Science Vessel) and the Beliskner (including refit). Both of these ships now include a cloaking device as this has been mentioned in the Stargate SG-1 show. [b]Beliskner[/b] - This is the first asgard vessel seen in stargate SG - 1, as seen in the Season 2 episode "Thor's Chariot". This ship is fairly powerful as a Cruiser level ship as it will easily destroy the early ha'taks while taking minor damage. However against more powerful ha'taks such as Anubis's upgraded versions the Beliskner will in all probability lose fairly quickly. There is also a replicator version of this ship which is capable of taking on at least 5 standard versions of this ship. This ship has been well made and is highly detailed. [b]Beliskner Refit[/b] - This ship is similar to that of the Beliskner, but this ship has a slightly different model to match the ship that was seen in the Stargate SG - 1 episode "Revelations" in season 5. The hardpoints are identical to that of the previous version, this ship is more blueish that that of the original. This ship has been well made and is highly detailed. [b]Daniel Jackson[/b] - This ship has had a slight retexture since the first stargate pack to improve its appearance to make it more like the show itself. This ship was first seen in the SG-1 episode "New Order". However since this ship is only a science vessel, it won't be as powerful as the main warships within the Asgard Fleet. Saying that this ship is still more than a match for the Goa'uld Ha'tak vessels, although may lose against Anubis's Ha'tak or anything Higher. [u][b]Alteran / Ancient[/b][/u] There are two Alteran vessels present in this pack, one is an update to the Puddle Jumper and the other is an Aurora class warship (including a fully powered one and an "orion" version) [b]Puddle Jumper[/b] - This ship is the ship as seen in Stargate Atlantis and three episodes of SG - 1 in Season 8. This ship is highly manuverable (in fact very similar to the show) and can easily avoid shots from the Ha'taks weapons at longer ranges but will get hit close up. The puddle jumper is only armed with 36 Drones which are all very powerful (even more so if you have Future Technologies). The drone weapons have been weakened due to the drones being too powerful. With this upgrade the puddle jumper can now fire three drones at a time (as seen in the very first episode of SGA). The Puddle Jumper is more than a match for the wraith dart or even six. Although this may seem an uber ship, it is far from it as its hull is very weak in comparison to its weapons as any ship armed with phasers or a few unlucky hits from pulse phasers, distruptors or staff weapons can easily damage its hull. This ship also includes a MVAM mode where the weapons and engines pods are either inside or outside the ship. The weapons can only be fired when they are outside of the Puddle Jumper itself. This ship has also been rescaled and made more accurate to the show. [b]Aurora Class Warship - Fully Operational[/b] - Here is prossibly one of the most powerful ships in the stargate universe (after the Alteran City Ship - Atlantis, and possibly the ori cruiser). This ship can fire lots of drones in rapid succesion, destroying most vessels relatively quickly including an ori cruiser. This ship has been seen in Stargate Atlantis although the "Fully Operational" version has not been seen yet. The Ori Cruiser may be able to destroy this ship with its "Main Weapon", although its really dependant on who gets the first shot. [b]Aurora Class Warship - "Orion"[/b] - Here is the Aurora Class warship as seen in SG - Atlantis Season 2 episodes "Inferno" and "Allies" as well as Season 3 episode "No Mans Land". This ship is a damaged version of the Aurora class and does not have enough power to power both the weapons and the shields at the same time (although its possible to have both, just not at full levels). The "Orion" as named by Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, is capable of firing the same weapons as the fully powered version but depending on who it is facing against it may not have a chance to fire a second batch. [u][b]Wraith[/b][/u] [b]Wraith Dart[/b] - This ship has been retextured completely and now also includes the sound of the wraith dart which will add something to make it more like the show itself. This ship is fast and is capable of taking on either the F-302 or the Puddle Jumper but this does not mean that it will win. If the Dart gets the first shot then it may have a chance against a F - 302. [u][b]Ori[/b][/u] There is one ship and one supergate included within this pack. [b]Ori Supergate[/b] - There are two versions of this one active and one in-active. These do not do much, although it does have MVAM capability to activate the gate. The supergate now with the shuttle launching script is capable of launching upto four ori cruisers that have to be launched individually (as launching all four would cause them to crash into one another) [b]Ori Warship[/b] - This is the true Uber ship, as seen in the Stargate SG - 1 episode camelot (the season 9 finale). This ship is practically a god ship. The Ori main weapon can easily destroy a ha'tak vessel in one shot most of the time and tau'ri vessels in two or three shots. To even have a chance against this god ship you will need a [b]Very[/b] large fleet of ships as this ship will destroy most of them with one shot. The secondary weapons although not as powerful as the main cannon can easily destroy mainly types of ships fairly easily with a few shots (maybe 3-10). The only ship that is capable of even having a chance against this ship is the Fully powered Alteran / Ancient Aurora Class warship (not the orion though). All of these ships can be used to re-inact scenes against within Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. This modification pack is highly recommended to any Stargate Fan as it will add a new part to bridge commander.




NanoFX Beta | 45.27 MB

newest version out there. New warp effects are added, such as warp speed control. Also this mod will dramatically enhance the stock effects. In change giving you a whole new perception to the word “explosion”. Here are a few more Details: [quote] NanoFX 2.0 Features: -BridgeFX -New Experimental Effects for the BETA, look for more effects in the Future! -CameraFX -Haven’t had time to do much more with this, same as 1.0 -ExplosionFX -Upgraded Explosions with new Sparks and Debris! -SpecialFX -Plasma Trails - Based off of Sneaker’s work with NanoFX Particles -AtmosphereFX - Clouds and Glows around Planets! -BlinkerFX - Blinking NAV Lights on Ships, they work now! -Weapon FlashFX - Flashes from the Weapons firing on a Ship! -WarpFX -Better Cinematic Cut scenes when warping, with Nacelle Flashes! -ETA Counter and Free Movement while at Warp -Select a Warp Speed to get to your Destination Faster or Slower [/quote]




Bridge Commander Demo

startrekbridgecommanderdemo.exe | 109.77 MB

file) [b]Instructions:[/b] Download the demo (a self-extracting executable) from our server to your hard drive and double-click on StarTrekBridgeCommanderDemo.exe to begin the extraction and installation process. The demo requires 350 MB of uncompressed temporary space to install (but requires only 275 MB of permanent hard drive space to run). [b]NOTICE:[/b] You are about to download a product that is rated "E" for everyone. This product has content that may be suitable for persons ages six and older. This product will appeal to people of many ages and tastes. This title may contain minimal violence, some comic mischief, or some crude language. [b]Instructions:[/b] The Star Trek: Bridge Commander contains the first three single player missions and Quick Battle. Download the demo and, if necessary, the DirectX® 8.0a installer from the Microsoft® DirectX web site and enjoy! [b]Demo System Requirements:[/b] - 3-D Hardware Accelerator (with 16MB VRAM)* - Microsoft® Windows® 95 OSR2/98/ME/2000/XP - Pentium® II 300Mhz processor (Pentium II 450Mhz processor recommended) or Athlon® processor - 64MB RAM - 175 MB of uncompressed hard disk space for game files (plus an additional 100 MB for Windows swap file) - 100% Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP compatible computer system (including compatible 32-bit drivers for video card, sound card and input devices.) - DirectX(r) 8.0a or higher - 100% DirectX 8.0a compatible 16MB video card and drivers - 100% DirectX 8.0a or higher compatible sound card and drivers - 100% Microsoft-compatible mouse, keyboard * A 100% DirectX compliant 3-D video card is required. Star Trek: Bridge Commander uses DirectX 8.0a to support 3-D hardware acceleration. Star Trek: Bridge Commander has been tested on many but not all of the major cards incorporating the chipsets listed below: - nVidia™ Riva TNT and TNT2 - All nVidia™ GeForce chipsets - 3dfx(tm) Voodoo3, 4 or 5 - ATI® Rage 128/128 Pro - All ATI® Radeon chipsets - Matrox G400 & G550 - Kyro® 1 and 2 - Intel® i810e - Trident Blade XP™ [b]IMPORTANT NOTES:[/b] This product uses Microsoft DirectX technology, which requires your system to have the latest Windows 95 OSR2/98/ME/2000/XP drivers (for video card, sound card and input devices.) Some, but not all, of the cards with the chipsets listed above have been tested on Windows XP. For Windows XP 3D support, please refer to your hardware manufacturer for 100% Windows XP compliant drivers. In addition to the Minimum System Requirements for Star Trek: Bridge Commander, it is required that your system meet Microsoft's requirements for your chosen operating system.




BC mod installer | 7.89 MB

upgrade 1.2 to 1.3 will fallow.




Bridge Commander Universal Tool

bcut_1.7.6.rar | 11.14 MB

rewritten from scratch and has been made more user friendly. It has something for every ones taste. If you want to quickly create ship plugins, Basic BCSMC is the right choice for you (just point and click). If you want to create multiple plugins at once, Fast BCSMC is the choice for you. If you like to customize plugins fully, add techs for your ships or customize ship descriptions in great lengths Advanced BCSMC is the tool for you. It allows you virtually to customize all aspects of a ship plugin. If you like to edit plugins, you can use the Plugin Editor which can load most of the plugins out there. If there is a problem with the plugin it will notify you. It is also capable of importing TGL based descriptions created by BCMP. It can import them directly to a ship plugin or merge them with the ships.tgl (file which holds all ship descriptions). It is recommended to import the descriptions to the plugin file. For N00bs out there, there is a detailed guide on how to create a modded install (N00b 101). There is also a tool which creates a shortcut for you which you can use to launch BC in TestMode. It is fully compatible with older mods as it can extract BCMod files, which are of an older standard. BCUT also can create BCMod files, if you are a modder you can package your mods now with BCUT. If you want to install mods automatically, Mod Installer is the right choice for you as it automatically recognizes all mod installation types and takes appropriate measures. You can install any mod with a couple of clicks. You can use it to create sound plugins for you weaponsengines. It can also edit and create TGL Files, it is also capable of loading "corrupt" tgl files which no other tgl editor will load. You can use it to fix those broken files so you won't have to lose any data. It can backup your BC scripts folder which you can always restore at a click of a button. It is also capable of creating Ship Carrier plugins and is capable of uninstalling Ship Mods. BCUT allows you also to tweak up values in your ships hardpoint, please note that this feature does not replace MPE fully. You can also add FTech to Torpedo script with a couple of mouse clicks. It comes with the latest Foundation build, however it also allows you to install the Basic Foundation. As old BCSMC, BCUT also comes with NanoFX Atmospheres Fix and QB Description Fix. Remember to install QB Description Fix if you use Ship Description Writer for your descriptions.




ST:BC Xpadder Profile for XBOX 360 Controller for WIndows | 1.2 MB

used freely and modified just as much to your heart's content. I do however wish that if you redistribute this profile anywhere that you give me some credit as the original, creator and producer.




Battlestar Galactica Fleet Pack | 59.34 MB

Raptors, Battlestars, Basestars, and many freighters. Almost all of the freighters are unarmed, and all of the ships do not have shields. It is important to note that this ship pack is not balanced against Star Trek Ships only against those within this ship pack. The weapons and weapons sounds look and sound almost like they do in the show, also all of the ships are detailed and very well made. Just to note it is recommended that you turn off visible damage as when the Battlestars and Basestars take damage they might slow down your computers. This ship pack contains: [u][b]Colonial Armed Vessels[/b][/u] [b]Mk2 Viper, Mk7 Viper[/b] - Highly Manuverable fighters that can turn very fast and are armed with both missiles (only two) as well as rail guns. [b]Battlestar Galactica[/b] - The Main ship of the Show, armed with mainly rail guns than can easily destroy cylon fighters and can cause damage to the Cylon Baseships although will take damage very easily from the Nuclear Warheads. The Galactica is capable of Launching upto 20 vipers (mostly Mark 2) at a time. To Jump (warp), you will have to retract the pods via MVAM. [b]Battlestar Pegasus[/b] - A more powerful and longer battlestar than the Galactica (Newer model in the series), similary armed to that of the Galactica, although more powerful. The Pegasus is capable of Launching upto 40 Mark 7 Vipers at once using the shuttle launch script. [b]Blackbird Stealth-Fighter[/b] - This was the stealth ship that was built on the Galactica, unlike the other vipers this has a jump drive, however it is more difficult to control and is perfect for use with the silent running mod. [b]Raptors[/b] - There are three included within This pack. The assault version which is armed with numerous missiles and has large missile tubes on either side of its main hull. The escort Raptor, armed with eight missiles and is designed to escort the SAR Raptor. Finally the SAR Raptor, which is used for search and rescue and has no weapons. [b]Defender[/b] - This ship is a smaller capital vessel than that of a battlestar, although it is armed with numerous weapons it is mainly designed as a support vessel, as seen in the more recent episodes (end of Season 2 / Start of Season 3) [u][b]Colonial UnArmed Vessels[/b][/u] There are numerous ships included including - [b]Colonial 1[/b] - The ship of the President, basically a passenger liner. [b]Shuttle[/b] - A short range shuttle that transfers personelle around the fleet. [b]Astral Queen[/b] - A Slow moving and very vunerable prison ship [b]Six different Passenger Liners[/b] - Various passenger liners seen in Battlestar Galactica [b]Botanical Cruiser[/b] - The Ship that stores the food for the fleet. [b]Cloud 9[/b] - A highly vulnerable tourist ship [b]Tylium Refinery[/b] - The ship that provides fuel for the fleet, this ship will make a large explosion when it is destroyed. [b]Celestra / Colonial Movers[/b] - These two ships were also in the original show that have been made up for the new series [b]Other Ships Include[/b] - Tube Tanker, Space Park, Mining Ship, Mobile Shipyard, Gemini Transport and Gemini Traveller [b][u]Cylon Ships[/u][/b] [b]Basestar[/b] - This is the main cylon ship, it is capable of launching Nuclear weapons as well as other missiles. These ships normally attack in numbers, but however one on one these vessels are a match for the Galactica, however the Pegasus would easily beat this ship in a straight fight (well Pegasus will take damage). The basestar can also launch the Cylon Raiders using the Shuttle Launching script. [b]Raider[/b] - This is a fast and deadly ship, similary armed to the Colonial Vipers, although the Raiders carry more missiles than their counterparts. Very fun when in dogfights against Vipers. [b]Heavy Raider[/b] - Similar to that of the Raider, although this ship is more heavily armed and armoured, it carrys six cannons instead of the two that the Raider has, however in turn the Heavy Raider is slower and more vulnerable to weapons fire.




DS9FX Xtended

ds9fx_xtended_1.0.rar | 798.08 MB

Commander for a while, this version includes all of the features of the original version as well as a lot more. This version also includes more features that push the game once more with a lot more scripting functions, including Life Support, the Ability for AI to Capture ships and much more. Xtended also includes more than one version of the badlands textures (including a Canon version) as well as several different improved texture choices for the wormhole (just like the original), as well as several new star systems, new missions as well some new sun effects (which look a lot more realistic) as well as more missions avaliable in the game, more mini missions as well as something completely new that hasn't been seen before, pulsars (see the video below) There is a lot more included within the modification including a lot of ships, as well as a lot of scripting modifcations which haven't been seen before but I won't spoil the rest for you as there is far more than the above, and it is a lot of fun as well! Although there is one suggestion that I do have though please read the manual that comes with the file for any issues you may have and should answer several questions that you may have. Overall this is one of the best modifications that have been released for a while and it is certainly one of the most fun and will keep you occupied for hours. [u][b]Pulsar Video[/b][/u] [b]Requirements[/b] Minimum System Requirements: *1.8 GHz Processor *256 MB RAM *128 MB Graphics Card (GeForce 5200 or ATI Radeon equivalent) Recommended System Requirements: *2.8 GHz Processor or higher *512 MB RAM or higher *128 MB Graphics Card (GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon equivalent) or higher Mod Requirements: -Foundation Can be obtained in BCUT: -NanoFX 2.0 Beta Pretty much a requirement for any modern mod nowadays, it can be obtained here:;23469 [quote] Built upon the successful mod DS9FX v3.0, Xtended pushes the boundaries of the game once again. What can you hope to find in DS9FX Xtended? Here is a short list: -New systems -Canon Badlands set -New campaign -New historic missions -New mini missions -Life support -No damage through fully functional shields -New sun effects -Pulsars **** PLEASE be sure to READ THE MANUAL! It is your friend! If you should run into any issues or errors with this mod, your answer may be in there smile If not, please post them at BCS, in the DS9FX Forum, and please have a console report ready.[/quote]




Galaxy Charts

galaxycharts_v2.rar | 1.23 MB

This mod comes as a manual (cut & paste) only. For those of you who are familiar the old Starfleet Command [SFC] and Star Trek: Armada series. USS_Frontier has brought a touch of both those game's more fun aspects too Bridge Commander! You, the Player now have a virtual [b]"Interactive Galaxy"[/b] to roam & explore. In this interactive "living" Galaxy, events are happening all around you. With new Graphic interfaces. You can join in Fleet operations. Buy and sell. To build your Imperial ambitions! I've just finished testing this mod. And I'm still blown away with the choices in functionality. Here they are, but you have to see it too believe it..... [b]((NEW Major Features)) Galactic War Simulator w/GUI Fleet Movement Customized Warp Speeds threw the Helm (Warp, Slipstream etc. with some ST canon surprises) Strategic Command (Open up the sub space comms, for the latest in your QB universe [i][u]it's ALIVE![/u][/i]) GC Systems Friendly, Enemy, Neutral now Identified by color coding (Friendly: Blue/ Hostile System: Red/ Neutral System: Yellow/ Player Region: Green/ Allied: Light Blue) Random Defense Force/ RAF Enhanced (randomly calculating, defending systems of importance) Galactic Economy (Buy & Sell your Assets, Ships & Bases) Star System Development (Those starships & bases aren't cheap! Build your Empire's wealth & prestige) Military Command / Diplomatic Negotiation (make war or barter for a tenuous peace) Save Game Feature (Save your favorite scenarios & skirmishes for prosperity) And even MORE![/b] That does not even begin too scratch the surface, with Galaxy Charts v.2. This mod is highly customizable. With plug-ins, you can now create your own races and systems. I would say that with this new mod, the possibilities are endless! Galaxy Charts v.2 bring substance to this grand old game, we love as Bridge Commander! Definitely Download Worthy !




FPS Counter 2.0 | 25.67 KB




Kobayashi Maru - Patch | 611.11 KB

Bugs -Disabled surrender -8472 is now non-player ship -Fixed Klingbase disruptor -Reduced damage of Karemma beams -Fixed the Ktinga turning rate -Disabled Bridge in TKY -Borg Cube: Phasers now single fire, higher repair points. -Firepoints should no longer explode -> Blindfire should no longer crash the game. -Added Missing Neghvar documents -Fixed Prometheus Phasers. -Lots of other bug fixes -Version number updated to 0.9.1 -Starbase220 Power corrected




Bridge Plugin Core

coregold.rar | 2.57 MB

first Bridge Plugin Core, we still have unreleased modules from the project. This latest release of BPCore includes most of the modules we still have including BPSounds, MVAM Maps, Static FX and a few others. BP Core Gold also includes a jaggies fix. A lot of these plugins will make a change to the game experience as soon as you start the game, for instance all 3rd era bridges since the Late TNG Galaxy bridge have included BPSounds compatibility. You will also notice further changes such as stock bridge effects working with Nanofx 2 Beta, and new viewscreen effects. Overall this is the ultimate version of BPCore, including all the additional extras that have been launch since the first BPCore release, as well as a large amount of bug fixes and improvements.




Century Class U.S.S. Enterprise-F | 19.27 MB

by DJ Curtis! This is one of the most detailed concept designs, I've seen to date! This is a single ship, not a SDT Ship Pack. But keep in mind, the original textures will "smoke" a low-end PC. And push the limits of even the latest high-end rigs out there. This was the purpose of the Author. The Author has suggestions in the readme to address this. The Enterprise-F handles very well in game. Having tested her against the Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians. The fight was in the 1701-F's favor. But the Jem'Hadar and the Borg Collective is more than a match for this concept design. Though she gave as good as she got! lasting 15 minuets with c2x's BOBW Borg Cube?! She's not a God ship- But well balanced for in game play. Armed with custom torpedoes, and excellent phaser arcs. The Enterprise-F will be a welcome addition to any one's Federation inventory. I "HIGHLY" recommend this exceptional concept of the 1701-F! Paramount Art Department & Producers take notice! Definitely Download Worthy!!




NX Class Mod Pack *MEDIUM*

nxpackmedium.rar | 43.67 MB

Imperial version of the NX-01 from the recently released 'In a mirror Darkly' episode and a damaged NX-01 from the season 3 episode 'Azati Prime'. This version of the pack is recommended for the average user. [b]Requirements:[/b] NanoFX 2 Beta: [url];23469[/url] Submenu v2 or later: [url];27960[/url]




NX-01 Bridge | 9.62 MB

activity. My only complaint, the main viewscreen should be more rectangular in shape. Also the XO's position is at the Communication station. But it makes since. That should not stop you from enjoying it in game. Included in this mod is Dasher's Bridge Plugin and a Bridge menu scroller (mutator). So load up the set and take a spin in the NX-01- The Alpha Quadrant is waiting! Download ASAP!!




Baz1701TOS Constitution Class Pack | 110.22 MB

Excalibur NCC-1664 USS Exeter NCC-1672 USS Farragut NCC-1647 USS Hood NCC-1703 USS Intrepid NCC-1631 USS Lexington NCC-1709 USS Potemkin NCC-1657 USS Republic NCC-1371 USS Yorktown NCC-1717 Special bonus of the wrecked USS Constellation with heavy battle damage. [i]Note: dial-up users be warned, this is Large download -tiq- . [/i]




Wraith Hive Ship

wraith_hive_ship.rar | 12.44 MB

(and the ones currently available have many inaccuracies). Since it's only a preview, it doesn't have all the finishing touches like launchable Darts or speculars. However everything neccessary is included, as is the modified plugin that prevents the nukes from the last pack from hitting the ship every time. Hopefully you'll all enjoy blowing it up a few times with the rest of the pack until the final version comes out with the new pack.




CGI Voyager Pack

jl_studios_cgi_voyager_pack_v.1.0.rar | 33.22 MB

Aeroshuttle, Type 8 and 9 shuttles. And a much needed update on the Delta Flyer. With the FTech scripts, the Delta Flyer can now move her nacelles for warp. Though I have almost forgotten that feature existed on Star Trek: Voyager. It's true to canon. This is the perfect pack for you ST: Voyager fans out there. Definitely Download Worthy!




Victory Star Destroyer | 2.3 MB

Imperial Inventory. . . . Check it out-




Defiant Bridge Pack | 27.37 MB

(v3) and includes new animations by Lurok91 and canon station lcars by Robert aka Explorer of This bridge pack also includes all the canon Defiant bridge variants as separate installs (after v4 installed): the first Defiant bridge (as seen in DS9 two-parter The Search) and the later seasons Holo and Sao Paulo variants.




Venator Class Stardestroyer | 4.91 MB

teeth so bring alot of rebels.




NX Class Mod Pack *HIGH* Upgrade

nxpackhighupgrd.rar | 56.57 MB

Imperial version of the NX-01 from the recently released 'In a mirror Darkly' episode and a damaged NX-01 from the season 3 episode 'Azati Prime'. This version is recommended for close up screenshots and renders, not recommended for gaming as it will require a monster of a computer to run it smoothly. This pack includes 2048x2048 textures for the saucer. You can NOT use this pack without having the *MEDIUM* pack first. This pack only contains the textures for the ships, not the scripts. [b]Requirements:[/b] Medium Pack: [url];41033[/url] NanoFX 2 Beta: [url];23469[/url] Submenu v2 or later: [url];27960[/url]




WC JJ Enterprise | 19.07 MB




Star Trek XI Sound Pack

star_trek_xi_soundpack.rar | 5.7 MB

torp -enter warp 2 version -Exit warp 3 version -on off screen More detail in readme below! Enjoy!




TOS Bridge Pack

tosbridgepack.rar | 12.65 MB

series). These bridges can be installed without Bridge Plugin Core being present however when BPCore is present the bridges will load an extra permenant crew member aswell as some map swaps at red alert. Since I worked on these I\'ll let you rate them.




BCS: The Beginning | 7.85 MB

update to the popular WalkFX v.0.3.4 that superceeds WalkFXv.0.0.2. But this scripting package includes more interesting tactical uses for you gaming pleasure! The " Target Plasma Stream " mod that allows the player to ignite the plasma exhaust of any ship, or the "Assimilation Beam" reminiscant of the Star Trek: Armada Series. Where you as the Borg Vessel can reack havok on enemy ships- "Assimilating" them at will. I've noticed smaller vessels are more succeptable. With a new mod "Transport Torpedos" one can beam over torpedos onto a enemy ship when one of thier shield vectors collapes. All this and the mods released by BCS:TNG have been updated and polished. So "enhance" your QuickBattle experience, and take your install to another level! I Hope to see more works in the future, from these [i]"Maverick"[/i] Scripters. . . Defiantely Download Worthy!




Unified Main Menu | 67.49 KB

plugins. Unified Main Menu is a new mod from MLeoDaalder that completly replaces the way that the Mutators menu works within foundation. Instead of the "mutators" button there is a "customize" button. Clicking this button brings up a side menu which allows the user to set up their config menu. Once ur config menu is set up it encorporates mutators, and third party config panels such as nanofx2b. To say this is a work of genius doesnt do it justice, this mod has the scope to revolutionise the way modders make mods.




Bridge Commander SDK | 5.5 MB

soon as ive been through the whole lot.




MVAM Infinite | 20.98 MB

This has been a hell of a lot of work for all those involved with this project, but it has finally paid off, because this mod is utterly awesome. As well as the separation feature, the Prometheus has some excellent sound effects and hardpoints to go with it adding to whole experience. Other excellent aspects of this include the dramatic separation cut scenes and the fact that these ships - when set as AI - will separate given certain conditions (i.e. damage factors, etc...) All in all, this file is right up there with NFX2, as the finest examples of what can change a mediocre game into the game it always should have been and will continue to keep BC going for many more years. And this is not an exaggeration - download now and see with your own eyes.




C2 Constitution refit | 3.83 MB

make your torpedo shots count.




BC Stabilizer | 12.05 KB




Star Trek (2009) USS Enterprise | 17.44 MB

This Enterprise contains 512 res, 1024 res, and 2048 res textures, so anyone can play this ship. 2 hardpoints are included- one plain, and the other has blinkers with slipstream. A low power bussard texture is also included.




Armored Voyager update | 28.13 MB

hull, bringing the destructive energy of the weapon away from the ship so it is not damaged. The ablative armor generator generates the material for the ablative armor as it is dissipated with weapons fire, therefore providing a virtually impenetrable type of shield as long as the generators don't lose power. Now, how the generators create the armor is a kind of mystery, they never explained that, and I've seen no fan theories on the matter. My personal opinion is that the generators are some kind of replicator, as you see in crew quarters and mess halls, that replicate ablative armor and place it as needed. However, such a system must require large amounts of energy, but I'm sure Admiral Janeway figured out a way to overcome that obstacle big grin. Transphasic torpedoes, as far as I understand it, are just regular torpedoes (with maybe a higher energy yield) that have the ability to destroy Borg cubes in one or two shots. The technology behind this, as some fans believe, is that the torpedoes carry a phased cloaking device, similar to the one featured on the ST:TNG episode "The Pegasus" ( Summary ). When the torpedo is fired, it finds its target, then phases out of our space-time continuum, allowing it to pass through matter. One the torpedo reaches the center of the object it is targeted at, it phases back into our continuum and detonates inside whatever object it is targeted at, causing the maximum amount of damage. Therefore, transphasic torpedoes are meant to skip past a ship's shields and hull, because we all know how well Federation weapons do against Borg cube hulls *cough* forty ships *cough*




Armored Voyager one Final | 27.81 MB

shuttle to travel back in time to the year 2377 in a personal mission to alter the timeline by bringing the USS Voyager NCC-74656 back to Earth sooner. This shuttle is from the start of the 25th century, it was piloted by Admiral Janeway in an attempt to alter the timeline when she returned to the late 24th century to bring the U.S.S. Voyager back to the Alpha quadrant. The shuttle is equipped with transphasic torpedoes capable of destroying a Borg cube and deployable ablative armor. The shuttles computer interface consists of a synaptic transceiver that responds to the pilots thoughts. Janeway's shuttle was also outfitted with a chrono-deflector for time travel. These technologies were integrated into the U.S.S. Voyager which returned to Federation territory. Starfleet has yet to start deploying these future technologies aboard other starship classes but is expected to soon. --------------------------------------------------------- The ablative armour generators generated, as the name suggests, ablative armor. Ablative armor is a type of material that when hit with weapons fire, absorbs the energy and dissipates away from the hull, bringing the destructive energy of the weapon away from the ship so it is not damaged. The ablative armor generator generates the material for the ablative armor as it is dissipated with weapons fire, therefore providing a virtually impenetrable type of shield as long as the generators don't lose power. Now, how the generators create the armor is a kind of mystery, they never explained that, and I've seen no fan theories on the matter. My personal opinion is that the generators are some kind of replicator, as you see in crew quarters and mess halls, that replicate ablative armor and place it as needed. However, such a system must require large amounts of energy, but I'm sure Admiral Janeway figured out a way to overcome that obstacle ;-P. Transphasic torpedoes, as far as I understand it, are just regular torpedoes (with maybe a higher energy yield) that have the ability to destroy Borg cubes in one or two shots. The technology behind this, as some fans believe, is that the torpedoes carry a phased cloaking device, similar to the one featured on the ST:TNG episode "The Pegasus" (link to episode summary: ). When the torpedo is fired, it finds its target, then phases out of our space-time continuum, allowing it to pass through matter. One the torpedo reaches the center of the object it is targeted at, it phases back into our continuum and detonates inside whatever object it is targeted at, causing the maximum amount of damage. Therefore, transphasic torpedoes are meant to skip past a ship's shields and hull, because we all know how well Federation weapons do against Borg cube hulls -cough- -forty ships- -cough-




Ancient City + Atlantis Pack 0.9

ancient_city_atlantis_pack_0.9.rar | 9.83 MB

installed the Stargate ship packs I+II installed in order to launch them via Shuttle launching framework. Some tactics: The Ancient City is powerful and you won't survive alone against this. When you take a fleet, choose a small and more maneuverable vessel and concentrate your fire at the bottom shields, destroy the Sub light engines first and then the ZPM Module. When you fly the Ancient City, avoid to be hit at the bottom shield, and try to be hit at the top shield. Atlantis is not as powerful as the Ancient City. The shields are only 1/3 as strong as from the Ancient City and you will encounter that your running out of energy, so you have to manage it wisely and the drones too (you only got 120 of them!!)...




FTech ( Foundation Technologies )

foundationtech20051126.rar | 97.84 KB

and ship modders can add (new) technologies to BC (and it\'s ships). It provides scripters with the basic structures to create new things of which you only need a couple of things to add and you have a new technology and it allows an easy setup for loading your new technology into BC. And it provides ship modders an easy way to include technologies to their ships. It also incorporates Inaccurate Phasers for as well the torpedoes and pulse weapons and for non-player ship. In the standard package there will be several technologies included of which you will be familiar through ATP. FTech is more or less designed to be \"the next level\" for ATP. But all the technologies are plugins. there is also included in the file a PDF document, that will help you add the seperate Techs. do read the readme and the PDF after you download this.




Deep Space Nine FX | 306.96 MB

have been in production for eighteen months, contain thirty thousand lines of code, programmed by the best there is in BC, and been beta tested for six months by fifty-odd people are given a very simple name by the community: fantasies. Which is exactly what Deep Space Nine FX is: a fantasy come to life. Conceived and led by USS Sovereign, reviewed and supported by the modders of BCS:TNG, DS9FX is the ultimate tribute to Niner culture ("They're not linear... they're everywhere!"). This mod will allow you to:-Fly through the Wormhole! -Dock at Deep Space Nine! -Play a new set of missions! -Get detected by Dominion antiproton scans! -Re-enact the DS9 Credits with a functioning comet! -Alter just about every setting in the mod! -Bring the ruckus to the Dominion with an all-new lineup of remodelled and retextured ships! -Read a thirty-page manual! -And so much more! And, yes - this mod *will* work on a KM install, and was tested on a KM install. A seperate version, containing KM ships will be released at a later date. This version cannot be used in MP but the next one will have limited MP support (the KM edition) but it is KM compatible and KM: Pimped compatible. [b][u]*** SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS ***[/u][/b] This is what the DS9FX team recommends. [i]Minimum Requirements:[/i] - 1.8 GHz Processor - 256 MB RAM - 128 MB Graphics Card (GeForce 5200 or ATI Radeon equivalent) [i]Recommended Requirements: [/i] - 2.8 GHz Processor or higher - 512 MB RAM or higher - 128 MB Graphics Card (GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon equivalent) or higher NOTE: If your computer is below the minimum requirements refer the ‘Customization Options’ and ‘Getting the most out of DS9FX in BC’ sections in the MANUAL to see how you can improve and customize DS9FX to play it. People who tested the mod sometimes used weaker graphic cards then the ones listed. [b][u]*** Mod Requirements ***[/u][/b] DS9FX’s requirements are as follows: [i]** Required **[/i] *Foundation - Supplied by BCMI and BCMP programs. - BCMI:;10490 - BCMP:;4171 [i]** Optional **[/i] These mods are not required for DS9FX to work, but they are recommended for the best possible experience: *Unified Main Menu - If you don’t have it installed then you won’t be able to use those nice in game customization features; also, everyone uses UMM these days. - UMM:;56343 - UMM Config Panel Fix: this mod is located at BCC - in the 'BC Downloads' Forum, in a stickied thread titled "List Of Mods" - look for #33 in the first post: *NanoFX 2.0 Beta - To be able to use Atmospheres and Ship blinkers for ships which require blinkers. Note: DS9FX has a safety feature for atmospheres if it doesn’t detect that NanoFX is installed, so you won’t have any problems.;23469 *MLeo’s Submenu Mod v3.7 - for ship submenus.;68668 **** PLEASE be sure to READ THE MANUAL! It is your friend! If you should run into any issues or errors with this mod, your answer may be in there :) If not, please post them at BCS, in the DS9FX Forum, and please have a console report ready. Really, you've got no excuse for not having skipped to the bottom of this page and downloaded this mod by this point. Move it! Oh, by the way... 10/10. Just for the record.




Elminster's Common Weapons Pack

elminsters_common_weapons_packv3.rar | 2.34 MB

Ship packs. This mod also comes with the torpedo spread abilities however you must have ATP 3 for these to work other wise these will be as normal within the game. These Weapons are also compatible with all ship mod under the "Blackrook32/Elminster" ship mods and mod packs.




Scotchy Galaxy

snsgalaxy.rar | 27 MB

so 56K people be patient. See my screenies and judge for yourself.




Star Trek (2009) Kelvin Fleet | 24.64 MB

This is what you get: USS Kelvin USS Saladin (Kelvin variant) USS Centaurus (Quad) USS Hood (Quad) USS Walcott (Quad) USS Constitution (Kelvin/Constitution hybrid) USS Enterprise (Kelvin/Constitution hybrid) USS Farragut (Trike) USS Mayflower (Trike) USS Truman (Trike) USS Reliant (Trike variant) USS Saratoga (Trike variant)




Galaxy Class Mod Pack v.2.1

gcmpv.2.1_final.rar | 148.99 MB

Prototype, Yamato-E, Enterprise-D, Odyssey, Challenger. The MK: II Venture Variant, Magellan & the Trinculo. Along with new additions to the fleet such as the MK: I Galaxy Class U.S.S. Horizon and the Bridge Commander favorites like the MK: I Galaxy Class U.S.S. Dauntless & the MK: II Venture Variant, U.S.S. San Francisco. The GCMPv.2.1 is a self extracting .exe installer. This pack uses the CEGalaxy and CEVenture by Captain Elgy as a base. These ships, IMHO are the best to use with Galaxy Chart's RDF, RAF & War Simulator functions. The registry's were a homage to Bernd Schneider's Star Trek site [i]Ex Astris Scientia[/i] and the Horizon, a salute to the trek fan fiction. Each ship comes with a 'Full' Model, Saucer and Stardrive. The ships in this mod pack has the ability to separate with the use of MVAM 2.0 Infinite (Plugin) scripts. The Hardpoints were made to give the most canon representation of the Galaxy Class as seen in TNG/ DS9 and VOY. The phasers will show a pre-charge arc on the emitters before phaser discharge. Customized torpedoes were made smaller to so these ships as 'true' Dreadnoughts. Each ship will have (4) Torpedo choices. Each ship has unique hardpoint(s) in shield and power output, a different combination among the Fleet. Damageable systems that will show are the Main Computer Cores (2) in the Saucer, and (1) in the Stardrive. Replicator Networks in the Full Model, Saucer and Stardrive. Port and Starboard Bussard ram scoops, Anti Matter pods and the 'famed' Ten Forward Lounge. Running lights that were added are only compatible with NanoFX2 (Beta). The [i]History[/i] of each ship was added, some of the info is canon, the rest is just for fun. Since I was involved with this project... I'll let you rate it. Enjoy, Blackrook32 [i]* Elminster's Common Weapons Pack v.3.0 (.exe)[/i];57735 [i]* MVAM Infinite v.2.0[/i];26555 [i]* NanoFX2b[/i];23469 [i]* MLeo's Sub Menu v.3.0[/i];27960




Bridge Commander Advanced | 27.6 MB

but as before, I gave up when it blew up in my face & killed my game. I then decided to take what I did & make a better version of my 1st mod (BC1.1advanced). This mod is a more complete & ballanced version of my original, although this one I remade from scratch! This mod uses many things I found on the internet, some things I altered to suit my needs, some I only altered for balance & many things I just made myself. The goal of this mod is to create a more realistic version of the original game, only rewriting the stock elements of the game. It gives multiplayer flyable ships more realistic weapon loadouts and gives everything better ballance & graphics. I hope you enjoy.....




Elite Force Bridge Crew

ef2_crew.rar | 7.19 MB

you. One of the most famous parts of Excalibur; the EF2 crew were first showcased in the ST Excalibur teaser trailer (March 2007), and ever since have been widely discussed in various forums. Since March 2007 the team has continued to develop its crew, and is now working on completely new crew from scratch making the ported EF2 characters redundant within the project. As such Frontier Productions is releasing this pack as a chance for the public to see for themselves just what it intends to achieve within Excalibur. Please remember this is an unsupported release of an Alpha stage project, there are several bugs with the meshes and animations, however the crew remain totally playable. [b]Absolutely ((NO MODIFICATION)) of the files within this package is permitted.[/b] Definitely Download Worthy!




Foundation plugin system for Bridge Commander | 225.38 KB

distribute, say, an edited for every ship out there if you want multiple mods on a single installation. This is a system to allow easy integration of mods into Bridge Commander. It replaces the static indexes of Bridge Commander with dynamic structures, thus providing the means for ship modders to easily distribute their ships without overwriting any of the end user's files. Specifically, the Foundation currently allows the following types of mods: Ships Systems Sounds Overrides – A special Foundation concept, this allows you to replace an object or module inside the Python interpreter with another without having to overwrite any of the game's .py/.pyc files! An example is the intercept or planet-orbiting AI; this can now be replaced without overwriting stock files. Mutators – Another special Foundation concept; it contains any number of the above mods within itself and allows the (de)activation of its contents from a new section of the game configure screen.




Exeter class U.S.S. Exeter NCC-1762-C | 6.38 MB

is serving the purpose of a deep space explorer althou it can be used as multirole cruiser. The Exeter class is the first vessel to be produced by FSB Shipyards. More Star Trek Online designs are on the drawing boards as well as others, both original and adapted from other sources in the Trek franchise. Visit us at:




WC TOS Enterprise | 7.92 MB




Enterprise J

enterprisejrefit.rar | 8.23 MB

required. Captain Jonathon Archer of the Pre Federation starship Enterprise NX-01 was introduced to the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-J when the mysterious starfleet time traveler 'Daniels' whisked him into the 26th Century to Azati Prime, more specifically the battle of Procyon V. The battle was against the invading force of the sphere-builders from another galaxy, who attempted to wipe out all life in the milky way - This is the only known encounter. Very little is know about this ship however it still exhibits the design influences of its forerunners, it's much larger, sleeker vessel. It retained the elliptical forward hull of the 24th Century Enterprises but with the deflector array apparently mounted at the prow. The most noticable change is the exclusion of the traditional engineering hull and is instead replaced with a much narrower hull that emerges from the rear with the massive warp nacelles were mounted above on elegant upward curving pylons. Enterprise-J Pic Upon closer inspection of what very little information we have of the ship, it can be extrapulated that this starship is at least one and a half times the size of the U.S.S. Enterprise-E and thus most likely is the home of many federation civilians, just like its predecessors Daniels also informs Captain Archer that serving aboard the Enterprise-J are many former enemies of the Federation - Klingons, Romulans and Xindi. While it can be considered to be significantly advanced than its predecessors, no other details of its specification are known.




DJ Galaxy Pack | 101.36 MB

starships. 2048x2048 textures. Saucer separation. Individualized HP's. Special edition Season 1 Enterprise D 25th century conjectural refit: USS Pegasus Special thanks to Cordanilus for the killer preview video."




Excelsior Family Pack | 96.28 MB

Excelsiors. I have fully retextured all of these ships from scratch, and have also built a new Excelsior Refit using LC's USS Excelsior mesh. All of the textures are at 1024x1024 resolution for better gameplay. 2048 resolution textures are included in each ship's High folder. Blank textures are also included for all ships so you can create your oun registries. Enjoy!




SGA Wraith Hive Ship

wraith_mother_ship.rar | 1.31 MB

smaller cruiser class ships form its first line of defense. The Hive ship can land on planets and shut down for millennia to allow the crew to slip into hibernation, however a small maintenance crew is required. Its primary offensive capabilities seem to include a large fleet of \"Dart\" ships and a number of energy weapons capable of sustained orbital bombardment as well as ship-to-ship combat. The Hive ship is equipped with a Faster than Light Hyperdrive that is not intergalactic capable, confining the Wraith to the Pegasus galaxy for now.\"




Generations Galaxy Bridge

generationsgalaxy.rar | 13.66 MB

comes in a stylish installer which does all the hard work for you. The Bridge installs as an additional bridge for use in Quick Battle, and comes with various features including animated LCARS, permanent extras, a complete set of custom sounds and support for BPCore alert effects. So if your ready to reenact your favorite scenes in Star Trek: Generations, or create you own memories in QuickBattle? This is the right Bridge Set for you. Defiantly Download Worthy!




Voyager Crew and Uniforms

voyager_crew_and_uniforms_v1.0.rar | 20.85 MB

the Voyager crew and uniforms. This is the authors first mod and it is a complete voyager overhaul and its mutator controlled!! It will not overwrite any previous mods released. Uniforms, crew members and sounds all have been replaced to make it as canon as possible. The voyager uniforms are brand new created by the author and are now at a much higher resolution and spec than previous versions along with the heads.




P$YCHO SNS Galaxy Retext

psychogal.rar | 30.76 MB

a bad thing with this pack of great retexts for the sns galaxy. While it may not be to everyones taste, these textures offer a more detailed set of textures for the ship, and with the amount of variaties on offer in this pack there is bound to be something for almost everyone.




SubMenu | 10.97 KB

particular). Sub Menu is already a well established script, this new version only adds to its legacy. Recommended Download




Defiant Class Mod Pack

dcmpv2.rar | 54.99 MB

customized with different weapon configurations. In Theory, to confound the Borg Collectives ability to adapt. The Fleet is balanced against most of the Alpha Quadrant races. Also, the Pulse Phaser hardpoints are now aligned with the model. Firing from their point of origin. This is an update for the Defiant variants released under "Blackrook32/ Elminster" back in 2003. The "New" reworked Model/Mesh and textures by Mark will bring the 9 of 9 Defiant to another level. So, if you liked the old BlackElm Defiant Class or just looking for a ship with "Definition & Performance"? I'm sure you will find a "Favorite" here. . . Since I was involved with this project, I'll let you rate it. . . Blackrook32 [i]* Elminster's Common Weapons Pack v.3.0 (.exe)[/i];57735 [i]* NanoFX2b[/i];23469 [i]* MLeo's Sub Menu v.3.0[/i];27960




Enterprise Series Klingon Pack | 68.15 MB

D-4 have both been seen in episodes and both look very canon, the D-4 Bird Of Prey is without doubt the most canon ENT Bird Of Prey we have. I really have to take my hat off to the author because I spent alot of time looking into way to make a new ENT Bird Of Prey and so when I look at this model I can tell that alot of time and effort has been put into making it canon. The HPs for all ships are balanced and play well along side other ENT vessels. Textures are of the same quality as the models. It would be great to see a few changes in following versions, the Ship Selection Menus could do with a little tidying, and also I would love to see a D-2 added to the pack (as seen in season 1), and maybe even a retexture of LCs raptor for the pack. Finally the HPs could do with some tweaking, the hull values, for instance, are not set to critical and so the ships do not explode when the hull reaches 0%. Having said that nothing takes away from the fact that this is an awesome mod and that the author obviously has a lot of skill. I'm already anticipating whatever comes next.




Defiant Bridge

defiant_3.0.rar | 11.9 MB

noticable improvements have been made to the set. Including a total revamp of the actual mesh. The Viewscreen, Ceiling, Lighting, Helm station and the Bridge doors just to name a few. The Bridge door's textures now show the correct [i]"Port and Starboard Egress"[/i] on them. The Animated LCARS are of high quality. And are canon to the show. As Mark showed me pics from the Deep Space NIne 5th Season episode [i]" For the Uniform.."[/i] For visual comparisons. So get ready to rienact your favorite DS9 episodes, and see if you have what it takes to fill Sisko's shoes. . . . Definately Download Worthy!




Blue Alert | 424.44 KB




PDF Instruction Manual | 1.65 MB

reader ( ) Enjoy




German Bridge Voices

crew.rar | 3.17 MB

german on a regular basis and only have limited knowledge of how to anyways, I let you guys decide how good this soundpack is. The sounds, sounded quite clear however. And to the modder, whoever you are please let us know since there was no author in the readme.




C2X Enterprise | 19.15 MB

previous release. Now you have a choice of what looks more canon in your install. Definately Download Worthy




Battlestar Galactica Ship Pack | 10.76 MB

ship icon and will show up in your custom/ship Quickbattle list. Also included are updated MK 1 Colonial Viper, MK10 Cylon Raider and Hades Class Basestar scaled to canon specs. The hardpoints for both the Battlestar and Basestar are quite impressive. The positioning of the pulse canons give the ships a epic look. The models are highly detailed that the first version, as are the fighters. with improved hardpoints. This is a [b]must[/b] have for any Battlestar Galactica fan! Download ASAP. . . .




C2XExcelsior Pack | 8.27 MB

effects. This give the feeling of fighting in the classic battles during the DS9's Dominion Wars. I had a great time putting these ships their paces with the Dominion Ship mods available on the site. The Excelsior mods handel well in game. Good enough to get good game play with these. This is a must have for your Federation Inventory! Definately Download Worthy




Ultimate model viewer | 1.24 MB

quickly after version 1.0 went out things got fixed so this is 1.1. - Better Klingon Academy Texturing - Fixed bug that slowed down object loading - Made a lot more error catches - New file cacheing mechanism for the engine also makes this tool significantly faster - Star Fleet command texturing improved thanks to updated specs from Brad - Fixed a few user interface bugs - Made texture searching a bit more flexible. Now if importing a file that uses texture IDs as paths, it can fall back to trimming off the path if the texture wasn't found with that path. IE is crashing...brb to finsih this..




BAZ1701\'s TWOK Bridge (V2)

baz1701_twok_bridge_v2.rar | 33.43 MB

Lurok91 has fixed the scripts so the bridge is truley stand alone now and does not need the Generations bridge to work. Installation: This will over write verson 1 of the bridge. Unzip file into C:…..|Star Trek Bridge Commander Fully tested on KM 1.0 And happy hunting




JL Studios USS Prometheus

jl_studios_uss_prometheus.rar | 22.21 MB

spec maps as well for enhanced detailing, which really brings out the aztecing. It comes with MVAM, naturaly, as well as new weapons, but no quantums, to reflect canon loadouts.




Constitution TMP Refit mvam | 25.65 MB

folder. This download also, has the TMP eva suits, from SFRD [no changes from original] read the readmes and especially the requirements. Many requirements in readme




WC Koerner Enterprise | 16.7 MB




WC Proteus | 10.2 MB

streamlined starship hull, advanced impulse engines and is armed with quantum and photon torpedoes. The ship features a color scheme similar to the USS Aventine, and the design is based from the Dauntless ands Akira classes. Download this awesome ship!




Vesta Prototype | 1.88 MB

still a major priority for some in the higher ranks of Star Fleet, this prototype was considered as a Borg Defence Vessel. As such she was fitted with many new advancements in Shield, Sensor, and Weapon Systems. And since As of mid-2380 this Aventine Class Uss Vesta is the first of her Class and is undergoing trials




Warbird Bridge | 6.54 MB

should not be any problems as long you have it installed. I\'ve removed the two extra walk-on crew from rear of bridge as surplus to requirement. Brex and Miguel have new standing animations (included) but no animated turns. The bridge features animated LCARs and red alert switching (BP Core).




WC Independence Day Ship Pack | 32.03 MB

ships have strong hulls and shields, and the primary weapon of the City Destroyers can be destroyed in one shot as they should be. The "Flight Mode" city destroyer can launch fighters if your install includes shuttle launching. The Captured Alien Attacker features repaired hull panels and a single Tactical Nuclear Warhead capable of destroying most smaller ships with a single shot. Enjoy!




JJprise (Trek XI Enterprise) | 10.4 MB

ship Narada. The Enterprise is armed with TMP phasers and torpedoes. The bussards also illuminate in-warp if FTech is installed on your system. [i] File Posters, this needs to remain. -tiq- [/i]




WC Excelsior & Centaur Fleet Pack | 95.86 MB

pack stretches from the TMP era to the TNG and DS9 era's with multiple registries for each of the ship types included, which includes a few for fun and every other name mentioned is a Star Trek episode. Also, the feature the warp coil glow from Voyagers "Flashback" episode.




Atlantis HP fix

atlantis_hp_fix.rar | 6.42 KB





Wraith Cruiser 1.1

wraith_cruiser_1.1.rar | 3.23 MB

can be launched using the Shuttle Launching Framework. The Cruiser is mainly used as an Escort ship for the hives or as a patrol vessel. Although it might be small when compared to a hive ship it is still fairly big when compared to Star Trek Ships. The ship itself is balanced towards the other stargate ships, so it won't be balanced against any Trek ship, although it would be still fun to fight between the wraith and the Federation ships. The ship itself is fairly detailed, and also fairly accurate when compared to the show. The hardpoint is also fairly accurate mainly because it has no shields. For fun try using this ship against either an normal Daedalus Class (the one without the Asgard weapons) or even a Goa'uld Ha'tak. Recommended Files Wraith Dart (Either the Single File or in SG Packs 1 - 3) Shuttle Launching Framework (To Launch the Darts) There are only some minor changes: I've added Low and Medium textures for those who play with these settings and I've added the author of the Wraithcruisermodel in the readmefile.




Armored Voyager one update | 15.1 MB

hull, bringing the destructive energy of the weapon away from the ship so it is not damaged. The ablative armor generator generates the material for the ablative armor as it is dissipated with weapons fire, therefore providing a virtually impenetrable type of shield as long as the generators don't lose power. Now, how the generators create the armor is a kind of mystery, they never explained that, and I've seen no fan theories on the matter. My personal opinion is that the generators are some kind of replicator, as you see in crew quarters and mess halls, that replicate ablative armor and place it as needed. However, such a system must require large amounts of energy, but I'm sure Admiral Janeway figured out a way to overcome that obstacle ;-P. Transphasic torpedoes, as far as I understand it, are just regular torpedoes (with maybe a higher energy yield) that have the ability to destroy Borg cubes in one or two shots. The technology behind this, as some fans believe, is that the torpedoes carry a phased cloaking device, similar to the one featured on the ST:TNG episode "The Pegasus" (link to episode summary: ). When the torpedo is fired, it finds its target, then phases out of our space-time continuum, allowing it to pass through matter. One the torpedo reaches the center of the object it is targeted at, it phases back into our continuum and detonates inside whatever object it is targeted at, causing the maximum amount of damage. Therefore, transphasic torpedoes are meant to skip past a ship's shields and hull, because we all know how well Federation weapons do against Borg cube hulls -cough- -forty ships- -cough-




Single Player Customizer

single_player_customizer_v0.1.rar | 1.65 MB

giving you the ability to choose what ever ship you want for the Galaxy (Dauntless) and the Sovereign (USS Sovereign) you normally fly with.




Intrepid NV-01

intrepidnv01v2.rar | 1.89 MB




A NX500 ship

nx500.ace | 2.46 MB

diffrent phaser textures. Requierments are inside the readme , But you should have them by now, you ought to read the readme anyways This Will overwrite the one done by Starship Premononition and TiqHud




Babylon 5 Whitestar

whitestar.rar | 5.51 MB




Enterprise B Bridge

enterprisebbridge1.0.rar | 7.09 MB

pack also contains a high resolution MSD for those of you who want to push things a little further. A note to you all is that this bridge has minimal red alert lighting. The only thing to change lighting wise at red alert is the blinkers. This is an intended effect and not a bug. Since I finished the file off Ill let you rate it.




NanoFX2b Fixes | 4.95 KB

When your cloaked ship enters and exit warp, the ship will be opaque and undetectable. Not being visible, even in Warp. Also when a ship is destroyed, the static lights will dissapear as well. Download ASAP!!




Klingon D-Pack

klingon_dpack.rar | 14.3 MB

K\'Tinga TNG. The perfect match for the Connie Pack.




TOS Constitution Pack

connie_pack.rar | 18.86 MB

Doomsday Machine\" episode. The order, from weaker to stronger is : Damaged Connie - Republic - Potemkin - Constituion - Bonhomme - Achernar - Achernar Refit - Endeavor TOS sounds captured from TV episodes.




Suliban Stealth Cruiser

stealthcruiser.rar | 841.7 KB

the ship. Recommended download :)




Potemkin Bridge

potemkin.rar | 8.65 MB

the Enterprise A bridge available here:




NX Bridges Pack | 27.57 MB

includes Series 4 blue, NX-02 Columbia and Mirror Empire variant bridges.




ToS_realistic_cannon | 34.04 MB

of the Tos Connie! Enjoy! AUTHOR: when screenshot view, come back, you might want to PM staff at BCC so some cann be added, after you send them.




Runabout Bridges Pack | 35.99 MB

DS9. Two versions which can be installed as separate bridges: 1. Late seasons version with tactical standing floor console and transporter room at rear. 2. Early seasons version with transporter in main cabin.




TMP Klingon Bridge | 10.09 MB

small liberties with canon, but what the hell...




WC Enterprise-A | 6.13 MB




Krakow class

dm_krakow_class_v2.0.rar | 16.41 MB

first ship that the project resurrects - the Excelsior Mark IV refit -codenamed- Krakow class. The Krakow class is the first ship restored back to service after devastating war with Dominion-Cardassian union. Hull structure and design prooved to be much more versatile than any Starfleet vessel ever built, although many of it's class were lost during the war, Federation was in need for trusted and reliable designs that could be restored quickly. Krakow class brings Excelsior line to whole new light with it's state of art hull armour and weapons systems, as well as new warp and impulse drive, more cargo space for deep space assignments and very efficient defensive systems. Krakow class is a multirole cruiser capable of taking different missions like escorting, exploration, defense/offense, recon or diplomatic missions. Armaments contain 12 heavy Type XIII phaser arrays fixed to burst fire mode in high energy blasts, 4 torpedo launchers with complement of 240 MK2 quantum torpedos.




Minbari Sharlin Class Dreadnought

minbarisharlin.rar | 17.19 MB

Babylon 5 episode. This vessel is most identifiable in the Minbari Federation. On testing this beauty in Quickbattle against other Babylon 5 ships. The Sharlin is balanced to the ship, as related to the series. So if your looking to reenact your favorite Babylon 5 scenario, like the "Battle of the Line"? Then this will be a worthy addition to your B5 inventory. Worth having a look at...




Uniforms -many styles- | 45.1 MB

starship - Star Trek XI *This makes the older version downloadable at;104355 and;104995 absolutely OUTDATED. All five versions are provided of a separate mutator, nothing you have already installed will be overwritten except the outdated version previously described* ----------------------------------------- The Original Series 1st Pilot: "The Cage" ----------------------------------------- Bridge crew (and extra bridge characters) dress uniforms similar to that shown in the 1st Pilot: The Cage, with colors faded more than the TOS and without the black v-neck. - Patterns used are improvised; - Insignias (ComBadges) are canon; - Not all the crew members dress high-neck uniform. ------------------- The Original Series ------------------- Bridge crew (and extra bridge characters) uniform are the most possible Canon. - Were used patterns that might make the idea of the original tissue; - Insignias (ComBadges) are canon; - Admiral Liu's dress is novel but credible. ------------------ The Motion Picture ------------------ Bridge crew (and extra bridge characters) uniforms are improved: - Patterns used remain improvised; - Insignias (ComBadges) are canon; - Bio-bukles are canon; - Insignia (details on the shoulder) where added; - Not all the crew members dress low-neck uniform. Now there is an Admiral on the bridge (one of extra male characters). ----------------------- The USS Kelvin starship ----------------------- Bridge crew (and extra bridge characters) dress uniforms similar to that shown onboard the USS Kelvin. - Patterns used are absolutely improvised; - Insignias (ComBadges) are canon. These uniforms are at their provisional version, but i release the same because is not in my future plans to improve them. ------------ Star Trek XI ------------ Bridge crew (and extra bridge characters) uniforms are as colse as possible to what was seen in the movie: - Patterns used for the shirts are of good quality; - Insignas (ComBadges) are canon and were resized. - Some of the women wear short sleeves; - Saffi dress the correct Command Gold uniform; - Graff's black suite was improved; - Admiral Liu's uniform was unchanged since the last verision.




NX-Defiant/Pathfinder Bridge Set | 13.05 MB

USS Pathfinder ship I have previously released here on BC Files:;99831 But is not needed, only recommended. Huge thanks to Mark for allowing me to use their awesome set. I've included the original readme. Commander One




Generic Bridge Module (Early TNG)

etngbridgev2.rar | 8.2 MB

replacing the RED ALERT display to something that looks a bit more like what we saw in the various films. It's not perfect but it's better than it was in version one. Installation is simple, this will overwrite your existing ETNG Generic or if you have not downloaded the first version, it will install the bridge so you do not have to go file hunting. Enjoy!




DJ Leonidas Class - USS Raptor | 15.4 MB

successful in close range, heavy fighting engagements. While the ship does not have the firepower of a Century class starship, it is capable of absorbing extensive damage, typically much more than any ship in its own category or better. The Raptor is a large ship with high resolution 2048x2048 textures."




Enterprise-J | 6.57 MB




JLS Federation DamageFX

jl_studios_federation_damagefx.rar | 11.18 MB

came up with an idea and here's the results. BE AWARE : They will overwrite your current Nanofx damagefx.




Wells Class Starship | 3.8 MB




Terran Empire Iss Philadelphia [defiant class] | 2.61 MB

torpedos firing ." So enjoy, I like Terran ships




Intrepid Bridge v.3.2

intrepid_v3.2_h.rar | 11.56 MB

appetite. That said this is not the same bridge we saw in KM1.0, with optimised command chairs the team has managed to save more polygons that have now been spent on the ceiling lighting. The bridge still supports all the features that it did in Kobayashi Maru 1.0 (although you will need BP Core Gold), including Animations at alert change, Alert FX, and a complete set of custom sounds giving you an authentic Intrepid class experience. All this with the added improvements results in a higher quality, and better performing bridge which truly showcases what a modder can do with Bridge Commander. This is a mod for \"High end rigs\". This is the \"ultimate\" for any fan of Star Trek: Voyager. It\'s the best next thing to being there.... Download ASAP!!




TMP Pack Of Constitutions | 44.04 MB

Constitution refit ships. Notice: dial-up user\'s be warned this is NOT a small download. Requirements are in the Readme, so Learn it, it will be of Help to you.




Nebula Bridge

nebula_3_high.rar | 20.64 MB

(bot) crewmen movement. The bridge has been retextured, remapped, and generally remastered. There are also some extra features on this bridge for people with BP Core installed. Changes include: [list]Fixed helm size Fixed off-centre running lights Fixed side door lighting Fixed side door gaps Remapped LCARS New Textures Added alert lights[/list] This version of the bridge contains high resolution textures - if these do not run smoothly for you in game there is also a low resolution version available [url=;75306]here[/url]




D7 TOS P81s (fixed)

p81_d7tos_fixed.rar | 1.46 MB

readme, some of the orginal readme is included the orginal can be viewed at;23604




Self Destruct Countdown | 17.97 KB




Ambassador Bridge Pack

ambassadors.rar | 17.55 MB

Yamaguchi Bridge (from DS9 episode Emissary"). The Enterprise C Bridge has had its mesh fixed and has been retextured. The TNG Ambassador has been completly revamped from the model up, it also comes equipped with a Tactical Systems Display which will activate with Bridge Plugin Core installed.




BC2 - Pvash Type V

bc2_typevv1.0.rar | 1.23 MB

and above of the TNG Period. An Alpha strike with this ship can easily do heavy damage to most ships including the Galaxy Class starship. If you use the hit and run attack via cloaking you will be able to easily take out more powerful ships. This ship has been well made and is highly detailed. Highly recommended for those that want to see more Romulan ships in game.




Late TNG Galaxy Bridge

latetng.rar | 4.58 MB

the old set. This means that this Galaxy Bridge not only has animated LCARs, but also using BPCore map swapping the bridge has [i]full[/i] red alert lighting. Before installing this please ensure you have installed Bridge Plugin Core [b][i]and[/i][/b] that you have ran the game at least once since installing it. Are you still reading this? Download Now!




KM Pimped

kobayashimaru_pimped_final_v0.9.1.rar | 64.18 MB





Enterprise G

sfp_enterpriseg.rar | 739.29 KB

dominion battleship, excalibur and the sovereign. The Enterprise G is highly detailed and very well made and has detailed textures. In a battle against a dominion battleship, the Enterprise G would take little damage and would easily be able to damage the ship fairly quickly. To take this ship down you would need something like a small fleet or even 2 - 3 Dominion Battleships or even 2-4 Sovereign Class starships.




Suliban Cell Ship | 196.96 KB

nanofx2 (although I did'nt experience any while I was testing it). Also there is no ship icon included with the file, and the textures are a little on the dull side (no speculars, diffuse maps are very simple) although the detail in the model makes up for this mostly. By far the best cell ship I've seen for BC, its a recommended download for Enterprise Fans.




Surak | 3.46 MB

- even if you dont like ENT, download it anyway.




Insectoid Vessel

xindi_insectoid.rar | 1.44 MB




Xindi Aquatic Dreadnought

xindi_aquatic_dn.rar | 2.14 MB

model. This ship, even if its designed for the 22nd century, it was capable of going up against ships of the 24th century. It successfully destroyed a Kessok Heavy, and damaged a Galaxy Class severely (Scotchys Galaxy). This ship is recommended to all who want more Enterprise ships in their game. The images included speaks for themselves. Enjoy.




C2X Romulan Warbird | 5.78 MB

the detailed warp nacelles and decals. This mod also comes with custom hardpoints. Sounds and weapons. The Hardpoints utilize the new running lights from the NanoFX2 Beta mod. This Mod is a must have for your Romulan Inventory. So get rid of that "stock" Warbird, This is a definite keeper!




Corellian Corvette

corellian_corvette.rar | 4.99 MB

The ship mod itself is cool, not overly powerfull. Keeping to Star Wars canon this mod comes with canon sound effects, very cool. But I must admit the only thing I did with this Corellian Corvette mod, was to see if I could "out run" an Imperial Star Destroyer. This would make an excellent escort. But I would not use this ship to take on any (Star Wars) enemies alone. Definately worth having a look at.




Tie Fighter

tie_fighter.rar | 785.13 KB

inflict "considerable" damage when used in attack squadrons. This mod comes with canon Star Wars sound effects, that add realistic weapon and engine sounds to the game. The Tie Fighter is a must have for your Imperial inventory. So If you want to "take it " to the Rebels in the worst way possible. Then this mod is for you. Definately Download Worthy




Unity One

peacstarbase.rar | 3.67 MB

but it is a download not to miss




Model Property Editor Tutorial | 716.11 KB

to become a hardpointing veteran. It took me over 2 hours to write this tutorial, so go easy on the comments! ;) Enjoy!




Nemesis Red Alert Klaxon | 909.75 KB




Canon Nemesis Sovereign Bridge | 2.4 MB




Shadow Battlecrab

shadowbattlecrab.rar | 563.02 KB

looks quite evil. Ignore the "beta" in the readme, it is the full version and the readme didn't get fixed. Going to give it 9's as it doesn't quite match the show, but still looks good.




NX-01 Enterprise | 23.01 MB

ship in Federation Ship/Vladko1. Captain Archer made first contact with the Suliban, Tholians, Klingons, and Xindi, among others, although few of these encounters were peaceful. Enterprise established Earth\'s presence in previously uncharted regions of space, bringing together the Andorians and Vulcans—two species who had been on the verge of war for years. Enterprise was pivotal in defending Earth from a dangerous alliance of five alien races from the planet Xindus known as the Xindi in 2153 through 2154. The ship suffered severe damage several times during the mission and the crew suffered heavy casualties, but managed to return home after an unexpected detour to an alternate version of 1944 in which Nazi Germany had conquered much of the eastern United States (\"Storm Front\"); although the vessel did not land during that mission, it was brought within tens of meters from the ground in order to help restore the timeline.




Akira Class Mod Pack

acmpv3.rar | 308.84 MB

will bring the Akiras to a new level. The mod pack is 308 MB. Compatible with Foundation Technologies (FTech) with integrated Reflective Shields, Ablative Armour & Auto-Targeting. Now, this is not just a bunch of replicated ship working off of one or two hardpoints. This ship pack consists of 38 ship divided by three generational tech design. With the FTech plug-ins, each ship is singular in performance, energy output and usage. Working with the Skinning & Damaging Tool (SDT), all the ship are working from one SNS Akira model, modified by JLS Studios. This mod includes tactical/weapons mods contributed by BCS-TNG Scripters USS_Sovereign, USS_Frontier and DKealt. Each of the ship scripts are written too be compatible with the QB/QBR related mods. The sister ships will show up on your (Federation Ship) selection list. The custom ship scripts are compatible with the latest Skinning & Damaging Tool (SDT) and Sub Menu mod. Each ship will have (2) torpedo choice, a different combination among the fleet. Along with (2) fore & aft torpedo pulse launchers, as seen on the Sovereign Class. The phasers have been streamlined from the bulky stock version. The ship names will be familiar, if you enjoyed the single player mode in Bridge Commander, ST: Away Team & the ST: Armada games. I also added the ship names from a historical standpoint. Here are the stats for the Generational Upgrades... [i][b] First Generation[/b] too included plug-ins for the "Engine Overload" mod. This mod will render all ship inactive for 40 seconds. Any enemy ship within 20 kilometers of the Player's ship will be rendered temporarily "incapacitated". [b] Second Generation[/b] will operate with slight alterations to the shields, Torpedo compliments for each ship. Each generation of the Akira Class will be a unique starship within it's own fleet. The "Chain Reaction Pulsar" will be added to the Second Generation of Akiras. [b] Third Generation[/b] will include plug-ins for the "Mannheim Effect" or Self-Mannheim mod. The Akiras will be able to create a "Gemini Effect" like in the Star Trek: Armada series to create a temporal duplicate of the Player ship. The Effect is "Temporary" but should prove a crucial tactical tool in Quickbattle. Each ship from this generational design will have a different power consumption output, for the Temporal effect. [/i] Since this is my Mod, I'll let you rate it.... Enjoy, Blackrook32 [i]* Foundation Technologies (FTech )[/i];84343 [i]* MLeo's Submenu Mod (latest version)[/i];68668 [i]* Elminster's Common Weapons Pack v.3.0:[/i];5773 [i]* Nano FX2 Beta:[/i];23469




Sovereign001 HQ planet textures 1.0 | 815.23 MB

will need a very good graphics card to run them. These new planet textures include better clouds, better atmospheres and a lot better than the stock versions of the same planets, infact you could probably go as far as saying almost photo realistic!. However be warned however the file size of the modification is over 800MB! [quote]Stock planets in bridge commander were nice, in the beginning.. Beautiful mods like kobayashimaru, solaris (sun mod), etc.. were starting to obliterate the old planets. Screenshots with planets were almost a no go, because of the bad textures.. This texture mod will change that. Images of planets are taken of Google Images of a texture size of more than 4096pixels large. SO yes, this will ask a strong gfx card, but no worries, your pc will not explode. The nano fx that is included with the big mods like kobayashimaru is also altered in this mod. Creating better clouds and atmosphere! [/quote]




SFRD Engineering Kit | 12.73 MB

TEXTURES for all our future releases. This pack is set up to be copied and pasted into your BC main folder, just click “yes to all” when it asks as this will not over-write any existing files. The “SFRD ENGINEERING KIT” consists of 316 files, each has the “SFRD_” tag to differentiate the file from any other. The reasons for this kit is to allow all users of our MODS to use them without needing to download such large MODS as the KM1.0 or others. So in short those of you who want to use our ships all you need is this kit along with the ship of your choice. Just download this file and copy the folders “DATA” “SCRIPTS” and “SFX” into your BC main directory. Here they can sit, safe and sound ready for when you need them. It is free to use by any modder, just make sure you specify it as a requirement.




Adder class | 9.85 MB

or diplomatic missions, 1 science labs, small holopads, or any of the other comforts of home. It was a heavily armored vessel that was created as a first strike vehicle for use in war, and incorporated the latest in Starfleet weaponry and defensive technology. As befitted its role, the U.S.S. Adder was considerably bigger than most Federation warship. It had a normal operational crew, but could accommodate up to 1000 in emergencies. Work on the Adder project began in 2375 after Starfleet was alerted to the threat of a Borg invasion. The ship was developed by Starfleet\'s Advanced Starship Design Bureau (ASDB) at the Antares Fleet Yards and at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards on Mars. It was still in the design stages when the Borg arrived in 2377. Even though the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D defeated the Borg, Starfleet was sufficiently concerned about the danger of a second invasion attempt to continue work on the project. [i]Author, the descriotion, need Not be a copy of the whole readme. In future submitt a Description, -tiq- [/i]




Redistribute Shields

redistribute_shieldsv1.rar | 9.66 KB

collapsed. Using the "Redistribute Shields" option will balance out the shields by distributing power to compensate. Though this will eventually shorten the life of overall shield integrity, it will give you a fighting chance. This is a nice option to have, and it defiantly enhances your tactical choices. Check it out. . .




Uss Vesta | 30.97 MB

the seven hills of Rome (Aventine, Caelian, Capitoline, Esquiline, Palatine, Quirinal and Viminal). The class was designed as a multi-mission explorer with state of the art technologies and a number of experimental technologies, including quantum slipstream drive, mark XII phaser cannons, a multidimensional wave-function analysis module, a sympathetic fermion transceiver, and a chroniton integratorto take sensor readings several seconds into the future when the ship was using its slipstream drive. The Vesta Class was found to be one of the few Starfleet classes able to mount an effective defense against the Borg and were assigned to defend the Federation's core systems, including Sol, Vulcan, Andor and Tellar. dimensions: 672 meters long, 182 meters wide, and 87 meters tall




Slipstream for Galaxy Charts | 17.32 KB

mods are prerequisites for the plugin. With this mod, Galaxy Charts will automatically allow Slipstream as a travel method for any ship equipped with at least one Slipstream Drive. Ships designed to use the Slipstream Framework will also be able to use Slipstream via Galaxy Charts with no additional modification. Slipstream travel has only one speed factor, 1.0, and that is around 22x faster than Warp 9.99. This project was abandoned some time ago, and therefore this mod is being released UNSUPPORTED and incomplete. The tunnel is working, but the entry and exit effects are not.




PDW era NX Bridge | 16 MB

bridge also has animated textures which make it look a more realistic and definately make the bridge look like it was almost rushed into service for the dominion war (although I doubt a NX Class would do much against a Dominion Freighter let alone any...well armed ship!). Saying that that though this is a fairly good bridge retexture and does look fairly good in the game. [quote]This was an attempt to create a new bridge for the post-Dominion War era, but using an existing bridge and crew positions/animations. Kinda like a bridge refit :) I liked the fact that the NX01 bridge was the newest in prime Trek design, although the earliest in canon history. I also liked the intimate, slightly claustrophobic layout, so based/remodelled this bridge on the NX01 design. Bridge has animated main LCARs and red alert state (BPCore). Crew stations also have transparent HUDs.[/quote]




Reman Scythe | 1018.15 KB

incorporates technology and weaponry from the Scimitar program. Multiple pulse disruptor cannons and photon torpedo launchers make her quite formidable in battle.




Baz1701 Narada

bcnarada.rar | 7.76 MB

encountered the USS Kelvin.




JLS Sovereign Class

jl_studios_nemesis_enterprise_e_1.0.rar | 38.28 MB

handles true to the on screen version. With excellent phaser arcs and maneuvering speeds at impulse. This ship comes with a customized pulse phasers, and a quantum torpedo that can delivers a devastating impact. The textures are 2048x in size. This can cause problems for lesser PC's. The JLS Sovereign was evenly balanced with the known Alpha quadrant rivals. But meet it's match with the Romulan D'deridex Warbirds in a Quickbattle 1 on 2 scenario. It should be noted, if the secondary ship hull textures show up as white. The Author(s) have included a separate .tga named "hull_glow" in the packed mod's main directory. So, if your looking for an "Authentic" representation of the Sovereign Class? This should fit the bill nicely... Definitely Download Worthy!




Constitution Class Refit | 15.55 MB

feel free to report me if any bugs are founded.




Star Trek XI Mod | 205 MB

ST XI Add some of the most important and Top downloaded Mods for BC for Example: nanoFX2.0b BCS:the Beginning Adds 2 more ridges to your install: Early TMP Miranda Bridge Enterprise A Bridge with high res Textures RECOMMENED: If you have the Original ST XI Score by Michael Giacchino replace the Stock Music with it for a better sound and ST XI feeling ^^ for a full List of Mods included with their original Author see ReadMe. As i say once this is my first Mod so please Rate and Comment. P.S.: Sorry for very poor english ^^





vger.rar | 11.27 MB

Kirk and his crew aboard the recently refited U.S.S Enterprise must try and stop V'ger from wiping the carbon based infestation from the creators planet." This ship is not fast or nimble, but watch any target disappear if they are hit by a plasma torpedo.




CR Borg Tactical Cube | 12.38 MB

for the faint of heart, If your operating a PC on the low end. This Tactical Cube is highly detailed. Most notably with attached weapon nodes. With the pulse weapons giving the Borg a more defined target coverage. The mod comes with new custom weapon textures and tractor beams. In testing the Tactical Cube, I could only cause minimal damage- even with a Fleet of 35 Starfleet ships. But I noticed you will have a better chance, if you combine your fleet in a cooperative Armada. Using Federation, Klingon and Romulan Ships- The heavy hitters mind you. So if you think you can handle this newly assimilated technology? Definitely Download Worthy!




Vulcan Dkyr | 2.97 MB




Eminence Class Enterprise F

eminence.rar | 7.5 MB

Explorer Unit Run: NCC-1701-F USS Enterprise NX-94833 USS Eminence Commissioned: 2387 - present Dimensions: Length: 1051m Beam: 490m Height: 132m Decks 35 Mass: 6,200,000 metric tons Crew: 1210 Armament: 18x Type XIV phaser arrays, total output 470,000 TeraWatts 2x Rapid Fire Transphaisic torpedo tubes 4x Type II Quantum torpedo tubes 6x Type V burst fire Photon topedo tubes Defense Systems: Dual Auto modulated shield system, total capacity 8,560,000 TeraJoules Heavy Tritanium Double hull with 10cm static Ablative armour and auto regeneration nodes Adaptive Ablative Armour Generator Quantum-Level Structural Integrity Field Propulsion: Quantum Slipstream Drive Mark I Warp Equivalent: 9.99975 Sustained 9.9999 For Limited Time Strength Idecies: Beam Firepower: 9400 Torpedo Firepower: 13500 Weapon Range and Accuracy: 3100 Shield Strength: 6170 Hull Armour: 7010 Speed: 40434 Combat Manuverablity: 5000 Overall Strength Index: 11105 Diplomatic Capablility: 5 Expected Hull Life: 150 Refit Cycle: Minor: 1 year Standard: 4 years Major: 15 years Since its my ship i wanted it to be as awesome as possible so i gave it all the best (but i tried to be reasonable) tech possible. Cosidering the new technology Voyager brought back, plus some stuff that 7 of 9 could provide of borg technology, the strength indecies got a little bloated and i had to take some liberties on the numbers, but I tried to stick to the Daystrom Institute Technical Library [link] ship strength formula. Things like shields and phasers and manuverabiltiy i just gave a "small" time=better boost. The quantum level SIF is to make up for Federations starships inablity to remain intact during a slipstream flight. I added some what i call auto regeneration node that the Feds took from some Borg tech. While not as advanced as the borg equivalent, it can automatically replace via replicators/transporers some major components of hull and other systems when damgaged. I tried to keep all of the dimensions proportional to that of the Sovereign so i wasn't just making stuff up.




Borg AI Final | 9.7 KB

purposes. Not sure if many will need it as most people know how to protect their KM version AI by now. This AI does not need KM to work, and includes a few more improvements over the previous version. About The AI: This AI comes equipped with both primary and secondary (or multiple) targetting, previously only accessible by Starbases. The primary target within sensor range will be selected based on it's particular threat assessment as determined by a ship's hull, shields, weapons, and damage inflicted status. The AI will check the assessment every few seconds. It will also enable multiple Borg ships to work together more efficiently in their attack patterns, while attempting to avoid colliding with each other or any other object as well. This AI will now intercept the primary target at great distances and will also pursue the last remaining target through warp between star systems.




Barrier Class | 3.14 MB

resulting in a stronger hull and higher impulse speeds and maneuverability than the larger Sovereign. Most of the interior space is devoted to shuttle bays, propulsion systems, and weapons with little in the way of scientific capability or modularity. The Barrier's armament is potent for a vessel its size and is arranged to deliver devastating alpha strikes and full 360 degree phaser coverage. Regenerative shielding and several centimeters of Ablative Armor serve as defense, along with the vessel's surprising agility. This ship has one unique feature: a detachable weapons pod that operates as an independent sub light Attack Wing providing the Barrier with Multivectoral Attack Mode capabilities. It is a formidable craft for its size, equipped with advanced targeting sensors, weapons systems, and defenses, its sleek design gives it good handling characteristics in an atmosphere and provides fleet and base defense as well as support for ground troops, and securing planetary and small space targets. ARMAMENT 22 Advanced Burst Phaser Arrays (18 main hull, 4 attack wing) 13 2-shot Photon Torpedo Tubes (10 main hull, 3 attack wing) 2 Quantum Torpedo Launchers (1 main hull, 1 attack wing) 4 Heavy Pulse Phaser Cannons (2 main hull, 2 attack wing) 4 Light Pulse Phasers (attack wing only)




Future Vulcan XRT55D Battlecruiser | 7.24 MB

Daniels's quarters in ENT: "Future Tense". from the details of the armament 'Tough" too




Bridge Commander Universal Tool

bcut_1.5.5.rar | 6.85 MB

rewritten from scratch and has been made more user friendly. It has something for every ones taste. If you want to quickly create ship plugins, Basic BCSMC is the right choice for you (just point and click). If you want to create multiple plugins at once, Fast BCSMC is the choice for you. If you like to customize plugins fully, add techs for your ships or customize ship descriptions in great lengths Advanced BCSMC is the tool for you. It allows you virtually to customize all aspects of a ship plugin. If you like to edit plugins, you can use the Plugin Editor which can load most of the plugins out there. If there is a problem with the plugin it will notify you. It is also capable of importing TGL based descriptions created by BCMP. It can import them directly to a ship plugin or merge them with the ships.tgl (file which holds all ship descriptions). It is recommended to import the descriptions to the plugin file. For N00bs out there, there is a detailed guide on how to create a modded install (N00b 101). There is also a tool which creates a shortcut for you which you can use to launch BC in TestMode. It is fully compatible with older mods as it can extract BCMod files, which are of an older standard. You can use it to create sound plugins for you weaponsengines. It can also edit and create TGL Files, it is also capable of loading "corrupt" tgl files which no other tgl editor will load. You can use it to fix those broken files so you won't have to lose any data. It can backup your BC scripts folder which you can always restore at a click of a button. It is also capable of creating Ship Carrier plugins and is capable of uninstalling Ship Mods. BCUT allows you also to tweak up values in your ships hardpoint, please note that this feature does not replace MPE fully. It comes with the latest Foundation build, however it also allows you to install the Basic Foundation. As old BCSMC, BCUT also comes with NanoFX Atmospheres Fix and QB Description Fix. Remember to install QB Description Fix if you use Ship Description Writer for your descriptions.




Future Enterprise E

futenterprisee.rar | 7.63 MB

have much of them, so use them wisely. If people consider this as a godship, let me know, I'll release a patch to make her less stronger. She is quite dangerous, so if you want to take her out, use some good strength! I hope you like it! Greets Voy.




Super Hive

superwraith_hive_ship_1.1.rar | 4.98 MB




Excelsior Family Pack | 533.58 KB

Not perfect but looks a lot better IMO.




Advanced Torpedo Management

96advancedtorpedomanagement_beta_v0.2.rar | 19.03 KB

the ability to gain additional types of torpedo from the starbase. This script also allows you to steal torpedoes from enemies vessels if their shields are below 11% or down. The only draw back to this is that you must be within 50 km of the base or ship to gain or steal torpedoes. Unfortunately there are bugs in the script which are mentioned in the readme, although there are some ways around them which is also a good thing. This is a good modification as it allows you to have more torpedo types than the torpedoes that you started with when you first start a quickbattle game. [b]Required Files[/b] Foundation (Included with BCMP) and QB Autostart or Kobayashi Maru 1.0 Full




hjenterprises NanoFX2.0 Explosions Pack-ZIP! | 21.79 MB

effects of one of our favorite mods NanoFX 2.0. When you defeat or get defeated youll have something a little different than your use too.




NX-1207 Galactica | 3.9 MB

United Federation of Planet. Later, the colonial refugees were accepted as lost brothers and the colonial fleet was designed and dismantled. All vessels except one: the Galactica. This ship was repaired, updated with StarFleet main systems and converted to serve in the battle against the Borg. With a crew of 2000 people, new warp engines, sublight engines, 14 phaser, 72 quantum launchers, regenerative shields, enhanced sensors and hull, the new ship, register Galactica NX-1207 became one of the most powerful ship of the entire quadrant.




TOS Canon Mod Pack (TCMP) | 16.23 MB

The Constitution Class (the first and second pilot versions of the Enterprise, and, of course, the production version), the Saladin Class, the Ptolemy Class (and all of its pod variants), the Daedalus Class, and the Type 1 Shuttle! Also included is a brand new model of Deep Space Station K7, based off of Greg Jein\'s model of the station seen in the DS9 episode \"Trials and Tribble-ations\", along with retextures and new hardpoints for the D7 Class Studio version and Greg Jein version included in the Klingon D-Pack. Please read the readme file! There\'s a lot more information in there, including all kinds of gritty details about the models, textures, and hardpoints, along with credits, thanks, and my contact information.




DJ Galaxy Class | 37.19 MB

These two ships are easily the best and most canon Galaxy class and Venture refit i have EVER seen in Trek Gaming history and i think they will never be topped, This mod could\'nt be anymore download worthy!, I smell a mod of the year. GET IT NOW! \"From The Author\" There are two vessels in this mod. The USS Enterprise D, and the USS Venture. Both ships are canon to television. Both the Enterprise and the Venture have fully functional saucer seperation modes. Both ships are equiped with powerful, overlapping phaser arrays, and are capable of firing torpedo spreads of up to 10 torpedoes at a time.




USS Enterprise (TOS)

lints_constitution.rar | 5.32 MB

\" if you have another version of the TOS connie, this might\\-will overwrite you torpedo texture and sounds along with phaser sounds




Excalibur Bridge

excalibur_3.1.rar | 8.97 MB

changes. Firstly the mesh was updated to fulfil modern standards, particular attention was paid to the floor and command furniture. Next the Textures were almost completely replaced, and new light maps were rendered for the majority of the objects on the bridge using the latest light mapping techniques. Finally the bridge had new animations added to make them compatible with mesh changes. This will be an excellent set for those of you looking for something out of the ordinary. Check it Out!




CE Galaxy Class v.1.0 | 23.29 MB

and optimised, to give it more detail like the SNS version. The model is MVAM capable and comes with custom weapons, projectiles and sound effects. This model will replace any ship you have in your modded install as the default Galaxy Class. Definitely Download Worthy!




Slipstream Framework

slipstreamframework.rar | 81.71 MB

for you. This mod now allows for properly hardpointed ships to use the Slipstream Drive. This ability will not interfere with your normal warp abilities, being a "totally independent" drive, not a modded version of warp. This mod comes with Tutorials and a .pdf manual. That will show you the "In's and outs" making your own custom hardpoint. This mod come with some exceptional abilities. Including the ability to disable the "Arriving at" text banner while in warp or slipstream, Using slipstream for in system warping. Customized navigational points and much more! The Author has a selection of ship hardpoints included. The United Main Menu features on this mod makes the Slipstream Framework "very" user friendly. This mod comes with eight [b]"near canon"[/b] graphic effects textures and sound effects. Where "YOU" the player have freedom of choice. Just play the video in the Main Menu too view some stunning examples of your choices. To customize your slipstream tunnel. So, get ready to [b]"break"[/b] the final barrier in [b]"Faster than light"[/b] travel! Definitely Download Worthy!!




USS Defiant

defiantlc.rar | 6.11 MB

expect? Many of you have seen this Uss Defiant on the forums, as LC was working on it, Well your wait is over It has Arrived It is Very important to read the readme (the author put a-lot of effeort into writing it, to give you the most current information) :D:D




Terran Empire ISS Enterprise TMP | 4.22 MB

suggested Submenu For your Terran Empire fleet (higher end computer use):donut:




Terran Empire Miranda | 5.19 MB

of graphics memory) excellent addition to your Terran Empire Fleet




USAF Odyssey Final episode upgrade (Spoiler Warning for SG1 S10 Ep20 )

odyssey_sg1_last_episode_0.rar | 7.13 MB

tell you it is worth it edit - Please note that this mod contains some very heavy spoilers for the last episode of Stargate SG - 1 (Season 10, Episode 20), if you don't want to know please don't download this file. The screenshots also contain spoilers. ...




Prometheus Bridge

prometheus1.1.rar | 19.47 MB

changes: [list] [*]Fixed installer error where bridge would not install without BPCore. [*]Fixed WalkFX issue where player would fall through the floor. [*]Cleaned up a few textures. [/list] BPCore is recommended but not required.




SubMenu Mod | 9.52 KB

i believe. Read the readme for full details....but i HIGHLY recommend you get this...I have my entire Federation list sorted by Era->Ship Class... This is fully compatible with version 1 which came with Scotchy's Galaxy pack. This also comes with example files.




NX-01 Crew Uniform Mutator

nx01_crew.ace | 537.47 KB

Single player mode. The Author promised an update.




SWs ISS | 1.11 MB

is a must have download so this is a redo




NX-01 Enterprise | 440.28 KB





Enterprise A Bridge

enterprisea.rar | 11.46 MB

Tactical Systems Display (infront of the captains chair), which is fully active when used with Bridge Plugin core. The TSD is fully canon however it can be hard to read, so I will be releasing an \"Easy TSD\" modification at some point for everyone. This is the normal resolution version, recommended for most users.




CG Sovereign Pack | 15.44 MB

Chronocidal Guy. There appear to be 3 different types of sovereign (as in strength wise), the NX Sovereign which only has photon torpedoes and phasers (and a blue main deflector). Another type is the 70,000 registry range of ships (Sovereign, Imperial, Regal, Emperor, Monarch, Sultan, Pharaoh) with more powerful phasers as well as quantum torpedoes and phased torpedoes. The 3rd type is the \"80,000+\" registries, which have the most powerful phasers, torpedes and stronger shields (Excelsior B?, Supreme.) The Enterprise has the strongest hull and shields, although has the same weapons as the standard type of Sovereign, mentioned above as the 70,000 registry range. All of the ships have differences, although some are similar. In a test against two Dominion Warships, all of the ships faired differently. (in the assumption that not everyone fires continuous streams of torps) [b]NX Sovereign[/b] - Could only cause shield damage or minor damage to the shields of one of the warships. [b]\"70,000 Range\"[/b] - Depending on who gets the first shot, these ships can take out both ships with moderate to heavy damage or if the dominion warships manage to fire their \"main weapons\" first then expect to be take heavy damage or be destroyed fairly quickly. This Sovereign against the Dominion Warships is 50/50 depending on who gets the first shot. [b]\"Enterprise - E\"[/b] - Generally the same as the \"70,000\" range but will win more battles against the two dominion warships due to its stronger shields and hull. [b]\"80,000 Range\"[/b] - These ships will almost always win against the 2 dominion battleships. These can relatively quickly take out each of the warships while taking only moderate to heavy shield damage. The clocking device adds another advantage to the fight where as it can use cloaking hit and run attacks. Overall these ships maybe too powerful, since one dominion warship should be slightly more powerful than a sovereign or at least about a match for a sovereign, they are still fun to use.




Goa\'uld Anubis Supership | 9.65 MB

Ha\'tak and the X303 Prometheus Class. Though the X304 Daedalus Class puts up more of a fight and is more resilient. Also being on par with the Asgard. But in it\'s MVAM mode- the ship reaches \"Godhood\" status. Though it can easily whip out mother ships in a single blow. The Super weapon does have to recharge before using again. Using multiple enemy ships to attack her, will provide an excellent show. I\'d suggest using smaller fighters and a descent sized task force to deal with this Leviathan!! So Download, and see if you can save the Earth from this latest threat. . .




X304 Daedalus Class

x304.rar | 662.16 KB

away with 45% Hull damage. She is armed with Rail Gun implacements, Mark: VIII Naquada enhanced nuclear warheads and two transportable nukes as was seen in the Stargate: Atlantis episode \" The Seige Pt.III\". The sound effects for the weapons on this ship really stands out. Though the X304\'s engines look a little dull from behind. I\'d recommend this mod for any Stargate fan. Even if your not a fan of Stargate. . . . This is definately worth having a look at.




Type 40 Tardis

type_40_tardis_ver_1.0.ace | 974.78 KB

Author has included canon sfx from the Tardis. It is his hope that someone will be able to mod the sfx into the hardpoints without compromising the Star Trek sfx for the cloaking effect in general. This mod is great for taking screen pics. For the avid Doctor Who fan, this is a must have....




Defiant Class U.S.S. Defiant

defiant_class_uss_defiantv2.rar | 5.98 MB

"Elminster Common Weapons Pack v.3.0" to make this mod work. This is a long over-due update of the Blackrook32/ Elminster's Defiant. The hardpoints have been realigned to fit the model, so that the pulse phasers fire from there canon point of origin. The Defiant is not a "god ship" by any means. But she does have "Teeth". Though her weapons are comparable to Dominion Wars stats, She will give you maximum performance. High Maneuverability, Ablative Armour, Immunity to the Breen energy drain weapon, excellent phaser arc coverage! All and more with a cloaking device. She will run "circles" around the Galaxy Class at normal impulse speeds. The Defiant can hold her own with any of the Alpha Quadrant races. The "new" model/ mesh/ texture reworked by Mark brings the 9 of 9 Defiant to a totally different level. So, if you have enjoyed the old Blackrook/ Elminster version. Or you want a Defiant Class with some "Definition and Performance"? Check this Out! Since I was involved with this project, I'll let you rate it. . . Blackrook32 [i]* Elminster's Common Weapons Pack v.3.0 (.exe)[/i];57735 [i]* NanoFX2b[/i];23469 [i]* MLeo's Sub Menu v.3.0[/i];27960




LC's Wolf 359 Pack

wolf359pack.rar | 13.72 MB




NX Enteprise-G Study | 17.82 MB

would fill an expanding void between the quest for knowledge which has been synonymous with the Federation since its inception, and the need for effective defensive capabilities. With recent incursions within Federation space and surrounding its borders, it has become increasingly difficult to focus on pure exploration. The Enterprise would be built to re-emphasize Starfleet\'s role as an organization of peace.




CTU MoD Bridge Retexture Pack | 57 MB

There are retextures included for 14 separate bridges, including bridges for the Bird Of Prey, Defiant, Enterprises (A - C), Excalibur, Excelsior, Galaxy, Intrepid, Nebula, Sovereign, Yamaguchi and 2 Romulan Textured Sovereign Bridges. Included with this pack are single player set alterations. Please Note: The Enterprise B bridge is currently not avaliable, it was withdrawn due to several minor bugs, if you do not already have this bridge you cannot get it.




Omega Class Destroyer | 1.09 MB

carrier", capable of delivering maximum firepower combined with overwhelming fighter support and troop deployment. Measuring 1,714.3* meters in length, the Omega class Destroyer is one of the most powerful ship in the Earth Alliance Star-Navy today. Not only is it one of the most powerful ships, but this massive war vessel comprises the very heart and backbone of the modern Earthforce, space born military.[/quote] NanoFx2Beta: [url];23469[/url] SubMenuV3.0: [url];27960[/url]




Year Of Hell Voyager | 8.56 MB

vital to survive. It also includes a new shield texture for temporal shields. Another great mod from Dragon and Gdluque.




USS Courageous

courageous.rar | 5.01 MB

more firepower. Weapons consist of Type XII burst phasers, Photon and Quantum torpedoes, four forward heavy pulse phasers and a cloaking device. Note this uses 6x1024x1024 maps and contains 10,452 polys. My file (and MayhemUK's) so please rate.............




Imperial Death Star II | 5.64 MB

include the signature weapon that destroyed Alderann. I would not try using this model in a Nebula. The black stars composing the interior just seems just a bit off. It would have been cool flying inside the model's constructed areas. Let's hope to see an update from the Author. I tried to take this Deathstar with a fleet of Capitol Ships. Seeing the crossfire alone is worth downloading. The firing range for the Deathstar is at least 350 kilometers. Trying to warp the Deathstar will take at least 2 minuets. While in warp, it will seem like she is standing still. But the exit from warp will be dramatic. To gauge the actual size and power of this base, you will have to see it to believe it.




God Defiant | 3.47 MB




Cannon 1701-A

cannon1701a.rar | 5.8 MB

fights and The retexture looks good on the impulse engines. Download now if you like good fights.




Daedalus class | 815.79 KB

better, as the lasers have no sound effects and look too thick and the torpedoes are on the large side. That said, the standard HP is well balanced for its era and includes a stronger HP for those that feel it\'s too weak.




B5 Warlock | 4.54 MB





Babylon5 Victory | 4.45 MB




X Wing

x_wing.rar | 1.09 MB

before anyone says it- "No" the X Wing's pylons are not retractable. The X Wing is essential for your Star Wars ship collection... Download ASAP!




Millennium Falcon

millenium_falcon.rar | 2.31 MB

reenact your favorite Star Wars scenes with this classic "Beauty"! Download ASAP!!




CG Sov ultra textures

cg_sov_ultra_res.rar | 10.14 MB




Galaxy Re-Texture | 3.26 MB

detailed than the current ones in Bridge Commander, so for them eye candy peeps get the skin now. Nice little skin, impressed with all his work so far.




CG Sovereign

cg_sovereign_v1.0.rar | 7.85 MB

this BCMod. I will release a version that installs as a separate ship later on if demand is high enough (and it probably will be). After nearly two years in development, it's finally here. I checked the first save I made when I began building the first version of this model, and it dates somewhere from mid-winter of 2001. My previous release, the so called "Nemesis Sovereign" was good for a while, but once Nemesis came out on video, it was easy to spot the problems. So, I started from scratch. This version is a complete rebuild and revamp of that model. Not only did I nearly double the facecount, but I also doubled the texture resolution. I started over from scratch on the textures, going back to the original source, using only pictures of the studio model and screenshots from the movies. The result is kind of a cross between the First Contact, and Nemesis versions of the Sovereign Class ship (Insurrection's CGI model was off the wall when compared to Nemesis and First Contact, so I tried to ignore most of the details shown in that movie). Now, the warnings.. First off, this thing is meant to look pretty first, and be playable second. The model has 13,000 polygons, the highest detail model I've ever made. It uses five 1024*1024 maps, and one double size 2048*1024 map for the main hull, plus the odd small texture like the phasers, and deflector, as well as a 16 frame animation for the bussard collectors. That's not counting the specular maps, either. Suffice to say, this thing will eat up your framerate in a large battle. I'm going to recommend at least a minimum of a 1ghz processor, and 256mb of ram to run this thing. A good video card helps as well. I can run it decently, and I have a 1.5ghz computer with 384mb of ram, and a Geforce2 MX. I usually have to leave enhanced glows turned off to get a good framerate though. For those with incredibly high end systems, I'm going to release another set of textures later, that are all 2048*2048. My system runs at about 10 seconds per frame with them, but that doesn't mean they won't work for someone. This ship also includes new weapons and sounds to match ST:Nemesis. I have tried something a little backward with the hardpoints to achieve the effect of having the quantum torpedoes separate from the regular photons. I did what is popular, and gave the ship four forward facing pulse weapons. But instead of having them fire pulse weapons, I put in the name of a torpedo script. So you basically have a pulse weapon that fires seeking torpedoes. I limited the charge of each of the four pulse weapons to 25, and set the charge to zero, giving the ship 100 quantum torpedos. Feel free to change this number to your liking. In another backwards move, I had an idea. Someone somewhere commented that the torpedoes in Nemesis looked more like pulse weapons than torpedoes. So I did the reverse of the quantums. For the regular photon torps, I specified a new pulse weapon script I made to match the look of the torps in Nemesis. These torpedoes still seek, and look much closer to Nemesis than the standard photon torpedoes. I may change this in an update if no one likes it, but personally I like the streak effect these torpedoes give. These weapons all use brand new sounds. The quantum sound is recorded from First Contact since there was no background sound to interfere in that movie. The other sounds, for the photon torpedoes, and for the phasers, were made by Wes Janson, whom I owe a great debt of gratitude to. I can only imagine the hours he spent cutting and filtering the sounds from Nemesis to get decent sounds for use in the game. Nemesis probably has the loudest background music of any of the movies, and it played non-stop throughout most of the battle scenes. How he managed to filter out all that background noise, I'll never know. Hats off to you, Wes. :) Included in this Mod: 1. CG Sovereign Model, textures, hardpoint script, and ship script. Textures are all in TGA format, as well as a blank registry texture, so feel free to edit them to your liking. Just ask me first if you want to release them. I can be reached at the BC Universe forums at I decided it better not to include my email this time... last time I did, my MSN account got flooded with spam and I ended up deleting the account. 2. Two new weapons scripts for photon torpedos and quantum torpedoes, as well as a torpedo texture 3. Four new sounds used for the photon torps, quantum torps, and sovereign phaser sounds (big thanks to Wes) 4. New Sovereign display icon rendered in Max 5. All plugin scripts to enable weapon sounds [/quote]




TNG uniform ( Lorik ) | 6.44 MB




FedTacBaseA1 | 5.02 MB

combined Klingon and Romulan task force. The results weren't pretty. First off you will have to scan for this base, might be a quirk, but a very cool one. This is also a "Dockable" Starbase. I take it that this is an TMP era base from the "old" Delta signet near her Docking Ports. I've been looking for an Asteroid base for a long time. This will be cool for customizing your QBR missions. And finally to set up a "decient" Neutral Zone border. Any TOS fan will know what I mean. So hurry up and Download ASAP!!! Definately Download Worthy!




Bridge Commander Modding for Dummies: 101

tutorial.rar | 3.65 KB

ok?.... ok thx. this is first in a set of many tutorials anyway D/l ASAP (if you dont know how to mod)




BC Peragrine | 262.77 KB

weapons are a little slow. As far as speed in selective firing. She comes equiped with pulse phasers and directed phaser mounts. Both weapons are located on the port and starboard wings. I used this Fighter Class in a squadron of (8) ships against a Cardassian Galor. Very impressive. "Evasive Manuvers" is a problem this fighter doesn't have. So, Want to see if you have the "right stuff" to be a Maquis Rebel... Download ASAP!!




Soverign III | 4.9 MB

have fun taking on every single mod you have installed at once and winning.




Real Warp Flash | 145.4 KB




Intrepid or defiant in single player

intreptid_defiant_singleplayer.rar | 5.57 MB

You must chose your ship, and whichever you pick to install will be what you start with. Once you get to the point where you get the soverign, the game will continue as normal with the soverign. The will make the galaxy class completley unavailable too, so you should keep a backup of your BC directory.




Jeff Wallace's NX-01 Enterprise | 973.29 KB

the NX-E is that it has 2 aft phase cannons, when I remember only one ever being talked about. Also the placement of were the missles fire from is not were I remember them coming from in the show. And on the enginering display there is no listing for "shields". Also no plasma weapons, but that is a very minor point on the list. With that being said, overall I'm really impressed with the power level of the ship and how it looks. The "shield's" are at the right level (weak), the torpedoes track like rocks, and the phase cannons have a slow recharge rate. All keeping in line with the first ship of StarFleet.




Attack Ship/Bug | 3.15 MB

mod to your collection today!!




A TOS version Jupiter Station _sfrd_ | 9.73 MB

dock. A hundred years later Starfleet had upgraded the station using the remnants of the early attempts at constructing the Constitution Class Starships. During the testing phase a fatal flaw was almost over looked and it was only after seven and a half saucer hulls had been constructed that the flaw was discovered. Had the flaw been missed then the hulls would have been unable to withstand the acceleration to sub light speeds. Rather than scrap these hulls however Starfleet used them to upgrade the ailing Jupiter station, after it was found that the hulls could be reinforced and that positioning them within the gravity well of the gas giant would actually omit the weakness. Thus the new Jupiter station consists of six Constitution Class hulls linked via the original stations support structure. (( if you encounter a problem, put it in the Starfleet Reserach an Development [SFRD] Download area over at BCC ) and Please add a screenshot, and a console report if needed) NOTE: since this station is well within Federation Space it has a only few phasers for pulverzing the Rare meteor. Basically EYE CANDY it does have Impulse, for ScreenShot taking. So Best turn Gravity off read the readmes and especially the requirements and also the credits.




DJ Velox Class | 12.14 MB

weapons system. That IMO squarely places it in the post-nemesis era. The Velox Class is highly manuverable at impulse speed. The ship is high-poly model, but If my nearly four year old rig can handel it, you should be fine. This ship is also MVAM capable. This new streamline design takes some ques from the Galaxy class leniage. The Velox can take on (3) Romulan D\'deridex Warbirds. The Velox class effectiveness, lay with her directed forwarded assault! Applying both phaser strikes and torpedo salvos, the Romulan\'s forward sheild collaped with minimal effort. This dosen\'t make the Velox a god ship, but she does lean closely to \"Demi God\" status. If your shopping around for a \"new\" command ship, Look not further! Definately Download Worthy!




Achilles3 | 4.99 MB

inspired by some of the ship designs of later years specifically DJ Curtis and the Century class Enterprise F, excellent ship, love those details and specular maps. Here is my attempt to emulate that level of quality and detail in this Achilles variant I have dubbed the USS Wolf. The model is approx 6400 polys with 2048x2048 texture maps and specular maps. The HP file was the file that came with the KM1.0 Achilles which I have modified slightly to make the weapons a touch more powerful and the align with the new mesh. All textures were made with Photoshop and the model was constructed in 3ds Max and Blender. I\'m pretty sure the only requirements here are to have a machine and graphics card that can run this, a copy of BC, maybe KM 1.0 which is what I have, etc. And now on with the show, enjoy.




Stargate Hardpoint Re balance file | 7.61 MB

layering multiple projectiles on top of one another, and because they are projectiles, you can now actually dodge fire from an ori ship,(note this will not overwrite the current version, a separate ori ship is created)Its shields are impenetrable to everything except the Odysseys plasma canons, all shields for ships included have been redone to be multivector, meaning damage is spread across all all shield angles. Note that Ori warship shields will never fail, as they recharge fully every second, only a weapon that can overload them(weapons doing greater than 98000 damage per second), or insane amounts of fire can get through.




FSB Vendetta

fsb_vendetta_v.1.0.rar | 5.02 MB

escort/destroyer role, USS Mjolnir is a typical fire support ship thanks to it\'s Advanced Pulse Phasers and revised shuttlebay inventory. Mjolnir carries 4 Peregrine class fighters and 2 Type 9\'s. Both ships are similiar in appearance, only few details like deflector dish and thrusters are different, true changes were done to weapons loadouts andhull/shileds strenght. Vendetta is the second ship created by FSB Shipyards.




SFPO Sortavala Battlecruiser | 4.65 MB

upgrades for this will be released later since it\'s the same texture on 3 ships. This is a high quality kitbash of an excelcior era heavy cruiser showing elements of the ambassador era in it\'s secondary hull design. This ship is also larger than an excelcior class and as heavily armed. It would be one of the last new ships to come off the line with ball turret phaserbanks as it\'s primary armament.




Centurus U.S.S. Resurrection

starship_resurrection_v.1.0.rar | 13.02 MB

install the ship, so I would recommend that you use the standard install procedure for installing ships into the game. [i] Author: in future DO NOT include, your ScreenShots, within the rar-zip . [/i]




New Galaxy Class [Christmas release 2011] | 9.38 MB

(( if you encounter a problem, put it in the Starfleet Download area over at BCC ) and Please add a screenshot, and a console report) read the readmes and especially the requirements and also the credits.




D7 a Klingon [sfrd_V3] | 3.56 MB

or 3. this will correct a Mesh error that was found, and this WILL overwrite version 2 if you encounter any errors, place them in the StarFleet Download area. read the readmes and especially the requirements.




WC Argonaut | 13.07 MB

Phasers, and torpedoes capable of firing in a 360 degree arc. The ship is heavily armored and features the Quantum Slipstream Drive successfully tested by the USS Proteus. The Argonaut features launchable Mark 1 Valkyrie Class attack fighters- the same class used by the USS Typhon as seen in the game \"Star Trek: Invasion.\"




next_gen realistic_cannon | 31.57 MB

has been reworked! Blinking lights all new lacars ect,ect.If you like realism this mod is for you! Enjoy!




SGU Destiny with Ancient Shuttle

destiny.rar | 11.53 MB

shuttle during battle via Shuttle Launching Framework! Both ships are very powerful altough the Destiny does have some power issues. So you have to issue your energy wisely on Propulsion, Shields, Weapons and Sensors. The Shuttle is in a quite better shape and sometimes because of its higher manuverability an essential point to win a battle, especial if you\'re fighting against faster enemies.




Shuttle Bridges Pack | 60.82 MB

Galileo as seen in ST5 The Final Frontier Type 6 as seen in TNG Type 8 as seen in Voyager Type 9 as seen in Voyager Type 11 as seen in Insurrection




SFP Interceptor

sfp_interceptor_xmas2010.rar | 2.04 MB

hull shape. Well armed as well, with the same type X phasers as the intrepid, though less of them, and the new advanced photon used in the 1701-E\'s recent upgrade. This is a low poly model with almost all detail textured on from renders of the CGI model. The author of the model allows texture modifications, so hopefully someone in the community will take up enhancements or the building of a higher res model of this terrific ship.




Stormcrow Runabout | 1.07 MB

capacity of forty this small Starship is capable of landing a considerable force of Starfleet marines, coupled with the ships cruising velocity of warp 6.5 and a maximum speed of warp 8.3 rapid deployment is available. Armed with six type VII phaser banks, 2 type X phaser cannons and two MK V micro-torpedo launchers this runabout can hold its own in a battle. The extra dorsal wings provide eight hard points for external weapons or other equipment, normally this consists of eight standard photon or quantum torpedoes. Reasons for production of this variant are sketchy at best but one rumour revolves around recent exploratory reports from beyond the Galen System.




BAZ1701's TWOK Bridge

baz1701_twok_bridge.rar | 32.31 MB

BAZ1701 ------------------------------------------------------- Description: 'For the first time in BC history the Bridge from Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan.This bridge was 2 years in the making and is not a retexture and is 100% new. All main crew animations are custom made for this bridge. There are no crew uniform mods included in this bridge' Note the first time you change alert status there will be a brief pause but this will only happen during the inital change. Installation: Unzip file into C:…..|Star Trek Bridge Commander Fully tested on KM 1.0 And happy hunting




Nova Class Bridge | 9.12 MB




VOY Endgame Shuttle Bridge | 10.69 MB

8 and Type 9), here is Admiral Janeway\'s SC4 shuttle interior from the series finale Endgame. Like Janeway, player is only crew on board in pilot seat but (silent) crew menus still accessible via F1-5 keys. For a video preview of forthcoming bridges, go to: [url][/url]




MoS\'s NX91001 + two other variants | 33.35 MB

lot better when compared to the other version in STO. The three different ships are for the most part the same design although there is one without the bar at the back, another one with the bar between the nacelles and a third version with the bar between the nacelles as well as a third warp nacelle. The ships themselves look good in the game, and perfect for those that want more ships based upon those seen in Star Trek Online in Bridge Commander! [b]Required Files[/b] KM 1.0, KM 1.1 or NanoFX 2.0




RotarranBridge | 9.86 MB

screencaps. Any errors or oversights will be due to lack of detailed visual information and making best use of existing materials. The bridge features animated LCARs and red alert switching (BP Core). This is not an ultra hi-res bridge but does use large textures for optimum gameplay (similar in bridge MB size to KM DefiantBridge). This is my first fully complete working bridge for BC, and if gamers enjoy it I hope to release several more in months to follow.




Aftermath Tales of the Dominion War part 1

bc_aftermath_tales_of_the_dominion_war_pt1.rar | 14.1 MB

the Breen ship and the Federation addons!




BC Aftermath Cardassian Union

bc_aftermath_cardassian_union.rar | 12.17 MB

Author: NEXT time add a contact point , where people can get in touch with you, it is Important. -tiq-[/i]




Baz1701 JJprise and fleet pack

bc_jj_ship_pack1.2.rar | 139.18 MB

Enterprise USS Yorktown Constallation Class: USS Hathaway USS Stargazer Armstrong Class (refit/mk2): USS Armstrong-A USS Farragut-A Kelvin Class (refit/mk2) USS Kelvin-A USS Hargood Miranda Class: USS Reliant USS Saratoga Note this pack is 139MB so put the keetle on whilst you wait




DJ Ambassador Class | 14.91 MB

replaced by the newer and more advanced Galaxy Class. Equipped with a high energy shield grid and Type IX Phasers, the Argonaut was one of Starfleet's premier heavy cruisers in the mid 24th century. The ship's warp drive was enhanced over previous ships of her class thanks to developments adapted from Galaxy Class R&D, giving the ship a maximum speed of warp 9.2 and a maximum sustainable cruise velocity of warp 7. Tactics: The Argonaut is a respectable ship against TNG era opponents, and powerful against TMP era. Argonaut can fire up to five photon torpedoes simultaneously either forward or aft. Shields are of even strength in each direction, have a moderate recharge rate, and hull strength is nearly that of a Galaxy Class starship. Major combat limitation is the phaser arcs, as the ship has a very limited aft firing arc. Save aft torpedoes for rear defense while using the forward torpedoes for attacking. _______________________________________________________________________________ USS Republic NCC-12907 Original year of construction: 2339 Year of refit completion: 2378 Put in dry dock after taking extensive damage at the 2nd Battle of Chintoka. As a large but old battlecruiser, the Republic spent two years in dock without repair. After that time, Starfleet selected it as the first ship to be part of an Ambassador class modernization program. With Galaxy class starships getting priority upgrades, the Republic was refitted with refurbished Type X phaser array emitters and torpedo launchers from the USS Galaxy, including two small new arrays near the aft shuttlebay. An entirely new deflector dish was installed. Adapted from the Sun Tzu Class, it was selected for its ability to create extremely powerful deflector fields and highly penetrative sensor beams. Single reactor impulse engines were added to each nacelle pylon, and the pylons themselves were shortened along the Z axis to accommodate the ship's new, sleeker warp field. This, along with a new top speed of warp 9.7, came as a result of new, reshaped warp coils. Overall engine height was adjusted to match the new coils, though a new field emitter ring had to be installed around the circumference of each nacelle. In addition, each nacelle was capped by a new, high compression bussard collector. An enlarged bridge deck made space for additional subprocessing cores and storage compartments. Non visible enhancements include included a high capacity shield grid, faster turbolifts, new bioneural circuitry and holodecks.




JJverse Dock 'StarBase 1" | 8.56 MB

station it is a very important federation installation. In 2258 the Starships Uss Enterprise, USS Farragut, USS Truman, USS Wolcott, USS Antares, USS Newton, USS Mayflower and the USS Hood are docked here before they headed for Vulcan in answer to a distress call. The station is built around a central sphere hull shape and has a central ring, due to the number of windows, probably habitat sections. Out from this central area extend six arms on which are mounted circular disks which are for ships to dock at, each one capable of docking many Starships.




Post-Dominion Proxima Refit | 37.31 MB

to be convinced in their firepower? Download'n'try :P




Star Trek Online Luna Class

lunasto.rar | 13.85 MB

Compliment of Photon and quantum torpedoes. The quantums are silent because there was never a sound in sto, and i used a stock sound for the photons. It has 8 phaser arrays, and 1 anti-proton beam doing slightly higher damage than the phasers. I have darkened the hull color slightly, and changed the engine glows to darken the mood, to match Star Trek Online's. Note that this is not the official Luna class, but STO's.




WC Phase 2 Enterprise | 6.43 MB

in tmp, with the obvious relocation of the photon launchers but the rest of the ship including deflector remain more TOS looking. The sweapt pylons are also present and the suacer lip is less defined. Hull lines are more defined. This also comes with the warp grille lighting if you have the nessecary scripting installed to light the nacelles while in the warp sequence. otherwise, you have highly detailed nacelle grilles, as with pretty much the rest of the ship, it hsa high res textures. Markings are nice and sharp too. Nice to see a ship in this era without blury markings. It's a rare ship that almost every connie maker ignores so grab it for sure!




DJ Eclipse 1701-G | 8.78 MB

Nessecary, no doubt, for the spacious interior accomodations, science labs, and redundat systems and supplies needed for multi-year long range exploriation now needed as a result of slipstrem drive and Voyagers journey. It pays homage to 3 earlier ships, with the solid, smooth transition between saucer and drive section of the E, the curved pylons and short nacelles of the D, and the under hull stern shuttlebays of the Excelcior era B, all with blending of advanced modern styling, bring us back to the days when the feds made thier ships look like they were and artistic statement.




DJ Athena | 8.35 MB

crossed with the promethius. The ship itself is higly manuverable, has good shields for it's since and even features MVAM for dealing with multiple opponents. The super detailing we've come to expect from DJ shines here. Those impulse engines just plain look wicked. Who's saying a nova can't take on a neghvar now?




WC TWOK battle pack | 21.6 MB

I expect there to be a slew of new POTD's of TWOK battle scenes as a result of this real soon. The one thing this doesn't have is the in warp glows but really, there was little or no warp in TWOK once the battle started so it doesn't really take away anything from it.




BC Aftermath Romulan Incrusion

bc_aftermath_romulan_incursion_addon.rar | 19.94 MB

accordingly, see the readme for more details.




Star Trek XI Mod

star_trek_xi_mod_upgrade.rar | 29.92 MB





Aftermath TOS War Pack

bc_aftermath_tos_war_pack.rar | 47.67 MB

the klingons. Also included is a new hardpoint rebalancing for all ships previously released.




Executive Shuttle -SD 103 | 4.97 MB

phasers a shield system. Her engine systems are set just right, not too fast or slow and suitably maneuverable. A must have shuttle for any star base.




Pulses for Dummies or Pulse projectile template

pulse_template.txt | 5.52 KB

guide, this is a template with almost everything you need to make a working pulse projectile script, hopefully eliminating some human error. Each section has notes to help you get things right the first time. Even if you don't need the notes, having a straight template to work from can save quite a bit of time. [i]Note to Author; in future Add a contact point, where you may be reached, email or PMed at so-so. -tiq- [/i]




QBStartShip & Bridge Selector | 4.42 KB

be compatible with USS_Frontier's Galaxy Charts v.2. This mod will add convenience to your BC gaming experience. It is recommended by the Author to only use this in the GC v.2's. War Simulator. This means [b]not [/b]loading up to a scenario. As with using Galaxy Charts, you don't have to. This is also useful, if you have been having problems with your Bridge menu scroller. This mod make that "obsolete". Check it Out!




Baz1701 TMP Enterprise Pack

bc_tmp_enterprise_pack.rar | 34.64 MB

Enterprise From TSFS (Additional Battle damage by Dr McCoy) USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A From TVH, TFF and TUC. TMP and Enterprise-A feaure Saucer seperation. Special thank you to DR McCoy for Texture help. Darlekanium for HP advise. Mleo for answering my endless qustions MarkyD for his modelling advise and encouragement.




CG-Sovereign revamped | 27.76 MB

altered the ships colorsheme, then recolored the windows to the nemesis colors. The aztec pattern is not much darker and the base color is also darker, making the whole ship appear more armored. I have altered the black armor parts that are around the shuttle bay/bridge, recolored the nacelle grids. i have also textured new impulse engines, that resemble the ones in first contact and insurrection (they are smaller, less lit and not as sagurated as the original ones!). then i have also made new bussard collectors, again more like insurrection. On the aft section i have fake bumbmapped some parts, also recolored it. the escape pods remain a shade of green/yellowish color. the phaser banks are now darker and better textured. another big change are the speculars. They also are darker and more contrasted, making the ship appear much more armored. In a nutshell I have made several modifications to make the ship look more crisp and evil :] [b]Admin note, we've reuploaded this file to correct a minor error, it does not require the hotfix, as that has been included in this version.[/b]




Hayden Class Pack | 3.07 MB

usually venture off known shipping lanes and tend to avoid making first contacts as much as possible (leaving that sort diplomatic tasks to a ships of the line). Their sensor-packed pods are directly connected to the nacelles and as a result feed off of them, making them very powerful. [i] Author: in fture Keep your description somewhat smaller. -tiq- [/i]




DJ Outrider Class - USS Juno | 10.28 MB

primarily for short range exploration and policing actions. First commissioned in 2402 to augment the limited run of Nova Class starships from the late 24th century. This is a small ship with high resolution 2048x2048 textures."




Typhoon Class | 2.7 MB




Nano FX 2 Specular Fix | 42.92 KB

allows for the beautifull maps on allot of ships to shine when they before had to choose between nano fx and normal explosions and specular. Enjoy NOTE: this is not compatible with KM1, UMM or any other mod that replaces the if you have any of those, you may alternatively disable the fix bright glow bug feature in the Nanofx Config's Explosions menu to allow speculars to work.




Section 31 Stealth Cruiser (Century Class)

secton_31_century.rar | 14.02 MB

extremely hard to detect using conventional sensors. Under cloak it is almost impossible to detect her. It is advised that when commanding this ship that you avoid combat unless absolutely necessary. She is designed for stealth purposes and thus lacks the firepower of a warship to keep her power signature low. Because of this she is limited to 4 phaser banks and has 0 photon torpedoes. However, she is equipped with quantum torpedoes, Breen drain weapons and tachyon bursts. It is advised to use tachyon bursts to temporally disable target’s shields before attacking. It is advised not to use the Breen drain weapons unless absolutely necessary since there are only 4 of them. Due to the lower power signature, the shields are considerably weaker. To combat this, the ablative armour is extremely stronger and the hull has been reinforced. Note: though intended to be invisible to sensors, in game it still shows up like any other ship unless cloaked.




Flux Capacitor's Realistic Damage Textures v.1.1 | 2.9 MB

electrical sparking. All in all, I believe that along with NanoFX, these textures provide a realistic depiction of starship battle damage in the harsh environment of space.




Valkrie Fighter | 688.04 KB





USS Atlantic Re-Hardpoint

atlanticguns.rar | 6.73 MB

some re-skinning and extreme modifications to the hardpoints, it's now armed to the teeth with 19 high capacity phaser arrays, 10 pulse-quantum launchers and three standard quantum-torpedo tubes. The shields are enhanced too, and I've changed the configuration to a dual-shield generator setup, whereby if one gets destroyed, the other keeps on going. The hull's been massively fortified too, so if you've a low-end PC, you might get a pretty nasty framerate after this thing gets a few holes in it. It'll just keep taking damage far longer than the original, so a that mere 200 foot gash in the hull'll just skip your mind. It's a bit faster too, as I always figuredwith that much impulse engine wumph it should be able to outrun a Miranda class. There are four nacelles,one above and below where the original was set, so to be as canon as possible, and the ship's mass properties have been sorted out so you don't launch into a 70 million kph spin every time a bugship goes all kamakazi. Oh, one other thing, I used blue phasers for the ship, but I know how much that annoys all you ultra-canon chaps, so there's an extra hardpoint with the orange ones just for you in the "ORANGE" folder.




Lints Defiant Class

lintsdefiant.rar | 7.64 MB

file so ill let you guys rate it! Enjoy. -Lint




BC Super Mod V3.0. | 11.16 MB

vessels Added the Typhoon-class (I won\'t spoil this one for you people who like my other work)




Chris Larkin\'s New NanoFX2 Damage Textures | 2.81 MB

which one to use, i\'m giving you the choice. You can see examples of this in the screenshots! This will replace the original NanoFx Damage Textures, and the structural damage texture, so be sure to back files up if you don\'t like it! Version 3 is also on the way, so keep your eyes open!




DJ Valiant Class | 11.88 MB

offensive and defensive capability on a large scale into the 25th century.




SG Pack 3.0 Multiplayer Patch

sg_pack_3_multiplayer_patch.rar | 20.31 KB

There\'s a version that\'s fully compatible with KM and a verison that\'s for people not using KM. Everything seems to work now, but if there\'s any problems there\'s a link in the readme to a support area. Have fun.




Fighter Launchable B5 Station | 9.37 MB

readme The Author says "This WILL overwrite version 1 , so don't forget to remove the pyc files in scripts/custom/ships , and, in scripts/ships , and lastly in scripts/ships/hardpoints" if you have version 1




Akira V.0.1_EX

akira_v.0.1_ex.rar | 3.65 MB

Pulsar(Armada 1 and 2 fans will like this). chain reaction pulsar is in tactical screen(-F2-),both u can put a hot key so its easier to shoot.




Generations Galaxy Bridge Cannon Reflections

ggbr.ace | 9.89 MB

or not of the Generations Galaxy Bridge you wont be sorry for downloading this mod! The Carpet has also been re-textured, The rest of the interior has been sharpened up and detailed aswell. Get This Now! These Textures WILL over right your previous Generations Galaxy Bridge textures so don\'t forget to make Backups!




Early TMP Miranda Bridge

early_tmp_miranda_bridge.7z | 9.71 MB

based upon the prometheus class bridge originally made by 3DE team. It has been retextured to look like TMP era bridge. This bridge uses some features from Bridge plugin like : maps swaping (when you go to yellow alert/red alert or go back to green alert - displays and some other areas of the bridge will change to fit alert stance), loading screen and BPSounds with variety of TMP sounds (most of them were used on Enterprise-A/B bridges ;). Due to the maps swaping none console have animated displays. !!!Please note this bridge is separate mod and will not overwrite any of the existing mods !!! "




K\'tinga Class

lints_ktinga.rar | 3.77 MB

to the DS9/Dom War Era K\'tinga Class\" You do need to read the readme, to see who did what.




Century Class U.S.S. Century

century_class_uss_century_v.1.0.rar | 19.26 MB

collectors and grates. This is a high poly ship. but the Author does provide lower resolution textures for you to use. You will need Nanofx2b, Elminster\'s Common weapons pack v.3.0, BC 1.1 Patch. The NX-Century will be an welcome addition to your Federation inventory. Check it Out!




First Contact Excelsior Bridge

excelrefit_uh.rar | 17.95 MB

the guess work is handled for you. Retextured by Jesse, with LCARS by Glenn and model changes by Mark, the FC Excelsior aims to create a vision of what the Excelsior Class bridge may look like, by the time of First Contact. The bridge comes with a complete set of sounds, and supports Bridge Plugin Effects. The First Contact Excelsior Bridge set is "sleek and stylized". This will be a welcome addition to your Bridge Collection. The bridge comes with a complete set of sounds, and supports Bridge Plugin Effects. This Ultra High version of the bridge is intended for screenshots only, and will cause slowdown during normal gameplay. Definitely Download Worthy!




Enterprise era Romulan BOP

enterprise_romulan_bop.rar | 1.37 MB

i don\'t remember seeing any torpedoes in the season 2 episode with the romulans in, i could be mistaken though.




U.S.S. Dauntless

dauntless_fix.rar | 8.76 KB;83505 Note: don't forget, that after you install this fix, Delete the pyc files, or you might get kicked back to desktop Author: in future include a contact address for ALL readmes, and also include a Link to the file(s) you require for people to use this mod (some people may not relieve that this is only a fix-patch for a previously released ship)




U.S.S. Dauntless

jl_studios_dauntless.rar | 19.54 MB

mesh work is of a higher quality that the old P81/Rick Knox's Dauntless. The textures have been modified to give the Dauntless a more up to date look. You will need the following requirements, Latest Foundation, NanoFX2.0 Beta, Slipstream Framework., As for the Hardpoints. Armed with Photon Torpedoes by Zambie_Zan. She handles like a light cruiser. Officially this is not a Federation Ship. This ship was only a lure to catch the Voyager Crew's attention. Definitely worth having a look At! [i][b]* U.S.S. Dauntless (Patch)[/b];83553[/i]




Vulcan Saffi (nem-tmp-tos)

vulcan_saffi_multi_era_heads.rar | 2.57 MB

you submit to BCFiles (we as file submitters Don't ever see the email, you submit) there also needs to be a section for credits, like who did the mod, who tested it, and things like that




Terran Empire Neptune (ent)

teneptune.rar | 1.98 MB

forward phasers and 2 torpedo tubes to soften up the opponents forward shielding because the ships limited sensor range prohibits subsystem targeting until 30 kilometers distance. So it seems as though our Terran Fleet is getting Larger:D




Constellation Class Pack | 39.25 MB

pack, 10 in all. Using registry information gleaned from the "Ex Astria Scientia" Trek fan site. Noted are canon ships like the Stargazer, Hathaway and Victory. Also texture blanks were added. One has an aged look. the other, crisp and pristine. This mod offers alternate hardpoints for the Constellation model. Placed in both the post TMP, pre TNG era cr.2344 and post TNG. This mod will be an excellent addition to your Federation fleet. Definitely Download Worthy!!




Terran Empire ISS Coto and USS Coto Poseidon Class

yopyops_poseidon_v2.5.rar | 8.02 MB

sounds for any. And the torpedos were orange squares. nice ship, need to get it for your Terran Empire fleet REQUIRED for the sounds;41033 or any of the other sizes




Locutus Sovereign Class

locutussovereign.rar | 910.36 KB

a tough ship:borg: there is a new HP at;77964 you might want for this ship :borg:




A new StarField | 50.9 KB




Aliens Sulaco Class Fleet | 57.15 MB

sfx. Since both MadJohn and I have moved on to other projects. This project fell threw the crack. ###################################### * * * DISCLAIMER: PLEASE READ * * * THIS MOD PACK IS BEING RELEASED AS IS!! SO THIS MOD IS NOT COMPLETE!! THERE ARE NO MVAM SCRIPTS AND THE HARDPOINTS ARE EXPERIMENTAL!! ALSO PERMISSION IS GRANTED IF YOU WISH TO RELEASE A HARDPOINT VERSION OF THIS PACK. BUT YOU ARE NOT TO RELEASE THE MODELS!! JUST THE HARDPOINT VARIANTS!! AGAIN, THIS IS NOT A COMPLETED SHIP PACK- BUT A W.I.P THAT I LOST AND MY BETA TESTER BLACKROOK32 RELEASED TO BCFILES.COM WITH PERMISSION. . . . - MADJOHN * * * GOAL NOT COMPLETED * * * _____________________ * Experimental weapons system * No MVAM scripts * Dropship Adaptive Camouflage using (MVAM) * The ships are not balanced to any genre/ ship / fleet or era. Note: Each Drop ship in the main ship folder has a different color texture with the Sulaco keeping the original color. * NanoFX running lights




Aquiescent Class U.S.S. Ticonderosa

aquiescent_class_uss_ticonderosa.rar | 3.52 MB

defence, although another version is included in the file, a version that includes a sensor pod and also has a slightly different look. The ship fills the role of the suppliment or perhaps replacement for the Defiant class, although slightly longer at 300m. This ship is armed with ten phaser strips, four Pulse Canons, two forward and two aft photon and quantum torpedo launchers. Overall a detailed and well made vessel, highly recommended.




Hirogen Hunter

hunter.rar | 356.49 KB




Dragons Borg E-Bridge Retexture

dragons_borg_bridge_1.3.rar | 2.97 MB

And with the Borg Crewmembers it makes the bridge even better (separate mod). I like that none of the files replaces any of the original files. These 2 mods gives a nice feeling to finally use borg design and drones while fighting those pesky Federation Ships. Hope you enjoy these mods as much as I did when testing them. Definetely a keeper on my part.




Akira and Defiant for SP | 540.44 KB

and instead of using the sovereign you will use the Defiant [/quote]




USS Voyager A

pych0s_uss_voyager_a.rar | 6.09 MB




CR Borg Sphere | 4.36 MB

Voyager a run for her money.




CR Nebula Pack | 40.5 MB

different Variants of the Nebula class including a total of 40 different Nebula Class starships (including the blank versions). All of these ships are highly detailed and highly recommended. [b]NX Nebula[/b] - This is the prototype version of the Nebula class which is the weakest version of this ship. Most notably this ship doesn\'t have a pod. This ship is armed with numerous phasers as well as two forward photon torpedo tubes (Four Torpedoes at a time). There is only one named ship included in this variant - USS Nebula NX. [b]Nebula Variant 1[/b] - This is the main Nebula Class starship that has been seen in TNG, DS9 and Voyager. This ship is armed with several phasers, four forward and two aft photon torpedo launchers (two torpedoes a time each). There are two sub variants included under this variant. There are several named ships included of this variant, including the USS Bellerophon, USS Bonchune, USS Bristol, USS Endeavour, USS Explorer, USS Farragut, USS Hera, USS Honshu, USS Horizon, USS Indri, USS Khitomer, USS Lexington, USS Merrimack, USS Monitor, USS Proteus, USS Ulysses, USS Vera Cruz [b]Nebula Variant 1 Refit[/b] - This variant is similar to that of the variant above. This variant is similarly armed to the non refit version although can also fire quantum torpedoes, and has stronger shields and phasers. There are at least four included named ships, USS Beregovoy, USS Dionysus, USS New England, USS Stockholm [b]Nebula Variant 1 Refit 2[/b] - This variant is similar to that of the Variant above, although is armed with stronger phasers, six forward and six aft torpedo bays (which can fire photon and quantum torpedoes). This variant is far stronger than that of the first variant as this can fire up to 12 torpedoes forward and twelve torpedoes aft at any one time. There are at least three different named ships including - USS Devastator, USS Minotaur, USS Vulcan [b]Variant 2 - Sensor Array[/b] - Here is another version of the Nebula Class as seen in the TNG Episode: \"The Wounded\". This ship is armed with numerous phasers, and photon torpedo launchers capable of firing twice a time per tube(4 Forward and 2 Aft). The most notable part of this ship is the sensor pod at the top of the ship. There are at least three named vessels included with this pack - USS Berkeley, USS Phoenix, and USS Proxima [b]Variant 3 - Extra Warp Nacelles[/b] - Here is a variant of the Nebula Class starship that has not been seen in full in any Star Trek series, except as debris or a model on a table, so little is known about this ship other than it has two additional warp nacelles. This variant is armed with that of several phasers, as well as two forward and two aft photon torpedo tubes (can fire twice a time each tube) - There are at least two named included - USS Melbourne and USS Shogun [b]Variant 4 - Hospital Ship?[/b] - This variant of the Nebula class is basically a medical or a hospital vessel. This variant is relatively weak compared to all of the other ships as it is only armed with phasers and no torpedo tubes. There is one named ship included with this ship pack the USS Nightingale.




Chain Reaction Pulsar

chainreactionpulsarv1.0.rar | 63.16 KB

another target or targets near by. Be sure to read the readme, there is a required mod to use this.




CRs Galaxy Dreadnought | 11.45 MB

power, get this, But those people with low-end computers,use sparingly, it does use much of the games resource just for itself




Miranda Class Bridge

miranda.rar | 16.26 MB

successful features, map swapping and Active LCARS (similar to the Enterprise A Bridge but more modern design). This is the high res version, only take this on if you think your PC can handle it. Everything comes in a nice installer, and Bridge Plugin Core is not a requirement (the bridge will run without it being installed).




Kobayashi Maru Pimped Update 1

km_pimped_update_1.rar | 2.47 MB

photon torpedoes were fired in window mode and now the proper name and version of the mod are shown in Multiplayer. Please note for all users to play this modification online against others, all those playing the game must have the same files installed including this upgrade. [b]Required Files[/b] [url=\";48457\"]Kobayashi Maru MP/QB Mod Pack[/url] [url=\";52278\"]Kobayashi Maru 0.9.1 Patch[/url] [url=\";63109\"]Kobayashi Maru Pimped[/url]




Canon Crew Fix

ccf.rar | 104.32 KB

Plugin Core installed before installation




Nemesis Sovereign Bridge

nemesis_high.rar | 23.2 MB

mapped side stations and the old style viewscreen. By doing this we can create stations where they are meant to be aswell as more complex texture animations. This is the High Resolution version of the bridge, it is recommended for high-end hardware users only. Before installing this please ensure you have installed Bridge Plugin Core [b][i]and[/i][/b] that you have ran the game at least once since installing it. Are you still reading this? Download Now!




LB-42 Bird Pack | 9 MB

power consumption and ballance it so you don\'t run out in the heat of battle. The cloak draws massive amouts of power so it is a good Idea to reduce power to unnessary or at least less vital systems while cloaked or you\'ll soon find your ship visable to enemy sensors. Also all ships in warp config draw power to the warp engines so be prepaired to interact with brex a lot. I highly recomend the advanced core options mod to help deal with power shortages. The K-22 and the D-12 are similar is size but vary slightly in performance. The D-12 is a more capable fighting platform in comparison to it\'s older cousin the k-22. It has heavier shielding and higher maneuverability. The K-22 was designed as a multirole attack craft capable of interstellar and atmospheric combat maneuvering. The D-12 although atmospheric capable is primarily a interstellar attack craft. Although both ships can engage in combat while in their atmospheric and warp configurations because of the eps conduit configuration through the wing baffles the power to run the main wing mounted cannons is insufficient. Only the secondary wing mounted cannons will fire outside the combat configuration. While in combat configuration power is routed away from the secondary cannons to the main cannons. This concept is consistent throughout the bird of prey classes. In addition to the decrease in offensive weapon systems outside of combat configurations Impulse maneuvering is also sacrificed to an increase in speed. Although the K-22 and D-12 are getting on in years and out gunned by many new ship designs they still pose a heavy threat when used in wolf packs. The D-32 and D-41 Kvort light cruisers were introduced following the khitomer accord while the economy boomed with the new federation alliance. The D-32 is slightly faster and more maneuverable due to it\'s shorter wing moment as a result of the anhedral wing design but lacks the fire and shield power of the D-41. The D-41 with it\'s dihedral wing design increases the wing moment slightly hampering maneuverability but allowing larger eps conduits to be routed through the wing baffles to allow an increase in performance of the wing mounted weapon and shielding systems. Both variations are capable of fighting in their warp configurations however a major decrease of power output to the wing mounted weapon systems due a configuration change in the wing baffles only allows enough power to fire secondary cannons. Although they can operate at a higher impulse velocity in warp configuration maneuverability is seriously hampered. The LB-42 Great Bird Was developed for the Klingon Defense force when the need arose to replace the aging D-7 medium cruiser. The Vorcha was planed to be the ultimate replacement but was still in the preliminary stages of design. With the tried and true bird of prey design in production on a smaller scale with the B\'rel and K\'vort variants upsizing the current design to produce a tempory solution to a major gap in the Defense strategy was the only logical step. The final product came under heavy criticism due to the subsequent problems of it\'s massive size. Despite the massive forward firing power and heavy shielding it was vulnerable to attack from even slightly more maneuverable ships because like all previous bird of prey designs (rear firing torpedo tube aside) it only had forward firing capability. However until the Vorcha was in production this cruiser was able to temporarily fill the Defense strategy gap with smaller escorts flying support. Instead of scraping the remaining LB-42 fleet after the vorcha was introduced they were sold to various independent houses around the empire who felt the need to have a \"Base Killer\" type starship in their personal arsenals.




Guncutter 2

guncutter2.rar | 2.36 MB

and 3 torpedoes per tube aft, making the guncutter capable of firing a total of 16 torpedoes forward and 6 torpeodes aft. This ship is fairly powerful and is approximately slightly better than a couple of Dominion Warships. The guncutter can take a lot of damage from the above mentioned Dominion Warships but may struggle against ships more powerful such as the Sovereign Refit, Dominion Battleship, or perhaps a few Romulan Warbirds. This ship can be very powerful if you rely on mainly torpedoes, but this does take the fun out of it. Try just using phasers alone against the same heavy ships that this can destroy and see if it is the same :).




LC Romulan Warbirds Pack

lc_romulanwarbirds.rar | 17.38 MB

version that last appeared in the DS9 episode \"The die is cast\", when the Tal Shiar and the Obsidian Order were ambushed and destroyed by the Jem\' Hadar in the battle of the Omarion nebula. And finally the most advanced version, seen during the last months of the Dominion War. All ships have pulse disruptors that fire from various locations around the hull and disruptor beams and plasma torpedos that fire from the \"hole\" on the nose. The newer the ship, the stronger it is (hull, subsystems, shields) and more efficient (maneuverabilitty, reload times) but all are balanced against the Galaxy Class, its closest nemesis. Victory will favor the bold.




Valiant Bridge | 14.26 MB

Squad cadets. This ship varied slightly from the USS Defiant with the use of a lot more red on the bridge and diffrent lcars screens.[/quote] This bridge is a fine edition to the Defiant Bridge lineage and matches the quality of the defiant bridge 3.0, thankfully this bridge comes without the annoying captain. A recommended download for all Red Squad fans




CR TNG Borg Cube | 5.49 MB

take on most fleets of many sizes as a cube should be able to, as its weapons can literally rip through ships very quickly, to take on this ship you will need at least 20 - 30 ships or more (and a very good computer at the same time) to even make a scratch on this ship. For those who want more borg cubes in the game then this one is for you.




Her Battle Lanterns Lit | 283.28 MB




ZZ\'s Miranda Pack Patch

miranda_pack_patch.rar | 1.62 KB

torpedos, like the Lantree. If you or the A.I. try to fire a torpedo with those ships the game will crash, cause it wont find the .pyc file. This patch is the missing file. Sorry for that, folks. Too much files to put together in this pack. :-)




Galaxy Pack

galaxypack3.rar | 82.03 MB




TOS - USS Defiant

tosussdefiant.rar | 1.36 MB

already have the textures for Durandal\'s TOS photon.




Heavy Photon Torpedo | 163.43 KB

Torpedo but they Doubled the Power Yield and we always will know what you gain in strength you lack in Accuracy and Speed.




ENT Challenger Pack

entchallengerpack.rar | 8.28 MB

These ships handel well in game. Fast as "quicksilver" but weak on hull armor. I was impressed with thier speed and firing arcs. Not too over the top. I tested the ships against the recently released Andorian Kumari- which by the way need to be balanced. This Pack's HP are great ingame! Each ship in this pack is a perfect "Gem"! Defiantely Download Worthy!




Drakh Raider | 1.54 MB

any babylon 5 ship (or possibly in a one vs one against a ship of equal size). This model is a recommended download.




Federation Dreadnought TOS | 1.33 MB

main weapons aren\'t particually strong. This ship would be destroyed very quickly when put up against most ships from the 24th Century.




TOS USS Defiant

tosdefiant.rar | 1.36 MB

this ship can destroy NX class ships with ease (as it should) as well as the Evil Terran Empire ones. This ship is highly detailed and a recommended download.




Aurora Class Starfury | 1.96 MB

attack fighter*, utilized by Earthforce ships and installations for short range defense operations, a position it has served faithfully since it first went into service in early 2244[/quote] NanoFx2Beta: [url];23469[/url] SubMenuV3: [url];27960[/url]




Species 10026

species10026.rar | 1.56 MB

dont notice as simply being a redress) Anyway the size has been increased to reflect a different vessel with modified textures (window sizes etc....) and a separate hardpoint.




Mawasi Cruiser

mawasi_cruiser.rar | 808.24 KB

lights. My file so you rate it.




Chris Larkin\'s God Galaxy | 11.25 KB

similar to the stock version. (though the weapons may not come out of the correct places with some of the other ships) Its phasers don\'t do much damage on their own, however since they can fire constantly they can damage other ships at a faster rate, though they are not that powerful (for a God ship). The torpedoes also have a fast reload, meaning its possible to fire all torpedoes one after another until they run dry, these can run out very quickly.




Intrepid Pack 1

intrepid_ship_pack_part_i.rar | 14.05 MB

Aeroshuttle using MVAM. VERY NICE ! Voyager has photons and tricobalt torpedos, Life support system (if destroyed crew dries in 1 minute) and her Aeroshuttle shoots photons. The Belerophon has ablative armour, photons and quantums, the shuttle shoots quantums. Both shuttles have multivectral shielding. A very worthy ship pack. Download ASAP.




SFP Dominion Bugship

sfp_bugship.rar | 3.48 MB




C2X Deep Space Nine | 3.96 MB

"Federation Ship list". The Station is model on the DS9's 4th Season episode "Way of the Warrior Pt.II ". And she comes loaded for bare. Canon Disrupter and Torpedo textures. Matched with Canon Sound effects- all pulled from the actual landmark episode. The Running lights on the Station gives a more realistic feel. Now you can rienact the famous battle scene and create your own Dominion Wars senarios. You will need NanoFX2b to view the running lights and BCMI 1.3 to open the mod. So, if you ever wanted to "Defend the Station" as Starfleet? Or Attack it as the Klingons? Here's Your Chance... Definately Download Worthy! Since I was involved with this Project, I'll let you rate it... Blackrook32




Maquis Raider HP pack | 263.55 KB

together\'. Some vessels are well armed with pulses and torps, some just carry phasers, some are quick, some are slow etc.... All in all this will give you 10 different raiders to chose from. My only gripe is that the pulses are way too big but this is still a cool mod. You will need various file for this - see the readme, though the most important one can be obtained here:;9507x#99553





intrepidnx.rar | 6.62 MB

of the show made that scene for the sake of giving modelers a decent view of the ship.




Ambassador Class Ent-C Pack | 21.08 MB

submenu version 2 or 3 mod.




Ambassador Class TNG Pack | 17.88 MB

download, is MLeoDaalders Submenu version 2 or 3 mod as there are a lot of ships in this pack, when you run quickbattle. Solid 10s on this download.




Klingon Battleship Sword of Kahless

sword_of_kahless.rar | 1.83 MB

against any ship of the TMP-era and even some of the TNG-era. Recommended download.




Advance Technologies Pack 1 | 405.96 KB

Reflector (ST: Armada fans will love that), Breen Energy Drain Weapons, and Advanced Tractors. These weapons have to be seen to be believed. Download ASAP!!




Future Technologies 2 | 126.04 KB

It will damage the targeted system without touching the shields. Also improves the Armor and makes it easier to add to your ship.




Borg Drones

dgassimilatedborgcrew2.0.rar | 7.99 MB

starfleet crewmember appeared on my bridge and started working the consoles sometime during the battle. Solution and note on this is further explained in the readme. No files are replaced by this mod, and the drones can be \"deactivated\" with a nifty mutator. Together with the Borg E-Bridge, these mods are definite keepers on my BC. You must have the Borg E-Bridge to use this mod. Available here:;31269




Fed Fighter | 436.25 KB




Komodo Freighter | 1.24 MB




C2X Canon NX-01 | 3.15 MB

this beauty out, she has exceptional phaser cannon arcs. (2) Fore Phaser Cannons, (2) Aft Phaser Cannons, (2) Ventral Phaser Canons. The firing arcs on the phaser cannons have to be seen to be belived. Also (2) Fore Torpedo tubes and (1) Aft Torpedo tube. This is a must have for fans of the Enterprise Series. Defiantley Download Worthy




Centaur class

rw_centaur.exe | 1.2 MB

fast and manuverable. It comes with a second torpedo type, called the subspace torpedo, which are dark and hard to see. They're quick, covering 15km quite fast, and when it hit the galor the entire aft section vaporised. They don't appear to have much tracing ability though. There's only 4 of them, so make them count.




Rick Knox Miranda Class | 4.85 MB





shippacka.rar | 6.18 MB




GFT Klingon Bridge Crew w/Mutator | 26.23 KB

Gameplay. Ensign Kiska will appear as a Klingon Male. The .TGL files have not been changed, so the Bridge Crew names will remain the same. These problems can be addressed. Lets just hope we get a future update to this intresting mod.




High Res P81 Miranda

highresp81miranda.rar | 6.01 MB

but I'm sure a re-texture of this will be out soon. (Maybe even by me, lol). The hardpoint is quite on par with the FCA 1701-A. I found fights between the two very fun and realistic. Although, pay special detail to the installation instructions if you already have a copy of the P81 Miranda installed. This mod requires the TMP Common Weapons pack found here: [url][/url]




Norexan Class Romulan Warbird

norexanclassromulanwarbird.ace | 3.6 MB

well detailed. It is a BCMOD format, so one click installation. The readme says that it is about half as powerful as the CG Sovy. I tested this on both sides of the line and found that the Warbird is about right on the balance. I played as one Norexan on a team of 3 and as the Sovy against the 3 Norexans. It went as you might expect. Both times, the Norexans lost one, almost 2 of theirs and CG Sovy went up in a bright flash. I love the disruptors, and sound quality is excellent. A little advice is to play with NanoFX 2 on because the explosions bouncing around with all those disruptors really helps make this mod fun to play. It's a permanent addition to my Romulan fleet. Try it yourself. Edit: I just added 3 more pics. I guess the one provided was a little bit hard to go on. Hope these new ones help.




Raptor Class

raptor_class.rar | 4.83 MB

vessel with nothing more than a powerful torpedo, this vessel is a quick attack cruiser. It is armed with strong standard romulan torpedoes, and pulse canons both fore and aft. It was sized roughly between an akira and streamrunner and works well as a cruiser. It has to separate models which can be installed for 2 different texture styles.




Sol Multisystem (Warp to 9 Planets) w/ AI ships and NanoFx2

solmultisystemnanocj.exe | 19.13 MB

to your latest install), and you will have the option to customize the install directory. There are some new NanoFx2 Atmosphere classes included here, in addition to the ones that came with NanoFx2. Class-I, Class-N, etc.. Each Planet in our Solar System is selectable by name in Quickbattle. To warp between each planet by selecting only one map, select Sol Multisystem. When you 1st get to the 'Multi-System', you will not be at any one planet, but will have the choice of where to go. If you have the 1st Sol Multisystem installed, The Mutator will not change, and Earth will not have the same AI ships as before. It is not required that you have Sol installed first. This is an all inclusive download, all files needed are here. There are NO requirements for this mod, all files included. Original Sol System by Dasher 42. Planet Atmosphere code by Nanobyte from NanoFx2 Atmospheres added to each system by Chris Jones, some coding by Jeff Watts, Jr. New Earth texture included, given to me by Dark Thunder. This file will detect where Bridge Commander is on your hard drive and will install all files to the correct folders. You do have the option of installing to a different directory ny clicking the gray button next to the install directory. You must have NanoFx2 installed for this to work to it's fullest extent, although this mod will work without it. Enable the following mutators: Sol Multisystem Multisystem AIs Helm Override. NanoFx2 Beta Select Sol Multisystem as a Quickbattle Map, and you'll have the option of warping to any of the nine planets in our solar system, along with any maps NanoFx2 has enabled. Some systems have ships flying along until attacked. Some systems have ships that will attack any enemy entering the system. Earth has lots of activity. Any enemies that come around will be met with the Federation's wrath. New Earth texture included, given to me (Chris) by Dark Thunder. You'll be able to dock with Starfleet Command at Earth. Earth and Mars each have a commandable Akira Class. At Earth you can tell the Akira to dock with Starfleet Command. Special thanks to Jeff Watts, Jr for some scripting work and mutator setup. (going back to Summer 2003). Mars has a dockable Spacedock. A bug exists to where you have to have your commandable ship dock before your own ship can. We may have to live with it. A new DryDock harpoint is included that enables Mars docking. It will not affect normal gameplay. (Thanks, Jeff.) Jupiter also has a dockable base called Jupiter Station (Fed Starbase model), along with 2 commandable ships that will dock as well. There's some shuttles moving around the Saturn system. New Saturn and Saturn's Rings models created by Jeff Watts, Jr. using Dasher's Saturn Textures. Dasher's texture is also used for the rotating color band atmosphere effect, implemented by Chris Jones. Saturn's rings are colored, using the same texture color as Dasher did with Saturn. The rings are transparent as well, thanks to Jeff. Uranus and Neptune have a faint ring system, as they do in real space. Jeff Watts, Jr is the author of the rings and the textures for them. Jeff would like to thank Cpt. LC Amaral for help and tips regarding the transparent rings. A Sovereign and Ambassador Class start in Neptune. If you start out with enemies in Quickbattle in the Multisystem, the Sov will come from Neptune to help you battle. You will not start out in any particular system with this mod, just deep space, outside the Sol System. Once you warp to anywhere in the Sol System, the Sov will not follow, but suddenly get called away somewhere else. If by chance you play in the Neptune system by itself, the Sov (and Ambassador) will be there to help. A new Cardassian Starbase hardpoint is included that gives the base Federation Phasers (near Pluto). The Federation phasers are quite powerful and the shield system has been enhanced. The original base hardpoint is included for backup, named cardstarbase.pyORIG. You can rename it by deleting the ORIG part from the extension to get the original file back. NOTE: I'll be putting together a 'requirements' version of this as well. Using many current models here on BC Files. I won't include them with the download, but I will have a list of required ships. We'll also change the AI ship activity a bit - and add a few more bad guys. (Thinking outloud).. another kick butt Fed Base at Pluto to make sure we take care of any threats entering our Solar System... The scenarios and stories you can create with this are endless. ... Original SOL readme... All images are copyrighted under the terms stated by their original authors, and are redistributed with this package under their terms. This package may not be redistributed without these credits attached! --- Credits --- * Mercury : James Hastings-Trew * Venus : A synthesis of textures by Bj”rn J¢nsson and by David Seal of JPL/Caltech. * Earth : "The Blue Marble", retouched synthesis *1 Moon : James Hastings-Trew * Mars : David Seal, JPG/Caltech; retouched Jupiter : James Hastings-Trew * Io, : Bj”rn J¢nsson * Europa, * Ganymede, * Callisto, Saturn : A synthesis of textures by Bj”rn J¢nsson and by Don Davis of JPL/Caltech. * Tethys, : USGS * Dione, * Rhea, * Titan : NASA/JPL/David Seal Uranus : James Hastings-Trew Ariel, : USGS, retouched, with thanks to Tammy Becker Umbriel, Titania, Oberon, Neptune : A synthesis of textures by Bj”rn J¢nsson and by Don Davis of JPL/Caltech. Triton : USGS, retouched * Pluto : David Seal, Rawlings, CalTech/JPL * Charon : David Seal, CalTech/JPL *1 Earth - A retouched synthesis of textures from "The Blue Marble" at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Image by Reto St”ckli (land surface, shallow water, clouds). Enhancements by Robert Simmon (ocean color, compositing, 3D globes, animation). Data and technical support: MODIS Land Group; MODIS Science Data Support Team; MODIS Atmosphere Group; MODIS Ocean Group Additional data: USGS EROS Data Center (topography); USGS Terrestrial Remote Sensing Flagstaff Field Center (Antarctica); Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (city lights). All retouching done by Daniel Houghton AKA Dasher42 unless otherwise noted. The following files are not required but will enhance your experience with this: 1. Dasher's Acceleration Intercept: 2. JWattsjr's Warp Intercept: 3. Sneaker 98's Warp Core Ejection Mod!: 4. NXDefiant's FleetOrder Mod: (Engineering Mod needed for Fleet Order) 5. Neutral Fleet Order (Engineering needed for this - you can order Neutral ships to do things) 6. Dark Gunman's BC Improvement Pack:




Ame Kerchan Romulan Cruiser | 1.03 MB





C2X Bridge Commander TNG Intro | 35.64 MB

developers showing as credits. This gives the game a whole new look. This is a must have for any TNG fan... Download ASAP!!!




Endgame Voyager | 1.19 MB

by Matsch-Klon Ablative Hull Armor New Transphasic Torpedo sound by USS Sovereign [/quote] I did injoy playing with this ship and I think one thing was funny , I have the ATP3 form the MPMP and The trop hit a ship and bounced back and killed me so look out for that in a game if you use atp2 or 3.




Anduril's TOS Constitution class USS Enterprise | 1.46 MB

the TV show, but that's cool with me. Some people may not like the slow recharge rate on the weapons, but to me it's the way it should be. Also, its a little on the slow side but remember that this ship is pre-movie era. This ship does have a high poly count, but it did not slow my system down at all, unlike another ship posted just a few days ago....




Rick Knox Sovereign | 5.45 MB

matches what has been seen of the Sovereign Class on the big screen. So download this classic. . . Check it Out!! This ship requires the [file="4153"]BC Mod Installer 1.3[/file]




Custom Warp | 9.77 KB




New Ship Icons | 284.22 KB




Explosion Pack

explosionpack_v2.0.rar | 281.56 KB




Rick knox NX-01 | 5.39 MB

Authorised by Raven Night. Screenshots provided by




Add Transphasic torpedos to the stock Sov | 9.57 KB

original pyc (should you forget to make one yourself) can be found in either the BC CD or the SDK. Torpedo type 1: Quantums Type 2: Transphsic (20) Type 3: Phased Torpedo has a speed of 50, which is fairly fast, and excelent tracing values, which means it is unlikely to miss. This is a \"one hit kill\" torpedo.




Galaxy XX | 5.72 MB

had me easily.




Surrok | 1.04 MB




Reman Warbird (Scimitar)

scimitar.rar | 1.4 MB




Cannon D-Bridge | 738.44 KB

bridge model and Crew positions.




Quantum Replacement | 108.18 KB




Cloaked Mines | 91.68 KB

the enemy. This will let you deliver that "unexpected" punch ! But don't let the enemy knock out your sensor array, or things will get ugly. This will be an excellent addition to your weapons arsenal.




Cardassian Telcor

bc_telcor.rar | 2.84 MB

this ship is under a galor in strength.




C2 Valdore Upgrade | 2.39 MB

some tweaking done to the hardpoints. I tried to take on (4) Valdore Warbirds with My Akira and (2) Defiant Classes as escort. The outcome was shocking! The Valdore Warbird will humiliate you on the battlefield in ways you can't imagine. I barely made it back to Earth with one nacelle for my troubles. So download this ship and gather all tactical info, Your going to need it!




Ghost of the 1701-A | 5.22 MB

sure to send the klingons running all the way back back to Gre\'thor!




First Contact Uniforms | 1.41 MB

cut, nothing bleeds or crosses over where it shouldn't. The colors are superbly done, so well in fact, if you stare at them long enough, you'll think your looking at real fabric. The professionalism gives the uniforms the accurate military feel that they were intended for. Plus, the com badge, which can be a source of trouble when making a uniform mod, is perfectly placed, looks just as good as the rest of the uniform, and looks completely independent of the uniform. All in all, perhaps the perfection in the series of updates.




Voyager SP | 3.33 MB




Olympic Class | 2.6 MB

hardpoints and weapons are canon to the ship's class. So don't think this is a God Ship by any means. This is not a fighting ship. But, if your feeling lucky enough to take a Medical Frigate up against two Klingon Negh'vars? Your in for one interesting QuickBattle simulation. I hope to see more models from Kevo in the future.




Updated version: Borg cube | 374.26 KB

itself. This cube is super powerfull and Borg Phaser sounds are included




Romulan WarEagle prototype | 979.49 KB

to get into the front lines. After several months on duty.This is An Idea from the preator\'s, barber\'s, nephew\'s, cousin, the contract was Terminated. (( if you encounter a problem, put it in the San Francisco Shipyards Download area over at BCC ) and Please add a screenshot, and a console report if needed) read the readmes and especially the requirements and also the credits.




Orgins Constitution 1701 | 7.68 MB




Excelisor Refits B_style | 10.56 MB

you encounter a problem, put it in the San Francisco Shipyards Download area over at BCC ) and Please add a screenshot, and a console report if needed) NOTE: check, your engine statis before warp [good habit] read the readmes and especially the requirements and also the credits.




Nelson Class USS Loki | 1.75 MB

give it a whirl... turned out fairly well me thinks. The ship is 1500 polygons 126 meters in length and uses the 512x512 texture maps.




DJ Albante Class | 4.62 MB

shields. The Abante come with a powerful compliment of photon torpedoes. Overall, I would place this ship in the post-nemesis era. The model is nicely detailed and comes with high, medium and low textures. So, if your looking to augment your Federation fleet? The Abante Class will fit the bill nicely! Check it out!




TU Romulan Warbird | 6.79 MB

seen on screen thoughout The Next Generation. The model, textures and hardpoints are designed to faithfully recreate the Warbird; and also includes a few extra details that the original model\'s designers wanted to include.




Realistic dense nebula 2.0 | 34.48 MB

Three of them are from first release with two new versions. Without your ship sensors there is a chance that you can get lost. It is a perfect place in universe for hiding from your enemies. Mod has five versions of nebulae: one original and four alternatives Alternative_1 -darker and little bit more transparent nebulae (as in first release) Alternative_2 -darker nebulae (as in first release) Alternative_3 -darker nebulae with more gaps in its clouds, so that you can see more of your ship when flying throught nebulae Alternative_4 -nebulae with more gaps in its clouds, so that you can see more of your ship when flying throught nebulae Nebulae is based on two pictures I found on the Internet:




CyAn1d3\'s MKII Sovereign

cyan1d3s_mkiisovereign.rar | 8.8 MB

tool to utilize. Author: in future provide a Link to your requirements




WC Proto Ambassdor | 12.58 MB

originally intended as an early version of the Galaxy Class, but time restraints led to the current Ambassador Class variant as seen in the show. Registries for both the USS Ambassador NX-10521 and the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C are included. Textures are 2048 pixel resolution and are very crisp. Download this ship now!




Stock Ship Replacement Pack | 36.67 MB

this is a compilation of ships that will replace most of the stock Bridge commander ships with more up to date ships, this therefore allows the user to have a much more fun and rewarding gaming, and it does not sacrifice Single player. This compilation is to allow people who want to make a custom build, not have to search forever and endlessely have to install ships. Also this is aimed towards players who want a bit more of a experience with Single player. As it allow the users to play SP(singleplayer) with out any problems. Ships that will be replaced: - Federation Star base - Federation Akira - Federation Nebula - Federation Transport - Federation Galaxy - Federation Sovereign - Federation Escape Pod - Federation Dry Dock - Cardassian Hybrid - Cardassian Star base - Cardassian Galor - Cardassian Keldon - Klingon Bird of Prey - Klingon Vorcha - Romulan Warbird - Ferengi Marauder - Peregrine - Space Facility




Enterprise C [probert ambassador_sfrd] | 6.25 MB

titled \"SFRD_Enterprise-C\" read the readmes and especially the requirements.




WC Nemesis Enterprise-E | 8.59 MB

onscreen CGI ship, and not the schematic colors which seem to be much darker. The ship features 2048-pixel resolution textures that bring out the detail in the intricate hull \"aztec.\" This Enterprise also features an accurate hardpoint originally created by Jb06 with weapons and sounds from the movie.




Earth TOS eraed [sfrd] | 1.96 MB

the Mutator - SFRD_Earth_TOS System - Note: best if Collisions are off, and works best in Galaxy Charts [ but if you have KM, galaxy charts are in already in there ] Best if Gravity is turned Off as well. You don-t want drifting ships. read the readmes and especially the requirements. make sure ALL are installed.




Promellian Asteroid System | 1.68 MB

if you have them. But their not required, cause their in this download. NOTE : On some systems you might want to lower your, -time factor- in the Galaxy Charts configuration. read the readmes and especially the requirements. [i]Any question ask at Bridge Commander Central {BCC} in the download are for this file . -tiq- [/i]




Ships of Tholian system =vintaak | 37.57 MB

Empire. it is recommended that you use the Terran Empires NX [MirrorNX], after all, it is Enterprise era. Note:: shortly there Will be a system to use these ships.




DTDMPDW shippack | 76.88 MB

long slender nacelles, and well defined saucer and drive sections and gaping roundish deflectors, and the kitbashed "frankenfleet" designs which cluding the sov-ized nebula class and the rather run of the mill "give a saucer some nacelles and a weapons pod" design. All are done with high quality textures.




USS Cadence - Legacy Class | 12.15 MB

vessels. By current standards the trials went very well, and it will be upto you captians to test her weapon systems. Merry Christmas from Starfleet Research an Development




Wraith Hive Ship Hardpoint mod

wraith_hiveship_new_hardpoint.rar | 123.01 KB

protect the hull and the systems for as long as it is there. The shields are now fairly weak in that they will only designed to jam someone from beaming a nuke or torpedo on board the ship, although if you combine this with the MVAM Dart launching mod you will have an almost fully functional hive ship in the game.




MoS presents the TMP/TNG refit Miranda | 6.91 MB

to those of the TNG era), as well as improved weapons which can take on an Ambassador Class starship or even a Romulan Warbird, although personally I think that either would be a little too powerful even for a light cruiser from the TNG era but then you could say \"revenge of the cannon fodder?\". Overall the ship has been well made, although the only nitpick would be the lack of a registry on the front (although it could equally be a Section 31 ship) and the hardpoint being a little overpowered but still it can be a lot of fun in the game.




Wraith Cruiser 1.1 Rework

wraith_cruiser_1.5.rar | 60.22 KB

is also a version included for those who doesn't have the Stargate Shippack installed, allowing those people to use the normal BC Warp Traveling System.




BC Aftermath TNG Romulan Addon

bc_aftermath_tng_romulan_addition.rar | 116.04 MB

a large ammount of ships for the romulan star empire. These ships are taken from other star trek games and some are new design, or designs inspired from other star trek mods. Ofcourse canon designs are also included. The designs taken from older star trek games (Armada 2 and SFC3) are touched up and alterd to fit within star trek bridge commander and match the quality of all the other ships in the mod.




BC Aftermath Deep Space 9 Addon

bc_aftermath_deep_space_nine.rar | 61.16 MB

readme. Coming soon: Saber Class Bridge Solar system pack Klingon and Romulan pack TOS Addon pack ENT Addon Pack




Wraith Hive Ship Mvam Darts | 310.34 KB;91759 and wraith dart:;58944 for this mod to work as well a Mvam:;26555 you will be able to launch 12 darts for each hive ship on the field, once launched, you cannot launch again until the current wave is completely destroyed.




Laurlin Station | 11.34 MB

being salvaged others being discarded. A few star-bases were taken over by civilian authorities and reconfigured for different uses ranging from ship and crew layovers to commercial ventures. This particular star-base was in use up until 2333 as a subspace relay station, during its decommissioning it was was stripped of most of its high yield ventral phasers internal mechanisms but rather than being fully dismantled it was handed over to a civilian asteroid mining firm, the last Starfleet officer in command at this station before being re-designated 'Laurlin Station' was Lt Jean-Luc Picard, he was given command during its decommissioning prior to his assignment on the USS Stargazer. Outfitted with low output impulse engines and high output SIF(structural integrity field) generators Laurlin Station is able to move between asteroid fields to carry out its mining duties.




JJ Venture class | 19.29 MB

the JJ verse so enjoy




Sentinel NX-99000 | 3.55 MB

Type VII phaser system: total output - 45,000 TeraWatts 4x pulse fire conmpact quantum torpedo tubes (2 fore, 2 aft) Defensive Systems: Modulating frequency shield system - total output 1,755,000 TeraJoules Moderate tritanium double-hull, 12 cm ablative armor Low-level structural integrity field Warp Cruise: 7.5 Warp Max: 9.55 for 4 hours Refit: Minor - 1 year, Major - 3 years Type Names to Follow: Dakeen (NCC-99100) Calypso (NCC-99200) Khitomer (NCC-99330) Nefertiti (NCC-99450) Arbiter (NCC-1048-A) Commissioned: 2385 Sentinel class ships are the backbone fleet of the frontier guard and border patrol stations. Their mandate is to enforce local territorial boundaries for the Federation and keep communications with our border planets secure. Modeled after the Defiant class that was so successful in the Dominion war, they are a smaller and more efficient version of those ships, with a very Spartan sense of construction. The Sentinel is not designed for prolonged duty assignments. Her maximum duty time out in the field is up to and including 45 days. Exceeding that limit places strains on both the warp core power system as well as the life support system. Departing from the more "traditional" Starfleet ship types, the Sentinel's warp core is placed not vertically, but at an angle. This allows for a much larger core, which in turn produces more power for the ship size, as well as increasing her range and warp speed. Unfortunately, this also places strains on the power matrix, which is prone to overload if not watched carefully. To counter this, Starfleet has reduced the power transfer rate to most systems during non-combat. A sizable increase in power consumption when at combat-readiness is normal, but prevents heavy power loading on more than two major systems at once.




TU Federation Starbase | 4.21 MB

out of proportion. So, I took the usual modding attitude and decided to make one myself that I was content with. This new Starbase is more accurate and detailed than the original, and scaled to comfortably fit a Galaxy-class ship. The stations defences are similar to the stock version, so don't expect to hold off a fleet of ships with just the station, a few defenders will be necessary. Also with this mod is an optional addition to the New Holland solar system (where Starbase 12 orbits). The new system comes with NanoFX Atmospheres for the planet, my new Starbase model in place of Starbase 12, and a group of ships flying around and defending the station.




Kelvin and Kelvin-prise | 7.72 MB

pulse phasers, the USS Kelvin has an array of dorsal and ventral phaser turrets or cannons, which emerge from specific panels on the saucer's surface. Using the same technology as the Kelvin, a constitution-class prototype was also built.




Baz1701 USS Kelvin Refit

bcjjkelvin_refit.rar | 20.6 MB




Baz1701 JJ Miranda Class

bcjjmiranda.rar | 20.53 MB

Baz1701 JJprojectile by Darlekanim ------------------------------------------------------- Description: 'The JJ Miranda class starship brings the new JJprise lines to the classic Miranda Class as featured in Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan. Now the Khan of the JJ Abrahams universe can again hijack the USS Reliant and hunt down the Enterprise and Captain Kirk'




Baz1701 JJ Enterprise Mk4

bcjjprisemk4.rar | 11.29 MB

all departments, which explains the differences between this Enterprise and the one seen in The Original Series.




JJverse Ktinga | 8.65 MB

simulation to test a cadets reaction to a no-win-situation, in this simulation two Klingon vessels approach followed by three more which de-cloak. Cadet James T Kirk in command during this test reprograms the simulation to lower the Klingon ships shields, then using just one torpedo per ship he destroys them all.(whether this would be true to life in a real situation is unknown.) At this time there has been a massive battle between the Klingons and an unfamiliar vessel, forty-seven ships were destroyed (possibly K'tinga class). It is feasible to assume that the Klingon Empire will re-build and with superior vessels, with stronger armour and weapons. This is a manoeuvrable ship, as expected of a Klingon vessel, its speed and strength seem well balanced and the power systems need to be watched as when boosted the main battery can drain rapidly.




WC ST3 Enterprise | 7.61 MB

ship can get destroyed easily and is mainly meant for taking screenshots.




NX Excelsior | 12.96 MB

textures in its High folder. This is a must download for any TMP fan!




Krakow class saucer texture fix

krakow_class_upper_saucer_fix.rar | 3.84 MB

problem but I felt that I should fix it :)




Sobieski class

dmsobieski_v1.0.rar | 18.99 MB

class which proved to be still versatile design and has been refited to Krakow subclass with latest technologies and redesigned frame. Second ship restored back to service is Constitution class MK3, refited to MK4 codenamed : Sobieski subclass. Although main hull frame is shared with constitution class, the hull has been completely redesigned to eliminate all fragile parts of the ship like neck or pylons. Ship is more streamlined than it's predecesors (Constitution class and Ambassador class -mainly stylistics) Hull platings have been replaced with light version of Sovereign's armor, additionally it has been covered with ablative materials to better protect ship during long deep space exploration missions. Armaments contain four heavy and four medium output phaser arrays fixed to burst firing mode, three torpedo launchers with 120 quantum mk2 torpedos and 24 prototype advanced quantum torpedos. Ship features state of art Warp and Impulse drives. Shuttle bays stores 7 shuttles ready to launch.




New Hardpoint for Aliens Sulaco Class Fleet | 286.5 KB

ought to be right, I [TiqHud] elected for shuttle launching, instead of MVAM The Sulaco was a fictional spaceship shown in the movie Aliens. Used by the United States Colonial Marines, the Sulaco is a Conestoga-class starship formerly used as a commercial freighter. By 2179, it had been coverted into a rapid-response military transport, with orbital bombardment and fleet support capabilites. *Note: The Author will not be held responsible for any damage to your PC or install as a result of using this modification. * USE AT YOUR OWN RISK *!!! Also, It goes without saying. . . Please CREDIT People for thier WORKS!! It's just Polite.




TOS Dyson Class | 716.9 KB

Federation of Planets and operated by Starfleet Command. At 150 meters in length with a cruising speed of warp 6 these ships are the first to be capable of performing extended exploration missions and are excellent vessels for conducting multidisciplinary research projects that involve large teams of scientists. She is capable of berthing up to 60 scientific personnel as well as 36 officers and crew. The working space for research includes a number of laboratories as well as a staging bay and two large storerooms for scientific equipment and supplies. The ship is also equipped with emerging offensive and defensive systems as well as advanced warp core technology allowing the ship to operate with full weapons and shielding charge without drawing from auxiliary power reserves. Starfleet has classified the Dyson-class as a heavy cruiser and will fill a capitol ship role in times of conflict. This ship is balanced for the Early TOS Era ARMAMENT 6 Dual Emplacement Phaser banks (3 Dorsal, 3 Ventral) 2 Torpedo Tubes (2 Forward)




Constitution-II Class | 2.02 MB

(V1.0);7806 Rick Knox NCC 1701 (V2.0);4108




McCoy's Constitution Refit Pack

bones_mccoys_constitution_refit_pack_v.2.rar | 22.05 MB

sunlight hits are the right angle you can practically count every bold on hull. The paneling is amazing. ID maps allow for multiple regs, 17 included. New FX include the warp warmup scripting for the lighted nacelles, shuttle launching for up to 4 type 3's, and a brand new photon torpedo. You wouldn't know the model if we didn't tell ya, it's that good. It's time for plan "B" in "blockade"...




E7s Realistic Nebulae | 18.52 MB

overwrite your current nebula texture files




Arsenal Class Bridge Prometheus Bridge retexture

arsenal_class_bridge.rar | 25.28 MB

resolution, create a folder titled "medium" or "low, depending on your needs, copy the textures from the high folder into that one THIS WILL INSTALL AS A SEPERATE BRIDGE it will NOT overwrite the prometheus bridge [i] Note to Author:: please in future, convert All screen shots into jpg format , it is only style, the system will accept. -tiq [/i]




Terran Akula Class - I.S.S. Phobos | 6.6 MB

but lacks the speed and maneuverability and suffers from poor sensor resolution. For the Terran variant, I've given the ship a whole new map of textures (which include light scratch and burn marks), new hardpoint and new weapons effects. [i] NOTE to author, people like to see what they are downloading, So some screen shots would have been Nice. -tiq- [/i]




Hyperspace Texture | 1.91 MB




Baz1701 JJ reimagined TMP Refit

baz1701_jjtmp_connie.rar | 45.32 MB

2048 Med Maps 1024 low 512 Glows and spec included




Uss Arsenal and Gladiator | 61.38 MB

Gladiator - Macdill Shipyards, Neptune orbit Project Gladiator was origonally planned as a detachable support craft for the USS Arsenal. The origonal prototype was built alongside the second prototype of the USS Arsenal, was given stronger hull plating, stronger shields, better more efficant pulse weapons, and more of a torpedo loadout. The Arsenal Class is Starfleets example of strength, armed with the most advanced weaponry, systems, and armour Starfleet has to offer. History of Project Arsenal - Mac-Dill Shipyards, Neptune orbit Project Arsenal has been in the works since before the Prometheus Class was built and put into fleet. Secretly, Starfleet used the Prometheus as a test bed for new systems, including the computer core and systems and bridge module, that were to be placed on the new Arsenal class. She is designated as one of 4 borg hunter vessels. When the initial prototype was built in 2372, a new warp core was placed in the prototype as a means to power the large ship (originally Excalibur Class size) at Red alert without draining secondary systems, reserves, and batteries. However, shortly after powering the expiremental warp core up for testing, a fault in the cooling system caused a breach and the ship and drydock was lost with all hands, and the project was mothballed.




USS Yamato-A and USS Valentine

ckyamato_valentine.rar | 29.59 MB

nacelles and an armored deflector. The saucer, on the other hand, has recieved a major design overhaul. It sports larger impulse engines, armor of the same type developed for the Sov and increased shuttle capacity which has been split between 2 shutlebays for increased traffic handeling. The only negative points are the fact that the small phaserbanks on the back of the neck and the nacelle platform phasers have been removed, thus creating a rather large blindspot. Rear stardrive phaserbank size hsa been beefed up but it could use more coverage.




Aftermath Wolf 359 Addon Pack

aftermath_wolf_359_addon_pack.rar | 18.49 MB

in Star Trek The Next Generation "Best of both worlds" and Star Trek Deep Space Nine "Emmisary" the pack also includes some other ships as filler and a federation command post, as seen on Star Trek Deep Space Nine.




CG Sovereign Pack | 4.53 MB

replicating quantum torpedo tube The NX has 40 photons and a replicating photon tube. those are the only changes




Core power transfer to batterys or backup | 3.73 KB

a battle, so you can quickly recharge it. The backup power used by Cloak systems, and just enough for a short time, but with the recharge ability, you can use the cloak while you want.




Frontier's Tech Pack

frontiertechpack_v1.1.rar | 32.24 KB

based. Four are projectile based. This modification works with all A.I. ships. But be warned. Using this tech will give your enemy/opponents the same abilities. The updated Frontier's tech pack include the following... [b]Ship Based Tech: Auto-Targeting Advanced Hull Tech Five Second God Phaser/Disruptor Projectile Based Tech: Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) Nano Probe Tech Computer Virus Tech[/b] I would recommend this update, for any player. Who like to augment their overall tactical choices in Quickbattle. This means your enemy will have the same advantage of course. So, let's see if you have what it takes? When dealing with a level battlefield.... Definitely Download Worthy!




SFP Loknar

sfp_loknar.rar | 3.11 MB

warp nacelles combined with the fractal manifold patterns make this ship really stand out. One of the unique features of this ship is the attention to detail such as the sensor pallets under the impulse drive, detailed torpedo module and excelent spotlights.




TOS Federation-class Dreadnought pack | 11.73 MB

his "Starfleet Technical Manual": USS Federation - NCC 2000 USS Star League - NCC 2101 USS Konkordium - NCC 2106 USS Alliance - NCC 2113 USS Entente - NCC 2120 Each one will appear as a separate ship in your "Federation Ships" menu, under the tab "Federation Class", though all of them share the same hardpoint file. The package also includes a Damage Icon Reference Card, showing the position of every subsystem in the in-game icon.




First Contact Cube FIX

fccube_fix.rar | 1 KB





JTK's First Contact Cube

fccube.rar | 3.56 MB

BASES-Section. Check out the multitarget version for realism and tractor ability. Ive used some parts of C2X's BOBW Cube HP, and Captain Russel allowed me to use his Cube's model. Thanks again Russel! And of course thanks everyone who downloads this piece of assimilated technology :> there is a patch for this file available here: [url];100391[/url]




Klingon D 4 battle cruiser Hardpointed | 10.53 MB

Klingon fleet, though it was eventually supplanted by the D5 class. The distinctive silhouette became as much a symbol of the Empire as the Imperial Trefoil itself, and was carried forward into the D6 and D7 classes. Some D4s served into the 2260s; Starfleet included them in Klingon tactical simulations, where they fought alongside the later D7 class against Constitution class vessels.




Nebula-Generating Weapon | 577.44 KB




Overload Systems | 2.12 MB

(except torpedoes). The overload isn't free, the engines, shields and weapons overload costs 20% power from the ship main battery, and will cause some damage to the overloaded system. The core overload is free, but it can cause damage to any of the ship systems. (four overload option included to the core, more power means more damage :) ) When a system is damaged, you will see nice effects at the system coordinates from nanoFX.




Gorn barrage ship | 5.23 MB

attackers fleeing for cover; while those that have stayed to face her down have soon come to regret the decision. Like the Gorn themselves, the ship is massive, powerful and resilient. It is capable of taking multiple hits from enemy capital ships, but it lacks speed and maneuverability. Armament 34 Heavy Disruptor Cannons (8 Fwd, 6 Aft, 10 Port, 10 Starboard) 8 Photon Torpedo Launchers (4 Fwd, 4 Aft) Hull rating: 48500 Shield rating: 30000/30; All faces




BC Ship Auto Modder

bcshipmod.exe | 280.5 KB

will not provide support for the programs use. This is a Command Line Program. NOTE: I'm Planing on writing a GUI Program, witch I will support a somethime




MayflowerMVAM | 2.58 MB

Federation of planets envisioned the Mayflower Class as being the colony support workhorse for the Federation, serving many diverse roles. They are lightly armed and shielded and although classified as medium-range starships, they cannot outmaneuver ships designed for combat and are dependent upon an escort for protection. Mayflower class ships are capable of atmospheric flight and surface landing in direct response to the development and use of a stable form of transporter inhibitors and subspace scattering fields to impede ship to shore and site-to-site transporting of personnel and equipment. For long distance deployment, they can be attached to specially designed Warp Sleds which increase passenger and cargo capacity and have a small shuttle bay that can hold two Type 6 shuttles and are also capable of operating as independent ships. ps look out for my retexture coming soon




BC Dress up Pack v2.0 (Red Alert)

ramenus.rar | 6.62 MB

from last version. Note: You do not need previous version for this to work.




USS Journeyman | 6.49 MB;98328 Original files are not needed for this Mod The ship is balanced to the Post-Nemisis Era.




Luna Class | 9.17 MB

Ambassador but weaker than an Akira. SPECS Length: 450 m 9 Phaser Arrays 2 Fwd Photon/Quantum Torpedo Tubes 2 Aft Photon/Quantum Torpedo Tubes




Decade Class | 4.02 MB

model is one of my best due to the way it has been built, the window of the ship are window and not just painted on the hull, so you can see inside my ship, if people like this i will try to do more models with the same. enjoy




Generation Bridge Refit II | 15.81 MB

lightmaps and brighten up some redone colors and reflections.I went with the darker environment to give a more serious look to it, I hope most of you enjoy. NOTE: this will overwrite your Generations Galaxy Bridge, it will [i]not[/i] install as a separate set.




Starforce2's SFC ship conversion for dummies

ship_conversion_tutorial.rar | 35.56 MB

settings displayed, and how to scale a ship. It shows the nessecary settings and what menu's to find them under. There is also a pair of video which deal with those annoying ships that are "less than perfect". Offcenter ships, ships which have textured or lightmaps removed (likely due to the part of the moel which uses them being cut off for a kitbash) and the textures not being deleted from the mesh, and how avoid conversion failures due to those textures still being there. It also deals with exactly how to adjust a pivot for a mesh so it is centered properly and doesn't rotate on the port impulse engine as it fly's around your screen. If you've ever wanted to know what your site admin-slash-all time favorite modder sounds like on a computer mic....:mepimp:




SFP BC2 Furious

sfpbc2furious.rar | 1.35 MB

and about as agile. While not all that fast at warp, with a top speed of only 8.9, it's combat ability is well beyond other ships of it's size. The Phalanx array, or the array of 12 pulse emitters named after the an ancienct combat tactic, along with rapid fire torpedo launchers gives this ship an excelent alpha strike. High powered phaserbanks in defensive arcs and decent manuverability and a strong hull give this ship excelent defense, enough to easily take down a ship the size of a warbird. ============================notice!=================================== This vessel requires a patch or it will crash!;98146 You must download the file at the link above and install it after the ship to get the pulse weapon fix! =====================================================================




SFP BC2 Katan

sfpkatan.rar | 2.43 MB

dark hull, and a very low profile when viewed from any angle except above or below, giving it the ability to make itself a very hard target, especialy for anyone using a manual weapons control. AT 320m, it is probably atmospheric capable. It is not know if it can actualy land, however. It does lack one thing it's larger cousin, the Siaf, has..which is the large 1500 damage pulse weapons on the front of the vessel. It contains mostly medium pulses and a handfull of light pulses. It's lack of useable internal space means it lacks the nessecary power infrastructure for heavy weapons, and it also limits the length of time the ship my operate without resupply. This is the second Reman from Raven Night, and it re-uses the sounds from the previous Saif, so if you have those installed you need not do anything beyond add the ship. If you do not, you'll need to add the sound file in the custom/autoload directory (thought I always thought autoload ment you just dropped in the file and it worked, but I don't know why it doesn't). Maybe someone can answer that question. At any rate, it fires green and orange pulses. Green are romulan weapons, and the orange are remans. They are also 2 different power levels. Obviously, the idea is that Remans would use some romulan tech on their ships, goofy as you may think it to have orange and green weapons on the same vessel.




Post Dominion War Excelsior Bridge

pdw_excelsior_bridge.rar | 14.94 MB

LCARS. it is stand-alone bridge so it will not overwrite anything from Yamaguchi bridge except for animations (which are the same). It uses Sovereign class sounds (tho they won't be overwritten as they are stored in different folder) hope you enjoy another bridge mod from me ;)




USS Apex | 1.54 MB

Launch-s];39370 [i] Note to Author: [b] It was more than likely an oversight on your part , [/b] But the Next time a ship, you upload With Out the mention of Shuttle Launch capabilites , and Not giving Credit to Evan Light aka sleight42 for his Shuttle Launch ,the file will not be posted and deleted and returned to you for you to correct, then resubmit, but these people have put a-lot of work into these addons. and deserve to be noticed [/i] not bad ship




Cardassian Hybrid new hardpoint | 23.83 KB

Sovergin and then all of the hybrids come in and you get severe damage done to your ship but you manage to take them out, well those days are back, this new HP is totally revamped including redone Disruptor and Torpedo armaments, also as an added bonus i decided to add a bridge too the HP where it would normally be, but since a bridge isint on a cardassian ship (that i know of) it only LOOKS right. (plus noone else decided to redo the HP and personally 6 years is a little long a time to wait to revamp a Hardpoint, if you know what i mean)




SR-1 Normandy | 61.54 KB

Please read the readme within regarding it's use.




Cardassian Crew w Galor Bridge Refit v.1.0

cardassian_crew_galor_bridge_refit_patch.rar | 4.07 KB

HeadCard folder where the lovely Demora is located. The was a last minute addition. I do not use Saffi for my X.O. Haven't done so since 2003, lol Special thanks to nexxus21 for contacting me on the matter. Sorry for any Inconvenience. BR32




Cardassian Crew Total Conversion w/ Galor Bridge

cardassian_crew_galor_bridge_refit_v.1.0.rar | 28.96 MB

mod. You can install the mod manually. Or you can use the .EXE automatic installer, where all the hard work is done for you. This mod basically gives you the option to play BC as a Cardassian bridge commander. Mutator controlled, the Cardassian bridge crew will not only change in Appearance, but in name as well. Most notable about this new crew? Cardassian females a first for Bridge Commander. I originally made this mod as a request from Apollo for the now defunct ATP: Dimensions. This mod also come with a custom Galor Bridge, this a stand alone set and will not overwrite the original Galor Set released by 3rd Era. Also included for those of you who are using the Male X.O. Total Conversion. An alternative Male Cardassian X.O. controlled by Mutator. This mod is offered in .rar format and is optional. So, you have problems with the Federation and Klingon Empire's ever expanding borders? Now, You can take matters in your own hands! And defend the interests of Cardassia, As a member of the Cardassian Militia! Since this is my Mod, I'll let you rate it... Enjoy! [i][b]* Cardassian Crew Patch:[/b];92496[/i] [u] Recommended Ship Pack:[/u] [i]* Dominion Wars Cardassian Ship Pack:;41344[/i]




Borg Scimitar

borgscimitar.rar | 1.97 MB

damaged borg vessel, in this case, the miniature escape-pod sphere, could latch onto another disabled ship, a Reman Scimitar and 'merge' with it, producing a hybrid borg supership. Using C2's scimitar, CR's sphere and a few frustrating hours in milkshape, I've tried to do just that, the end result surprisingly being (hopefully) good enough for release. Anyway, have a look at the screenshots and see what you think!





tgledit.exe | 100 KB




Refited Oberth class ship | 2.9 MB

look its alot bigger then the oberth class its the same size of a new orleans class. The ship it self it a cut in remodel job from the Starforce productions & LC Amaral Cheyenne class ive just made it into the shape of an oberth class so most of the credit must go to them (see credit part of read me) The hard points are no way perfect and will over write the Starforce Productions Camel Destroyer so could be redone to the ship. Ive used the Starforce Productions Camel Destroyer hard points to get the ship in game playable




LaFayette Class Starship | 4.22 MB

torpedoes forward and two aft. This ship is a fairly powerful ship as I found out while testing it out in a KM1.0 install. The Lafayette managed to easily destroy a dominion battlecruiser (taking minor damage), a Galaxy Class (shield damage) and a Vor'cha (shield damage). While against a Sovereign it won once out of three battles although I suspect there was a lucky hit in the battle that the Lafayette won. A detailed and well made ship that would go well with any attack group, although for fun I would suggest you try this against a small federation destroyer fleet, a small dominion task force or against a Sovereign to see how long it lasts. Although this ship would be perfect for escort ships as it would be able to survive hit and run attacks (or even making the hit and run attacks)




Realistic Technology 1.1

real_tech_1.1.rar | 1.39 MB

powers of almost any kind including roots with a pow(x,y) command, as well as a script to calculate which shield facing was hit by a weapon. The Realistic Torpedos Add-on provides the following features: • Phased Torpedo (both temporal i.e. croton, and Quantum i.e. phased Plasma) • Gravimetric/Anti-Gravimetric Torpedo • Energy Draining Torpedo • Hyperion (Shield Draining) Torpedo The Realistic Shields Add-on currently only includes the Retentive Shield This release includes • Realistic Technology 1.1 Framework (Core System) • Realistic Torpedos • Realistic Shields for those with the privious version you might want this




CE Nebula Class Pack | 21.19 MB

the BEST Nebula Class Vessels Available! Grab it now! NOTE: The CE Nebula has compatability issues with Captain Russells (CR's) Nebula Class pack, this stems from both packs using the same ship file names in the scripts/ships directory of your BC Install. For anyone who wishes to download this pack you must first uninstall CR's Pack or delete the "nebulae" file in the scripts/custom/ships directory, after which the pack should work properly. This is clearly stated in the readme. From The Author "The CE Nebula Class Pack represents my efforts to bring a canon Nebula Class to Star Trek Bridge Commander™. The CE Nebula was based on the original work of Erazoren from his U.S.S. Endeavour Nebula Class. The original model has since been re-edited with several areas being tweaked or replaced completely. Included in this ship pack is the Standard Nebula Class as well as the Phoenix Science variant. New textures have also been made to closely resemble the Nebula Class studio model and new hardpoints help to give the feel of a canon Nebula Class when playing it ingame. The CE Nebula Class Pack also has bonus material which includes Canon Nebula .nif files complete with square deflectors. Alternate deflector textures, and Blank registry textures so you can create your own registries for BC."




Intrepid Bridge Reflections

intrepid_bridge_retexture.ace | 15.22 MB

this! Note: Dont forget to make backups of your original intrepid bridge texture, just incase. From The Author, \"This is my second Reflections bridge,here I give you the Intrepid Class Bridge completly redone, everything is sharpened up, re-texture, shined up, and I even changed some of the LCARS, I also recolored to come as close as I could get to the cannon intrepid bridge off of Voyager\"




Motion Picture Torpedoes Version 1.0

motion_picture_torps.rar | 130.08 KB

in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. This is my first community mod and I hope everyone enjoys it."




Lint's USS Excelsior NX-2000

lints_excelsior.rar | 2.93 MB

installed by now anyway) Best: if you read the readme




Andromedan Destroyer | 618.82 KB

:D Enjoy!




First Contact Excelsior Bridge

excelrefit_n.rar | 9.07 MB

is handled for you. Retextured by Jesse, with LCARS by Glenn and model changes by Mark, the FC Excelsior aims to create a vision of what the Excelsior Class bridge may look like, by the time of First Contact. The bridge comes with a complete set of sounds, and supports Bridge Plugin Effects. The First Contact Excelsior Bridge set is "sleek and stylized". This will be a welcome addition to your Bridge Collection. Definitely Download Worthy!




Intrepid Bridge v.3.2

intrepid_v3.2_l.rar | 10.8 MB

That said this is not the same bridge we saw in KM1.0, with optimised command chairs the team has managed to save more polygons that have now been spent on the ceiling lighting. Additionally in this “Low” version of the bridge, there are lower resolution textures and less taxing effects included. The bridge still supports all the features that it did in Kobayashi Maru 1.0 (although you will need BP Core Gold), including Animations at alert change, Alert FX, and a complete set of custom sounds giving you an authentic Intrepid class experience. All this with the added improvements results in a higher quality, and better performing bridge which truly showcases what a modder can do with Bridge Commander. I would suggest this mod for Low end gigs. or for some looking to maximize their PC's performance with low resolution textures and mesh. This Bridge set is a must have for any true Star Trek: Voyager fan. Worth Having a look at....




Crystalline Entity

crystalline_entity.rar | 1.78 MB

"Datalore" episode the Crystalline entity will wreak havoc with your assembled shields. On that score, the Crystalline Entity can bring down a powerful ship. There is a way to defend from the entity's onslaught. But, it's best you discover that on your own. The Crystalline Entity is not a god ship by any means. But it's well balanced for any install. This mod is compatible with QB, QBR, QBA and KM 1.0. Also to achieve the canon glow effect of the Entity. Just run your enhanced glows. Definitely worth having a look at...




Construct Mod (KM)

construct_mod_v4.rar | 4.81 MB

new ships.\" You do need to read the readme before downloading this, otherwise you will have a problem, later on. Requirements Kobayashi Maru 0.9 or any higher version (tested with v1.0);81222 .NET Framework for the PluginCreator (can be gotten here) Note to Author: in future provide the link to the required mod, that other people will need to get this to work. (some people have trouble searching, for some items)




U.S.S. Sundown - Miranda Class Variant

uss_sundown.rar | 4.96 MB

ship is a part of the secret federation forces formed in the Federation - Klingon War. The ship itself is covered with black hull platings which apparently might make it more difficult to see. It also in turn makes it look more deadly than it is or at least look the part of a secret vessel in starfleet! This ship is armed with Klingon disruptor beams, pulse disruptors, Romulan Plasma Beams, a cloaking device and standard federation equipment including phasers. This ship is fairly powerful however it has a fairly narrow firing arc, meaning you will have to almost face your target head on and some of the weapons have slow recharge rates. While this ship is powerful against other TMP Ships, it does have its weaknesses including weak points in the shields where constand and sustained weapons fire will get through the shielding.




New Capt. Orders

captains_orders_0.2.rar | 3.94 MB

several things this mod does, But a Warning this mod DOES have known bugs and also there are two ways to Install so you best read it, to discover what is best for you. Basically the author created this mod to add functionality to BC. Note to the author: In future enclose links, in your readme to programs that are required to get to make your mod work. many people are new Here to BC, and they may not be familiar to some programs\\mods that are just mentioned in the readme. Might also, want to tell \"What was fixed\"!




Mutator Backup | 5.77 KB

of already implemented DS9FX feature and it simply backups your mutator configuration\" many of us with Lower end computers can\'t run a full DS9fx, along with our other mods we have installed so I for one am very glad USS Sovereign has choosen to release, this mod seperately. you will need;56343 READ the readme it does contain some very important information (Like How to use) :D:D




Cardassian Hardpoint Pack | 39.1 KB

and more organized firing sequencing." REQUIRED:;23601;23600;9499;9500;82864 WARNING folks: If you do not want these as permanent replacements, BACKUP FIRST IF YOU ARE NOT SATTISFIED!! however if you like them delete your backup Note to author: on your requirements , in future supply some Links (those you can get) for what others need to make your mod work.




New Torpedo's | 5.33 KB

expect a huge package, there are only made 5 torps that are meant for stock replacement. Warning folks: make backups , these Will replace your stock torpedo's Read the readme thoroughly Note to author: In future Include links to the Mods, you require for others to use in your torpedo's (or tell them where to obtain your requirement) :borg:




The Tardis

tardis_retexture.rar | 729.44 KB

and spacecraft in the British science fiction television programme Doctor Who. (it's bigger inside, than outside) Hey folks, It is Rather Important to read the readme NOTE to the author of this file Include your email address in Every readme of any file you submit to BCFiles




CE's Background Pack

ce_background_packv2.rar | 42.8 MB

bring a whole new level to Bridge Commander's system maps. So take out your favorite starship and check out the neighboring systems. Warping there will be half the fun! Definitely Download Worthy!!




Asteriod Base | 835.96 KB

to the teeth, she is an excellent example of Outpost defense. I tested this Base against a Reman Scimitar and (3) Saif Battlecruisers. The Asteriod Base made short work of them, but she did not come away unscaved. As for strength? I would guage this around Post TMP to Post Nemesis. The Asteriod base seems to be able to handle any ship from this time frame save the Borg. I would suggest this base for those who like to customise their QBR scripts. One can never have "enough" starbases. And the Asteriod base fits the bill nicely. Definately Download Worthy!




Collection of Breen Ships

breenshippack.rar | 1.65 MB

and don\'t have all of them yet, get this Pay Careful Attention to the readme (Read it) :D




Pegasus Bridge

pegasus_bridge.rar | 21.77 MB

captain, and he and Ensign William T. Riker managed to fight their way to an escape pod. The ship was lost shortly after. Years later, Admiral Pressman commanded the USS Enterprise to recover the vessel, and unique "properties" of the vessel came into light. ALL this was DONE BY Bsilver2928, Barihawk and 3rd Era Bridge Team One can never have too many bridges Screenshots tell a lot, but not all so get this. There is some alternate carpets included tells more in the readme file. Read the readme file some good information there.:D




Terran Empire Iss Stargazer TMP

iss_stargazer2.0.rar | 2.2 MB

Picard, not only was the enemy destroyed at the Battle of Maxia, but he did not abandon ship and got back to the Empire. retextured by RedLeader1701 THIS SHIP WILL OVERWRITE THE LAST ISS STARGAZER IF YOU HAVE IT SO MAKE A BACKUP IF YOU DONT LIKE THIS ONE!!!! Note to author: Include you email in Every readme file , so if Others have a problem they might be able to reach you




Canon Admiral\'s Uniform

canon_fc_admirals_uniform.rar | 390.67 KB

belt & redone the upper part on the shoulders. the author has also improved the com badge a bit. (if you like the old one Make Back-up, this Will overwrite) you do need to read the readme file though




U.S.A.F. Odyssey

usaf_odyssey_season_10.rar | 8.2 MB

original Odyssey weapons. The Karolev and Dedalus weapons will not be modified. You can install this ship without the Stargate Ship Pack or Battlestar Galactica Fleet Pack, but i suggest the download of those packs, because they are great. Read All of the Readme file (Note to the author, Please include your email with every file you submitt)




Terran Empire Prometheus (TNG) | 2.62 MB

Prometheus is a TNG ship so its really a \"What if\" ship, good design Good for your Terran fleet though:D




Terran Galaxy Class Pack

sns_terran_galaxysseperate_install.rar | 25.07 MB

on the original Scotchy\'s Galaxy. These ships are more powerful than that of the Federation counterparts, to start with all of the ships have a cloaking device, and all of the ships now have quantum torpedoes. The Standard Galaxy Class (ISS Galaxy, ISS Enterprise D, ISS Dauntless, ISS Odyssey and ISS Yamato) all have the standard photon torpedoes as well as 20 additional quantum torpedoes. These ships also have more powerful phaser arrays which make them more powerful than the counterpart starfleet ships and with the additional cloaking device it makes a better attacking vessel. The Venture Variants (ISS Venture, and ISS Cortez) these ships have an additional 60 quantum torpedoes alongside their standard photon torpedoes. The weapons on the Venture Variant are more than capable of taking on heavy cruisers and above and perhaps would make a good fight against a Sovereign. The War Galaxy Variants (ISS San Francisco and ISS Trinculo) have had their photon torpedoes replaced with Quantum torpedoes, as well as this its main phasers have been increased making it a more deadlier foe to face against. If used correctly and timed right this ship can be fairly powerful against some of the more heavier ships including the Sovereign and similar (doesn\'t mean it would always win though). All of the above ships include the marking of the Terran Empire which are very clear and detailed on the ships hull both ventral and dorsal sides. [b][u]Requirements[/u][/b] [b]Replace Stock Ships[/b]: No [b]Replace Any Ships[/b]: No [b]Required Files[/b]: See Readme [b]Requires Nano FX[/b]: Yes




Regent Worf\'s Flagship (Mirror Universe)

regent_worf_flagship.rar | 1.3 MB

of a standard Negh\'Var with weapons to match. There are two hard points included one with a Cloak and one with out just like in the episode \"The Emperor\'s New Cloak\". This ship is fairly powerful however there are some bugs where some of the ship may disappear when it takes damage. Highly recommended for those that want to reenact the battles between the Defiant and the Regents ship as seen in the above mentioned episode.




Terran Empire - Enterprise-E

iss_enterprise_e.rar | 5.56 MB

No one really knows how the Terran Empire rebuilt itself very quickly however, after the first crossover to the mirror universe by two DS9 officers many Starship Captains of the Federation found it hard to believe what they were told about the situation in the mirror universe, they didn’t really believe that their counterparts would just give up there hostile ways and let the mirror spock reform the empire. However during the late 23rd century there was a civil war within the empire between Spock’s faction and the Terrans that didn’t want these ‘weak’ reforms who were led by Captain Sulu however many alien worlds were with Spock and the Terran faction found themselves outnumbered so they decided to regroup during this regroup they headed to the bajoran system where they by chance found an wormhole which headed to the gamma quadrent were they constructed an outpost however after they began to rebuild hey came in contact with the Dominion which was relatively peaceful due to the fact they controlled most of the gamma quadrant and they found themselves un prepared for a fight. There was a brief war between the two however a alliance was made when the Borg invaded and over 70 % of Dominion was lost even though the cube was destroyed. The rest of the remains of the Dominion became part of a new Terran empire under an agreement that the Empire would protect the founders against such foes as the Borg to which with their new members they began construction of new weapons such as the making of a new breed of jem’a’dar and ships to which one class was the Sovereign War-class which were equipped with cloaking devices. The 2nd to be built was the ISS Enterprise-E under the command of Major Picard This New Terran Empire with its new found power continues to wait on the other side of the wormhole waiting to return the and alpha quadrant to once again return their homeworld to its former glory and take their revenge against those who defied them during the Empires civil war.[/quote] Check the screenshots and download as long as supplies last! :D




Terran Empire 1701A TMP | 3.66 MB

Empire fleet addition




Terran Empire Akira

mirror_akira_beta.rar | 6.02 MB

however my time is limited so i decided to release the beta for the time being




Terran Empire Bloodwolf Class - ISS Enterprise

bloodwolf.rar | 6.77 MB

make the Emperor proud.




Terran Empire Intrepid | 4.6 MB

your Terran Empire fleet if you have the orginal WarShipIntrepid, have No fears this is a seperate ship you will need NanoFX for the blinkers on the ship :)




Terran Empire 1701 (connie TOS) | 1.56 MB

looks good :) If you like Terran Empire ships, you best download this :D




More Canon Shield Textures | 4.45 MB

Example :donut:




Terran ConstitutionTOS -new HP

terran_tos_conie_new_hp.rar | 137.09 KB

hp: -Forward phasers more powerful and with a pulse texture (since the Terrans had the Conie design since the 22nd century is logical that even if they had slow dvelopent becouse of being more advanced than their enemys they would still modify the design. the phasers are a step tuwards the TMP Phasers) -Added Cloak -Forward shield 10000 points more powerfull. other shields 500 more powerfull. You need these Requierments: Andurils TOS Constitution (phaser textures, phaser sounds and torpedo);5450 Akyazi class pack (Pulse phaser texture);75361 USS Ticonderosa (pulse phaser sound);76039 NOTE: Author , INCLUDE your email, in ALL submissions Include Installation Instructions IN ALL submissions




Vulcan Surak HP | 10.12 KB

And contrary to the readme, its only got phaser banks (as it should), not arrays. I won't post pics as you can see them at the link I posted.




Cardassian Planetary System | 14.28 MB

planet at a time. The mod does not include any ships or stations.




Starfleet Museum Romulan Pack

sfm_romulan_pack.rar | 3.11 MB

special properties. The Capsize can fire missiles while cloaked and the Cricket has a Plasma Torpedo that does variable damage depending on distance.




Discharge Shields V2 | 378.38 KB

any weapon. Compared to the previous version this one has a more detailed and higher resolution texture and is a lot smother. This will replace any shield texture mod that you currently have installed. The Author advises that you back up your original shield texture. If you decide not to keep this modification.




Krenim Timeship | 969.87 KB

price... This can't handle damage textures at all, so turn them off before using this ship or it will cause a fatal error! Also the main beam has an extremely narrow firing arc and has to be tightly lined up with your target. It does have a plentiful supply of disruptor's all over the hull to compensate for this though. So, get rid of that pesky Janeway and the starship Voyager by downloading today!




Late TNG Galaxy Bridge (Retexture)

late_tng_galaxy_bridge_update.rar | 857.25 KB

original blue colour to a red colour during red alert and secondly the addition of "MVAM Maps" to this bridge which includes a condition blue color scheme to the bridge where the status panels, roof and the alert lights go to a blue colour during any MVAM sequence. MVAM Maps is a feature available in the new version of BPCore which will be released soon, the feature will not work with the currently available Core. Highly recommended for those that want to see a blue alert on the Galaxy bridge even if it is only during a Multi Vector Assault Mode type of action. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up your files. [b]Please Note that the following files are required for this bridge retexture to work[/b] [file=64277]Late Galaxy Bridge[/file] Kobayashi Maru 1.0 for the Bridge Plugin Core Gold The latter Bridge Plugin is Currently a Beta and will no doubt have bugs that may not have been fixed as of yet, please download at your own risk.




SW TIE Fleet Pack

tie_series_v1.rar | 8.88 MB

own plugin. You need: SubMenu I HIGHLY Recommend the Single Pulse toggle, as it WILL be required for my next SW pack. The Fighters show up in: Star Wars Ships > Imperial Ships >Fighters required:;68668 (for future reference, can you add the link in your readme to your required file (s))




[KRT] "Bearable" Saffi | 1.45 MB

it seems now a bit more difficult to hate her and wish death upon her as much lol. I, for one, am really looking forward to what projects Kweeky is working on next ;) Welcome to the BC Community, Kweeky!! :) :beer: There are high and medium res versions. I'm sorry, but if you want to have 64x64 textures or whatever, just use default Saffi!




Maarten's Tractor Beam

maartens_tractor_beams_v2.0.rar | 146.13 KB

with a gold/red spiral v2.0:- This includes 4 more beams: A Blue/green/red beam (all races) A Fully red beam (for the Klingon) A Very light brown with dark brown beam (ferangi tractor beam) A Subspace beam




Engineering Background

atl_001_sve.rar | 146.66 KB




We Are The Borg

we_are_the_borg.rar | 327.04 KB

this mission in deepspace in 1 of 5 Borg Diamonds. Order the fleet to follow you and set course for Sol3. Destroy everything not Borg. Nexus out.




Achilles Class U.S.S. Vengeance

achilles_rescaled_v1.4.rar | 2.84 MB

easily as it has done in the past and the textures have been slightly modified to look better in game. There are two vessels included in this modification pack, the USS Vengeance and the USS Achilles. The ship are armed with photon, quantum and tri cobalt devices and is a match for several ships up to at least the battlecruiser level perhaps more. The Vengeance is the more powerful ship out of the two, however it is more difficult to control than that of the Achilles. This modification also includes a small fan fiction about the Vengeance.




ZZ's Miranda Pack

miranda_pack.rar | 9.39 MB

seen in DS-9 episode "Emissary") The Mirandas that didn't take part on the Dominion War (Lantree, Reliant, Soyuz, Saratoga) have hull platings in better condition than the Sitak and ShirKahr, who saw extensive action during the war and were eventually destroyed in the major battles to retake DS9 and the invasion of the Chin'toka system. The textures on the hulls reflect that. The TMP Reliant and Soyuz fire twin phasers from the turrets as seen in ST2:TWOK. Although it was still operational in the 24th century the Lantree also fires from both turrets, since it was transformed on a cargo ship and Starfleet didn't see the need to upgrade its weapons. It has an old registry number NCC-1837, even older than the Reliant. All the others fire 1 beam from the 2 turrets, as seen in various TNG and DS-9 episodes. Mirandas with old warp engines (i.e. Black Nacelles on both sides) must power them up before going to warp (they'll glow blue when you do so). You can do this through the MVAM menu. You won't be able to warp with TMP vessels without powering up the nacelles. You also need;50270 Enjoy




Laredo (NX Class) - NCC 03 | 4.07 MB

ships in bridge commander with the exception of freighters, however these ships can take on the Romulan Vessel from the NX period (although maybe not win) and perhaps others from the NX period. This ship has very similar hardpoints to that of the original P81 NX Enterprise.




SFP bugship patch

sfpbugshippatch.rar | 123.08 KB

FTP and JLH FX on the SFPwarship.




Relievable Crewmembers

releved.ace | 10.67 KB




Bridge Commander Portuguese

stbc_portuguese_brasil_translation_pack.exe | 65.52 MB

version 1.1. Other mods (like EOL 1.3 & 1.4, MPMP 1.4, KM 0.9 & 0.9.1) must be downloaded from BCfiles and are not included in this mod. Some parts of the game could not be translated. Please refer to the README (LEIA-ME) for further information. Any issues, problems or suggestions you have, please contac the authors: Siclair (Translator): Orlando (spell checker): To install the ugrades for mods (like EOL 1.3 & 1.4, MPMP 1.4, KM 0.9 & 0.9.1) you must first install the original mods BEFORE installing the upgrades contained here. Dedicated to all the Star Trek and Star Trek B.C. fans, and to our friends and familiars (of the authors, of course).[/quote]




Space Station K-7 | 636.94 KB




Romulan Crew | 1.07 MB

the other Bridges. The best part about this is that you can turn it on or off in the Mutators menu, So you can have say the Voyager Unifroms as Default and you turn the Rom Crew on you see romulan uniforms and Faces. This is a must get.




Assimilated USS Valkyrie

borgvalkyrie.rar | 7.61 MB

and speed, as well as very fast regeneration of weapons, engines, and shield arcs - you\'ll need to hammer this ship with constant fire from a powerful vessel in order to take it down.




SWs CSD Star Destroyer | 824.49 KB

is a must have. Thanks starforce2 for pointing this inconsistency out This brings, into compatibility with the new foundation




Berlin Class Set

berlinbig.rar | 79.75 MB

be CareFull this will take some time to download if you are on Dial-up.




Change Warp Speed 2.0 | 711.23 KB

Warp Speeds of ships. Max Warp speeds have the effect on the sliderbar allowing you only to slide up to the max designated speed. Cruise Speeds represent 'safety' speeds, beyond those speeds Warp Engines start to degrade based on a mathematical formula. You won't have to define speeds for each ship, this is only an addon feature. By default Change Warp Speed will presume that Max Warp and Cruise Speeds are 9.99.




Post Nemesis Enterprise E

post_nemesis_enterprise_e_v2.rar | 5.89 MB

Also, this ship has a rear quantum turret, and extra impulse drives on the lower hull, and increased maneuverability.




B5 Centauri Vorchan | 1.94 MB

has alot of weapons, as did the one in the show. It is quite a formittable ship, that is fast and quite maneuverable.




Ori Mothership | 5.28 MB

*data/models/ships/OriWarship folder, and rename the NIF file OriWarship.




Extra Mission Mod

extra_mission_menu_v1.0.exe | 557.52 KB

showing all missions in the custom folder (Not all directorys Missions Only). The “Test Only” Button Still appears when using -TestMode so if a mission dosen\'t work try using Test Mode first. (the readme is also in pdf format when this uncompresses)




B5 Centauri Warship | 3.14 MB

ship has many weapons too.




Galor Class Bridge

galorclassbridge.rar | 6.6 MB

BPSounds and BP Map Swapping, so if you have BridgePlugin installed you can expect some extra suprises. This does not come with a Cardassian crew, however we are working on it.




Babylon 5 - Bluestar

bluestar.rar | 1.81 MB

form a jump point (warp in Bridge Commander though). This ship was only seen in the last episode of Babylon 5 - Season 5 which was set 19 - 20 years after season 5 itself. The ship is fairly powerful for the ship of its size, and can take on several different ships from the star trek universe although will struggle against the larger (its not actually a one shot kill against a galaxy class, its a lot more difficult). This ship is armed with two pulse cannons similar to that of those one the whitestar.




BC2 - Pvor

bc2_pvor1.0.rar | 8.21 MB

Cruisers from the TNG Era with ease taking some damage. The Pvor is capable of matching for speed and manuverability all but the fastest of the Federation starships, it has strong shielding but lacks strong armour. The Pvor is armed with one dual plasma torpedo launcher, two heavy disruptors, five medium disruptors, and four light disruptors. These weapons can make short work of most shielding of a Galaxy Class relatively quickly (but watch out for the torpedoes). Using cloaking attacks this ship can destroy even larger vessels more quickly but watch out for the quantum torpedoes (or similar) as those will give the ship damage. This ship is highly recommended for those that want to see more Romulan Ships in the game.




BC2 - Pvash Type R

bc2_typerv1.0.rar | 1.24 MB

Defiant class although not as powerfully armed, although this ship does have stronger armour and shields. In a straight fight it is more than likely that the defiant would win due to its weapons, but if you hit and run using the cloaking device you have a chance. This ship would be more useful as an escort ship. This ship is highly detailed and very well made, and recommended for those that want to see Romulan ships in bridge commander.




BC2 - Pvash Type D

bc2_typedv1.0.rar | 1.05 MB

the Galaxy but would win some if you have some good tactics. This ship is armed with 1 Dual torpedo tube which can fire multiple torpedoes at a time, as well as several quick firing disruptors that can cause moderate to heavy damage depending on where they hit. This ship can be very powerful if used in the right way (i.e. hit and run cloak attacks). This ship is highly detailed and very well made, and recommended to those that would like to see more romulans in Bridge Commander.




Phalantium Wave | 1.42 MB




Advanced Shield Textures

advanced_shield_textures.rar | 7.89 MB

retexture... the next two are the \"Plasma Shield\" shield retextures... and the final two are the \"Quantum Net\" shield retextures... screenshots created by author...




Bexar (Galaxy Class) - NCC 71718 | 4.55 MB

high end computer or for those that like larger battles. This ship is armed with numerous phaser banks and photon torpedo tubes that are capable of firing 8 torpedoes forward and 4 torpedoes aft (very similar to that of the stock galaxy weapons layout). This ship is more than a match for most cruisers of the TNG Level, but will struggle against larger ships such as the Dominion Warship and above.




NX Era Uniform Mod | 25.27 MB

bug. [i] Don-t forget the fix at;97287 [/i]:D




Engineering | 106.35 KB





ds9fxvideo.rar | 20.69 MB

flexible, and includes features like a dockable DS9 station. And much more! This is certainly worth checking out- Download ASAP!!




Bridge Plugin 0.8 Nullifier

bridgeplugin0.8nullifier.rar | 99.69 KB

causing issues including BPSounds and JediFX, these modules will be rereleased at a later point when they are considered stable enough. Installation of this file will be [b]required[/b] before you can install any of the Bridge Plugin Required bridges such as the TOS Bridge Pack, without installing this first you will be likely to encounter compatability issues.




Real Crew Mod | 5.14 MB

recommended that you back up your files just incase you mess up your computer or you do not like this modification. [b]Requirements[/b] None [b]Install Instructions[/b] To install this modification, extract all of files within the zip file into .../activision/Bridge Commander/ Before you do this, you should back up any files.




TMP Uniforms Ensign Retexture | 8.38 MB

IMHO, Grey was the sign of a Communications Officer. But in either case, I would suggest this mod to a experience modder who knows how to update their TMP Uniforms.




Ancient / Alteran Puddle Jumper | 1.82 MB

avoid shots from the Ha\'taks weapons at longer ranges but will get hit close up. The puddle jumper is only armed with 36 Drones which are all very powerful (even more so if you have Future Technologies), these weapons can easily destroy many ships including Ha\'taks, TNG Cruiser Level ships from TNG. The Puddle Jumper is more than a match for the wraith dart or even six. Although this may seem an uber ship, it is far from it as its hull is very weak in comparison to its weapons as any ship armed with phasers or a few unlucky hits from pulse phasers, distruptors or staff weapons can easily damage its hull. The bad points, the puddle jumper is only set to one form which is the one where its engines and weapons are outside of its hull. An idea for improvement perhaps the use of MVAM to add the different forms of the puddle jumper including where the weapons and engines are in the hull, although that would be the limitations of Bridge Commander. There are also no sounds to make it sound like a puddle jumper. Overall a highly recommended ship to fight against the wraith or the goa\'uld. For fun try taking the Puddle Jumper against the Anubis Ha\'tak and see how long you last.




USS Artemis

ca_ussartemis.rar | 5.01 MB

gameplay this ship gives, the hardpoint is not overpowered but it does fit the role of the vessel. The ship is rather agile however it needs to be with its less-than-powerful shields and average payload. You will also be pleasantly suprised by the sound effects that come with the ship, they are very origional and add an extra element to the mod. The ship comes in a nice .exe file its easy to install. Overall it's a nice ship and worth adding to your fleet.




Vulcan Ratar Pack - Black75 HPs

ratarpack.rar | 953.67 KB

Both ships include an impressive array of phasers, a strong torpedo barrage, as well as port and starboard cannons.




Vulcan Warbird AenNneaThhaei - FattyTheKing HPs | 1.33 MB

with weapons facing in all directions. Its maybe a little weaker than a sovereign but can still win against one. Ive also equiped it with my Quasar Bomb torpedoes, but only 3 as they are powerful enough to take a ship out in 1 or 2 shots. The enemies of the vulcans will not "Live long and prosper" for long against this ship!




Improved x303 Prometheus & x303 refit | 3.42 MB

is based on the 6th season episode "Disclosure", that includes air to air missiles and small yellowish Asgard pulse weapons. The second version, the X303 Refit includes air to air missiles, rail guns and a volley of Naquada enriched type 9 nuclear warheads. These ships can narrowly handle a standard Goa'uld Ha'tak Mothership. But the Anubis Ha'tak and the Replicator Ha'tak will provide more of a challenge. In either case you will not come away "unscathed". So prepare to defend the Earth from the latest threats in the Galaxy! Defiantly Download Worthy!




F - 302

f302.rar | 743.44 KB

and 2 cannons which have a limited ammo supply. This ship can easily take out a few wraith darts or goa\'uld death gliders with ease, although will be destroyed in the process. This ship has been scaled very well to the recently released Daedalus Class (BC 304) when compared to its launch bay. This ship is relatively weak and you will have to monitor the power settings for this fighters weapons, sensors and engines as it does run out very quickly if you use all of these at 100% power. In a one vs one against a wraith dart it is possible for either to win depending on who gets the first shot, although while testing the F302 won more of the battles (AI V AI Fights).




Year of Hell Voyager Retexture | 2.73 MB

areas, hull breaches, scorched sections and also included are more fires where the hull has been comprimised. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up the original textures (if you already have the mod), just in case you do not like this retexture mod. [b]Required Files[/b] [file=40368]Year of Hell Voyager[/file]




Stargate: Atlantis- Wraith Dart

wraithdart.rar | 959.79 KB

if used in a "Wolfpack" of eight or more. The Wraith Dart is armed with a pulse weapon. but will not hold up to a direct assault. This will be an excelent addition to your Stargate Collection! Download ASAP!!




Bridge Plugin Completement Video

bridge_pluging_complement_video.rar | 3.96 MB

promising. -Pille




Vor'Cha Pack

zz_nxn_vorcha_pack.rar | 13.83 MB

weapons in exchange for a barrage of photons. The Assault version has a lot of disruptor beams to fight many small ships at once, like the Jem'Hadar bugships. The War Destroyer has a pair of big pulse cannons underneath, like the ones seem on the Negh' Var. The Tactical War Destroyer has everything the WD has, plus more shields, armor and a 3rd nacelle. And finally the Dreadnought, which is the very last step before the Negh' Var, with beams, pulse, torpedos and extra shields and armor. This pack is balanced against the SNS Galaxy version.




Doomsday Bio Creature | 1.67 MB

destroy a Galaxy Class in 2 seconds make this a REAL monster.




Federation TOS Chandley Class | 3 MB

parties or \'prize crews\' capable of following through on successful campaigns against retreating or routed enemies. In many operations it was discovered that Starfleet vessels were held back on capturing disabled enemy vessels and largely ineffectual in taking control of enemy outpost, and therefore slow to press their advantage. To solve this problem Starfleet began developing a starship capable of filling this niche, amongst those designs proposed was the Chandley, a design that has since proved to be the most effective. Once commissioned, the Chandley class not only met the requirements of a deep space heavy combat vessel, but could also beam its sizable marine complement in less than 6 minutes, allowing for almost instant follow through. Class: Frigate (FF)




Supremus Class | 4.45 MB

Star Trek Nemesis. This ship can easily take on most TNG Vessel such as Cruisers or destroyers with ease, however this may struggle against more powerful vessels such as the Sovereign, Prometheus or Romulan Warbirds and similar. This ship is armed with numerous phaser arrays and 4 Photon Torpedo Tubes (2 Forward and 2 Aft) that can either fire 3 (forward) or 2 (aft) torpedoes a time each. While testing this ship, the Supremus managed to destroy an Intrepid Class and a Defiant Class with minor - moderate damage to its outer hull. Unlike most other vessels this ship also has a multipurpose capability (Role Play only) similar to that of the Nebula with its Pods.




CR Borg Cube | 6.44 MB

SINGLE-FIRE hardpoint. The ship\'s weapons have been re-done from my usual Borg weapons so that most people will probably like them. The ship is actually quite beatable with a decent-sized armada.




SFP Freedom

sfpfreedomfinal.rar | 1.75 MB

leaving the Freedom Class vunerable. Her weapon armaments and shielding are light. I would consider this class of ship as a support vessel. Reguardless, the Freedom Class can hold her own in large tactical engagements. While testing the Freedom in a fleet attack against the C2X BOBW Cube, this Ship lasted the longest against the Borg. So something can be said for being "Swift". I notice the textures of this model is complementary to the SNS Galaxy. So recreate your own Wolf:359 senario, and take Command. Defiantely Download Worthy!




Phaser strip tutorial

phaserstripttutorial.rar | 315.56 KB

will have a raised phaserbank .




Ultra-Canon High-Rez Enterprise-A Bridge

canon20enta20bridge20retexture202.0.rar | 60.5 MB

prepared for a long download.




BSG2 Cylon Raider 1.0 | 2.93 MB

Quicksilver! This Gem is loaded for bare! This Reinvisioned Cylon Raider can even handle a Battlestar, evading rail gun fire alone, let alone with a Wolfpack. The Model is equipped with MVAM abilities, to show the full function of this devistating new threat to the Colonial Fleet! So Get ready to Defend the Colonial Fleet! Download ASAP!




JTK Galaxy | 5.93 MB

ship out of the two is the USS Seraphim, a ship that is a pre nemesis era Galaxy refit that includes type XII phasers and quantum torpedoes making this ship several times more powerful than the standard galaxy. The second ship out of the two included is the USS Galaxy, a custom version of the early Galaxy Class starship as seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation, the hard point is the same as the SNS Galaxy, although this one includes an updated deflector disk that looks more cannon to the show. Both of these ships are recommended to those that would like to see a more cannon ship within Bridge Commander or just for the purple colour of the deflector dish.




BC Demo 3 Ship Selector | 357.25 KB

the original demo. I would suggest this mod for people who only have a demo version of Bridge Commander. It would be redundant for a person with a full copy of BC to download this. Keep in mind- Install this only if you have the *DEMO* version of Bridge Commander.




TOS Constitution Pack w/ Doomsday Machine | 2.16 MB

classic TOS 2nd season episode "The Doomsday Machine". By rebalancing the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, the heavely damaged U.S.S. Constellation NCC-1017. And the Megalithic "Doomsday Machine" to the canon specs of the episode. This will be a must have for you TOS canon hounds. . . Check it out. . .




Starforce Productions BC2 Saif

sfp_bc2siaf.rar | 3.69 MB

Sovereign Class a problem. There is an additional folder of pulses for the CG Sovereign, if you want to use it. It will nearly double the offensive power, so that it is nearly equal to CG Sovereign's hardpoint balance scale.




Balance of Terror HP

hpbalanceofterror.rar | 22.54 KB

battle between these two ships as much like the episode action sequence as it is possible for Bridge Commander to do. Note that the hardpoints are balanced for your helmsman piloting the ship, rather than you doing so manually. If you fly manually, then the battle may be too easy for you against the AI - but that\'s the case with any BC ships, not just these two. - Constitution phasers beam duration reduced - BoP shield recharge rate (but not strength) reduced by 2/3rds as shields were too strong




Icarus Assault Shuttle | 3.11 MB

the Federation. Designed primarily as an assault craft, the Icarus is equipped with both phasers and torpedo tubes. Additionally Starfleet decided to equip Icarus class shuttles with the experimental Tri-Cobalt Mine that is deployed through an aft launcher of the vessel and designed to disable the shields of enemy vessels and allow marines to be transported over quickly. The Tri-Cobalt Mine has been considerably modified since the torpedo variant was banned due the subspace damage they caused and now the Tri-Cobalt warhead no longer possesses the extreme yield which caused subspace damage. This allows the Tri-Cobalt mine to be a suitable weapon for assault craft.




USS Mantis

bcmantis.rar | 3.55 MB

Defiant in skirmishes, but the first prototype was made not long after the defiant and was cancelled after the testing of the new weapons and shields failed on test (the shields were later tested and used on the sovereign class) and the engineers saw very little need for such a ship at the time as the defiant was a success and was cheaper to maintain. But when the war started with the Dominion, newer, more up-to-date ships were required and Captain Hooker of the fallen federation starship Trident saw the potential of the Mantis class and took his proposal to Starfleet Command itself. After many talks they agreed and the Mantis project was back on track. At this point the weapons had to be upgraded as well as a bigger warp core, new warp engines and improved shield systems. It was the first ship to include an experimental phaser strips which emitted a blue phaser blast, which the engineers jokingly nicknamed Quantum Phasers to follow the same path as Quantum torpedoes. She has a staggering 8 Torpedoes tubes at the front which fire 3 at a time and fire 24 at a time. Due to the large number of tubes, she has longer reload time compared to other ships, and the new Phasers recharge time is longer than standard phasers. Constructed at the Mars Utopia Shipyards in the Sol System and over 500m long, has over 21 decks with holoemitters on each one (also used on the Prometheus class ships) so that in case of a emergency the EMH (Emergency Medical Hologram) can assist the medical team no matter where the wounded are, or if needed the crew can use the experimental holographic commandos whenever the ship is boarded. The crew compliment is almost the same as the Intrepid class as more room was needed for ship systems and armament. The shuttle bays have the facilities to hold a fighter wing instead of shuttles, which can give the ship an upper hand in a skirmish. When the ship was completed, Starfleet command were so impressed with its results in tests that the Mantis was to be given its first assignment and Capt. Hooker was offered the post and accepted on the spot. The Mantis played a vital role in retaking planets during the Dominion War as well as taking out defences or leading a task force into enemy territory.




Romulan Heavy Plasma Torpedo

romulanheavyplasma_v.1.0.rar | 237.3 KB

altering thier Hardpoints. The visual graphics alone is worth the download. So add a little something [i]" Extra "[/i] too your torpedo tubes, and upgrade those Warbirds ASAP! Worth having a look at. . . .




Defiant Class Bridge (Holo Com Variant)

defiantholocom.rar | 17.71 MB

Lighting, Helm station and the Bridge doors just to name a few. The Bridge door's textures now show the correct "Port and Starboard Egress" on them. The Animated LCARS are of high quality. The aft worker's station was removed to feature the Holo Com. As seen in the DS9's 5th season episode [i]"For the Uniform. . ."[/i] So get ready to rienact your favorite DS9 episodes, and see if you have what it takes to fill Sisko's shoes. . . . Definately Download Worthy!




Cardassian Orbital Weapons Platform

cowp.rar | 280.93 KB

devestating to any fleet, although against a sovereign or heavier ship you would need several of these to cause damage. With this weapons platform it is possible to have a battle similar to that of the one at the end of Season 6 of Deep Space Nine. (battle of Chintaka in "Tears Of The Prophets")




JTK\'s Shield Textures & Lost Jedi\'s Program | 1.64 MB

you have to do is choose your bridge commander folder and then overwrite the stock version. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files, just incase you do not like this modification.




CA_Aeon | 2.04 MB

and has an emergency beam-out system. The Aeon is also equipped with subatomic disruptor weapons however these are not used for primary attack. The Aeon, commanded by Captain Braxton, made a trip to 2373 to destroy the U.S.S. Voyager for presumably causing a temporal disruption that would destroy Earth's solar system in the 29th century. The ensuing encounter led to the Aeon crash-landing on Earth in 1967 and being appropriated by Henry Starling, who used its technology to initiate the computer revolution on Earth and make a huge fortune for himself. In 1996 Starling attempted to take the Aeon back to the 29th century so he could acquire more technology from the future, but Voyager intervened and destroyed the timeship with Starling in it, before he could enter a temporal rift. In a case of predestination paradox, the ship's destruction erased the original timeline whereby Braxton tried to destroy Voyager, and in fact Braxton appeared again in the Aeon in 1996 to bring Voyager back to 2373. But that timeline was not completely wiped out: The events of 1967-1996 seemed to remain intact, with the Aeon's 29th-century technology continuing to benefit Voyager's holographic Doctor with a mobile emitter. Tactical Analysis: The Aeon timeship is equipped with a subatomic disruptor which is used to break apart the molecular structure of vessels that have violated the temporal prime directive. However the primary weapons of the Aeon are in fact sub-chronometric weapons in the form of: *Dual Chronometric Bursts *Single Sub-Chronoton Beam *Subchronoton Torpedoes The shielding of the Aeon timeship is considerably powerful for a vessel of this size and is continually regenerated by the Temporal Matrix which is integrated into all the ship systems. This makes the Aeon a well defended vessel, however once its shielding fails it can be destroyed easily. Due to the advanced nature of the Aeon weapons and its ability to traverse through time, the vessel should be considered a threat in combat situations. However the main purpose of the vessel is to ensure that the timeline remains un-violated and therefore it is rarely deployed in combat situations. Aeon Class time ships are believed to be deployed by the larger and more advanced vessel the USS Relativity in order to prevent temporal contaminations by utilizing the smaller Aeon vessels.




DKealt Torpedo Pack

dkealt20torpedo20pack202.0.rar | 3.38 MB

Featuring torpedo textures and sounds that look remarkably like the ones in the respective Trek series. Definitely worth having a look at. . . .





borgpack.rar | 7.8 MB

significantly and had high-detail specular Targas added to them to give them metallic sheens when in intermediate light. My phaser Targa is also included. All three ships are incredibly-powerful and require strong fleets to be destroyed; the Tactical Cube probably can only be taken out by transphasic torpedoes or a Species 8472 Bioship, as it has close to double the number of weapons arrays that the standard Cube has. All three ships are fast, very manevuerable, and have appropriately-named subsystems; they also regenerate their weapons, engines, and shield arcs very quickly so they\'ll need to kept under constant fire by strong fleets to be defeated. Beware of the power of the Borg!!!




CG Sov Pack

cgsovpack.rar | 12.98 MB




CA Selfridge A | 19.89 MB

slipstream a critical component had destabilized due to gravimetric stresses which resulted in the ship being thrown out of subspace erratically. Numerous systems overloaded upon re-entry causing a chain reaction throughout the primary power grid. After returning to the shipyards, Starfleet engineers decided that the damage to the Selfridge was too severe and instead decided that it was necessary to design a second Selfridge Class which utilized a more stable slipstream drive and reinforced hull plating introduced in the Enterprise Initiative. Two years later the U.S.S. Selfridge A was constructed and fitted with the enhanced slipstream drive. Starfleet engineers also integrated numerous Borg components which were salvaged from a mysteriously disabled Sphere located at the edge of the badlands. While most of these components were designed to increase power output efficiency, the Selfridge was further integrated with the first ever Borg Gravimetric Beam as a primary armament. Upon the completion of its upgrade the Selfridge A was assigned to long distance exploration and combat duties. An additional Selfridge class is also under construction with the intention to perform similar duties as the flagship U.S.S Enterprise E. Specifications Length: 730m Beam: 310m Height: 130m Warp Speeds Normal: 7 Maximum: 9.98 Tactical Data: 9 Type XII Burst Phaser Emitters Borg Gravimetric Cutting Beam 4 Torpedo Tubes - 300 Type 8 Photon Torpedoes - 200 Type 2 Quantum Torpedoes - 50 Gravimetric Torpedoes Other Enhanced Deflector Array Integrated Borg Power Modulators Slipstream Drive Armour Plating Detachable Captains Yacht hope you like this ship ;) Nebula p.s. since I participated in the construction of this ship I can\'t rate it. And yah this ship packs a punch. :)




Assimilated Galaxy-X

borggalx.rar | 4.87 MB

textures altered significantly to reflect the effects of assimilation and Borg implants.




Andorian Kumari | 616.79 KB

have to do it manually.




Quantum Torp | 169.3 KB




CTU Bridge Patch | 115.77 KB




Shield Texture Upgrade

goodshields.rar | 2.74 KB

projections from the old shield damage Targa that when in-game will wrap around a ship\'s shield grid for a very good looking effect.




Ferengi Marauder Upgrade

dkoraupgrade.rar | 72.43 KB

custom photon torpedoes that are colored to resemble the Marauder\'s other weapons, and the plasma pulses have been made larger as well. The ship is now actually capable of taking on a larger vessel like a Galaxy-class or D\'Deridex-class Warbird without getting its ass kicked. Like my other hardpoint downloads, the Marauder may have to have its mass, moment of inertia, and tractor beam power adjusted significantly(my ships are rebalanced with higher-powered tractor beams and larger masses and moments of inertia). Find the file \"\" in \"scripts/ships/Hardpoints\" and open it and find the line which says something like \"Galaxy.SetMass(\"m\")\" where \"m\" is the mass of the ship. Take this value and multiply it by 0.8444444 to get the precise mass of the Marauder, and enter this into the line in the Marauder\'s hardpoint which says \"Marauder.SetMass(\"whatever\")\" where \"whatever\" is the mass that you\'ve just determined. Now take the new mass for the Marauder and multiply it by 1,500,000 to get a decent moment of inertia for the Marauder and enter this into the line \"Marauder.SetRotationalInertia(\"I\")\" where \"I\" is the moment of inertia which you\'ve just determined(if your moment of inertia is too small for a ship, an otherwise small tangential force applied to the ship\'s hull can cause it to spin wildly out of control). You\'ll then need to adjust the damage values for the tractor beams of the Marauder - use the tractor beam damages from your Nebula-class starship to get decent tractor beam damage values for the Marauder and enter them in the Marauder\'s hardpoint file.




TNG Transport Bridge (Retexture)

transport.rar | 7.67 MB

highly recommended download. This bridge does not overwrite the NX Bridge. [b]Please Note that the Following Files are required for this Modification.[/b] [file=22329]NX Class Bridge - 2.0[/file]




ZambieZan\'s Shield Texture

zz_shield_effect.rar | 6.34 KB




Reload All Torpedoes | 6.31 KB

reloaded my whole inventory. I\'ve been looking around if someone already made a similar mod, but I had no luck. So, I\'d like to share this with you and I hope you will find it useful. It should work on any ship or any torpedo script.




Narn - ThNor | 3.52 MB

forward firing weapons. This ship can be a match for several small federation ships, although these were balanced against the currently hardpointed Babylon 5 ships, that include the Omega Class Destroyer, Starfurys and Thunderbolt. This mod is highly recommended.[/quote]




Narn G\'quan | 1.4 MB

highly detailed and a recommended download.




Main Menu Movie Replacement (2.0) | 14.04 MB

of the Galaxy Class Starship. However this will only work at one resolution (1024 x 768)




Melak Warbird TMP/TNG

melak_pack.rar | 2.99 MB

to the outpost\'s distress call, but was also lost in the battle. This course of action was considered as an act of honor by the Klingon Empire, which led to the signing of a new peace treaty. The Romulan Melak cruiser is the predecessor to the vaunted D\'deridex class warbirds of the later century. It sports the latest in Romulan weapons and technology and is a formidable opponent in battle.




Intrepid - Neptune Class

neptune_class.rar | 1.46 MB

Very fun to play against the Xindi ships - specially the Insectoid. It\'s weaker than the NX but more maneuverable. Enjoy.




Voyager Sound Pack

voyagersoundpack.rar | 965.75 KB

episodes New life support warning sound saying \"Abandon Ship\" at 10 seconds [/quote] ATP 2 or above is required for the Life support sound to work.




Thunderbolt | 438.41 KB




Terran Empire ISS Enterprise Bridge (Retexture - NX) | 6.32 MB

does not overwrite anything, and works well with the Terran Empire version of the NX - 01. This mod is highly recommended. :) [b][u]Required Files[/u][/b] [File="22329"]NX Class Bridge 2.0[/file] [b]Recommended Files[/u][/b] (Optional) [File="41033"]NX Class Mod Pack * Medium *[/file] [File="41035"]NX Class Mod Pack * High Upgrade *[/file]




Okinawa Frigate Pack

okinawa_pack.rar | 3.03 MB

Okinawa is moderately armed and has proven to be an invaluable ship of the fleet. The classic one is the Kirishima (183m) but WickedZombie also did a larger version Torishima (354m) to represent a more modern era. Enjoy.




BC2 Romulan PVeer

bc2romulanpveer.rar | 3.62 MB




NX Class Bridge Retexture *HIGH*

nxbridge_high_rez.rar | 6.59 MB

Enterprise, season 4. Very nice job on this retexture in my opinion. Highly recommended. This retextures comes in two flavours: "Normal Resolution" for those with lower end computers, and a "High Resolution" version which is primarily recommended for those who have the computers to handle it, and which is seen here. Normal Resolution found here:;40122




Shuttle Launch Framework | 430.57 KB

\"Galaxy + Carrier\" 1.1: -Some minor Bugfixes -Added some minor changes for Multiplayer -Added support for MLeoDaalder KeyFoundation, can be found here: 1.0: - Release by the new Shuttle Launching group -Re-enable collision detection after launch - Admiral Ames, jwattsjr -Makes the Seconday Fireing working - mldaalder, defiant -Useful changes to the ftbMissionLib - Sim Rex -Additional Bug Fixes, some minor new functions - Defiant 050102: - Added Launcher, LauncherGroup, and LauncherManager - Carriers now contain Launchers and/or LauncherGroups instead of containing \"ships\" - LauncherGroups contain arbitrary sets of Launchers. - Launchers require *TWO* hardpoints (important for future releases): -> an ObjectEmitterProperty named \" OEP\" -> a HullSubsystem named \"\" NOTE: It would be wise to have both subsystems colocated at the same XYZ coordinate on the ship - For each Launcher/LauncherGroup, a \"Launcher #\" and \"Type: #\" button pair is generated in the GUI 050502a: - User-definable AIs may be specified on a per ship type basis - Launched objects are optionally commandable on a per ship type basis 051102a: - Carriers are now \"plugins\" defined in /scripts/Custom/Carriers. See the included /scripts/Custom/Carriers/ for an example. There have been some changes to Carrier modules since 050502a. 051102b: - Fixed a bug introduced in 051102a where a Launcher can launch more ships than it contains. Return Shuttles Changes (old) Version 0.7b: Big bug fixes Version 0.6b: Code cleaned up Version 0.5b: Re-formatted the .txt file from UNIX to Dos. Version 0.4b: Added the Possibility to exclude Tractors for Docking Version 0.3b: File scripts/Custom/Carrier/ is no longer used. Update your Carrier files instead (see Install.txt).




Jem'Hadar Bugship hardpoint update

jemhadar_fighter_hardpoint.rar | 57.1 KB

BEFORE INSTALLING THIS MOD. - The ships will be faster and more maneuverable - New textures for torpedos and polaron beams - Shield color modified - Rapid fire beams - 2 fwd launchers, 1 aft - Strenght of the hull, subsystems and shields altered Enjoy




Dominion Wars Klingon Ship Pack | 12.91 MB

relect the abilities of the Klingon ships seen in DS9's Dominion Wars and the Gizmo Games "ST: Dominion Wars". This Pack includes the P81 Bird of Prey, C2Vorcha, DX Negh'var, D-Series Klingon Battlecruiser and the K'vortcha. The ships have been retextured, too give the Klingon Fleet an more "Dark and Omimus" look. When you see these ships coming at you in game, You will know they "mean" buisness! I recommend this pack for any fan of the Dominion Wars! Since I was involved in this Project, I'll let you rate it... Blackrook32 [i]* Sub Menu V3;;27960 * NanoFX2b;;23469 * Elminster's Common Weapons Pack;;36517[/i] Added the links for reference Elminster




TOS Romulan BoP

tosrombop.rar | 609.55 KB

vaporize federation outposts buried deep inside asteroids.




War Ship Intrepid | 5.68 MB

has armour and distuptor switching which you need Future Technologies 2.0 to use.




Excelsior Bridge | 11.95 MB




Distress Signal | 226.8 KB

quickbattle incredibly fun...remember though treat this as a beta, and read the entire readme carefully :)




Romulan D7 | 1.97 MB

Constitution class..[/quote]




Romulan Harpy Carrier and Wareagle

harpycarrierv2.rar | 2.31 MB

Blinkers to function (and of course MVAM Infinite for the Wareagle launching)




D&G/MrJohn Armored Voyager | 10.65 MB

fantastic, with the torpedoes fired as pulse weapons to solve a topredo problem that MVAM causes. If you like Voyager, you should love this mod.




Hidden Core | 1.04 MB

an enemy to destroy the asteriod causing a lot of damage towards the ship that has been caught by the tractor beams (Though Only In QBR, not in normal QB)




Dignity Class - U.S.S. Jean Luc Picard

picard.rar | 3.37 MB

fleet. Equiped with phasers, pulse phasers and the \"Shockwave\" torpedo that will send your enemies spinning around for a while. Great to get them off your back.





lexington.rar | 1.69 MB




Klingon Suvwl\'QeH

suvqeh.rar | 1.24 MB




\'Tal Shiar Starbase | 1.79 MB

centaur class ships (or equivalent). This base can take on at least 15 - 30 ships at once, and can quickly destroy smaller ships as well as medium ships. This base is huge in size, and can fire at more than one ship at once. If you have nano fx installed, and you manage to destroy this base, make sure you are warping out of the system when it blows up, as the explosion is huge.




Prometheus X

prometheusxmod.rar | 2.75 MB

Disruptor' which is launched via the MVAM Infinite menu. This appears to be an escape pod but goes up with such a massive explosion when targeted it takes you out too! The Harpoint is well executed and includes Achilles-style pulse cannons along the port and starboard quarters of the ship, the ability to fire maximum spreads with the quantums and exceptional phaser coverage. Unfortunately it has no glow maps and carries standard fonts for the registry which lets it down a little.




Klingon D-6 TMP light cruiser refit

klingon_d6_sfm.rar | 1.23 MB

balanced to other ships of its era.




BC2 Pkor

bc2_pkor.rar | 5.17 MB

ship. It has 6 impulse engines, high acceleration and good manuverability.




BC2 Pdan

bc2_pdan.rar | 1.97 MB

on the aft quarter but the ship is quick enough on her turns to get out of trouble. Highly recommended. Please read and abide the readme carefully.




Lyran Dreadnought and Fighter | 473.42 KB

needed to install the mod [file=\"26555\"]MVAM Infinite[/file] - needed for the fighters to launch




DJcubes Akira Bridge | 1.88 MB




SM Shield mod | 64.63 KB




Excelsior Bridge 1.0 to 1.1 patch | 227.73 KB




Adonis Uniforms Mod | 1.2 MB

suggest they are set in the 25th century or beyond.




Lt Cmdr Archer | 1.16 MB

of Miguel. Recommended download though :)




Borg Cone | 1.03 MB




TOS Supermod: Enemies

tosenemiesbeta.rar | 2.49 MB

K'thyla. Starforce Productions wants your opinion on the ships. Any suggestions to improve the hardpoints for the final release. Since this is a open public beta release. This will not be rated. Check it out...




TOS Supermod: Basic Feds

tossupermodbcfiles_.1to.15.rar | 7.34 MB

League Dreadnought. Keep in mind that this is a Beta release. The Starforce Productions Team wants your input on any improvements to be made on the mod. Keeping that in mind, this release will not be will not be rated. Check it out...




Enterprise A LCARS Upgrade | 3.27 MB

This will most likely lead to some very interesting things for bridges, possibly even ships themselves... download now!





amnesty.rar | 1.81 MB




D&G\'s Nebula and Atmosphere Effects

dgnebulaatmosphereeffects1.1.rar | 3.16 MB

time. The atmospheric effect is a lot more detailed than that of the stock version. Overall the mod is highly recommened.




Klingon Crew w/ mutator

klingoncrewwmutator.rar | 1.87 MB




New plasma rupture textures

new_plasma_rupture_textures.rar | 330.44 KB

improvement. IMPORTANT NOTE: This mod is unsuitable if you have NFX2 installed - even deselecting the NFX2 mutator will have no effect. Only download if you have a basic install with either the Enemies of Life mod, or the Plasma Rupture mod.




Borg Tetrahedron | 1.86 MB

about this "Tactical Tetra" that I like. She puts up a good fight, but she can be taken out. I went up against this ship with a fleet of seven capitol ships. The Tetrahedron decimated 2/3 rds of my fleet before I could destroy her. And I didn't leave the encounter "unscaved". With nearly 75% damage to my Excalibur Class. Also with those who use NanoFX2b, the explosion radius will not destroy everything in the battle arena. So if you want to take on this new offering of assimilated technology? Download ASAP!! Defiantly worth taking a look at. . .




Borg Tactical Defender | 5.24 MB

you\'ll find you wont use them as much as they are very hard to maintain a lock on the target. Unlike most Borg vessels, this one turns quick enough to fire off a constant stream of disruptors and torpedoes




Borg Intrepid | 5.7 MB

can easily take on an akira or above. Though i haven\'t tested how far that will go (against larger ships).




Biofighter 8472 | 1.14 MB

any easier on the eye, and frankly, it just looks terrible in BC. The creativity rating is only helped by the interesting torpedoes.




Sol Multisystem (Warp to 10 Planets+) w/ AI ships and NanoFx2

solms2.exe | 64.72 MB

mod: From a fresh install of the game: Patch your BC to 1.1 Use BCMP to install Foundation: BCMP: 1. Nanofx2 Beta (the 1st version of this mod could work without NanoFx2. This version requires it.) 2. New Orleans Class Mod Pack 3. Peace Starbase 4. Worker Bee 5. USS Poseidon 6. Neghvar (DX) 7. Dominion Bug Ship 8. USS Kissinger - 9. Midas Array - 10. Ark Royal - 11. Hi-Res P81 Miranda 12. Oberth Class - 13. Peragrin Fighter 14. Ambassador by P81 15. Dominion Battlecruiser 16. Romulan Warbird by C2X 17. Starbase 329 18. MVAM Infinite 19. NX Galaxy Class Mod Pack Have the above installed FIRST! This file will detect where Bridge Commander is on your hard drive. The following ships are included in this download: 1. Orion Godfather Dreadnought It's a BC Mod File. I downloaded it to get the read me and the file was corrupt. The files included here were also in a big BC Mod I released in the Summer of 2002 - This ship was originally part of a Unimatrix One Mod pack. 2. NX Galaxy - FullModel, Stardrive, and Saucer models. This from BlackRook32 regarding the NX Galaxy models... Included here are the final Galaxy HPs from Elminster. These are compatible with NFX2 and the ATP Mods. I've also added new Hardpoints for the Renegade and Rutledge (New Orleans Class), they now have running lights. The torpedo textures have been sized down. And the torpedo 'spread' effect can only be seen with ATP or ATP3. All the damage icons have been added to the tactical display. Also this mod can be used with the SFC Marine Capture Mod. Nothing like adding 4000 Marines onboard your ship. 3. Jupiter Station - see included readme. 4. Akira Class Mod Pack - see included readme. 5. Akira Class by P81 Because of a bug in the ArkRoyal download - I've included the Arkroyal and Hornet Models in THIS download. You still need to get the original download. The Maps that NanoFx2 loads in every Quickbattle game have changed in this Mod. Starbase 12 is still available, but instead of Vesuvi and Belaruz, we now have Biranu and Rigil Kentaurus. Rigil Kentaurus is a real system in space, and the closest system to Sol. I thought it fitting it be included here. (file not included with this beta) Update from the 'No Requirements' version: If you are Federation or Klingon, you will see any defending ships in these systems as allies. If you are ANY OTHER RACE, the defending Federation and Klingon ships and bases will show up as enemies. This will make things a bit more realistic should you choose to be Romulan or Dominon or Borg. Many new hardpoints, one for each required ship/station, from Elminster. These are an emourmous add-on to the mod, and make it much for fun. There's blinkers on every ship/station - even the Worker Bee - The Freighter has weapons - simply awesome hardpoints. You WILL enjoy these! Each Planet in our Solar System is selectable by name in Quickbattle. To warp between each planet by selecting only one map, select Sol Multisystem. When you 1st get to the 'Multi-System', you will not be at any one planet, but will have the choice of where to go. This download includes Sedna - the 10th Planet - discovered in February 2004. Planet texture by Dasher 42! If you have the 1st Sol Multisystem installed, The Mutator will not change, and Earth will not have the same AI ships as before. It is NOT required that you have Sol, or the 1st Sol Multisystem, installed first. Original Sol System by Dasher 42. Planet Atmosphere code by Nanobyte from NanoFx2 Atmospheres added to each system by Chris Jones, some coding by Jeff Watts, Jr. The planets here all have NanoFx2 Atmospheres, some newly created for this mod. This file will detect where Bridge Commander is on your hard drive and will install all files to the correct folders. You do have the option of installing to a different directory by clicking the gray button next to the install directory. Enable the following mutators: Sol Multisystem Multisystem AIs Helm Override. NanoFx2 Beta Select Sol Multisystem as a Quickbattle Map, and you'll have the option of warping to any of the ten planets in our solar system, along with any maps NanoFx2 has enabled. Some systems have ships flying along until attacked. Some systems have ships that will attack any enemy entering the system. Almost all the Federation and Klingon ships in these 10 maps are commandable. In some cases if you are not Federation or Klingon you can still command them, and turn them into traitors. MERCURY... The Science vessel USS Hussatonic is monitoring the the data collected by the Midas Array data grid. Twelve unmanned Midas Array stations, separated by 100km in Mercurian Space. The Detection net is attacked by a flight wing of Jem'Hadar Fighters. The Hussatonic is damaged, the crew and civilian scientists must be saved. The Carrier USS Ark Royal is on maneuvers some distance away 45,000km w/ a squadron of Hornet and PeragrineF1 Fighters, and will only respond to a fleet command or if she is attacked. *The Jem'Hadar split up to destroy the Midas Array net and the DomBC hunts down the Ark Royal. Mercury idea submitted by BlackRook 32. VENUS: not completed - debating on having a busy Venus map as all the activity in addition to the other systems will cause lag in a multisystem setting. For now there's a simple scenario that has two ships in orbit of Venus, with 2 other ships hanging in the background as rescue ships that will tow the two orbiting ships away if they get damaged. If you attack the rescue ships, they will defend themselves. EARTH has lots of activity. which will be evident once you get there. New Earth texture included, made by Captain 2xtreme, given to me by BlackRook32. You'll be able to dock with Starfleet Command at Earth. Earth and Mars each have a commandable Akira Class. Special thanks to Jeff Watts, Jr for some scripting work and mutator setup. (going back to Summer 2003). MARS has a dockable Spacedock. A bug exists to where you have to have your commandable ship dock before your own ship can. We may have to live with it. A new DryDock harpoint is included that enables Mars docking. It will not affect normal gameplay. (Thanks, Jeff.) There's an stray asteroid here on a collison course with one of the stations. If you get involved in something else it is easy to forget about it. I like the idea of having to think about more than 1 thing at a time. JUPITER also has a dockable base called Jupiter Station (Jupiter Station Model included here), along with 2 commandable ships that will dock as well. There are separate models of the NX Galaxy Saucer and Stardrive sections in the Jupiter Map. They will not integrate. A note here on commandable ships. If you are Federation or Klingon most commandable ships will be your allies. If you are any other race they will not be commandable. As far as docking goes at Earth, Mars, and Jupiter, you can still dock if the base is an enemy to you, but you'll get fired upon at Earth and Jupiter. The drydock has no weapons so it can't fire on you in the Mars System. Interesting idea, and enemy attempting to dock at your base. SATURN: New Saturn and Saturn's Rings models created by Jeff Watts, Jr. using Dasher's Saturn Textures. Dasher's texture is also used for the rotating color band atmosphere effect, implemented by Chris Jones. Saturn's rings are colored, using the same texture color as Dasher did with Saturn. The rings are transparent as well, thanks to Jeff. Saturn has two separate scenarios in progress. The main activity is the testing of Saucer Separation abilities of a Galaxy Class ship. The background activity has 4 shuttles moving around amongst Saturn's Moons, with an Orion ship trying to disable all of them. In hot pursuit of the Orion is the newly christened USS Kissinger. AIs are slightly different based on the race you choose to play as. Please note you cannot integrate the saucer and stardrive sections in this scenario. I may do something special with Titan based on new images from the NASA spacecraft Cassini. Uranus and Neptune each have a faint ring system, as they do in real space. Jeff Watts, Jr is the author of the rings and the textures for them. Jeff would like to thank Cpt. LC Amaral for help and tips regarding the transparent rings. URANUS: There's a Klingon Neghvar on Patrol here, and two Orion Godfather Dreadnaughts wreaking havok. One of them goes after a Miranda Class ship that is conducting some new studies on the Uranus Moons. At present the system is set up to have the Neghvar defend itself if attacked, but I may change it to simply go after the Orions. NEPTUNE: Two New Orleans Class vessels start in Neptune. If you start out as a Federation or Klingon Ship in Quickbattle in the Multisystem, one of them - a Sovereign - will come from Neptune to help you battle. You will not start out in any particular system with this mod, just deep space, outside the Sol System. Once you warp to anywhere in the Sol System, the ship will not follow, but suddenly get called away somewhere else. If by chance you play in the Neptune system by itself, both New Orleans class ships will be there to help. I'm considering leaving the Sov in Neptune at the request of someone posting on Bridge Commander Universe. A new Cardassian Starbase hardpoint is included that gives the base Federation Phasers (near Neptune). The Federation phasers are quite powerful and the shield system has been enhanced. The original base hardpoint is included for backup, named cardstarbase.pyORIG. You can rename it by deleting the ORIG part from the extension to get the original file back. PLUTO: There's two ships there that will go into orbit, One around Pluto, the other around it's moon, Charon. These ships will not react unless fired upon first, or if you use a fleet command. There are two other ships that will warp in from another system to rescue the 1st two ships if they get damaged enough. The damaged ships will be towed away. One goes to Earth, the other to Starbase 12, where they get repaired and go on thier merry way. This is an expanded version of what is in Venus in this download. SEDNA: Dasher 42 made Sedna - the 10th Planet, and that is included here as part of the multisystem. Two Romulans enter the system here, set as enemies if you as a player are Federation or Klingon. The Roms are your friends if you are any other race. There's a Starbase here that defends against intruders - it gets attacked by the Romulans. This scenario was in Pluto in the 1st release of the Sol Multisystem. Many thanks to Jeff Watts, Jr for some oustanding AI scripting that brings much life to these maps. Also many thanks to BlackRook32 and Elminster for their continued support of my efforts. El - these hardpoints are superb - the best in the business. - Chris Jones The following files are not required but will enhance your experience with this: 1. Dasher's Acceleration Intercept: 2. JWattsjr's Warp Intercept: 3. Sneaker 98's Warp Core Ejection Mod!: 4. NXDefiant's FleetOrder Mod: (Engineering Mod needed for Fleet Order) 5. Neutral Fleet Order (Engineering needed for this - you can order Neutral ships - ones that appear as yellow in-game - to do things) 6. Enemy Fleet Order (Hack into the enemy ship's helm) 7. Dark Gunman's BC Improvement Pack: 8. Ship Submenu Mod - version 3 (organizes MVAM ships) PLEASE NOTE THERE MAY BE BUGS. CURRENT REAL LIFE SCENARIOS DON'T ALLOW ME TO FINISH THIS THE WAY I WOULD LIKE TO AT THE MOMENT. PLEASE POST BUGS HERE, IF YOU LIKE, AND I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS. KNOWN BUGS: In the systems that allow docking, you'll have to dock a friendly ship before you can dock your own ship. Some ships appear as gray, which in some cases is on purpose so the AI will react a certain way. Original SOL readme... All images are copyrighted under the terms stated by their original authors, and are redistributed with this package under their terms. This package may not be redistributed without these credits attached! --- Credits --- * Mercury : James Hastings-Trew * Venus : A synthesis of textures by Bj”rn J¢nsson and by David Seal of JPL/Caltech. * Earth : "The Blue Marble", retouched synthesis *1 Moon : James Hastings-Trew * Mars : David Seal, JPG/Caltech; retouched Jupiter : James Hastings-Trew * Io, : Bj”rn J¢nsson * Europa, * Ganymede, * Callisto, Saturn : A synthesis of textures by Bj”rn J¢nsson and by Don Davis of JPL/Caltech. * Tethys, : USGS * Dione, * Rhea, * Titan : NASA/JPL/David Seal Uranus : James Hastings-Trew Ariel, : USGS, retouched, with thanks to Tammy Becker Umbriel, Titania, Oberon, Neptune : A synthesis of textures by Bj”rn J¢nsson and by Don Davis of JPL/Caltech. Triton : USGS, retouched * Pluto : David Seal, Rawlings, CalTech/JPL * Charon : David Seal, CalTech/JPL *1 Earth - A retouched synthesis of textures from "The Blue Marble" at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Image by Reto St”ckli (land surface, shallow water, clouds). Enhancements by Robert Simmon (ocean color, compositing, 3D globes, animation). Data and technical support: MODIS Land Group; MODIS Science Data Support Team; MODIS Atmosphere Group; MODIS Ocean Group Additional data: USGS EROS Data Center (topography); USGS Terrestrial Remote Sensing Flagstaff Field Center (Antarctica); Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (city lights). All retouching done by Daniel Houghton AKA Dasher42 unless otherwise noted.




New nebulas

newnebulas2.0.rar | 1.93 MB

better than some of the stock originals.




Racing Uniform

racing.rar | 1.56 MB

Copy the Folders named \"BodyFemS\" and \"BodyMaleM\" to your bridgecommander folder... to - C:\\Program Files\\Activision\\Bridge Commander\\data\\Models\\Characters\\Bodies\\ Note - C:\\ was only an example, since several people will have this on other drives under different locations :) This will over write the previous versions of this file, it would be a good idea to make a back up of the files before you overwrite them




Orbit Target | 65.25 KB

for protecting an friendly ship or base from enemy attack. As stated by the Author, this mod was made to be more compatible with QBautostart Extension v.0.5.




New Orleans Class Mod Pack | 24.59 MB

Payne. Each ship comes with it's own hardpoints and is equipped with (2) Torpedo choices, type6, type9, Tri-Lithium and C2Extreme's Nemesis torpedo. The Hardpoints are Advance Technology Pack (ATP) compatible. These ships were tested with the Klingon K17 and P81 K'vort ships for thier quick speed. The New Orleans Class definately could hold her own! She's not a God ship, her survival depends on your skills as a Pilot. Since I was involved in this Mod Project, I'll let you rate it. Enjoy, BlackRook32




Intrepid class U.S.S. Voyager

intrepid_class_u.s.s._voyager.rar | 7.96 MB

1024 x 1024 textures. The original 512 x 512 textures can be found in the medium folder, incase your system is unable to support the 1024 x 1024 textures. The ship also uses the new 1.4 version of my Delta Quadrant Intrepid as the hardpoint (available only in this mod), and for once the hardpoint actually feels finished. This mod also features new sounds for the torpedoes. The Photon Torpedo sound made by Lorik is probably the best Photon Torpedo sound I've ever heard, and the Tricobalt Device sound I extracted from Star Trek Armada II. This mod also replaces the original Intrepid icon with ASDB_J's icon, which looks much better than the original. This mod will replace your current P81 Intrepid, but I think you guys will find it worth the switch, so have fun, and constructive comments are always welcome.[/quote]




Challenger | 7.02 MB

The only bad thing is when you undeploy and redeploy them, the music is the Enterprise theme tune and while its a great song, it just doesn't really suit it here and seems quite cheesy. That aside this is a cool update to a fine ship. This also comes with an extra ship - the USS Bradbury which doesn't have the retractable cannons.




Peregrine | 745.21 KB




USS Coyaver Bridge | 1.04 MB

the Ent-D - complete with it\'s own dedication plaque. A great mod.




ST:III Bird of Prey Bridge | 2.84 MB

humiliating [i]"dishonor"[/i] of fighting the enemies of 'The Empire' in [i]"Alien bridges"[/i]. This BOP has it all, from active (bot) crewmen movement. To an active 'Gunnery Chair' where Miguel is stationed? Go figure? The display screens are animated with canon klingon text. Also included in the mod is Dasher's Bridge Plugin script and a Bridge menu scroller (mutator). I would love to see a Klingon Crew for this mod. So load up the set. Prove your worth and bring 'Honor and Glory' to the Empire... Q'apla !




Constellation Class | 3.38 MB

cannons) Phaser power: 500 Torpedo tubes: 1 (Single fire, 10 second reload)




P81's Excelsior | 3.83 MB




P81 1701-A | 5.97 MB




C2 Constellation | 683.42 KB

TMP balance. The hull is horrible. TMP ships are well known for rugged hulls that can take tons of damage. This vessel will only do minimal damage to a Cardassian Galor.




Zahl Warship

zahl.rar | 1.18 MB

this - When you have installed move the 'Zahl.tga' in Data/Icons to Data/Icons/Ships.





kaldor.rar | 301.45 KB

which, due to it\'s size, makes for a good battlecruiser. Although this does have lightmaps they do not appear in game - the texture needs to be re-assigned for them to work properly.




Miranda Refit

mirandarefit.rar | 4.53 MB

that looks worse than what you already have. Although the weapons loadout appears worth the download, the registrey work is totaly crap, and it overwrites your exsisting one.




Rahab Helion

rahabhelion.rar | 1.71 MB

an endless supply of disruptors that fire from the front.




Star Wars TGL's

dy_sw_tgl.rar | 2.75 KB

Fighter Sith Infiltrator Slave 1 TIE Bomber TIE Defender TIE Drone TIE Fighter TIE Interceptor TIE X1 VSD X Wing Y wing Z 95 Nemesis




USS Wells | 808.11 KB

than 100 years after TNG. It features \"Temporal Polaron\" torpedoes, which (even though they are purple) pack quite a whallop. The phasers are purple as well, which kind of adds to the style of the ship. There\'s also a cloak which indicates it\'s pretty far into the future. As far as performance, it whooped the mess out of a CG Sovereign with only the damage shown in the first pic. So, she\'s pretty powerful. Download if you want a ship with powerful weapons, powerful shields, and a nice cloak.




Yeager | 7.42 MB

maneuverability This is definitly download worthy




Klingon Defence Force: Total Conversion | 53.94 MB

place. These new ships include models from some of the top modelers. Also, there are new script modifications that add new experiences to the game. What this mod includes: All new ships for the Klingon Empire. There are 11 Klingon ships in this mod, many of which have never been in BC before! These are high-quality models from some big-name modders like Tu11s, WickedZombie, and Atraharsis! All new ships for the Romulan Empire. There are 12 new Romulan ships included in this mod Again, these are high-quality mods from the same modders I mentioned. All new ships for the Federation. There are 5 new Federation ships included in this mod. Again, these are high-quality mods from the same modders I mentioned. Total conversion of all crewmembers. Five distinct Klingon faces. A few new features. An Improved In-System Warp, and a High-Energy Turn feature. Total Klingon voice conversion. Using voices from SFC3 and A2, all voices for the crew have been replaced by Klingon voices. All male, since there are very few female sounds. Besides, according to Trouble with Tribbles, females aren't common on Klingon ships. All new HP balancing system. I tried to recapture some of the tactics from KA. Slower ships, slower turns, heavy weapons with poor arcs. This means that a good captain is required to think in advance in order to be successful. It will test your tactical skills in battle. Fully Multiplayer compatible. Thanks to some help, and a lot of trial and error, I have been able to make this mod playable online. All of the ships are playable, and there is a new type of scenario; Klingon vs. Romulan. I play as “IKV vInItlh”, I hope that we meet in battle someday… [/quote]




AME NX01 | 973.29 KB





Dasher\'s Solar System with NanoFx2

d42solsystemnanofx2.exe | 5.92 MB

terms stated by their original authors, and are redistributed with this package under their terms. This package may not be redistributed without these credits attached! --- Credits --- * Mercury : James Hastings-Trew * Venus : A synthesis of textures by Bj”rn J¢nsson and by David Seal of JPL/Caltech. * Earth : \"The Blue Marble\", retouched synthesis *1 Moon : James Hastings-Trew * Mars : David Seal, JPG/Caltech; retouched Jupiter : James Hastings-Trew * Io, : Bj”rn J¢nsson * Europa, * Ganymede, * Callisto, Saturn : A synthesis of textures by Bj”rn J¢nsson and by Don Davis of JPL/Caltech. * Tethys, : USGS * Dione, * Rhea, * Titan : NASA/JPL/David Seal Uranus : James Hastings-Trew Ariel, : USGS, retouched, with thanks to Tammy Becker Umbriel, Titania, Oberon, Neptune : A synthesis of textures by Bj”rn J¢nsson and by Don Davis of JPL/Caltech. Triton : USGS, retouched * Pluto : David Seal, Rawlings, CalTech/JPL * Charon : David Seal, CalTech/JPL *1 Earth - A retouched synthesis of textures from \"The Blue Marble\" at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Image by Reto St”ckli (land surface, shallow water, clouds). Enhancements by Robert Simmon (ocean color, compositing, 3D globes, animation). Data and technical support: MODIS Land Group; MODIS Science Data Support Team; MODIS Atmosphere Group; MODIS Ocean Group Additional data: USGS EROS Data Center (topography); USGS Terrestrial Remote Sensing Flagstaff Field Center (Antarctica); Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (city lights). All retouching done by Daniel Houghton AKA Dasher42 unless otherwise noted.




non Bugship | 3.41 MB

launchers. Could use some aft weapons though. If you havent got this already, what are you waiting for?




Romulan Mosaram | 1.38 MB

handels well in game, excellent firing arcs. And she has all the usual "Romulan" refinements. I did notice the ship's A.I. likes to make use of the Cloaking Device if it has the upper hand during an engagement. An this ship will engage you, without going threw too many evasive maneuvers. So get ready for a brutal "one on one" encounter. This is a Definate Keeper...




Romulan Tal Shiar Hawk | 1.67 MB

the lines of a TNG era surveillance scout. She is quick on the strafing runs, and have excellent firing arcs. I had a blast putting her through a rigorous shakedown. Check her out...




Romulus Map - w/ Dockable Tal Shiar Base

romulusdock.exe | 1.66 MB

Requirements: 1. Bridge Commander 1.1 with Foundation installed. 2. Laurelin\'s Tal Shiar Starbase on BC Files at: I have included the updated hardpoint for docking here in this download for convenience. The Base itself is not in this download. There are two maps here. Romulus1 has the base and 5 Wardbirds as enemies. Good luck taking them out. (no docking) Romulus2 has the base and the 5 Warbirds set as friendly, with the base dockable. Graff has been disabled for obvious reasons Upon installation you\'ll see 2 new Mutators in Quickbattle mode. 1. Helm Override 2. Romulus Activate these to have the docking function in Romulus 2. As you may know from having used base already, it is quite nasty and a whole buncha fun. A salute here to Laurlelin for the great harpoints on the base. Thanks also to Jeff Watts, Jr. for help with the docking script. I was having some trouble getting Graff to not show up, lol. Looked kind of funny to have Graff at a Romulan Starbase. A lot of Jeff\'s scripts from our original single player system maps with docking are here as well. These maps were inspired by one of the comments I read on BCFiles in the comments area of the base download. A BC Files Member named MilleauRekiir wrote this: \"I\'ve altered the Romulus map in system pack 14 (+Banzai addons) to include this rather than the old Cardassian starbase. I\'ve now got a realistic and powerful battle on my hands when I fight it.\" That map was fun to make originally; now here is the new version. Not long after that comment was written the dockable hardpoint was released, and this file here is the result of that. Have some fun, as the Federation and it\'s allies (or maybe the Dominion) taking out the Tal Shiar OR as the Romulans defending Romulus against the invaders. - Chris Jones Filenames:, Confidential and Proprietary, Copyright 2001 by Totally Games/Ben Howard Creates TheGalaxy5(original map) static objects. Called by Romulus1 & when regions are created Created: 09/17/00 Modified: 10/04/01 - Tony Evans Modified: 08/25/02 - Ben Howard (Banzai Zap) Modified: Sept. 2003 - Chris Jones (Warbirds added) Docking TalShiar base by Laurelin added Jan. 2004 by Chris Jones/Jeff Watts, Jr.




Borg Obelisk and Detector | 2.1 MB

shakedown. neither the less the models look cool. But you will need to have Apollo\'s Advanced Technologies Pack (ATP) v1 or higher in your install. So \'assimilate\' this excellent example of Borg technology... Definately worth having a look at.




Borg Megalith | 2.97 MB

computer overwrite weapon. Have fun




Chris Jones BC Systems 2003 - Single Player

cjbc2003_.exe | 2.54 MB

separately here on BC Files This file will detect where BC is on your Hard Drive. Required Mods for this to work properly.. 1. Dasher's SOL System 2. Nemesis Pack 3. USS Defiant (by golly I can't find this one) 4. Rick Knox Intrepid Class 5. Breen Battleship 6. BanzaiZap System Pack 14 7. ZM SystemPack 8. 8472 Bioship by Book 9. 8472 Mothership by Dr. John 10. Dominion Battlecruiser: 11. Jem'Hadar Fighter: Recommended for Quickbattle use: (Not required) 1. Dasher's Acceleration Intercept 2. JWattsjr's Warp Intercept 3. Sneaker 98's Warp Core Ejection Mod! 4. NXDefiant's FleetOrder Mod 5. Dark Gunman's BC Improvement Pack All of the above are here on BC Files. This is a scenario requested by someone on Bridge Commander Universe, and is a recreation of the battle to re-take DS9, after The Dominion and The Cardassians had taken control of it. The idea here is that you take the USS Defiant into battle vs. several Cardassians, Dominion, and Breen ships. This will not actually take you to Deep Space Nine, as in there's no DS9 Model in this Map - it'sthe battle before you get to DS9. Included in this mod: My Enemy FleetOrder and Neutral FleetOrder Mods that appear in Kiska's menu. These are both adapted from the NXDefiant Fleet Order script. You can order the Neutral ships (that appear as yellow in the in-game menu) to help you. You can also command the enemies. hahaha. Hack into their helm, much like what happened on The Wrath of Khan. ENEMY FLEET ORDER: This will allow you to command your enemy to do certain things, in the same way as NX Defiant's Fleet Order Mod does. You can order the enemy fleet or one ship to follow you, or order individual enemy ships or the fleet to attack or stop. Enemy Starbases in the system will also attack if a friendly gets close enough. The purpose of this little mod is to have fun, and just to see if I could get it to work for enemies the way that NXDefiant did it for the friendlies. I'm not sure what purpose commanding your enemies has - but it is another way to have some fun with BC. NEUTRAL FLEET ORDER: This will allow you to command any neutral ships in a system (that have a yellow color to them in-game) to do certain things, in the same way as the Fleet Order Mod does. You, as the player, can get the neutral ships in a system to become your allies - or order them to attack your fleet if you so desire - good for target practice. You can order a 'neutral' fleet or one ship to follow you, or order individual neutral ships or the fleet to attack enemies, friendlies, or stop. Neutral Starbases in the system will also attack if an Enemy gets close enough. (if they are yellow in the ships listed on the left of your screen) The purpose of this little mod is to have fun, and just to see if I could get it to work for neutrals the way that NXDefiant did it for the friendlies. This is another way to have some fun with BC. Any ship or object with colored in gray on the ship list on the left of the screen will not work with this. Several new mutator buttons will appear. One activates the systems. Another is a Helm Override button. This is needed to be able to dock with the Starbases/Drydock/DS9 in the various systems. Certain key files had to be modified to make the docking sequence work. These systems will not overwrite any original files. Without the Helm override button, you can still use the CJones Systems, but the docking won't work. There are a few interpretations of real systems in space included here, and a few other ficticious systems just for the exploring. They do not all have scripted in ships. The following systems have commandable ships that will dock with the bases as well. 1. Earth - This is Dasher42's Sol3 (Earth-Moon) system with a Starbase that defends itself - and - YOU CAN DOCK WITH IT. This has transports going to the moon, among other things. You can also tell the commandable Akira to dock with it. There are ships that race to the rescue of the Lunar transports if they get attacked. 2. Spacedock - Earth with a drydock, instead of a Starbase, that you can re-fit with! 3. SolarSystem - Earth with all nine planets correctly spaced for distance, based on distances from the sun in each of the Sol systems that Dasher set up. Asteroid field included. 4. SolarSystemSmall - Earth with the planets much closer together for easy traveling and sight seeing! 5. DeepSpaceNine - a dockable Cardassian Starbase(stock model). Re-fit at Deep Space 9! USS Defiant included.. No dockable bases in the next three.. 6. CJones1 - 5 planets, 2 Suns - There are several transports moving between the planets, all neutral. 7. CJones2 - Several planets, 2 stations (1 friendly, 1 enemy), 2 Stars, eighteen ships (yes - 18!) that interrelate in different ways - some that will come to another ship's rescue, Nebulae, and Asteroid Fields. 2 of the ships are player controlled. 8. CJones3 - Comets, Hidden Bases, Far off Romulans, Comm Arrays, etc.. ALSO.. System Name: Prometheus - suggested by V99 on Bridge Commander Universe. Produced by: Chris Jones August 2003 There are two systems called 'Prometheus' Prometheus 1 has the Feds and the Wardbirds vs. you. The Defiants and Akira also fight the Warbirds. There is a Blue Dwarf star here. Prometheus 2 has You and the Feds vs. the Warbirds. The Feds will not fire on you.Blue Dwarf Star here as well, lens flare on this one. The premise for QB is that you use the Prometheus, either LB's or the one on BC Files made by Dawn, ported by Darkdrone, and harpointed by Crazyhid - as your ship; and pick a non-ship object as a friendly. The Defiants - Original Model: 9 of 9 Hardpoints: Elminster Released as part of the Defiant Class Mod Pack with BlackRook32 This is fun to try with the mvam Galaxy as well. ALSO: BanzaiZap SystemPack add-ons. The Obvious requirement is having the BanzaiZap System Pack 14 installed. Also needed: The Bioship by Book, and the Mothership by Dr. John - both in the 8472 section of BCFiles. This is designed to enhance your experience with the following systems in his SystemPack: UNIVERSE Added: a Galaxy Class to defend DS9 (friendly) a Warbird hanging out near Romulus and Remus (enemy) a Vorcha in the Kronos/Praxis area (friendly) the USS Sovereign near Earth (friendly) a transport/rescue ship moving between Earth and Wolf 359 (neutral) the USS Farragut in Wolf 359 (friendly) DS9 will defend itself (friendly) The Khitomer Colony will defend itself (friendly) The Insect Hive will defend itself (enemy) Because of all these things in one map - none of the ships will fire unless they are engaged first. This way they will stay in their original areas of space. The USS Venture actually says USS Venture on the hull. It is set to defend DS9, but will not defend itself if attacked first. So if that happens you need to go help her. SMOKE RING The USS Galaxy engaged a Galor Class Cardassian near the Smoke Ring, both ships suffering heavy damage, spinning seemingly out of control. There is enough impulse and thruster power left in each ship to get a few more shots in. The USS Galaxy had happened upon a Cardassian fortress of sorts, set up inside the smoke ring. The Keldons inside the ring will not fight unless they are engaged. They may decide to leave the Smoke Ring. OBSTACLES These are a few obstacles courses to run through - a few curves and challenges. Complicated a bit by Tasha Yar's daughter, who is scripted in. There's at least one surprise in here. You'll see. The trick will be to select several enemies in Quickbattle. NURSERY I added some Communication relays to this - and an 'Unknown' race. The relays act as data gathering devices to record the birth of stars, and are resistant to the intense heat of the area. COMET Additions here: There's now an Observer ship that moves between the observatory and the Comet. The comet is a bit bigger. BANZAI 1, 2, 3, and 4 The USS Farragut is a stock BC Nebula Class ship that will come to the defense of the Banzai Colony if it is attacked. There's a non-targetable communications array in here as well, just for effect. You may also see a transport or two moving between planets and the damaged outpost. The damaged outpost will be attempting to repair itself when Gul Damar decides to attack it. A Galaxy Class will be there quickly to defend the station. You will also notice a non-targetable transport bringing supplies to the station. It may get attacked as well, and will defend itself. ARENAA Banzai Zap put two Starbases in ArenaA. They will now defend themselves. Starbase 457 is friendly, Sand Dollar is set as enemy. There's a mystery ship, set as neutral. Watch what happens when you get close to defeating him, lol. There's two communication arrays as well. FLUIDIC SPACE Straight out of Star Trek: Voyager comes the home of Species 8472. There are two mods required for this system: The Mothership by Dr.John, and the Bioship by book, available on BCFiles. Bring lots of friends because this one will get nasty. This mod includes a conversion with new scripts, ships, mods of the Banzai Zap Galaxies (1-7) into individual systems. Each of these systems has some new activity. Galaxy1 is now StarGroup Galaxy2 is now EarthCities Galaxy3 is now Kronos Galaxy4 is now Vulcan Galaxy5 is now Romulus Galaxy6 is now Borealis Galaxy7 is now BeyondTheGalaxy You can install the unmodded version with no scripts and ships (separate download) over the top of this with no problem. To get back to this modded version you can reinstall this one. The Mutator Button will not change. The Mutator button is called: The BanzaiZap Galaxies. Note the original 'TheGalaxy1-7' will remain untouched. There is also a separate download of these systems, with the above names, unmodded. Modifications in this download are as follows: EarthCities: Dasher42, Banzai Zap, Jeff Watts, Jr.(the AI king), and myself, Chris Jones, are all part of this system. This is a combination of Dasher's Sol3, BanzaiZap's Galaxy2, and Chris Jones' SpaceDock systems and began with the Earth-Moon system that Dasher setup for his Sol3. Banzai added in the other Solar System Planets for easy traveling. He also added numerous cities around the globe for a nice feel of traveling from one city to another. I then combined that with my SpaceDock system. Banzai had a Starbase and two Shipyards in the system. I set them as friendly and made one Shipyard dockable! Yes you can re-fit your ship there. Thanks to JWattsJr for the hardpoints on the Drydock model he did in June 2003 for the Spacedock system. The Starbase will defend itself if attacked. Another ship (Nebula Class) off in the distance will come racing in to assist in Starbase defense if needed. There is an Akira Class ship, the USS JArcher, that will attack any enemy in the system. There's also some background activity in this system - two Transports. One transport warps back and forth between the Earth and Moon, the other just goes along it's merry way, and will fire back if attacked. Kronos: This is Klingon Space - Complete with Kronos, a Moon (Takoth), and what's left of Praxis. There's also cities around the planet indicating where things like the High Council Chambers, The Warrior Monument, and other points of Klingon interest are. I have added some Birds of Prey and Vorchas, set as friendly, that will attack any enemy. Included here is another entire system, called KlingonFleet, which adds more ships on patrol and takes away the cities and the Praxis asteroid/nebula area - making for less lag on your PC and more battle fun. Romulus: Romulan Space, with the planets Romulus and Remus, complete with the Rift made famous by Star Trek: Nemesis. I've added 5 Warbirds on patrol here, set as enemies. There are cities and landmarks around Romulus, things like the Senate Chambers and the Tal Shiar. The Tal ShiAr HQ is a Cardassian Station, but with new Hardpoints. Beam weapons are green, Disruptor Cannon torpedoes are green, shields are green and are stronger. The Warbird Disruptor beam is a bit stronger as well, as are their shields. The original Hardpoints are in the SDK, and are included in the non-mod version of these systems in a separate release. I don't normally do hardpoints on ships, but what was done here makes it more fun, I think. If you normally fly Romulan then you'll need to use the non-modded version of this. Note here: The straight (no ships added) conversion of Romulus, Kronos, Vulcan, EarthCities, StarGroup, Borealis, and BeyondTheGalaxy can be found Here. Vulcan: Vulcan Space. Since the Vulcans are non-agressive the ships here are all set as neutral. Banzai Zap put some cities and landmarks around Vulcan; things like the Gardens of Surak and The Vulcan Science Academy. I have added some transports and freighters moving around the system. The visuals and the backgrounds in this system give it the image of a 'peaceful' system. You almost don't want to fire even one phaser. StarGroup: This is primarily a visual system, some wonderful eye candy created by Banzai Zap. I've added a Communications Relay, some ships gathering stellar data, and an unknown race. Any ship in this system will not fire at you unless you fire first, although one gets curious and checks you out. This system is a visually stunning experience. There's a 'Transwarp Control' interface near a big star. You should check that out. Borealis: This one's quite beautiful. Looks can be deceiving. You'll see. Dockable Starbase here! You might need a refit or two. Long range sensors required here. BeyondTheGalaxy: Intergalactic Void. Somehow the Cardassians are in control of a time displacement device, but are unsure of how to operate it. They have placed themselves, along with a Nebula Class that was investigating them, into the void of space between galaxies. The process heavily damaged their ships, Outpost and the Nebula Class. Your job here is to investigate the events when you finally arrive at their coordinates. Let's just say that the Cardassians have been in better positions. Although it may look like it, the Nebula Class ship is not completely dead. ALSO: We have Dasher42's Sol System separated into individual systems: Mercury Venus Earth (from the CJones Systems) Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto These are playable by the above names. I have also set up a MultiSystem version of this, where you can warp from one planet to another very easily. See the MultiSystem idea origin below. ALSO INCLUDED HERE: A Multi-System Mod for Bridge Commander -- NINE DIFFERENT MULTISYSTEMS HERE. Notes and Readme for the MultiSystem setup Different Systems within ONE system - for Quickbattle This Multi System idea spawned from a combination of the QBR and the Sim Rex editor rolling around in my head. I just decided to paste some code into a normal QB system and let it roll. This is the first installment of this idea. You select, in Quickbattle mode, a system called 'MultiSystem'. When it loads, many different systems are available. It does take a little bit to load it as there's lotsa stuff in there, but I was surprised when it actually worked! There's a Federation Fleet system, a Cardassian Fleet system, and a few stock systems. Earth and Deep Space Nine are here as well - each with dockable bases to re-fit. The Earth and DS9 systems are the same one as in my first system release. The DS9 has a small update. I used the Sim Rex Mission Editor to create a custom mission, then did some cutting and pasting and tweaking. This works a lot like the Quick Battle Replacement, but does not require extensive setup by the end user. The Mod uses the normal warp sequence.. There are nine total Multisystems - each with a different combinations of systems to go to. BanzaiZap, ZM, Stock, and my own systems. You end up in another system - just like the QBR - only you don't have to set it up. I set it up! You cannot pursue at warp, only in the normal acceleration intercept mode within a system. The Federation fleet consists of many ships, stock models (for easy loading), along with the Defiant and Intrepid. The Cardassian fleet has the same setup. You'll have the option to take a Fed Fleet in to attack the Cardassians, or leading a bunch of enemies to the Federation fleet - with some Stock systems thrown in for other places to go. I have some nice AIs from jwattsjr that I have implemented here. In the opening, no matter what else is happening, an ally and an enemy will come warping in from somewhere else, ready to fight. All friendlies in the beginning will follow you anywhere you go. If you start out with a lot of QB allies you can lead them into battle against the Cardassians in another system. If you start out with a lot of QB enemies you can lead them to the Federation in another system. Ideas for the future include my own systems all rolled into one, some Banzai Zap System Pack creations rolled into one adventure, and SOL! Sol will be quite neat with this setup I think. Banzai Zap wrote: This is, indeed how it was meant to be! Fly anywhere from anywhere! Since you're doing a lot of system scripting, you can make sure that there are always ships around willing to help or hurt you. Now I just need to start loading all the crazy alien ships, and we can have a truly massive universe to play in, just like we've always wanted! Keep it up! Kudos! Kudos! Upon Installation you will see 3 new Mutator buttons. 1. Fed and Card Fleet Systems (these can be played individually if desired) 2. MultiSystems 3. MultiSystems AIs Here's a breakdown of what's in MultiSystems 1-9.. MultiSystem1 - Vesuvi6, Beol, Earth, DeepSpaceNine, FederationFleet, CardassianFleet. (original release was just this) MultiSystem2 - Vesuvi6, Calufrax3, EarthCities, BriarPatch, Romulus, Saturn MultiSystem3 - Banzai4, Calufrax3, SpaceDock, Kronos, Romulus, Wolf359 MultiSystem4 - Serris3, CJones3, SmokeRing, Borealis (w/ dockable Base), GasGiant, FleetBattle MultiSystem5 - FleetBattle, DeepSpaceNine, FederationFleet, CardassianFleet, KlingonFleet, Romulus (MAJOR Fleet Action here!) MultiSystem6 - Badlands, DeepSpaceNine, BriarPatch, SystemJ25, CardassianFleet, Prometheus There's a loose theme here related to DS9 and canon Trek. MultiSystem7 - Void, BeyondTheGalaxy, GalaxyEdge, Sol9(Pluto), StarGroup, Universe Having the Universe in here is fun, as it contains smaller versions of Kronos, Romulus, and Wolf359, among others. You will warp directly into a fight when you go there. Notice the theme in this one. Pluto is the end of the Solar System, The others represent what is beyond our galaxy. MultiSystem8 - Baqis, KavisAlpha4, Pleides, SystemJ25, RedGiant, Tathis MultiSystem9 - Borealis (w/ dockable base), BriarPatch, Vulcan, Khan, Kronos, Vatris We had a bunch of fun making these systems, writing, and modifying python scripts to get things right.. Jeff knows what he's doing with the scripts. It all started with me asking for help in getting ships to move within a system, This file here is the end result. Your final instruction is to have a whole lotta fun with this! Chris Jones and Jeff Watts, Jr. 2003




NX 01 shuttle pod

nx01shuttle.rar | 1.12 MB

line download now




cannon warp streak | 1.57 KB




Battlestar Galactica w/ Colonial Viper | 1.88 MB

QB/QBR ship lists. I had great fun putting this Colonial Battlestar threw her paces. But it dosent seem right without some Cylon Basestars and Raders to bring the exsperience to Bridge Commander. This mod also comes with the names of the other (11) destroyed Battlestars. An "experienced" modder should be able to make use of the "added bonus", thanks to the generous Author. But you might experience problems with the Return shuttle command, also the textures are in "bitpaint"? This should be updated to something more detailed. And the Weapons Pulses on the Galactica are in disproportion to the Colonial Viper fighter. That makes the model look odd. If your a fan of this old 70's Sci-Fi show, this is a must have for your install. Definately worth having a look at




Slave 1

slave_1.rar | 822.64 KB

must have for all of you Star Wars fanatics out thier. So if you think you have what it takes to hunt down the rebels? Download ASAP!




Tie Interceptor

tie_interceptor.rar | 696.02 KB

with canon Star Wars sounds effects. This mod is a must have for your Imperial inventory. Take the reigns of this exceptional beauty, bring order to a "chaotic" galaxy- and take a walk on the "Dark Side". Defiantley Download Worthy




SuvwI-Qeh battlecruiser

suvwi-qeh1.0.rar | 1.81 MB

I just ballanced it to it would beat P81\'s connie fairly easily. Like most klingons, most of it\'s firepower and shields are foreward.




C2XCube | 2.71 MB

Installer (BCMI) to install this mod. The Sound FX on this mod are excellent!! I love the new Borg Cutting beams, and Tractors give the canon feel every gamester is looking for. So if your in the mood to watch your Fleet "Humiliated" beyond belief? Download this beauty. "Resistance is Futile..."




U1 Romulan Shrike ship | 364.79 KB




Borg Shimmertek

borgshimmertek.ace | 1.68 MB




Borg Diamond | 1.64 MB

file so make sure you have a .ace viewer*




Chroniton Torpedoes | 76.89 KB

torpedoes in any mods, go ahead, just mention me in the credits and we'll be cool. [/qoute] Okay They look a lil calky to me but not bad.




P81\'s Wolf 359 Challenger class

challenger1.0.rar | 3 MB

been modded for it) as well as having some extra items targetable, like the officers mess in the rear of the ship, and the main cargo bay under the dorsal bussard. Ofcourse, P81\'s high res textures make the level of detail excelent. Strength wise, it will trash a galor, but Keldons are a bit dificult (using 9 of 9\'s originals). I got utterly trashed against the Keldon in the test runs.




P81 Soveriegn Re-texture | 2.59 MB

to the USS Soveriegn.




Soulwolf Class | 2.05 MB

was only one of the amazing results. I give this bad-boy perfect 10's!




Book\'s Species 8472 Bioship | 166.78 KB




Nemesis Crew TC (With Sounds)

ncp-v1.0.rar | 15.57 MB

having picard or riker as ur XO and it has great sounds for all of the bridge crew




HP update for cannon cube | 130.81 KB

CommanderscriptsshipsHardpoints Folder and play Download now and have fun




Camera Views | 289.38 KB

player, because 95% of the time you’ll be staring at a wall in certain angles. Also when targeting Felix and kiska you’ll tend to look at the floor or the Capt. Chair I will fix this in v 2.0. if a lot of people like this mod I will do all the other bridges including the customs after I get permission.[/quote]




Star Trek: TNG 1_2 Season Uniform TC | 30.09 MB

changes to make it distinctive. For example the Romulan Sub-Commander Vlin was given the Romulan Head ridges. The Crewmen are waring different uniform colors. The standard Command Red, Engineering Gold and Science Teal. Each will have different ranks. The Uniforms will show up as the Bots do. Appearing randomly on the Bridge sets. Also I've added the Type II uniform as seen in the First season. My aim was to give the game a more "canon" feel using the first season uniforms. Since this is my mod, I'll let you rate it. Enjoy, BlackRook32




Borg Crew | 4.44 MB




The Kobayashi Maru

the_kobayashi_maru.rar | 2.48 KB

Attack Cruiser And of course QBR 2.2 already installed. I cant give this a raiting, since I don't have QBR 2.2 installed. So you will have to judge for yourself.




NSEA Protector | 755.53 KB




Delta flyer | 4.76 MB




Sovereign Disruptors | 10.89 KB

positron torpedoes and disruptors.




Hydran Corsair mod | 1.27 MB

make this thing easy prey for a simple galor. For a 350m TNG era vessel it isn't that great in the performance department. The strange hydran ship firing the torpedo is not the ship in this mod. It's just there to show the torpedo. For more pix, see the hydran corsair model posted in the "ship to be modded" catagory.




Phaser SFX mod

phaser_sfx_mod_1.0.rar | 203.8 KB




Brex to mackie | 1.24 MB




Magno torpedo | 50.77 KB




TMP bridge crew

twok_kirk_and_co_1.0.rar | 6.5 MB

author didn't put his name in the readme, so I dunno what he want's to be called...




New head (miguel)

new_head.rar | 733.86 KB




Assimilated stock soverign | 670.11 KB

watch out. There is panneling on the sides of the drive hull that looks really canon for an assimilated ship, and a sweet lookin modified deflector dish.




Romulan Firehawk

firehawk1.0.rar | 1.87 MB

steat with the latest version of Dreamyards 1701-B, and the other will bring it up to Mondern level specs for a medium Cruiser. At just a hair over 2000 poly and only 2 textures, this ship is sure to perform well in any system capable of running stock ships. The ship features a multitude of beam weapons in addition to the alternating pulse cannons on the side of the nose as seen in "The Defector" TNG. In battle (the original) it is fairly manuverable, and is a very close match for the Enterprise B. The engines are based on a galor class, slightly toned down, so you will have the extremely close passes that you usualy encounter with the galor. I had several of these in my test games, where I was literaly firing point black with the bow torpedo hitting this thing in less than a second, and phaser glow filling the whole screen. The battles with this are amazing, so get your's today! The modern version is a medium support ship, so compared to a Galaxy it isn't that heavily sheiled, but it's even more manuverable fires more pulse cannons and more-powerful torpedoes.




Racing miniskirts | 782.47 KB




Inaccurate Phasers | 67.31 KB




Section 31 | 3.16 MB

LCARS on the retextured Bridge. They are the best for the E bridge set I have ever seen. That alone made this mod stand out. As for the "Black retextured Sovereign. Her hardpoints have been enhanced, most notably the warp core, shields and phasers. This mod also employs a "Corbomite Device". But it only works if you have the Advance Technologies Mod made by Apollo. Ratings for the (2) Mods The E Bridge Retexture: 9.7 The "Black" Retextured Sovereign Class ship: Retexture:5.9 Hardpoint: 8.5




Deep Explosions 3

deep_explosions_3.rar | 290.14 KB




Warpflash pack | 453.15 KB




Bridge Commander Selector XP

bcselectorxpsetup.exe | 112.51 KB

play with many different ships that come with the Demo of Bridge Commander. This no way adds any ships to the demo, it only uses what is in the demo as it is. [b]New additions to this Selector are as follows[/b]: This new version 2.0.6 can change your own bridge and class, and that of your enemies' ships too. In Quick Battle, you’re now able to fly in a Sovereign, Akira, Nebula class or any other ship that is available and to fight against them. You can replace your own Galaxy and the enemy Warbird and Bird of Prey with the following ships: Sovereign Galaxy Nebula Ambassador Akira Shuttle Warbird Bird of Prey Enjoy




Galaxy Bridge retexture | 1.7 MB

normal 24th century ship. It does feature a new galaxy class ship that looks more real (Not a render of the box model) on the rear control pannels.




DY Scimitar (re-release)

dyscimitar.rar | 1.4 MB

, with the 1.01 readme below. Not much else to say, its the original DYScimitar with the upgrade integrated into the mod. Note: I've only given it a 4 for Install Instructions because there's nothing there that tells me what the changes are. ATP:




Guncutter 2 | 2.48 MB

aligned to the hull correctly. They look like thier firing from above the actual phaser emmiter base. The engiens will have to be increased by 125% to make her attacking runs effective. But when she attacks, It's with all Phasers firing!! I was impressed with this Dreadnought using her weapons in different combinations. The there's her "Mega" Pulse Phaser located in her weapons module. Very cool. This will make for excellent in game play. The Guncutter2 will make an excellent addition to your Federation Fleet. This mod is definately worth taking a look at. ===================================================== credit where it is due: MrJohn forgot to credit sneaker for using his subspace torpedo in this mod. MrJohn, if you want us to continue posting your files on this site, I suggest you be more careful next time.




Kimal light cruiser | 867.13 KB

shields and hull for theirt size. In packs they can do alot of damage. They have to tractor ability, so you must rely on your flying and shooting skills to use the torpedo\'s. An excelent match for some dominion bug ships as well. Take 2-3 of these against a couple squandrens of dominion bugships and have some great fun. The only problem is perhaps the tripple foreward beams, which are a little bright and fat for the ship (blots out the targate a bit) and the warp core has way too much reserve power. U can max all systems and still be running of only the core.




Maquis Raider | 1.25 MB

But then I noticed the ship nearly reroutes "all power" to her weapon arrays, and fires in one "huge" burst! Very Cool. I tried the Rader out with a couple of different ships. She is well balanced and not to powerful. But she does make her presence known in the battle arena. So see if the Federation's Civilians can handel themselves better than Starfleet's finest... Definatly Download Worthy!!




BC Veracidor | 1.54 MB

maneuverable, one can slip in for the quick attack. The Veracidor's weapons arc coverage is exceptional. This ship is definately worth having a look at.




BC Hideki | 1.29 MB

weapons and firing arcs, this a must have for any Dominion Wars fan. This is definately worth adding to your Cardassian Fleet inventory.




God of the God soverigns | 11.89 KB




Deep Space Nine | 613.95 KB




Mothership | 1.63 MB




New Activision (Voyager)

voyageractivision.rar | 6.24 MB

while as for all the movies in Elite Force are one file. Well hope you enjoy it.




Voyager red alert | 492.53 KB




Engineering Kim | 1.05 MB

head modification is a bit choppy, and dosen't quite match the overall head of the bot. that's the only draw back, but a good effort non the less.




Helm Torres | 1.08 MB

own Mutator Button. This was very well done. For all of you Voyager fans out thier... DOWNLOAD NOW !!!




Super Galaxy-X | 5.09 MB




SoveriegnII Refit | 4.35 MB

more balanced than the older one and I really like the new torpedoes too :) Get it now!




Quantum Flux Torpedo

quantum_flux_torpedo.rar | 616 B




Plasma Torpedo | 135.96 KB




Starbase 329 | 1.11 MB

diminish it's fire power. The weapons complement consist of (4) Directed Phaser Cannons, and (4) Directed Photon Torpedo launchers. Now you can't dock with this station, as with the Terok Nor (DS9) stock base. But this is definately a keeper for any Starbase fan! Download ASAP!




2 warp sounds

2warp_sounds.rar | 266.89 KB

are both superior to the stock sound, even the sonic boom sound is better. So regardless which timeline you prefer, you have a warp sound to satisfy you.




Mobile Starbase 113 | 1.77 MB

mod also comes with a Pulse Mine and Torpedo Turret. I suggest you try to take on the major enemy starbases that are available, should make for an "intresting " game. This "Mobile" Starbase is excellent for establishing an Federation "presence" in the trouble spots in the Galactic region. This is definately Download worthy!




Pre TOS Romulan Warbird | 514.4 KB

were made by the Author. in so saying this is a excellent creation for an first effort. For those of you who will say it not ST canon, just enjoy the ship for what it is... a very cool mod. Download it ASAP!




Starbase 1 | 3.14 MB

can definately hold her own with multiple enemy contacts. The most notable feature of this base is the canon interior from ST:III. This is the best visual eye candy yet. You can see a Galaxy Class undergoing maintenance. So take a look inside.... If your piloting skills are good enough? :)




Young stars-Binary | 174.54 KB

extremely bright, and have a large red Corona glow around them. These are replacements for a specific system, see readme. My only suggestion would be to improve surface detail, such as sunspots.




Brex to Geordi VISOR version. | 1.89 MB

close you probably wont notice in the heat of battle anyways. The skin color still needs to be darker, he still looks a bit Mexican.




Brex to Data | 1.69 MB





Galaxy model | 1.01 MB

lightmaps for kitbashing and retexturing.




Van Dykes TNG warp sounds | 170.22 KB

you like* sound is appropriately louder then the normal, and full of bass*at least on my speakers :) * , which would make sense since these are massive ships accelerating quite fast. And the exit has the normal, relaxed feel of coming out of warp, with no trailing sound to ruin either. Continuing on that point, the audio files are crisp and theres no choppyness or anything, just warp speed bliss. A must get for the sound enthusiast, or anyone who\'s annoyed/tired of the default *thud*




Battlestations alarm | 627.64 KB

like the nx-01. Lasts a bit too long but the sound quality is excellent. So I'll rate this a bit low in the usefulness dept and high in quality.




Yellow Alert | 24.88 KB




wolf 359 system | 15.94 KB

IMPORTANT NOTE #### Wolf 359 Advanced isfor high-end computer systems. There are more wrecks, and these use many of the available custom models. Several resources were helpful in keeping as \"accurate\" as possible. This advanced version REQUIRES the following class models: EnterpriseNCC1701, Miranda, StarGazer, Excelsior, EX4StudyModel, NewOrleans and Cheyenne.




Cannon Quantum Torpedos | 178.1 KB

is excellent. Has great textures.




Galaxy Bridge Re-Texture | 890.86 KB




Rick Knox Galaxy | 8.77 MB




TNG Uniforms | 2.92 MB

much. The detail isnt too bad and the comm badge looks a little dodgy but other than that, this file is a MUST GET for any TNG fan.




Dominion Battlecruiser | 1023.1 KB




Borg modified Defiant | 2.19 MB




New Warp Flash | 215.43 KB




Sovereign enhancement | 2.5 MB

sovereign. Excellent wo