Bridge Commander




Bridge Commander Universal Tool

bcut_1.7.6.rar | 11.14 MB

rewritten from scratch and has been made more user friendly. It has something for every ones taste. If you want to quickly create ship plugins, Basic BCSMC is the right choice for you (just point and click). If you want to create multiple plugins at once, Fast BCSMC is the choice for you. If you like to customize plugins fully, add techs for your ships or customize ship descriptions in great lengths Advanced BCSMC is the tool for you. It allows you virtually to customize all aspects of a ship plugin. If you like to edit plugins, you can use the Plugin Editor which can load most of the plugins out there. If there is a problem with the plugin it will notify you. It is also capable of importing TGL based descriptions created by BCMP. It can import them directly to a ship plugin or merge them with the ships.tgl (file which holds all ship descriptions). It is recommended to import the descriptions to the plugin file. For N00bs out there, there is a detailed guide on how to create a modded install (N00b 101). There is also a tool which creates a shortcut for you which you can use to launch BC in TestMode. It is fully compatible with older mods as it can extract BCMod files, which are of an older standard. BCUT also can create BCMod files, if you are a modder you can package your mods now with BCUT. If you want to install mods automatically, Mod Installer is the right choice for you as it automatically recognizes all mod installation types and takes appropriate measures. You can install any mod with a couple of clicks. You can use it to create sound plugins for you weaponsengines. It can also edit and create TGL Files, it is also capable of loading "corrupt" tgl files which no other tgl editor will load. You can use it to fix those broken files so you won't have to lose any data. It can backup your BC scripts folder which you can always restore at a click of a button. It is also capable of creating Ship Carrier plugins and is capable of uninstalling Ship Mods. BCUT allows you also to tweak up values in your ships hardpoint, please note that this feature does not replace MPE fully. You can also add FTech to Torpedo script with a couple of mouse clicks. It comes with the latest Foundation build, however it also allows you to install the Basic Foundation. As old BCSMC, BCUT also comes with NanoFX Atmospheres Fix and QB Description Fix. Remember to install QB Description Fix if you use Ship Description Writer for your descriptions.




Tactical Display Icon Editor

tdie_1.0.5.rar | 831.25 KB

comes in self extracting .exe file. So all the hard works is done for you. This utility will give you greater control when editing your tactical icons. You will need Net Framework 3.5 SP1 or higher for this utility to work. The new (TDIE) should allow anyone use to making their own HP's heart beat just a little faster, lol. Here are some of the features that this new utility will extend to you... [b]* Autoload Icons * Auto Apply changes made to Hardpoints * Change Icon Background * Show Non-targetable Systems * Arc/Indicator Editing * Manual Arcs/Indicators switch * Damage Editing[/b] I would say that this mod is practically "nOOb" proof. but that is a contradiction in terms. Regardless, I would definitely recommend this utility for the Novices and seasoned Hardpointers... Worth taking a look at! [b][i]* Net Framework 3.5 SP1 or higher:[/i][/b] [url][/url]




Tgl Editor | 632.23 KB




Tactical Display Editor | 498.22 KB

indicators quickly and easily. Even complex overlays, such as TMP vessels, or the Concord\'s 26 phaserbanks was fully completed by me in around a half hr, and it does not take long to get used to this program.




Bridge Commander Universal Tool | 11.59 MB

and it installs mods for you. What more can you ask? BCMod creator lets you create BCMod files also known as BC-Mod packages to distribute your mods. Aside for these 2 new features we have fixed a couple of bugs and made the navigation through BCUT a little bit easier. [i]* Changes -Fixed a bug in HP Tweaker when you couldn't update Max Condition for repair subsystem -Navigation menu tweaked and enhanced -Fixed animation transition flickering on some themes -Fixed tab flicker -Added BCMod Creator -Added drag & drop support and context menu support for BCMod Creator -Fixed a bug when Ship Uninstaller in extremely rare cases wouldn't delete all ship related files -Theme 3 is now the new default theme -BC Tools tabs reordered -Added Mod Installer -Added drag & drop support for Mod Installer -Small bugfixes[/i] As always if you already have any older version of BCUT installed this version will detect it and will offer you to upgrade that installation to the latest version. Check it out. [i][b]* Net Framework 2.0:[/b][/i] [url][/url] [i][b]Alternate Download Link:[/b][/i] [url][/url]




Advanced Ship Description Writer

asdw1.1.rar | 53.4 KB





Gui Mission Builder | 3.09 MB




TGA Tool Editor | 187.78 KB

advanced graphic makers.




Ultimate model viewer | 1.24 MB

quickly after version 1.0 went out things got fixed so this is 1.1. - Better Klingon Academy Texturing - Fixed bug that slowed down object loading - Made a lot more error catches - New file cacheing mechanism for the engine also makes this tool significantly faster - Star Fleet command texturing improved thanks to updated specs from Brad - Fixed a few user interface bugs - Made texture searching a bit more flexible. Now if importing a file that uses texture IDs as paths, it can fall back to trimming off the path if the texture wasn't found with that path. IE is crashing...brb to finsih this..

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