Call of Duty 2




CoD2 Server Config | 7.07 KB

config file, and trust me, when you see how much information is in there, you\'ll be glad you didn\'t have to organize it yourself. :P Anyway, you all know what a server config is, so just check out the main points and features of this example file below, and download it now! ;) Color Codes Public Information Settings Game Authorization Settings Server Options Server Log Anti-Cheat Settings Server Voting Settings Server Voice Chat Settings Weapon Configuration Settings (enable/disable weapons) Gametype Configuration Settings (DM, TDM, CTF, HQ, SD, HTF, IHTF, LMS, LTS, RET) Map Chart (including map/gametype compatibility) Alternate Maps Gametypes List Map Rotation Settings (up to 7 custom rotations) Large, Mixed-Gametype Map Rotations Area for Testing Map Rotation Custom Map Rotation Custom Map Rotation for All Maps and All Gametypes + Random Rotations Shortcut Command Line




CoD2 Mortars | 4.79 KB

Whatever the case, the ReadMe has plenty of information and instructions, so I'm sure you savvy server admins will be able to figure it out anyway. :P With that in mind, check out the ReadMe below, and increase the customization of [i]your[/i] game! ;) [b]EDIT: We've been told that this is just a guideline to tweak mortar settings in your game and not actually a standalone mod.[/b]




CoD2 AWE ExpFog Settings | 2.91 KB

the mystic feature due to the lack of documentation (which was the primary reason the author wrote this). It was made for use with AWE v3.0 beta 5b, but it should be of use to anyone wondering about the settings\' usage. Therefore, server admins, you know who you are: If you need help in this area, download this quick little .txt file now!

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