CnC 3




Sector-76-E_Remaped | 259.69 KB

as much as I enjoyed making it.




Tiberium Volcano | 711.72 KB

expand to, to boost income, also the map has 20 Spikes throughout! 8 civ bunkers, 8 garrisons are placed at choke points to harrass your enemies, also there are 4 defencive towers near the blue fields to catch the odd harvester or tank. The map features a giant green volcano in the centre of the map and 4 smaller vents throughout the map. All the garrisons, spikes and defensive towers have increased health, so they will play a much bigger role as before. The atmosphere of the map is very eery, with redzone clouds passing by, dust storms on the ground, tiberium chasms and ion storms, the map provides a very interesting feeling. Due to the economy of this map, things may start to get out of control for slow players, but generally, its a very well balanced map, as well as very playable. **NOTE** This map is for Kanes Wrath only.




Centration | 686.49 KB

features ion storms, tiberium chasms with special looks that give of green smoke and sparking effects. Also the whole map is filled with yellowzone ambient effects that provide low rolling dust all ovr the map. There is also water bodies that devides the map and makes it alot more interesting. Various textures are used to give the map a real desert feel. Crates are scattered throughout the map and provide xtra money and level ups. Each player starts with a green field and 4 spikes, there is also 5 blue fields to expand to for boosting income. As an added bonus there are creeps in the form of mutants that will attack you from the start, so early engineer rushes is a big NO-NO. Trees and bushes, along with rocks enhances the desert feel. 4 Tiberium silo's and 4 defensive towers provide more extra income and firepower, along with garrisons and bunkers this map is realy one for your collection. **NOTE** Map is only for Kanes Wrath **AUTHOR** Chuck888




Yellowzone Crossing | 601.14 KB

100% * General looks and feel * Playability Each player starts of with a small/medium size green and blue field that grows in patches. There are also 3 green fields to expand to, to boost income! So now you will ask why expand? Well there is plenty of additional income throughout the map in the form of spikes and silos, so ultimately if dont explore you will find yourself searching for money very quickly and this will cost you the game. There is also garrisons at key points for you to defend or arrass your opponent/s, guard towers will play a big role since their health is bit higher than normal! As stated before the aim was to get the map extremely playable, but to go allong with that is the look and feel that is very much up to par with the yellowzone feel and conditions! Yellowzone and redzone ground effects are used to add life to the map. The map is surrounded by tiberium chasms, trees, bushes, rocks, white fog and freaky sounds rounds of the map! This map is for has been addapted for normal skirmish play with all ai's working. NOTE: This map is only for Kanes Wrath! AUTHOR Chuck888 / Roelf Rossouw




Divergence | 274.17 KB

there are places where they aren't blended and look very strange just sitting next to eachother with straight borders. On the center hill, there are two spikes to fight over along with an EMP tower. On either side's center there is a Tiberium silo for some extra credits. Generally, this map seems to have not enough money for the large scale that it is. If you can control the cities on either side of the map and the center, as GDI, you'll win easily. But if as Nod you can sneak past the cities, you'll have a wide open expanse to easily flank the enemy base. Could use improvment, but is generally a good map.




River Delta | 560.53 KB

used gives the water a misty and icy feeling while slowly flowing in a circular way. There are also red zone and yellow zone ground effects used throughout the map to realy bring the map to life. The map is surrounded by tiberium chasms, while the rest of the map is rounded off by ruins, tents, trees, bushes and with some realy freaky sounds and white fog, you will quickly get sucked in by the general elements of the map!! **Features** 4 green fields and 3 blue fields. 12 tib spikes 4 defensive towers 2 tiberium silos 4 civilian bunkers **Who will win on this map?** Well thats a bit tuff, but if you manage to get to the silos first, you get a 5000 bonus, which could definately decide your fate. Also the player who controls the center blue field will roll over all the opponents. **NOTE** This map is for Kanes Wrath **Author** Chuck888




Testing Grounds | 528.69 KB

should check out as well. This map is divided by bodies of water and gentle elevation changes. Each player starts with a small green tiberian fields. Two blue tiberian fields and four more green tiberian fields are able to be expanded to. There is a big green tiberian field in the middle of the map that will provide a huge economic boost if one can manage to hold it down. This map has a huge amount of tiberian spikes; 28 spikes to be exact. Why so many? The tiberian fields are not full fields, but are patches. The patches are used up quickly, so they only provide a steady income for a little bit. There is also two EMP controls and two defensive towers in strategic positions. Getting a hold of your opponent's towers will hurt their economy. In the center of the middle, there are money creates to be collected. Rocks, dead trees and tiberium chasms bring the map alive. The ground textures combined with white fog finish of the map with a cold, dusty feeling. Overall, this map is a great yellow zone map that features an interesting economy approach and provides excellent feel that players that want to play a yellow zone map are looking for.




Deadly Descent | 555.99 KB

throughout most of the map. The cliffs are blended in very well with the basic ground texture and the tiberium texture blends in well. There are big tiberian shards that are in the top middle, bottom, left, and right; these simple additions help to weed out the yellow zone feel, which the map accomplishes very well. Gameplay- There is a lot of money in this map. There are 20 tiberian spikes all thoughout the map and contains four green fields and four blue fields to expand to. Each player starts off in each of the four corners and each player starts off with one green tiberian patch. There are defensive towers and buildings to garrison at key located at choke points. Ion storms and viceriods echo the yellow zone conditions. There is also an EMP control in the middle of the map for players to capture. This map is good enough to satisfy your thirst for a new yellow zone map.




Area 51 | 164.61 KB

or bad thing depending on how long you want the game to last. There are buildings in the middle which have some Tiberian Spikes and Defense Towers which guard them. The buildings are accompanied by large runways, which actually seem to match the image of Area 51 now. Roads are around the map, but it is otherwise deserted.




Area 51 (Kanes Wrath) | 164.89 KB

support now. There is some new textures, some added stuff, and the map is a lot bigger. plus, all players start with a huge tiberium field which regenerates quickly.




Cylon Training Grounds | 72.36 KB

from his favorite TV show, any guesses? This map is four player with skirmish support if you fancy it. At each start location you will find a large tiberium field with plenty of room for building your base. Each section of the map is pretty much walled off, with an open area in the center of the map. In the center of the map you will find a blue tiberium field and some garrisonable structures surrounding that area. Just slightly north and south of the center, you will find a set of two tiberium spikes with two garrisonable structures next to them. This map does something different, so reward it by downloading this and enjoy!




open zone | 3.4 MB

Each player has one tiberium field close to there base with a very large blue tiberium field in the middle of the map which is key to winning on this map. Installation: {WindowsXP} - Unzip the "open zone" folder to your "c:Documents and Settings[YOUR NAME]Application DataCommand & Conquer 3 kanes wrathsmaps" {Vista} - "C:Users[USER LOGIN NAME]AppDataRoamingCommand & Conquer 3 kanes wrathsmaps" Others... Made with the kanes wraths world builder. DOES NOT WORK WITH CNC TIBERIUM WARS 3 Has got a text at the start of the map working fine. enjoy :)




Canyan | 350.28 KB

in .zip formant but if you cant open it you may need to get winrar*




Arguement | 5.68 MB

side, 4 in total. There are many buildings around the center circle to garrison troops to harrass passing harvesters. Each side has ample building space and tiberium resources.




KANE' s Nuclear Garden | 1.43 MB

Skrin,NOD,GDI-subfraction not permited) -Max. players- 4 -TESTED -screenshots and readme inside zip file... -MUST TRY...... REGARDS bugy.....




Burning point | 919.67 KB




Cross Over | 346.6 KB

centre part of the map. On the left and right hand side is also platau\'s with 2 Tib spikes each and 1 gun sentries each. Four water bodies devides the playing area a bit to make it bit more defendable, it also makes for nice visuals and makes you build in a fashion other than the normal. Rocks, trees and dead bushes with fallen buildings finish of the map. **NOTE** This map is for Kanes Wrath **CREATOR** CHUCK888




Devils Peek | 360.7 KB

total of 9 spikes, but the trick to them is that you can get them with air transport or some other means but not directly from the ground. Down in the vally are 4 blue fields and the tib is scattered throughout the field, also the income from the blue fields are like a once off, because they grow VERY slow, so you must make the best of it. Every once in a while there will also be ION STORMS in the blue field, so check your harvies. While this map is great for comp stomp, its best played with human players. **NOTE** As stated before this is a fantasy location and is aimed to be for fun and to enjoy it. * This map is for Kanes Wrath **CREATOR** CHUCK888




Blue zone Arena | 298.39 KB

BIG green tib fields to expand to. Nice visuals make this map a must have. This map is for Kanes Wrath. This map was made by chuck888. If u want to modify the map, Please give credit to me the creator.





map_canyan.rar | 58.23 KB

backs. But please don't consider this map horrible just because the time it took. Its a really fun rush map! (don't even try the e-mail it wont work and i wont get it)




Tight Squeeze | 566.64 KB

2,5.So, there is definetly a lot of place for improvement, but hey, be nice - we all had to start once!




Bloody Rivers | 79.79 KB

partners / Upcoming projects --- 3.1 Mapping partners (if a.t.m) --- 3.2 Upcoming projects --- 3.3 Re-editing this map - 4 Disclaimer




The Box | 216.91 KB

including five tiberium spikes.I think this is his first map and he was testing what is World builder capable of.The map on the other hand, has an interesting terrain layout, which allows good flankings and early game rushes, you can go around the entire enemy base and then rush it.The problem is, that there wont be that much to attack as there´s just one blue tiberium field for each player, which would be okay, if the author would edit the tiberium fields stats, but he didn't, so you will run out of money TOO early.Otherwise, the camera is in good position, there´s functional mini map, the AI is supported. Overall, this map is an average one, but I can´t really recommend it, as you may feel disappointed. if you would add some more "foliage" trees, rocks, added at least two or more textures and sorted the tiberium fields stats, or added one more tib. or more spikes.. it could have been an interesting map, but like this.. its just 3/10.




Sheffield Blue Zone | 3.39 MB

This is a absolutely great map. There are tons and tons of strategy oppertunities, possible actions and decisions you have to make in this map. Right from placing your initial building get the most of what little space you have to build on, to choosing if you want to use credits on that engineer that could get you that extra tiberium spike. Do you want to fight urban or aireal combat. How many grenadeers/Black Hand/ Buzzers do you have to build and so on. I could go on forever, but let's just say this: Like the last release this map dosen't disappoint. Download A.S.A.P.




Alien Attack | 107.41 KB

Scrin player would want. The problem is the player starts with all that, which is easily enough to wipe out any opposition. You will have to coordinate a time limit where the Scrin player can start to attack. The visuals on this map aren't really that great. Not much terrain difference, not much texture variation, not much of a visual experience.




Tournament River 2v2 | 408.91 KB

means trees and rivers are everywhere. Ground textures here are unique and interesting with lots of different colors blended together; to make a great surrounding. Game play- There are very strange things that this map brings. First, the players actually share a building area, forcing them to use team work better. Second, the map has a direct flank to both bases from atop a mountain, which adds a twist to the battle field. The last thing I\'ve noticed was the fact that the top part of the map has all the tech buildings, forcing players to be all around the map rather than just attacking straight forward. An extremely good map, this map is surely a download for anyone.




Sheffield Blue Zone | 453.83 KB

is mainly city, but my units didn\'t have pathfinding problems. The east side has more open fields, while the west is completely city. One look at the screenshots will tell you all you need to know. The problems that you\'ll run into is that the map has so much stuff on it, it even lagged my computer with 2GB of ram. Also, there is another Green Field on the map and it is much closer to the East side of the map, which gives them an advantage. The start zones are small, so you can\'t build much of a base.




Battle At Nod Base | 425.87 KB

very good, allowing start game tactical advantages. There is a well-made minimap included that works perfectly and a fully functional AI. Gameplay: You start with two patches of green tiberium and can expand to blue tiberium which is held in the corners and surrounded by garisonable buildings, with an EMP tower in the center of the Nod Base accessible by all teams, this area becomes very hostile quickly. You can choose to Turtle or Expand on this map, this map may also encourage defenses due to the small/medium building space you receive, you can also find yourself turtling towards the enemy very easily. Overall this is a professional map that is worth playing and is highly recommended.




Scrin Homeworld | 684.64 KB

lesser detail than other Scrin maps, but doesn\'t disappoint. Rocky terrain and strange looking trees help to set the mood. The real thing that surprises me is that most Scrin maps have a green tint, this one is different and has more of a purple/pink one, making it original. The textures are like some you would expect to see on the moon, barren and gray. Game play- Something that makes this map different than others is that you start out with two Scrin Power Plants. With these extra Power Plants, players can focus more on building Tiberian Refineries and War Factories in early game. The play receives two blue tiberian fields, and one to be expanded to. The mountains block base expansion, so stretching might not be an option. The map is open, so don\'t expect to see many choke points either. With its capability for massive rushes at the beginning of the game, this map is for anyone who enjoys rushing. Turtlers will be annoyed by this map because of the small area for base building.




City Under Siege | 634.08 KB

everything you would expect to see in a city. Airports, light rails, you name it and this map has got it. Ground textures in the grass works very well with all the surrounding textures, making it a very detailed experience. The map is in a time where there is some sort of storm. The sounds and the gloomy atmosphere makes it very believable that there is in fact a storm. Every couple minutes an ion storm comes and the whole map gets tinted a shade of blue. Game play- Since the map is based in a city, urban fighting is the style of game play for this map. Bridges separate different sides of the map from each other. The ion storm, which happens every couple minutes could turn the tide in a battle. For example, if your enemy has a bunch of units and an ion storm comes and weakens them, you can come in and possibly defeat him because of the units health. With its amount of detail and its urban style game play, what is not to love about this map? A download is recommended for anyone playing CnC 3.




Spikes | 152.92 KB

say much for detail because I see about three textures on the entire map... at least the spikes are in order and not just randomly placed. Game play- Well, this is like one of those unlimited money maps, but with a twist, you must capture spikes in order to keep your money up. You can cut off the other player's resources if you can capture the spikes themselves. The camera is zoomed very far out and there is wide, open spaces on the map for huge battles. An EMP control center in the middle of the map is a nice touch, considering how big the battles become. If placed in the very first two spots at the top, the AI gets a custom script. They get mammoth tanks to guard their spikes, providing a fun and hard game even when there is just computers on the map. The map "Spikes" provides a different game type, massive battles and seemingly unending money is great fun to have with others. Its detail might not be there, but its fun factor sure is.




Highway to Hell | 644.43 KB

than a lot of maps out there. The cities are detailed with cars, street lamps, and road markers which are nice touches to the map. Since the map is set in a desert setting, small cities are spread out from one another. A large city is in the middle of the map and connects players to a huge green tiberian patch. Game play- The game play of this map is pretty basic. Players must expand pretty early and capture spikes in order to have a good economy. A thing that you don\'t see much of on maps is tiberian silos, but this map has them, and a lot of them. Capturing these gain you ground control and give you money so be on the look out for these in the map. Choke points are found on bridges and passage ways from base to base. Highway to Hell is an above average map, but not the greatest. Download Highway to Hell if you love interesting map layouts, because this map definitely has one.




Lost Coast | 459.23 KB

bed surrounding and Island with tons of goodies. The river bed is impassable but there are 4 bridges. On the island there are two Tiberuim Spikes a subway entrance, the Subway nodes are indestructible so shoot all you want. Also and a second part which you CAN\'T WALK to there is a EMP control centre. Also on the island there\'s and incredibly fast growing blue Tiberuim field. Each player gets one Tiberuim spike, unless your ally is greedy, and one normal tiberium field as well ad one to share. Have fun.




Battle at Nod's Base | 1.91 MB

tiberium fields - The Nod base has been redone.. now has got 8 posible entrances, with EMP in the middle of it and of course "few" factories and some "junk" that avatars can upgrade for free.. - Then there are four cities located in the map corners, each with a blue tiberium field for an expansion, no worries - Ive made it so theres enought room for refinerys, if AI catches the city it makes up for a really hard fight!




The Motherlode | 691.63 KB

skirmish play, with asymmetrical starting positions. It is suitable for 2v2 or FFA games. The setting is the desert of North Africa, at an abandoned Nod Tiberium harvesting installation. All of the expansion Tiberium is found down in a huge mining pit, with a limited amount of space for building. Control of this pit is key to dominating the battle, but watch the back entrance to your base. The extremely rugged terrain provides many choke points to establish defensive positions. Includes 2 tech buildings and some hostile creeps. Enjoy the map! by spyVspy from CNCDEN enjoy




Oblivion\'s Crater | 536.1 KB

of the bases. The middle of the map has a lot of tiberium so it\'s very vital that the player expands quickly. The middle is surrounded by the temple prime walls and have neutral obelisks of lights in the four corners within the walls. The ground textures for the map are excellent. Even though the map is a desert setting, it does very well with detail. The spikes and the guard towers are surrounded by small towns, and the cliffs are detailed very well. There is also a lot of tiberium on the map so players can get a lot of units and have big battles. There isn\'t very many large area choke points, but there is many flanks to every part of the map, which will keep your opponent guessing and guessing. On the hole, this map is great. A lot of detail and dynamics makes this map a must have for anyone playing CnC 3.




Quarantine Zone | 321.65 KB

really that makes this map stand out from all the others, but it's a basic map if you just want something to play on. There are Tiberian Spikes in the map, some guarded with guard towers. The map is in a thunder storm setting and it's night on the map. The ground textures are pretty basic, but not bad. Since the bases aren't covered from cliffs or the map barriers, there is many flanks you can use on your enemy. There are also some choke points, but they are mostly in the towns that are scattered throughout the map. The middle of Quarantine Zone has blue tiberium, so it's vital that the player expands. Overall this map is pretty average. It is a basic map that players will enjoy playing on. The downfalls of the map is that it's relatively flat, and the placement of hills seems a little random as well.




Storm Shield | 1.77 MB

capture. Many Buildings to hide infantry in.




River Tiberius | 214.36 KB




Planet Scrin | 773.73 KB

blue tiberium to play with. There is a lot of tiberian scenery in this map, and the green water really helps with the detail. Also, the cliffs and scaling are great as well. The map is not too big or not too small, it\'s a fun and greatly detailed map. If you like the Scrin, detail, or just like good maps, this map should be on your computer.




Lake Tiberium | 502.96 KB

of the map which accessible by four bridges and has tech centers. The map has good texture detail and the tiberian objects are embedded quite nicely into the map. Over all this map is different and a fun change of pace from all the other CnC 3 maps.




Coastal Conflict | 546.92 KB

the harvesting. Lighting is set for afternoon. This map is NOT intended for tournament play as it is not symmetrical, nor entirely balanced. It has a slightly un-symmetrical layout to present interesting battlefield scenarios. Enjoy the map!




Deth Lowlands | 479.37 KB

of Spikes to capture. Two normal sized Blue fields exist as well. The map is covered with different paths. Some are on top of the hills while others are in the valleys. They cross eachother and definately provide for some interesting unit movement strategies. AI is supported. Good: Well designed and unique. The map is well detailed with trees and civilian buildings in proper places. Bad: Could you some work on texturing, the cliff texture was repetitive. Also, the Tiberium Veins in rock was used too much. Camera was too far out as well, but it doesn\'t cause much extra lag. Verdict: A little work on the textures and this map would be awsome. As it is, it should provide Interesting four player battles instead of the regular symmetric fights.




Crossfire | 783.49 KB

towards the center of the map for each player, but the main huge fields are between the players. Dividing the two teams is a river. Across it in the middle are two bridges. This I suppose is where all the action will happen. AI is supported. Good: Well, it is textured alright I guess. Bad: Camera is way too far out, at that view distance, the size of the map creates great amounts of lag. For a map this large to have only two bridges across is horrible. It takes your units forever to get even close to the enemy base and they can just be bottled up at the bridges. Verdict: If you turn the details all down and play as Scrin (with their teleport), you might enjoy it.




Shoulder Valley | 216.18 KB

blue Tiberium across different parts of the river. There are also many cliffs which cut off access to certain parts of bases. Plenty of Tiberium is on the map, but you must expand quickly to get control of the remote Blue patches. Good: Excellent layout. While almost symmetrical, it is not one of the standard 4 corner layouts you see in every regular map. This lends to some interesting strategical choices. Bad: Textures are pretty much the same on the entire map. While the cliffs are nicely done, the grass, while nice varied heights, gets old. Also, the trees or bushes used are the same one over and over. The North East side has two extra Tiberium Silos giving them a $5000 advantage. Verdict: This is definately a non-standard map, and I'd recommend you check it out!




A River Run\'s Through It | 309.46 KB

river in the middle. There are no obstacles in the map except you can cross the river from bridges at the very top and bottom of the map. Good: The grassy rolling hills are surprisingly well done. Trees spice up the landscape. Bad: Could have done more texture work. Especially with the cliffs, I hate 1-texture cliffs, and also these cliffs that go vertically for a long distance. Camera is too close in. If you zoom in all the way you zoom past the terrain and see Black. Verdict: The map might be a bit big for the shorter C&C3 battles you\'re used to, but that might be a good thing.

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