CnC 3




Command & Conquer 3 Demo

cnc3_demo.exe | 1.18 GB

Tutorial -1 Skirmish -2 Missions (the prologue and another mission) The tutorial is quick and easy to understand and doesn't get boring, which is quite an accomplishment when you see what other games' tutorials are like. The missions are the good stuff though. From determining if Nod is actually a force to be reckoned with to blowing up their base with Mammoth Tanks. You get a good taste of the power behind GDI. From the Ion Cannon (uber powerful) to the Zone Troopers and Orcas, GDI can dish out a beating. There are FMVs for the single player missions. They are simply awesome. The best videos in a game to date! You'll get nostalgic when you see Kane appear in the second video too. Skirmish allows you to take control of GDI vs Nod in a 1v1 map. The gameplay is very well done, and there are rarely slow moments. You have to keep the pressure on Nod; they will not relent when they are attacking you. You get the full side of GDI to work with including the Firehawk bombers and Commando. This ought to keep everyone occupied till the game comes out. UPDATE: YOU CAN PLAY AS NOD! Press the key cooresponding to the first letter in the side's name or AI Type (N for Nod, R for Rusher) and click on the side/type you're pressing the key for. Then you'll have selected the other sides and ai types to play with! For Example: You want to play as Nod. Hold down N and click on Nod in the side selection drop down. It really works!

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