CnC Generals




MG Studios Map Manager | 572 KB

they have released. The list of these files is updated constantly, although it only houses some Zero Hour maps at the moment, you should expect the Command & Conquer 3 maps to be uploaded to the program anytime soon. Not only does this program download the maps for you, it even installs them, making this the ultimate lazy-men tool. No need for unpacking and moving files, just a simple click and your set to go. Installing to program is also a piece of cake, just unpack the file and your ready to go. Great stuff, thnx Mapper Guild!




World Builder Editor Tutorial | 611.67 KB

Files. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, download it here If you put out a cool map, be sure to submit it to [email][/email] !




Terrain Elevator | 71.63 KB

hand crafting the land is very time consuming and the map editor has no import function. Please check the readme for further info and keep the following in mind :D: [quote]*AHEM* These files are provided as you find them. They were created purely to solve my problems. If they don\'t work, let me know and I\'ll try to fix them when I have free time. If they wipe your hard disk and kill your hamster then tough \'cos they work on my machine. You can contact me at[/quote]

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