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An Act of War

an_act_of_war_v1_5_alpha.exe | 119.21 MB

You may have guessed by now, it's set in the middle east, present era. There's a big fight going on between Iraq and USA! And Iraq has increased military capabilities to be competitive. The Iraq side is incomplete, so I will review the USA side. It has new models for almost everything, new buildings, new superweapons, new upgrades, and even new voices! The new music fits the mood very well, imagine what you would hear setting up a blockade on a road in Baghdad. And you can do exactly that with the new buildings! Set up a checkpoint and watch your enemies crumble as they waste their forces against it. There may be future releases of this mod, but the team is slowing down, and can't promise them. If you want some accurate modern USA battles, try this out now!




Red Alert 3

ra3_installer_v10full.exe | 124.69 MB

is a total conversion mod for Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour. Red Alert 3, as you might guess, is a mod that turns Generals into the Red Alert universe. Red Alert 3 gives the player a chance to see Red Alert in a whole new light. The units of Red Alert are now crisp and clean thanks to General's great graphics engine. Not everything is here from the original, but players can still choose what countries they want to be. Germany still has tank destroyer, and France still has their cheap old "Grand Cannon". Red Alert 3 features full campaigns for each fraction, including Yuri. The side bar [b]is[/b] back into play in the mod. Although Red Alert 3 is like its original, it is still far different. Since the creators couldn't rewrite the entire game, Yuri's mind control units don't in essence mind control; all they do is kill the driver of the tank or kill the people inside a building to make it neutral. Once neutral, the object may be taken over by the player's forces. The maps in Red Alert 3 are decent and the full campaigns will having you playing for hours. Since this mod goes just a little bit over the top in violence, this must be added: [b][u]WARNING: This mod contains content that may not be suitable for children under 15.[/b][/u] Sorry, but when the mod let's infantry get blown up into little chunks is where I draw the line for a rated "T" game. [u][b]Review[/b][/u] [list] [*][b]Fun Factor-[/b] Red Alert 3 is extremely fun and addicting. You will get a kick from seeing your favorite Red Alert characters in the Gerneral's engine. Lag might be a problem online if your not careful. The extra particle effects is also an added bonus. [*][b]Balance-[/b] This mod could be a lot more balanced. The suicide trucks that Lybia has is actually a nuke when it blows up! Boris' air strike can be fired from all the way across the map and the list goes on! The modders did do a good job on unit-to-unit combat though. For example, if a rhino tank is up against a lasher, the rhino wins. [*][b]Creativity-[/b] I can't give the modders creativity kudos for this mod because all the units were all ready made; but because of the way they made Red Alert 2 units work [mind control, terror drone, ect.] they get some credit. Although sometimes the fixes can make the units unbalanced. For example, the terror drone can attack buildings now with pretty good results.[/list]




MidEast Crisis | 188.83 MB

disappointed though, because each side has so many different units and unique styles of game play you won\'t be left regretting downloading the mod. The new types of game play that MidEast Crisis shows are \"Oil Refinery\" \"Superweapon\" and \"Special Army Technology\". Oil refineries are now placed throughout maps in key positions. Oil refineries are indestructible and gives the player a constant flow of $1000 into the player\'s funds; this is done to encourage players to be more open in the first few minutes of game play. In Zero Hour, there\'s superweapons as buildings, in MidEast Crisis, the superweapons are now vehicles. The superweapon missiles fly low so enemies can blow it out of the sky if the vehicle is not placed at a strategic location. Special Army Technology is like choosing what general you would like to be, but the player put have 3 stars in general abilities. If the player has this, they can choose between 3 different generals like air force or tank. If this is done, then the units that the player once was able to build get switched; for example, if the player picks the air force general then he gets better planes and helicopters, but his tanks are not very good. [b][u]Review:[/b][/u] [list][*][b]Fun Factor-[/b] The mod is great fun. The units in the mod flow nicely, and the Special Army Technologies keep me coming back to try to find all the different units one general gets. The particles are fantastic as well, and the AI is beefed up to extremes; but this my be bad for some players because the mod has somewhat of a learning curve. [*][b]Balance-[/b] The balance is done very well in MidEast Crisis. The team did make it realistic to a point, but RPG troopers are still weak against troops unless they have a special RPG that is good against troops equipped; which helps the mod a lot in balance. Tanks also don\'t do very much damage to infantry, and airplanes are relatively easy to shoot down. [*][b]Creativity-[/b] The creativity is great! The new styles of game play and the whole idea of the oil refineries is a great concept. The general\'s powers are also creative, as one power is a modified SR-71 that bombs an area.




ModX | 56.48 MB

Corporation\", which comes up with a good many of units, buildings and special powers. Actually this Mod isn\'t really balanced. With the high costs of some units I tried to even out the firepower of them to make it as balanced as possible. Cyber Tech Corporation has: - three innovative superweapons - ultra modern Mechs whereas some of them are incredible regarding to their firepower and their abilities - tanks which are everything but not typical - altogether 5 Hero units - each one with very special abilities




Operation: Restore Justice Version 1.5

rj150.exe | 22.24 MB

with Iran in an alternate reality. More information can be found at \"\", the official website of RJ. Some of the features of this mod: ============================ -extremely realistic gameplay and physics -replaced terrain textures (all of them!) -loads of new units -hundreds of new realistic sounds -completely new soundtrack -tons of new skirmish and multiplayer maps -new voice acting -new menu system -meticulous coding -highly realistic new special effects




Imperial Assault

ia_beta_1.exe | 214.26 MB




C&C All Stars | 355.51 MB

have a chance to do so in this total conversion! These factions are combined down into Three playable sides, which are the Tiberian Coalition, the Red Alert Alliance, and the Generals Elite. In each of these sides, it takes the best of each of the factions units for an ultimate Super Side! For example, the Tiberian Coalition gets the Mammoth Mk.II, the Flame Tank, Bazooka men, and Harpys. So with all the powerful units to play with what are you waiting for? And now for the review: This mod is very well done. Simply put, the graphics aren't up to par with C&C3, but that's because this is for Generals. The textures could use some work on the buildings and new units, perhaps add a bit of detail. However, the code side of this mod is almost perfect. I found no bugs in my testing, and everything works completely as advertised. The only other bad thing I can say is that some units feel unbalanced, but only longer gameplay would make sure of that. All Stars Team, you have JohnWE's personal commendation on a job well done!




WarGames | 57.3 MB

idea never gotten any form until early 2006 were I made the very first model for the mod and started working on organizing the mod and planning things by myself. The mod itself is based of an old game known as WarGames which was made by a game studio which was formerly known as InterActive Studios. Although the game was absolutely amazing and very ahead of it's time when it was released it never got the attention which it deserved (or at least not in my oppinion) as many features of the game were seen in other RTS games way later and some I have yet to see in other RTS games. In short, it will have 2 completely new factions to play, but only 1 is operational this version.





contra005.exe | 35.45 MB

the GLA Assault General, and the USA Cybernetic General. China Flame General can train flamethrower troopers and upgrade his armor to be fire proof. GLA Assault can train the MiG-29 and can upgrade his marauder tanks to have stinger missiles on the back. The Cybernetic General can train cyborgs and tanks that look and act like spiders. The spider tank has dual cannons and can climb up mountains. The other generals have different changes with them, like the Nuke General has infantry that shoot very small nukes. Contra adds a different type of game play to the table as well. Contra promotes a type of "rush" style. For example, the player can not buy vehicles or infantry that are extremely powerful until they are rank 3. This promotes players coming out of their bases to get their rank up faster. Contra also notifies the players when a different player's rank goes up, so everyone knows. This mod has a messed up install program, so to help, I've taken the liberty to make a picture telling how to install. [u][b]Review-[/u][/b] [list] [*][b]Fun Factor-[/b] Contra is extremely fun! Every game is a new experience and you'll never get bored. There's so much units and new buildings to play around with as well. The only thing from keeping this as a 10 in fun factor is the "no units before rank 3" thing. This makes it much harder to go and quickly test out all of the generals, the player actually has to play. [*][b]Balance-[/b] The balance in Contra is discriminatory toward other generals. Other generals are just plain better then others. The nuke general for example, has long rang nuclear artillery that can take out any general quickly...well after rank 3. [*][b]Creativity-[/b] Creativity is noticeable in Contra. All the stuff the new generals get are new and fun. The upgrades overlords can get, for example, are vast and fun to play with.




Red Alert 3 Patch

ra3p_installer_v102patch.exe | 817.1 KB




Blitzkrieg 2: The Finest Hour

blitzkrieg2r2.6.15.exe | 198 MB

historically authentic. A must for multiplayer fans. Requires [url=""].NET Framework 2.0[/url] to work! Download this! Blitzkrieg II is a World War 2 total conversion for Command and Conquer: Generals. Which the good ol' boys of Derelict Studios have put hundreds of hours of work into. And also ranked #1 as of yesterday over at Mod DB. In this Mod there is a quite unique way of gameplay, there are no supplies... So, in trade, when you garrison a building it will provide you with your war funds. However this, in turn causes the skirmish AI to not work. But there are still single player missions available. These guys really want this game to stay on the top list of Generals mods. So, they tested the balance between the different armies by holding tournies between eachother. One of my favorite things that they've added deployable artillery, which is towed by a halftrack. I sure hope you guys enjoy this mod!




Only War

only_war_final_public_release_1.0.exe | 144.77 MB

version, featuring: + Fully functioning AI + New maps + New sound effects + New special effects + Several new units + Working music + Vehicle hulks + Damaged buildings From the screenshots, it looks superb!




Mid East Crisis - CNC Generals Zero Hour Mod | 2.83 MB

new gameplay elements, enhanced \"smart\" AI support and full Israeli and Syrian armies, each with their own unique abilities. From a professionally recorded soundtrack to extensive attention to detail, MidEast Crisis boasts a new level of realism.

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