CnC Red Alert 2




Moscow Revisited

moscow_revisited.rar | 727.82 KB

cramped because I like to make fairly large bases but besides that very well done.




Yuri\'s Revenge Map Pack #5 | 1004.83 KB

the directory in which you installed Red Alert 2/Yuri\'s Revenge. Once the files have been copied into the directory, load Yuri\'s Revenge and check the list of maps available to you in multiplayer. (Note, you must have Yuri\'s Revenge patch version 1.01 installed.) ****************************** NEW MAPS Deep Freeze (2-4 Player Map) Heavy Resources (Gold and Oil) Environment: Snow File: DeepFrze.yro Features: Four player snow map with lots of space, great for FFA or 4-player team games. Spirit of Mojo One (2-4 Player Map) Heavy Resources (Gold and Gems) Environment: Snow/Island File: MojoSprt.yro Features: Four player island map with with limited space. Luckily gems and gold are abundant on the map. Great for Naval battles. Monster Movie (2-8 Player Map) Heavy Resources (Gold and Gems) Environment: Temperate File: MonsterM.yro Features: A huge 8 player map built with team play in mind. Dinosaurs roam free so be on the look out! River Rampage (2 Player Map) Heavy Resources (Gold and Gems) Environment: Temperate File: RiverRam.yro Features: 2 player map designed to be very fast paced with limited choke points. Aircraft will come in handy on this map. Sink or Swim (2-4 Player Map) Heavy Resources (Gold and Oil) Environment: Desert File: SinkSwim.yro Features: This 4 player map designed to be fast paced. Resources are limited so build up quickly and attack. *************************** Old Maps Transylvania Trouble (2-6 Player Map) Heavy Resources (Gold and Gems) Environment Conditions: Urban Temperate Game: Yuri\'s Revenge (must have Yuri\'s Revenge installed to play) File: Transylv.yro Features: This is a fast paced 6-player map with many buildings and houses to garrison. Located in the center players will find a vast wealth of gems along with a very familiar landmark from Yuri\'s Revenge solo play. Tip: Destroy the castle in the middle of the map to lighten things up. Irvine, California (2-8 Player Map) Medium Resources (Gold with some gems) Environment: Urban Game: Yuri\'s Revenge (must have Yuri\'s Revenge installed to play) File: IrvineCa.yro Features: Players will find many unique and dangerous creatures on this map; they can either hurt or help you depending on where they are unleashed. The price of admission is free so keep a sharp on eye your opponents. Tip: Watch out for the T-REX! Moon Patrol (2-4 Player Map) Heavy Resources (Gems) Environment Conditions: Lunar File: MoonPatr.yro Features: Moon patrol takes place on the lunar landscapes of our very own moon. Cosmonauts are available on this map, so it will be wise to build some good air defenses.




Red Alert 2 - Official Map Pack 8

ra2mappack8.exe | 347 KB

the center. Dust Bowl (2 player) Set in the small mining town of Gold Strike, players will find a moderate supply of gold ore, oil, and cows surrounding each of the starting points. Be careful as the townsfolk of Gold Strike do not take kindly to strangers. Tower of Power (2-4 player map) This map was designed for battle. Each player will start out in one of the 4 corners of the map. Located in the center, players will find a perfect space well suited for base production. The best part, is a spot located on a hill and surrounded by a moat. Your opponents will have a difficult time moving ground forces toward you if properly defended.




Seberian Airstip

seberian_airstrip.mpr | 132.58 KB

base with an own speciality. but al bases have enought of space and ore.




Iron Curtain

iron_curtain.rar | 36.63 KB

player limit and the center is covered with garrisonable buildings and vehicles and plenty of other useless trinkets. I would not recommend this map.




GAU´s Ra2: Yuris' Rache MapPack

gaus_ar2_yurisrache_mappack_v1.rar | 5.02 MB

[*] GAU´s War 1 - Rush Action: Each base is started out right next to each other. Oil Derreks and jems are everywhere. Rushing is encouraged [*] GAU´s War 2 - X Ländereck: A river in shape of an "X" separates the land bodies on this map. Each land mass is connected by bridges. [*] GAU´s War 3 - Bot Fight: This map is made for playing with, you guessed it, robots! A place for players and a place for computers included, giving the computer's side a bigger bonus. [*] GAU´s War 4 - Snow City: On this map, there are two side islands that are connect to a middle island by bridges. The middle island has a city on it and the map is in the winter setting, hence the name. [*] GAU´s War 5 - Wüste Lebt: This is a map made for bots as well, except this time, it's in a desert setting. Two players are in the south, and the other computer players are north, of course they have the advantage. [*] GAU´s War 6 - Big Rush: A big rush to the middle house! The Westwood house! Go Go Go! [*] GAU´s War 7 - Die Wüste: Each player starts off in four corners, a lot of money is on this desolate desert map. [*] GAU´s War 8 - Ultimate War: Another comp stomp map! Two players start to the north, and the computers to the south. In the middle, there is a bunch of tech buildings and goodies. [*] GAU´s War 9 - Ice Party: A three vs five ice map. Nuff said. [*] GAU´s War 10 - Oil Action: This is another three vs five map. The middle island has a bunch of oil derriks, it is vital to get this spot. [*] GAU´s War 11 - Low Money: Quite ironic... A two vs six map where the two players get a huge amount of cash. Should be a good game. [*] GAU´s War 12 - Blutrausch: A jungle, three vs five map. All the tech structures are hidden within trees in the middle of the map. [*] GAU´s War 13 - Snow Party: A party, which happens to be in snow! [*]GAU´s War 14 - WaterWorld: Each player starts out on an island. One island has a bunch of tech structures on it, so it is imperative to get to it. [*] GAU´s War 15 - WaterWorld v2 Small: Basically the same as WaterWorld except smaller. The tech island also has a bunch more tech structures on it. [/list] These maps are more leaned toward Human vs AI, but you can play them as Human vs Human as they are still pretty even. Enjoy this grand map pack.




Cassiopeia (5) YR | 557.95 KB

and lots of other really cool co-op or single player battles. amphibious transports can be used to sneak up on the enemy's oil derricks, as every island has a low part, accessible by hovercrafts. Also, the lighting has been manually set to look very early in the morning (around 4am) Loads of fun guaranteed!




Cantumira | 29.47 KB




"Any" MapPack | 371.25 KB

Revenge installed. Also the map AnyTown has MegaWealth versions included. These maps were created for online gaming. AI doesn't fully utilise the possibilities on these maps.




The_World_At_War_Level3_Desert | 3.34 MB

and refought over the same 600 miles of desert between Alexandria and Benghazi. At last, Montgomery's celebrated 'Desert Rats' beat Rommel's Afrika Korps at the famous battle of El Alamein. The surviving combatants tell the story of the other war against sandstorms, heat, flies. thirst and dysentery, and Field Marshal, Lord Harding, General Sir Richard O'Connor, Sir Francis de Guingand and Siegfried Westphal are among those describing the top-level decision-making of the North Africa campaighn. Objective 1: Make a way to your mcv and clear out the path Objective 2: Deploy your base and units in Egypt Objective 3: Survive 40 minutes against the Axis




The World At War Level3 Desert | 345.64 KB

desert between Alexandria and Benghazi. At last, Montgomery's celebrated 'Desert Rats' beat Rommel's Afrika Korps at the famous battle of El Alamein. The surviving combatants tell the story of the other war against sandstorms, heat, flies. thirst and dysentery, and Field Marshal, Lord Harding, General Sir Richard O'Connor, Sir Francis de Guingand and Siegfried Westphal are among those describing the top-level decision-making of the North Africa campaighn. Objective 1: Make a way to your mcv and clear out the path Objective 2: Deploy your base and units in Egypt Objective 3: Survive 40 minutes against the Axis




Siberian Woods | 143.52 KB

structures. There's enough water for naval warfare.[/quote]




Moscow Map | 77.17 KB

There are four large ore and gem fields close to both starting points and beside each starting point is eight oil derricks one tech outpost one tech hospital one tech airport and one tech machine shop




ADM Broken Empire Ra2/Yr | 55.23 KB

for Ra2 and 6 for YR and 8 for a single player skirmish) [quote]I am thinking about making a version specifically for YR but may just make a new YR map.[/quote]




The World at War Level 3 | 3.34 MB

Directory.Launch the game,select (Battle)or(Team Aliance). To play this map online, putt brutal comp in position 8. "Desert - The war in north Africa: 1940-1943" ----------------------- The war in North Africa took nearly three years to resolve, fought and refought over the same 600 miles of desert between Alexandria and Benghazi. At last, Montgomery's celebrated 'Desert Rats' beat Rommel's Afrika Korps at the famous battle of El Alamein. The surviving combatants tell the story of the other war against sandstorms, heat, flies. thirst and dysentery, and Field Marshal, Lord Harding, General Sir Richard O'Connor, Sir Francis de Guingand and Siegfried Westphal are among those describing the top-level decision-making of the North Africa campaighn. Objective 1: Make a way to your mcv and clear out the path Objective 2: Deploy your base and units in Egypt Objective 3: Survive 40 minutes against the Axis




ADM Warfront Map Ra2/Yr | 65.11 KB

is the first release (hopefully of many) by admiral clan. if you have any issuse with bugs on map or need help with installing contact lexalolsicnh on xfire. or send me a message using this site. no bugs on the map are known at this time so please report if you find any. read the readme below for map discription. Also this map Works in Yuri's revenge as well as normal RA2[/quote]




Moscow map | 76.8 KB

2 There are two large ore fields close to both starting points and beside each starting point is eight oil dericks one tech outpost one tech hospital one tech airport and one tech machine shop




Small Town Invasion | 17.88 KB

farmhouse has a small forest and lake to the west. Both bases have lots of ore near them. The north and south highway has heghogs on them.




At The World\'s Control Center | 192.52 KB

some Yuri. Once you survive their final attack, you get a Soviet MCV, which you don\'t really need if you have survived. The Allied base you started with is decent enough for you to build up a good amount of forces to defend. Once you hold them off, then you\'ve practically won the mission. Blow up the Parliament building with a force and it\'s over. The terrain isn\'t very pretty, lots of the map is unused. And it wasn\'t really hard. The only problem that you\'ll run into is that there\'s no enough ore on your side of the map. Tons for the enemy, but none for you.




Moon Base | 97.16 KB

the map. Plenty of terrain variations and a nice amount of craters makes this map appear pretty. The new color is a nice tan, which may not look like the moon, but I liked it much more. Once again, this is supposed to work with [file="37950"]Mental Omega[/file] and the Rock Patch, but it seems to work just fine in Yuri's Revenge.




Water Holland | 572.01 KB

and the nuke looks real. it has two start points, plenty of ore and good tech spread across the fields. It has a military base on the mainland.




Scars of Battle | 83.65 KB

other side, you must either drive across bridges to large islands on the left or right sides or head across the center of the map. The center of the map is not a choke point, but it does have garrisonable bunkers to help keep the enemy out. There is a decent amount of ore near each starting spot, and then more in the center of the top and bottom sides. On the two outer islands there are some derricks, a Tech Lab and an Airfield, so capturing them quickly is an important task. Graphics: Unlike many RA2 maps, this one's terrain does not repeat itself! There are craters here and there, and different terrain types are used in random spots to make it more realistic. Even the ore is layed out in a non-standard format. The only complaint that I have is that there is no change in elevation anywhere. Also, there are a few terrain errors. Gameplay: You have the option of either attacking with naval or land forces. There are no choke points except for the bridges, and those can be avoided, so this map will be an offensive map. I did a 30 Rhino Tank build check, and with the few Tech Derricks I had captured and 4 War Factories I couldn't outbuild my cash supply. That being said, once the cash is gone, you'd better protect your tech buildings, as they are closely spaced and would destroy eachother in any explosion. Verdict: You might run into some issues with some start spots getting better proximity to the Tech Buildings, but besides that there are no balance issues to speak of. Not bad for this guy's first map!




Water Holland | 105.58 KB

flooded Holland landscape. If you do try that route, be prepared to face a few civilian turrets, dogs, and other sorts of neutral defense. Graphics: The map is for the most part well tiled. The landscape is pleasing to the eye in most places. There are many terrain errors, although they seem to be intentional. Some islands in the middle appear to have purposely been squared off with no border between the terrain and sea. There also are places on the map with very bright white lights and they aren't much fun to look at. Gameplay: This would certainly provide interesting gameplay. You have limited resources to start with, and the other resources are on the "mainland" where you might have to fight over them. There is the option to either attack by land or sea, and the route by land is so far, I am not sure which will prove the most used way. High Points: Very non-standard map layout, well crafted terrain. Low Points: Graphical errors, Yuri Prime civilian units which don't mind control unless they're attacked, perhaps not enough resources.




Moon Base | 408.56 KB

watch out for them. This map is best experienced through Mental Omega and with the Rock Patch, but this zip file does include the rock patch for everyone out there! Be careful, the rock patch installed does not allow you to play online YR games. And I do not know how to uninstall it alone.




Joseph Stalin's Moon Base | 47.04 KB

[url=""]Rock Patch[/url] for sure, and maybe Mental Omega for some cool game enhancements. However, I played it in Yuri's Revenge and it played just fine. There are 6 bases laid out, 3 on the east and west. And there are various civilian base-defense encampments around the map, which will all attack you with no warning. In the center, there is a LARGE base of all Civilian structures, ringed with alternating mind-control towers and Gattling Turrets. So, you have to fight pretty hard to get to the enemy. The map was completely flat, with only craters spicing up the landscape. I certainly hope I'm missing something important from the Rock Patch and MO2.0, because maps with large civilian bases just aren't fun for me.




Les Laurentides | 186.03 KB

and a decent amount of gems. The start spots are left, right and center, so I'm not sure how you'd play this with 3 people. Most derricks are inaccessible until you engineer a bridge across to them and then destroy the fences surrounding them. Balance: The map is rather unbalanced. The middle player can get to his derricks (he gets 4 for himself) without having to spend an engineer on the bridge. The trail to the left player's derricks is too narrow, so to capture them you must take a transport helicopter with the engineers to them. So if you are Soviets, you can't get them. Then you've got your engineers over there, but Wait! You must destroy the fence around the derricks to get in! The only even somewhat practical unit to do that is the Harrier, so it is much more trouble getting the derricks than the reward is. Gameplay: Once again, the ore is too far away from the start locations. In fact, the left player can't access the gems that are right above him; he has to drive his harvester 2 screens away for the money. The other start spots must also drive far for the cash too. I do not like that in a map... The ore should be easily accessible. This map is more of a defensive map; it has narrow paths and trees and cliffs blocking everything. Graphics: The terrain is very nice and non-repetitive. The trees are almost all the same, and there are too many of them. There is a major terrain error as a land bridge is replaced by a water bridge. Verdict: I still haven't figured out how it would be fair to play this with three players. This map overall did not impress me. But then again, I have never seen something like it before.




L\'assenssion | 87.35 KB

the map, some are narrow, but you can drive on top of them while others are simply there for the sake of blocking vehicles. There is a well done town in the middle of the map and a medium-small amount of ore. Balance: The map is reasonably balanced, but the left player is able to get a whole lot closer to his ore than the right. The base locations are equally small. Gameplay: Big concern here: The starting ore is very far away from your base. It is far for both sides, but I think that the maps should have at least a starting patch of ore closer. There are only single exits from each base, but with the small size of the building area, Prism Tanks or V3s will easily crush the base outside of the ridge/river. I wish the base locations were larger. Graphics: The map is very nicely tiled; no terrain errors I could find. The city is quite pretty, and there are no often-repeated trees or tiles, so for an RA2 map, it looks good. Verdict: If the start locations were bigger and the ore was more accessible, this would be a very good map. As it is, it is simply a map that is out of the ordinary.




Les Deux Fleuves | 72.55 KB

and a few Tech buildings in the middle. Holding the center of the map is not required to win this map, as there are not very many extra resources you\'ll gain from having it, but the only way to the opponent\'s base is through the middle across bridges of both of 2 rivers. There are two bridges on each river, so in case you wish to hole up in your base, that is quite feasible. Balance: It is not symmetrical, but it offers the same advanteges to both sides. Gameplay: Probably longer games will happen on this map, as it is easy to defend. Superweapons should be enabled on this map. Resources: Mostly gems, and mostly up cliffs. There is a distinct possibility you\'ll run out of resources before you get enough to overcome the enemy base, but the Derricks ought to help with that. Base Locations: There isn\'t enough room for the AI to build a large enough base, and the same goes for you. While most people would be fine with building their base in this amount of space, I prefer to spread mine out to avoid superweapons. Verdict: It\'s this guy\'s first map, and he did a very good job considering. For improvement, I\'d suggest making the resources a little more accessible (not up cliffs), more Ore and fewer gems, and increasing the size of the base locations.




The Rocks

1on1the_rocks.rar | 1.43 MB

Take a look at the screenshots below which depict the majority of the map.




The Jungle | 552.75 KB




1-on-1 Greenlands

1on1greenlands_remake.rar | 725.39 KB




1on1 Greenlands | 303.51 KB




Desert Antics

desert_antics.rar | 77.49 KB

is located in the center; Once you do this, you can build a Mammoth MK II, A devils tounge, A radiation carpet bomber plane replaces the Harrier, for an extra £150, you\'ll get a Modded oil derrick. ...Oh, and they always say that the Great Pyramids have treasure in them!




Desert Antics | 6.21 MB

Harrier, for an extra £150, you'll get a Modded oil derrick. ...Oh, and they always say that the Great Pyramids have treasure in them!




OMC3 Map Pack | 1020.58 KB




Tie Pilot and BWarrior Map Pack | 146.74 KB

base. My opinions of neutral units on a map is very low. There is a decent amount of ore on this map. Russian Front: A more detailed map, but this still has neutral forces :( There might not be enough room to build at the top start spot. Otherwise, there's plenty of cash. Big City: A map with a, well, a big city in the middle. This could lead to interesting close combat warfare. I find some of the buildings are too close together, making it hard to target some buildings. There isn't much ore to start with but each side has 8 Tech Derricks. The terrain could use a little more variation. Zig Zag Ravine v1.0: This map starts as East vs West and both sides must travel through a zig zag of cliffs to reach the other player's base. This would make long games versus allies rather annoying, as they tend to build Gap Generators and hide Prism Towers in them, making it impossible to even reach the enterance of the enemy base. You could simply drive in the middle with your MCV at the beginning and have all the Gems (which there are a lot) to yourself, and probably win by doing that. There is not much terrain variation here. Zig Zag Ravine v2.0 This is the same as v1.0 except there's an extra set of cliffs to go up. And on the set of cliffs you start, there is no ore, so you must build down the cliffs.




SandStorm Desert | 203.38 KB




Battle Night | 198.22 KB

buildings. There are 2 buildings on your cliff which arre very important. If you occupy the Kremlin, you can build yuri\'s and if you occupy the Sears tower you\'ll be able to see the whole map and get radar if you havn\'t yet. There\'s also something special in this map: it\'s night. This makes the map very nice. I should give this map an 8.




Gemworld | 1.18 MB

of +/- 860000 and there are 2 oilderricks on each isle. You don\'t have much ground for building a base so that makes the game a little harder.




Russian Whisky

russian_wisky.rar | 19.74 KB

1-Rescue the downed soldiers at the crassed airplanes. 2-destroy the all the Russian units and troopers.




A way into the other way

a_way_into_a_other_way.rar | 25.13 KB

game.. Unfortunately no screenshots at this time.




A way into the other way

a_way_into_the_other_way.rar | 23.24 KB

game.. Unfortunately no screenshots at this time.




Citidel | 116.49 KB




Burning Fest

burning_fest_03.yrm | 306.1 KB

battlefield, only the heroes and some of the simple soldiers are able to command. You can develop veteran and elite upgrades for your "brainless" units, so you can overrun the defending lines. Sometimes more than 600 units fighting on the front, so prepare for serious LAG.




Red Alert 2, Offical Mappacks 1 through 12 | 2.8 MB

one file, so you need only to download 1 file, instead of 12, and upzip it to you Red Alert 2 directory.




VGsatomi Final Mappack | 2.95 MB




City Divided | 99.38 KB

position in the heart of the city and the other player is protected by a forest surrounding their base. Plenty of Ore and Derricks. Good for Air and Naval Battles.




POW Rescue | 57.52 KB

player\'s base there is 2 Oil Derricks and 1 Tech Secret Lab, use it to your advantage. In addition each player has A POW(in this case it\'s Vehicles, Elite Vehicles) that he need to rescue, u start with a Immedate Radar so u can see where they are, they heavly guraded by Vehicles and Walls, ur objective is to rescue them, it won\'t be easy but no too hard(think why...=)




Berlin Division | 130.4 KB

of the Pentagon and Allied units across from the Kremlin and Soveit units.




Too Cold | 35.79 KB

middle for you to capture




Rival Battle | 33.69 KB




AquaQuad | 108.26 KB




Two Countries, One City | 175.21 KB

suprises to keep you busy. The Allied side of the map has terrain that specifically helps the Allied units, and the Soviet side augments the Soviet units. Control of the four bridges in the map is essential.




Red Alert 2 - Official Map Pack 1

ra2mappack1.exe | 261.5 KB

Red Glare (2-4 players) Players will find skyscrapers, houses, and a drive-in movie theater on this map. Resources are going to be tight so plan your build cue efficiently. Oceanside (2-4 players) Players will find themselves starting on land masses surrounded by water. There is a series of bridges connecting these land masses, which must be destroyed if naval ships are to pass by. Oil derricks can also be found scattered on islands throughout the maps.




Red Alert 2 - Official Map Pack 10

ra2mappack10.exe | 184.5 KB

positions, making it tough to place structures out in the open. Meat Grinder (2 player) Meat Grinder is a fast paced map with good defense posts for base protection. The area is also rich in oil and gems making huge ground and naval battles possible.




Red Alert 2 - Official Map Pack 11

ra2mappack11.exe | 187.5 KB

player) Killer Instinct is designed for players with short games in mind. The island is small with three starting locations on the outskirts and an airfield in the center.




Red Alert 2 - Official Map Pack 12

ra2mappack12.exe | 159.5 KB

with resources. A giant lake separates both sides from quick rushes.




Red Alert 2 - Official Map Pack 2

ra2mappack2.exe | 258 KB

oil derricks and gems. Lost Lake (2-4 player) A huge lake is found circling a good portion of the map. The island located in the center contains a vast cashe of oil derricks and gems. Four bridges located next to each player's starting point are the only access to the vast riches found on the island. Happy Trails (2 player) This is Westwood's holiday gift to fans. Players will find tons of goody crates and ore and gems on the Christmas tree in the center of the map. Also, gift crates spawn much quicker than normal maps.




Red Alert 2 - Official Map Pack 4

ra2mappack4.exe | 285.5 KB

protected by rocky cliffs with limited access. Arena (2-4 player) This map is designed with players starting at an elevation higher than the rest of the city. There is one entry point into each of the bases, which can be easily defended. In the center of the map players will find a stadium surrounded by a huge wealth of gems. Players will also fine airfields and oil derricks scattered about. Shrapnel Mountain (2-4 player) Shrapnel Mountain features four unique starting points that can only be accessed by bridges. In the center of the map, players will find an airfield and oil derricks ripe for the taking.




Red Alert 2 - Official Map Pack 3

ra2mappack3.exe | 229.5 KB

player) Breakaway is a large land mass surrounded by water. In the center of the map players will find an airfield waiting to be captured. Hail Mary (2 player) This special map is set up like a sports stadium with opponents starting at opposite ends. To make things more exciting, the crowd will cheer on the combating players until there is one winner.




Red Alert 2 - Official Map Pack 5

ra2mappack5.exe | 408.5 KB

out the map. Russian Roulette (2-8 player) Russian Roulette is an extremely large map set in the Siberian tundra. Two airfields are located in the center, with a few oil derricks in the vicinity. Tanya's Training Ground (2-4 player) This is one of Tanya's secret locations for training her Special Forces team. Players will find an abandoned Air Force command center located at the top of the mountain in the center of the map. Oil derricks can be found on the outer edges away from the main battlefield.




Red Alert 2 - Official Map Pack 7

ra2mappack7.exe | 237 KB

your strategies well. Army of the Potomac (2-6 player) This map takes place around the Potomac River in war-torn Washington DC. Players will find many bunkers, outposts, and tents covering the region. Carville's Convoy (2-4 player island map) During the Soviet invasion, General Carver had to move troops and supplies quickly through various regions in the US. This ordinary mountain pass in the Colorado Rockies became known as Carville's Convoy due to the amount of activity it received. To maintain security, General Carville ordered tech outposts built to keep watch over his much-needed supplies.




Red Alert 2 - Official Map Pack 6

ra2mappack6.exe | 311.5 KB

the map. Tsunami (2-4 player island map) Each player will start off on his or her own private island (4 total). This is a great map for those who like having long naval battles. Yuri’s Plot (2-4 player island map) Yuri and his elite PSI core have set up a base of operations on this tropical island getaway. Many unsuspecting civilians are scattered about the map, unaware of the war about to be waged on their holiday/vacation turf.




Red Alert 2 - Official Map Pack 9

ra2mappack9.exe | 330 KB

problem building up large ground and naval forces to battle their opponents. Death Trap (2-8 player) This tropical paradise is full of wealth and real estate. This will be a great opportunity to assault your opponent from both ground and sea.




Secret Areas | 89.96 KB

way is by the bridges, the second way is by Naval Transports, a third way is by the Air. If u use the bridges be noticed that u have a small pass to the enemy base, no more than two units can be ahead of your army. There is in some location of the map(Beacuse of it, it called secret areas) there is a secret zone(Area), if u want to discover it be careful it heavy guarded!!!. Most of all that map planned for long Naval battles, one last hint: the sea is also a dangerous base... Instructions to install the map: open the zip file with the winzip software(note: u most have it to open custome maps) if u don't have yet u can download from: Then select the files that in the archieve and click on the top icon that called "Exctract", then write the curret directory of your Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge game. Then u can start the game and u will see the map.




The World At War 1 | 1.02 MB

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