CnC Red Alert 2




POW Rescue | 57.52 KB

player\'s base there is 2 Oil Derricks and 1 Tech Secret Lab, use it to your advantage. In addition each player has A POW(in this case it\'s Vehicles, Elite Vehicles) that he need to rescue, u start with a Immedate Radar so u can see where they are, they heavly guraded by Vehicles and Walls, ur objective is to rescue them, it won\'t be easy but no too hard(think why...=)




Yuri\'s Revenge Map Pack #5 | 1004.83 KB

the directory in which you installed Red Alert 2/Yuri\'s Revenge. Once the files have been copied into the directory, load Yuri\'s Revenge and check the list of maps available to you in multiplayer. (Note, you must have Yuri\'s Revenge patch version 1.01 installed.) ****************************** NEW MAPS Deep Freeze (2-4 Player Map) Heavy Resources (Gold and Oil) Environment: Snow File: DeepFrze.yro Features: Four player snow map with lots of space, great for FFA or 4-player team games. Spirit of Mojo One (2-4 Player Map) Heavy Resources (Gold and Gems) Environment: Snow/Island File: MojoSprt.yro Features: Four player island map with with limited space. Luckily gems and gold are abundant on the map. Great for Naval battles. Monster Movie (2-8 Player Map) Heavy Resources (Gold and Gems) Environment: Temperate File: MonsterM.yro Features: A huge 8 player map built with team play in mind. Dinosaurs roam free so be on the look out! River Rampage (2 Player Map) Heavy Resources (Gold and Gems) Environment: Temperate File: RiverRam.yro Features: 2 player map designed to be very fast paced with limited choke points. Aircraft will come in handy on this map. Sink or Swim (2-4 Player Map) Heavy Resources (Gold and Oil) Environment: Desert File: SinkSwim.yro Features: This 4 player map designed to be fast paced. Resources are limited so build up quickly and attack. *************************** Old Maps Transylvania Trouble (2-6 Player Map) Heavy Resources (Gold and Gems) Environment Conditions: Urban Temperate Game: Yuri\'s Revenge (must have Yuri\'s Revenge installed to play) File: Transylv.yro Features: This is a fast paced 6-player map with many buildings and houses to garrison. Located in the center players will find a vast wealth of gems along with a very familiar landmark from Yuri\'s Revenge solo play. Tip: Destroy the castle in the middle of the map to lighten things up. Irvine, California (2-8 Player Map) Medium Resources (Gold with some gems) Environment: Urban Game: Yuri\'s Revenge (must have Yuri\'s Revenge installed to play) File: IrvineCa.yro Features: Players will find many unique and dangerous creatures on this map; they can either hurt or help you depending on where they are unleashed. The price of admission is free so keep a sharp on eye your opponents. Tip: Watch out for the T-REX! Moon Patrol (2-4 Player Map) Heavy Resources (Gems) Environment Conditions: Lunar File: MoonPatr.yro Features: Moon patrol takes place on the lunar landscapes of our very own moon. Cosmonauts are available on this map, so it will be wise to build some good air defenses.




Moscow Revisited

moscow_revisited.rar | 727.82 KB

cramped because I like to make fairly large bases but besides that very well done.

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