CnC Red Alert 2




Patriot Mod | 2.66 MB

Gives power it has a power plant on it[/quote] [quote] Every country gets a diff. Airplane 1=AV8B 2=X35 3=F18 4=F22 5=Black Bird 6=JSF 7=A10 8=F117 [/quote] All in all a great mod to have ..::DOWNLOAD NOW::..




AR2 | 19.45 MB

game. Quality has always been valued more than quantity, however few Red alert 2 modifications have really achieved this. In Allies Revenge 2 we have sacrificed numerous features from the original game which had their value but are too iconic. We strive to create a sci-fi modification of its own kind in an original and immensive world never seen before in any Red alert 2 modifications. AR2 takes place on Atrigo, where two factions - The Nemesis and The Genesis, fight against each other.(refer to storyline) We lowered the number of playable factions to two for better control of the two really different sides. Instead of trying to make the sides perfectly balanced-which many modders emphasize on-we try to make them as distinctive and diverse from each other as we can. For the download, full storyline and the many features, please visit the mod's website at and the forums are here:




Overkill Mod | 3.84 MB

realm of C&C Red Alert with close attention to detail and realism.




Endless War | 1.52 MB

computer (systems requirement is the same as YR one).Storyline (short one) (Part1) After the Great War, Soviet was defeated. USA sent one man to rule Russia. But the underground force had taken control the government and declared war against USA. War was started. (Part2) After the Great War had ended. The man known as Yuri had mindcontrolled Russian government to take control the earth. But the patriot Russians and new nation of CUA (Communist Union of America) had started to fight against the darkness of Yuri. War was started again.Features Multiplayer game maximum starting money is now 20000. Multiplayer game maximum starting units is now 15. AI use new units. Much more…..(I can’t remember)New units (Allies) Militia: cheap infantry, useful in assaulting. Rambo: New hero. He has powerful machinegun. Abrams Tank: Like Grizzly but has more firepower. Airstrike Pointer: This unit will call in an A-10 airstrike to blow up building. Sonic Tank: As the name. Don’t get in the way. Gun boat: Fast boat, has small cannon. B2 Bomber: Weak but has very powerful nuke missile. Invisible to radar. New units (Soviet) Shockrifle man: Infantry who carries shockrifle. Grenadier: Infantry who carries powerful grenade launcher. Nadia: New hero. She has special sniper rifle. MLRS: This vehicle can fire many rockets to target.Tesla Boat: Boat equips with Tesla coil. MiG-30: Like Black Eagle but weaker. New units (Yuri) Genetic sniper: Sniper that can transform human to Brute. Build limit 1. Terminator: You will know. Super Apocalypse Tank: Powerful tank that can crush vehicle. Build limit 2. Yuri Truck: Transport for Yuri army. Can carry 8 men. Jeep: Fast vehicle can carry 2 men. Men inside can shoot out. New structures Thermal Plant: Credits production. (Both 3 sides) Airfield: Soviet landing pad for MiG. New Special units USA: Paratrooper, Nimitz Carrier. Russia: Spet-Naz, British: Chrono tank Iraq: Shotgunner France: Longbow Helicopter. Cuba: Flamer. Germany: Combat Tank. Libya: Expert-Conscript. Korea: Light tank Bug(s) As I saw with my own eyes. The airfield will not completely show up its graphic in temperate or urban or desert map. If you find more bugs, Please tell me by send mail to Credits Casojin: founder, mod creator, idea guy, more…………. Scorchio: Logo maker, Tester. Thanks to:Deezire mod, Mooman mod, Fallen angels mod, Purple Alert mod, Aftermath mod and Deezire .ini editing guide.My friend names Westwood studio (for Yuri’s Revenge)At last hope everyone fun with this mod




RA2-YR: Yugoslavian MOD | 33.25 MB

variety of units paradropped. It also adds a new Yugoslavian subfaction for the Soviet side and some new loading screens.




Robot Storm

rstorm195beta.exe | 26.71 MB

adaptations have arisen on all three new sides, in an attempt to defeat the mechanical armies of NEXUS and the Freedom League as well high tech army of the Allied Legion. Terminator infantry and Ripper tanks are only a small part of the NEXUS arsenal, while the Freedom League battle it out with suicidal troopers and chemical warfare. And that is only two of the sides. The former Allied have formed into new Allied Legion that makes use of very high tech weaponry to deal heavy setbacks to its enemies. In the new 1.95, the updates..... since there was problems in some systems running the mod, i have now added some few new features and probably fixed this launcher issue for once and for all... Enjoy :)




Robot Storm | 26.11 MB

dispense the other sides. Improvements and adaptations have arisen on all three new sides, in an attempt to defeat the mechanical armies of NEXUS and the Freedom League as well high tech army of the Allied Legion. Terminator infantry and Ripper tanks are only a small part of the NEXUS arsenal, while the Freedom League battle it out with suicidal troopers and chemical warfare. And that is only two of the sides. The former Allied have formed into new Allied Legion that makes use of very high tech weaponry to deal heavy setbacks to its enemies. The stops have been pulled out. Prepare for anarchy. It's future and world has never been darker place comrade![/quote] Look at the pictures at the botom if you still don't trust me.




Whiteboy's Rules V 1.0 | 621.95 KB

total - Adds some new skirmish modes - Changes the general rules of the game - Changes/adds new in-game text - Has new sidebar images - all of the new things have a cameo - Adds some extra buttons to the advanced commands menu (at the bottom of the screen in-game) There are also lots more of additions in this mod which are all lised in the readme (which is quite long)




Operation Soviet Advantage v1.1 | 129.41 KB

has been fixed.[/quote]




Anthropomorphic Mod | 2.6 MB

are for all Allied sides. Some new units are: Mobile Air Platform, Anti Aircraft Tank, Assault Tank Ultra Artillery, Mobile Allied War Factory, Missile Boat, Demolition Plane, F117A Stealth Bomber, Sniper Tower etc...




Mental Omega

mental20omega20apyr201.2.exe | 14 MB

v2.0. For next version (v2.0) you will have to wait a while longer, as Im planning to add new side to the game.




Mad Mod (no TibEd) | 395.82 KB

easier to run and remove, and Tibed is free.There are alot of new untis in this mod, for exaple theres a suicide plane! Its a cool mod, check it out.




Mad Mod (with TibEd) | 989.26 KB

the Red Alert 2 original, and the new Yuri\'s Revenge variation. The RA2 version is older, but a bit more insane (!), featuring units like the HoverCow, Stupidly Powerful Tank, Buzzy (an infantryman with a Grand Cannon) and the Flying Submarine, as well as the Harrier Launcher (in the Image Gallery). The YR version features the Sub-Aquatic Aircraft Carrier and the Mobile Sentry Gun, as well as variations on the old units (like the Spinning Top Tank). There are loads of changes, but not all of them are bug-free; you can re-enable the buggy units using the TibEd version (see downloads page). Madmod requires: -=madmod ra2=- Red Alert 2 v1.006 or later; TibEd* -or- Red Alert 2 v1.006 on its own -=madmod yr=- For normal version: YR v1.001; basic knowledge of Windows For TibEd version: YR v1.001; TibEd 1.53* (from *TibEd is not usually required; it\'s just safer to install that way. Note that TibEd *is* free, it just sticks a delay on the startup screen after a few days using it.




Joseph\'s Yuris Revenge Mod | 124.67 KB

quicker Here is that the mod gives you -Can now start with up to 50,000 money -Can start with up to 20 units -Can also build many more units then before -Items cheaper




Yuri's Revenge Airwar | 681.89 KB

minutes!! American para drop is now 8 G.I.'s and 2 Gaurdian G.I.'s Paradrop from airport Allies 6 G.I.'s and 2 Gaurdian G.I.'s Soviet 10 Concripts 3 tesla troopers Yuri 7 Initiates 1 Virus Harriers and black eagles now have 2 mavericks 25% tougher the night hawk carries 10 men but is $200 more expensive Osprey has 2 shots and is tougher carrier fighter tougher Paradrop plane is tougher !!!!NEW!!!!! Soviet super dred unit Added Howitzer for the allies with a new cameo thx to Gracktov for that Chronosphere and Iron Curtain capturable AI will now build spy sat and service depots Tank bunker available for every one Flak is more powerful !!!!NEW!!!!!! new UI file means more things will be in the advanced command bar at the bottom !!!!NEW!!!!!! new AI file means AI will have an army to attack u and an army for defence !!!!NEW!!!!!! now migs are tougher but only very slightly but u get more in an airstrike 1 flight normal(3 migs) 2 flights elite( 6 migs) !!!!NEW!!!!!! New veteran units for each country !!!!NEW!!!!!! New Yuri infantry unit Gattling Solider




Allies Revenge

ar2380.exe | 32.76 MB

focuses on high technology and flying units while the Genesis takes the brute force approach. The Ultimate Sci-Fi Red Alert 2 Modification!




Blitzkrieg I

blitzkrieg.exe | 35.8 MB

command units on the land, air and sea to obtain your objectives as well as use a variety of devastating superweapons available.




Warhammer 40K Total Conversion | 41.47 MB




Whiteboy's Rules | 9.42 MB

mechanics, an advanced tech tree and overall more fun to the game. It contains a HUGE number of modifications - some of which are hard to notice to the untrained YR player - all in the name of making the game more enjoyable, more interesting, and more worth playing after you've already played the unmodded game to death.




Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge: Yugoslavian MOD

maxra2yryugomod.rar | 26.69 MB

side. Paradrops Usa: 3xGI, 1xSpy, 1xSniper, 2xEngineer, 1xTanya. Allied: 5xGI, 1xSpy, 2xSniper. USSR & Yugoslavia: 5xConscript, 2xTesla Trooper, 1xDesolator. Yuri: 5xInitate, 2xBrute, 1xVirus. When Secret Lab has been captured by engineer, You'll get one of the following specifications/superweapons: -Cosmonaut -Chrono Commando -Chrono Ivan -Psi-Corps (Yuri+C4 weapon) -Alied MCV -Soviet MCV -Yuri MCV -Nuclear Missle Silo -Chrono Sphere USSR & Yugoslavia have a new unit - DemoDog (like a cuban terrorist) USSR & Yugoslavia have a SpySatellite. Boris now call 5 MiGs, and when he is promoted call 10 MiGs.




Yuris Revenge Allied Advantage | 127.79 KB

and aircraft carrier Nimitz buildable the howitzer is like a mobile grand cannon and the aircraft carrier Nimitz has 4 hornets instead of the 3 on the normal aircraft carriers and you can build 1000 aircraft carrier Nimitzs and 1000 Tanyas




New Technologies | 128.02 KB

have a new hero with a MP5 and C4. Allies get the Seal. New units include the Howitzer and Light tanks for each side. The Dreadnaught is much more useful as it now carries a Grand Cannon so its missiles can\'t be shot down.




New Technologies | 126.85 KB

Control, Soviets have a new hero with a MP5 and C4. Allies get the Seal. New units include the Howitzer and Light tanks for each side. The Dreadnaught is much more useful as it now carries a Grand Cannon so its missiles can\'t be shot down.




Fast Fire Mod | 128.19 KB

loads? If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then this mod is for you. Better build quick, cause everything builds instantly, including the super weapons. Nothing more fun than 3 Nukes hitting the enemy base in the space of 10 seconds. Everything in Yuri\'s Revenge is very disturbingly changed.




Fast Fire Mod | 126.49 KB

wanted to? Well then this is your mod. It simply makes everything fire much more rapidly, build more quickly and less expensively for some very Different battles. And hey, you can build a Machine Shop to help your tanks repair; not that they'll last very long against those infinitely fast conscripts...




Eradiaction Wars | 6.18 MB

Korean Forces (Effective Anti-Personnel Tank) Added: Unholy Alliance Game Mode Added: More Taskforces for the AI to use Added: New Loading Screen Added: Country Specific Loading Screen Text




YR Unofficial Mini-Patch

yr_unofficial_1.002_minipatch.exe | 1.46 MB

DeeZire (visit C-GEN for more information). Also included is an optional enhanced AI, originally developed by DeeZire and adapted for use in normal Yuri's Revenge. Click [url=""]here[/URL] for more information.




RA2 Deezire | 10.95 MB

example, crate wars, where the only way to acquire anything is to get it in a crate. You really have to play it to experience it.




Purple Alert

purple_alert_4.10.28_setup.exe | 10.19 MB

technology from all three sides of the game, you acquire the ability to build a super base defense: Giant Tesla coil for Soviets, Temporal Incursion Field Generator device for the Allies, and a Psychic Amplifier for Yuri. Needless to say, these defenses are WELL worth the 20,000 needed to construct them.




Eagle Red

eagleredaa20a.exe | 15.99 MB

chrono tanks and medics, some better naval vessels for Yuri\'s Revenge. Also comes with a few new game modes!




Yuri\'s Rrevenge Rebalanced | 343.44 KB

Tank armies off into distand lands through aircraft! this mod completely rebalances Yuri\'s Revenge to: make Infantry weaker and cheaper, Tanks stronger buy more expensive, ditto with Ships, and made buildings stronger. If you\'ve ever gotten frustrated by the fact that your huge tank army just got decimated by deployed GI\'s, look no further, this will be no longer possible! There are SOME changes I made and will not say what I did(their minor changes, like 1 point of speed increased or decreased) but for the most important changes, they will be documented here. Psychic Beacons for instane are cheaper than Psychic Tower\'s, but you can only build 3 of them I DO take requests, but it must be sensible, so if you asked for a Super duper conscript that fires Tesla Bolts out of his ass and Flame thrower\'s out his eyes, I will not do it, also, just because I take requests, do not expect to see it in the next update, its\' not that I\'m busy, but I don\'t want to put too much in here. wanna play with me? join my Hamachi Network! ID: YR Rebalanced Pass: 010590 this is a private invitation for you the downloader(all of you who download) this server is ONLY for Yuri\'s Revenge, that means sorry Generals and Red Alert 3 fans, your gonna have to wait till rebalanced meets those games also, which won\'t be for a few weeks. Another word: its\' recommended you have XWIS, but for those of you who don\'t(you know who you are) I have a solution so we can use LAN! here is the link for the guide and LAN patch: this is important, you MUST use the guide to use it on LAN, because you know how Network is broken don\'t you? don\'t worry it\'s painless, I guarantee it. Guide: LAN patch: To install: place it into your RA2 folder To uninstall: remove it




It Came From Red Alert!

icfra_beta_r3.exe | 20.45 MB

I found that this mod is very close to what Westwood would probably have produced if they have had the RA2 engine when they made the RA1. All the units are there: the Rifle-Infantry, V2 Rocket Truck, Chrono-Tank, and of cause the Epic Soviet Mammoth Tank. Not everything looks exactly like in RA, it does not take the feeling away. Now there are some bugs. The GPS satelite dosen't seem to work and tehre are some textures that still need to be fixed, but this should come as no surprise as the MOD is still a beta. Suggested dowload. [QUOTE] This is the third true release of my Red Alert mod. The mod aims to bring Red Alert into the Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge engine, porting all units and structures, bringing in the Red Alert sounds and other key elements like the infantry gore. It's likely that I will make a campaign map or two for each side at some stage too.[/QUOTE]




CNC Nuked Mod | 8.73 MB




R A X 2 | 16.37 MB

of his knowledgebase to the region brood new phenomenon. It was the advent of new age, new era, new science, new people, new weapon...




Savage War | 23.55 MB

squid, the Allies get a proper artillery and more country-specific options are available. This file includes the expansion file adds eight new tracks, for use in Savage War. The track listings is as follows: Warfare (menu), Demolition (loading), Mud, Arazoid, Take Em Out, Looks Like Trouble, Chaos, Die, and also a new tune for the level completion screen (taken from Red Alert).




Mental Omega

mental_omega_apyr_1.0.exe | 13.73 MB

bugs&glitches fixed 6. New country units and specialities enabled 7. PsiCorps divided to two countries: Yuri and Uri 8. All three conflict sides balanced 9. Soviet and PsiCorps air force enabled 10. No more PsiCorps naval and infantry deficiency 11. New in-game graphics enhancements and sounds 12. New storyline with three new campaigns (later versions) 13. Increased Artifical Intelligence (AI) and Computer IQ 14. New themes and Possibilty to use RA2 music in MO 15. Many in-game changes 16. And many, many more....




Panzer II | 4.6 MB

make a massive globe spanning empire. The Allies have responded by forming the Pax Americana. An empire of paranoid states that have thrown all their money into advanced technology in an attempt to fend off the communist hordes. The world war never cooled into a cold war. Nuclear weapons were made less horrific as anti missile and anti air defence kept pace with advances in air weapon technology. It has a lot of new units and vehicles AND buildings! Quite an interesting modification.

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