Company of Heroes




Panzer Elite Camo Uniform | 1.73 MB

Heroes[/i] member requesting a little shake-up of the bland, tired looking rags that used to be worn by the Panzer Elite. Chralle_com is back once again to spruce up the look of some of the men under your command, because, let's face it, who wants to have their men looking like a bunch of homeless people :) The developer has stated that this project has taken him quite a few hours to put this together, and about 75% that was put into the helmet...and this is where the biggest improvement has been made! Refer to the readme for more information




Grenadier Uniform | 1 MB

guessed it from the name of this download, Grenadier Uniform (v1.1) will bring you some new skins for, yup, you got it, the Grenadiers! The main difference brought to you from this download over the stock uniforms is that they are now sporting a new design...and they are black. If you enjoyed the previous version, then this one will have you jumping up and clicking your heels, there's nothing like getting some new threads to change your outlook on how the battles will end...maybe things will come out differently now that the Grenadiers can look and feel good about themselves! There have been a few changes made in this version, along with changes to the mg-teams as well as the mortars. Be sure to watch for more skins from Chralle_com! Refer to the readme for more information.




Grenadier Uniform | 1.23 MB

some new skins for, yup, you got it, the Grenadiers! The main difference brought to you is that they are now sporting a new design...and they are black. Chralle_com brings you this download, and he has stated that he will be releasing a newer version soon, and it will come without their rank on their shoulders. Enjoy. Refer to the readme for the developer's notes.




SS grenafier skins | 1.54 MB




Axis Sniper | Stormtrooper Skin

axis_sniper_and_stormtrooper_skin.rar | 942.17 KB

your horizons and enjoy a whole new look for your copy of Company of Heroes! The skins that get changed are few in numbers...infact, there are only two: Sniper This skin has seen a large change and will go along way in changing your CoH experience. Stormtroopers This skin has less changes, but anything improved on is for the better. In particular, the mouth has seen some work, and because of this, is not so noticible from a distance. Axis Sniper | Stormtrooper Skin is a must have for any [i]Comapny of Heroes[/i] gamer that is looking to improve the look of their game! ...Don't believe me, have a glance at the screenshots and start your download now! Refer to the readme for more information.




82nd Airborne Mod | 995.73 KB

airborne gets changed into 82nd Airborne insignia. philster_12 has also included some bonus changes for your gaming enjoyment, although, these are for the Allies only: Engineers and Rifleman are armed with the Thompson smg Airborne squads are now up to 12 men...adds more realism Airborne squads are now armed with m1 Garand, that is more combat efficient Refer to the readme for more information.

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