eisturm_1.1.rar | 1.48 MB

about accomplishing the near impossible while maximizing the fun-factor! Your objective here is to control and hold the mountain...sounds easy, eh? You'll soon learn that obtaining something can be easy compared to the difficult task of trying to hang on to it! [b]Some of the features of this map include:[/b] Snow / Frozen Environment Good Sized Map Interesting Map layout If you think you have what it takes to complete this mission, and walk away with bragging rights, then start your download now and put your uber skilz to the test! Fun and a challenging times are happening now, in a server near you! :) [list] [b]Changes from the previous version are:[/b] [*]The Death Ladder from the Tower with the Light. [*]Some Objects are more frozen. [*]A new spawnpoint against camper of the Tower ;D [*]A second way to get on the top of the mountain [/list] Refer to the readme for more information.




Doomeed | 17.52 MB

first creation) he has put a fair bit of effort into it and has done a fine job. Prepare to add this download created by Vktr to your collection! Doomeed is a bundle of Instant Action goodness that will have you battling the other team in a construction site atmosphere (not really, but it's the closest analogy I could come up with) There are a lot of items that can be used to take cover, for when you need a moment from the gun-fire and reload, or to take a second to re-think your strategy...there is also a few [i]choice[/i] places where you can plant yourself for that perfect sniper-type shot...doing all you can to help your teammates from afar. Refer to the readme fro the developer's notes.





gunisson.rar | 13.23 MB

also compatible with [b]Crysis Wars[/b]. Gunisson is a bit on the small side of the scale as far as [i]Instant Action[/i] maps go, but the potential action that is available is more then makes up for the size...this map comes with internal as well as external areas, so aside from the fight for survival, you also have the opportunity to explore the structures and surrounding areas. The purpose of this map is the cave in which the KPA has located some Alien technology... The stage is set, all that's needed now is you.





base_tox.rar | 9.08 MB

Instant Action bundle of goodness, as you will be battling your way to victory both at ground level as well as below it. BASE_TOX is about the base being deserted by it's previous occupants due to a contamination, the source of which you will find out about while you are in the fight for your life...It makes no difference weather you are on Terrafirma, or in it, the action is the same, however, the outcome is up to you! If you think you have the uber skilz needed to reign supreme, then start your download now and prepare for the potential frag-fest that awaits for you in BASE_TOX!




Twin Hell X7

twin_hell_x7.rar | 34.7 MB

this Instant Action map that will hold up to 32 players in all, that's a recipe for a [i]Crysis[/i] experience that you're not soon going to forget. [b]Some of the features of this map include:[/b] Two roaring tornadoes! Loads of vehicles! Loads of weapons! One big military base Always night Rain effect(s) Big waves Lights Rain and wind audio effects Plus a lot more stuff! The developer has stated that Twin Hell X7 (v1.0) is designed for the [file="88067"]latest Crysis v1.21 Hotfix Patch[/file] and for high detail settings with DX9, it may work without any problems with DX10, but it has not been tested. The developer has also said that he has not had time to adequately test for bugs, so if you come across any, please let him know.




Industrial | 77.87 MB

excellent [i]fun-factor[/i] rating! Although the screenshots that come with this map are from the beta version, they still do a fairly good job of depicting Industrial, even though you may be able to pick out the obvious differences. C4Te has stated that most, if not all of this map is playable, and it comes equipped with several objects which provide excellent cover while reloading, or taking a few seconds to catch your breath while surveying your options on what to do start your download now and start enjoying your Industrial experience! Refer to the readme for more information.




MP Radio | 52.25 MB

put a smile on any gamer's face! He is known for producing some of the highest quality content for the Far Cry community, and now we can look forward to playing some excellent multiplayer maps that are of the same caliber! MP Radio is a re-made map from Far Cry that will blow your mind! The limitations of this map when it was originally released are no longer holding back it's potential, and this developer has taken advantage of it...he has made a fun and engaging map even better! It is definitely worth the price of a free download! Enjoy!





hawaii.rar | 2.1 MB

looking some intense instant action, there are a few areas which will provide enough cover for reloading purposes, as well as some structures. Hawaii is typical of what you would find in the tropics, you have two islands roughly forming a circle, and a fair bit of area available as the killing grounds. Enjoy




Old Alpha Crysis Level | 21.15 MB

will attack you, but don't expect too much. The map is just meant to have a view of his work. The developer says that we may expect that his final work will even be much better, so people, remember, if you see some bugs or untextured trees, it's all normal, this is a quickie. The final work will be even better then the work that Crysis team did! I've played through the map and i must say, i simply love it. It's an entire new game!




Small Compound | 3.11 MB

inspired from a small section of the [b]Crysis[/b] single player level 'Mine' located around grid C-4 on the map. This portion of the level was a great area of interest for this developer, which prompted him to try to turn it into an Instant Action/Team Instant Action level. This download will keep you and your friends busy as you fight for your very survival in these surroundings, things are seldom as easy as they seem...if you think you have what it takes to do your part to get to victory, then stop reading and start downloading! [b]Note:[/b] The level is compatible with both [i]Crysis[/i] and [i]Crysis Wars[/i] Refer to the readme for more information.




Hawke Island

hawkeisland.rar | 19.13 MB

gives you everything you need to have a damn fine time and then some; Prepare to put your video card to the test as you battle it out with other like-minded individuals in this [i]Instant Action[/i] bundle of goodness! There is no getting bored or having the feeling of tediousness here, as M1 has placed several goodies in this map to add to the intensity. This download centers around a small island set in a cove where only the strong will survive. As choice is a great gift, in Hawke Island, you have your choice with how you want to engage in the combat, which will add to the already fun-ness found within! Some of the choices you can make include: [list] [*]Available VTOL [*]Helicopter [*]Tanks [*]Boats [*]And more! [/list] If you want to go the stealth route, then try out the silent parachute landing by exiting any airborne vehicle, this will allow you to glide in silently and bump off the enemy all quiet like. Enjoy. Refer to the readme for the developer's notes.




IA - Island

ia_island_v.1.0.rar | 10.18 MB

atmosphere! IA - Island is perfect for six (in total) players, which means, there are five other players out there that are trying to do to you what you want to do to them! If you're dream in life is to wake up in a on a beautiful sun-drenched morning in Hawaii, then this download will put you half ways there! The setting in IA - Island is that off two small islands...with only a sliver of shallow-ish water between them. [b]Some of the features of this map include:[/b] ToD Two small Islands Gaussrifle Other guns Much rocks in the water Nice Island feeling Lots of palm trees For 2-10 Players Animals Included MiniMap There is not much in the way of cover throughout the landscapes, so movement will be the only ally you will have out there, if a breather is something that you need, search out one of the few structures...but becareful, it may not be empty! This map is all about skilz, if you think yours are the bestest, then start your download now and prepare for a fragfest! Refer to the readme for more information.





grumpys.rar | 2.72 MB

loaded to the gills! it supports up to 12 players, giving you the opportunity to experience some serious mayhem; This map also comes complete with lots of Weapons, Tanks, VTOL's, and Helicopters! To add to the mystery of this IA bundle of goodness, you will also come across a waterfall. If you think this download is your run of the mill map, then you would be wrong...included in this adventure, is a [i]special[/i] gun... If you think you have what it takes to be on top of the action, then start your download now and let the [i]Crysis[/i] adventure begin! [i]Remember, its only a game "To Some"[/i]




Tension | 4.69 MB

place, this map has both teleportation as well as telekinesis. Tension (v1.0) is a huge map with almost everything.




Old Mine | 10.66 MB

all about just that, an old mine...and comes equipped with a lot of ways to get from 'here' to 'there', as well as a nice, dark atmosphere. The performance of this map is very good, so if you happen to be a player with a not-so-good system, you will also can be able to play this map in the MultiPlayer mode without any noticeable lag! If you're looking to play in the sunshine, then this map may not be such a good idea, as it takes place entirely underground in cave...there is no way out! To make up for this, SirRobs has placed several weapons throughout, and the detail is top notch! A source for some intense action will be had in the Old Mine when you load in anywhere's from ten to 20 players! A note about this map is that it is compatible with DX10; A sure recipie for some [i]fragging[/i] good times...don't get caught in this subterranean locale without ammo, choose your targets well. Refer to the readme for more information.




Import / Export | 20.37 MB

you that 'just drank a tall glass of cold water' feeling, but will also add value to your collection of maps! Import / Export is a map that was inspired by the popular [url=""]Call of Duty 4[/url] Multiple Gametype map [i][url=";86657"]Shipment 2 (v1.0)[/url][/i]! This sweet little map is perfect for two to eight players, and the potentially intense action will keep you busy as you duck-n-weave enemy fire, as you attempt to be a little more accurate with your own shots! The terrain of Import / Export will provide you with plenty of containers and other structures to use as cover as well as some sweet places for you to stage an ambush! To add the real Time of Day, all you need to do is install the [i]NaturePack_Europe[/i] file and install it in your directory...simple as that! The detail found in this map is top notch, at times it could be easy to forget that you're merely in a game, which adds a whole new element of realism...this is a must-have for every [b]Crysis[/b] gamer! if you think you have what it takes to assist your team mates to the winner's circle, then start your download now! Refer to the readme for installation instructions.




Quetza Stunt Map | 10.06 MB

Sandbox 2, and has done so with excellent results! Quetza Stunt Map is a stunt map that comes equipped with lots of awesome stunts and great tricks! The only thing that will be more fun then playing this map, is searching out and exploring the secret caves that are present, once you find them all and have checked them out, be sure to hit the GoKart track and relax while the speed flows through you; Once you have gone around the island and taken part in all the fun-times offered, go around again, as there are more secrets to Quetza Stunt Map then the hidden caves! Will you find them all? As soon as you're done with the exploring and the searching, it will be time for the shooting...As this point, you can take advantage of the Instant Action aspect of this map and have at it with your friends, or friends that you haven't met yet! How cool is that, a map where you are fighting for your survival with all of these stunts and tricks that are at your disposal! Refer to the readme for more information.




Quarry Queeg

quarryqueeg.rar | 12.87 MB

reign supreme! You will be hard-pressed to find much in here that resembles the original map, however, the Crysis adventure remains the same! Quarry Queeg will have you going non stop as you do battle against your enemies, be sure you eat your wheaties and take your vitamins...there's no easy way out; There are some areas that will make for good places to snipe from, or set up effective ambushes, there are structures available as well, use these wisely and to your advantage! This map will separate the gamers with uber skilz from those that are merely n00bs. To add to the fun of the map, Long_Mover has placed some interesting wildlife inside, enough to keep the Colonel in KFC for a loong time! It's time to put on some clean socks & Lock & Load! Refer to the readme for the developer's notes.




Ice | 3.04 MB

bit older then most available content on the internet, as Ice was created back in January of 2007, staying on par with the standards of the Crysis maps. c4te has made this map for 1 versus 1 action, mainly because Crysis has no available 1v1 maps; Make sure you pack the extra thick socks, and your mittens, things are going to get chilly.... [b]Some features of this map include:[/b] 1 on 1 Instant action Ice settting Refer to the readme for more information.




Snowy Park | 10.28 MB be prepared for some quality [i]Instant Action[/i] when you fire up Snowy Park! As the name suggests, you will have to put up with less-then-ideal conditions as you make your way through a [i]snowy park[/i] (how far is that from the days of old on a tropical island?) so be sure to pack your parka and long underwear! [b]Features of this map include:[/b] snowy park cool atmosphere If you think you can handle the blustery conditions, and still be standing when the action stops, then you have but one task to must locate and click on the download link. Refer to the readme for additional information.




Zulu-IA-island | 10.18 MB

for one, hope that this is not the only time we see a map made by him make it's way here. Zulu-IA-island offers some different scenery as you move about on the hunt for targets; You will come across structures that are perfect for use as cover when you're under heavy fire, or as a place to set an effective ambush. If you venture away from the buildings, the dense trees will offer the same kind of concealment, but not as effective, unless you're lucky enough to find a big tree :) ZULU-CAL has done a great job in creating a map that allows you to use tactics to in your gameplay, rather then running head-long into the action and praying for the best! [b]Some of the features of this map include:[/b] Designed to promote tactical Gameplay. No overpowered weapons for balanced gameplay. Detailed Eviroments. Refer to the readme for more information.





dustbound.rar | 28.75 MB

this map, mainly broken wall pieces and such. Dustbound is geared for the higher-end machines set on highspec, mainly due to the colors, etc. This is a fun map, which is visually appealing to the peepers, and offers the potential for some serious get down and dirty Crysis action! [b]Some of the features include:[/b] Instant Action map High spect tailored Mountainous map Refer to the readme for more information.




Crysis - Atoll_MP | 8.79 MB

cause they could be hidden on the island Corral reef or anywhere else! Also keep an eye out for secret weapons!





station.rar | 15.94 MB

brought along a great little map that will keep two to four people busy trying to stay alive! Station is all about quenching your thirst for quality [b]Crysis[/b] adventure while playing in an [i]Instant Action[/i] atmosphere. Imagine yourself in a lonely desert, running low on fuel; Word has it that there is a [i]'Last Chance Petro'[/i] station nearby...and you can bet that you're not the only one that has heard this word...Be sure to have your weapons loaded and your hand ready, it's do or die out you had better start doin'! [b]Features of this map include:[/b] Instant Action fun 2 to 4 players Desert terrain Be sure to take advantage of all of the available objects for cover, when the bullets start flying you'll be thankful! The structures will also make for a perfect place to stage an ambush. If you think you have what it takes to walk away with bragging rights, then start downloading Station and put your uber skilz to the tet! Refer to the readme for more information.




Villager Wars | 23.56 MB

Wars is a re-worked version of Villager 2.1 from the original Crysis. It can be played in both Crysis and Crysis Wars. The spawn points were repositioned to keep the battle closer to the middle of the main village area and to keep the intensity going; But players can roam the map to look for "goodies" as there are no boundaries. [b]Some of the additions include:[/b] More weapons Updated minimap Some additions to buildings Also Crysis Wars vehicles and weapons. Refer to the readme for installation instructions.




Racing | 10.82 MB

in a frag-fest? Ever wonder what Crysis would be like if it were crossed with a Colin McRae game? If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, then are you instore for some serious fun! kornseb83 brings us an Instant Action level that will pit you against other like-minded leadfoots that think they have madd driving skilz...only, with this download, you'll be [i]'racing'[/i] to the finish line in Hummers! Racing can be a civil, only the better-driver-will-when-this with up to six players...or it can be a messy every driver for themselves, no rules and no holds barred race for up to 12 people. [b]The features of this map include:[/b] Instant Action Repair Torches Racing map 6 to 12 players Refer to the readme for more information.




Crossroad | 9.56 MB

which is situated by the sea, with lots off trees that can be used as much needed cover, or, if you prefer the stealth approach, you can use the flora to sneak up on unsuspecting targets. You also have access to structures that will be a welcome sight if you are under heavy, unrelenting enemy fire! Crossroad is a very small map, which has the potential for some serious frag-fests, however, be prepared for a short duration; Although the size of this map leaves the veteran gamer longing for more time, this is a great map for the newer gamers to train in! I look forward to seeing more content developed by SirRobs, as this map was fun, albeit, short. Refer to the readme for more information.

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