Crysis Tournament Map Pack | 186.58 MB

gaming enjoyment, an official map pack that is being developed and approved by Crytek! [i]It was an exciting year with lots of ups and downs, but we are more than happy with what we achieved. Even more are we proud of the great community we have, that is supporting us and giving us so much excellent feedback! On behalf of the whole Crytek development studios in Frankfurt, Kiev and Budapest and the entire Crytek Staff we wish the whole community Maximum Christmas and a Happy New Year 2008! [/i] This pack includes five brand new multiplayer maps for Crysis. All of them have been tested by Crytek's QA department and the professional Crysis teams [00] - Die Doppelnullen, GT - GlobalTeam.eSports and N! - Ninth Gaming. Both the two [u]InstantAction[/u] and three [u]PowerStruggle[/u] maps have been tested over several weeks and are optimized for competitive gamelay, but also provide a valid size for public gaming. Quite a few of the Trusted Server Providers of Crysis have already set up multiple servers that are running the map pack. Just check them out online and enjoy the new maps! [b]The 5 maps available are:[/b] [u]Power Struggle[/u] Desolation Crossroads Training [u]Instant Action[/u] Excavation (Note: If you have installed an earlier version of it please remove it completely before installing this map pack!) Terminal [i][b]Sandbox2 Documentation[/b] In addition to the map pack we also want to provide you with a whole bunch of new tutorials about the Sandbox2 Editor and its capabilities. They are going to be released within the upcoming days, so better check the Modding Portal regularly to not miss the latest additions to the official documentation. Best wishes, - Your Crysis and Crymod Crew [/i] Refer to the readme for additional information.

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