City Assault

city_assault.rar | 93.39 MB

Assault comes with an added weapon and some new improved cutscenes to add to the adventure; Along with some altered gameplay and more fun in the Single Player map. To add a little more demention to your gaming, the developer has also included what is needed for you to enjoy this map in the [i]Instant Action[/i] gamemode as well! [b]The features of this map are:[/b] A City Environment Custom buildings Custom props Custom weapons Advanced AI There is no radar to be found on the HUD, however, you can bring it up by pressing the TAB key, and to make things a little more less accommodating, jlim has geared this map so that the cars and tanks are not usable, but, they will still blow up, so be careful when choosing your objects for cover...If you want to increase the level of difficulty of City Assault, then try getting in and download the data in the NK base without killing anyone. Then you will have to survive 5 minutes against 100+ AI. A helpful hint for you while you attempt to complete this often ;) Refer to the readme for more information.




FC Fort | 47.68 MB

and [i]Pier[/i] into one large map. FC Fort is designed for high-end systems in general, but has also been tweaked to perform as good as possible with scaled back graphics settings. There is a little bit of everything here for most gamers, the structures offer some cover for those that like try their hand at ambushes or if you're in need of a place to reload...the sniper in you will enjoy this level as well as there are some opportunities for you to ply your skills. Some of the features include: Fully detailed environment Detailed AI routines Rich environment Full 24 hour custom Time of Day Day time & Night time mission (selectable at start) Detailed weather effects Random wind effects Destructible indoor and street lights If you're a fan of the first Far Cry game, then be prepared for an awesome gaming experience as D33dub brings the fun and familliar environment of two of the best levels alive in the action-packed atmosphere of [b]Far Cry 2[/b]! Refer to the readme for more information.




Devil's Tower | 23.54 MB

traps while you navigate to the top, avoiding ambushes while eliminating your enemies. Ghibli demonstrates that not all maps have to be monotonous and bland, and that you can easily add a little flavor with CryEngine 2 Try going making it to the top guns blazing, and then retry going as stealthy as possible. It's great fun! [i]A winner of the CryMod Christmas Level Design Contest[/i]




The 'Guvnuh's' Revenge (BLITZ) | 4.66 MB

Crysis gaming experience, and he does a damn fine job of it! The 'Guvnuh's' Revenge (BLITZ) puts a whole new spin on the original Crysis story...and it all comes down to it being a hoax, it was a trick. They wanted you to come. The United States' illegal occupation of the North Korean controlled island and dig site has provided the K.P.A. with the excuse they needed to launch a full-fledged amphibious invasion along the U.S. west coast. With the United States of California at risk of enemy occupation, the 'Guvnuh' takes the first ship, along with a contingent of marines, to a coastal island directly in the naval fleet's path, planning to use the nuclear weapon there to destroy the fleet before it can reach the Governator's homeland. When the Guvnuh arrives, however, the Koreans have already secured most of the island and the previous defenders, the 'Red Berets', have forsaken their heritage and joined their enemy's cause. Now it's up to the Guvnuh of the United States of California and his elite marine core to secure the island and the nuclear material on it. How will you do?




Alien War Demo Map

alienwar_part_1.rar | 18.94 MB

completed version. The Alien War Demo Map is just that, a demo of the map, as the developer still has some more content to add to it; The setting of this download is on an island somewhere in the Pacific around the year 2012, You take on the role as Nomad, the invasion has just begun and you are backed up with helicopters, tanks and jets. Your main target here is a [i]super hunter[/i] and it is a beast. If you're ready to ride the wave of resistance to glory, then's time fight! Refer to the readme for more information.




Pacifica 2

pacifica2.rar | 51.09 MB

try your luck at [file="97356"][i]Pacifica (v1.0.0)[/i][/file], then download it as well and enjoy! Pacifica 2 begins where the previous release ended, and the gaming action remains just as intense as it was when it all started. As with before, you'll definitely want to have your favorite firearm with you on this one, and get ready for an intense [i]Cyrsis[/i] engagement! I always employ the gorilla-style warfare when I's just more fun that way, and you get more gaming bang for your buck! [b]Some of the features of this map include:[/b] Custom missions. Custom TOD. GeoControl created heightmap. Highly detailed world to explore. Animations, cutscenes About an hours worth of play, depending on your style. If you recall, your first mission centered around locating the archeologists, now that that has been completed, you can now concentrate on the next Pacifica 2, it's all about saving your skin against all of the odds! The KPA is now on the offensive, and they are searching feverishly for the commando They are out for blood, if you want to survive, you'll have to use your wits. Refer to the readme for more information.





pacifica.rar | 109.89 MB

and searching for some missing people,and, in turn, getting them to where it's safe without escalating the status-quo. You definitely want to have your favorite firearm with you on this one, and get ready for an intense [i]Cyrsisi[/i] engagement; The length of this game will depend on how you play, however, as you are instructed not to start a war, some stealth-like actions should prevail. Spend a bit of time exploring the countryside, but keep an attentive eye out for the baddies! [b]Some of the features of this map include:[/b] Custom missions. Custom TOD. GeoControl created heightmap. Highly detailed world to explore. Animations, cutscenes About an hours worth of play, depending on your style. Part one of two. The story behind Pacifica is a simple one, when contact is lost between the U.S. and the archeologists on a boating trip tensions rise. It is your mission to locate the missing archeologists and escort them to safety. Try not to start a war, this island is North Korean controlled. Refer to the readme for more information.





fulcrum.rar | 1.7 MB

and put your l33t gaming skilz to the test! Fulcrum will see you packing your duffel bag with your best Hawaiian t-shirts as well as some SPF45 as your destination is a remote island nestled some wheres in the South Atlantic; Your mission? That's simple, you are to assassinate a foreign National. The Target? Thats not so simple...the person you have to set your crosshairs on is an important North Korean who has been lying low for years. [b]The features of this map include:[/b] Fully working custom objectives Custom TOD Secondary objectives that affect your mission Clever AI Hidden enemies Helicopter that actually works No empty spaces Non-linear objectives This bundle of goodness comes with lots of intense action that will keep you busy and out of trouble in that [i]other[/i] place, you know, the real world ;) Winning isn't everything in Fulcrum, so be sure to complete the secondary objectives, and have fun! Refer to the readme for the installation instructions.





enemie_attack_v.2.0.rar | 55.08 MB

you have a hankerin' to stroll about a huge roomy map that comes complete with a large number of baddies to take your frustrations out on! This is not a map that you will want to be running around in calling attention to yourself...the [i]run-n-gun[/i] method will not serve you here! It will be to your benefit to keep a handle on where the nearest available cover is at all times, you never know when you may have to slip away and wait till the dust settles. EnemieAttack has a little something for everyone, from the helicopter to the enemies that come with their own special Nano Suits. [b]Some of the features included are:[/b] An Airport Loadingscreen Minimap Beaches Islands Palm trees The challenges found in this map are numerous, and one of these challenges include the exceptionally high number of snipers that will be gunning for you...cover and concealment are your friends! The ToD gives this map a nice feeling and puts your mind in the environment as well as your imagination. If you have an earlier version of this map, then here are the changes: [list] Add Mission BugFixes Changed Enemie positions Better AI of all NanoSuite Special Enemies Better AI of all Sniper [/list] Refer to the readme for more information.





mckoolisland.rar | 46.05 MB

battling it out for your very survival! McKoolIsland (v1.0.8) is a mission where Nomad is being sent to a previously uninhabited remote tropical Island to investigate unusually high KPA activity...sounds simple enough, eh? If you are under the impression that this will be a walk in the park, then you had better go get Fido and his leash, and head out to a much safer park! Once inside this map, you will find that some modes of gameplay are better then others depending on what you're up against, for me, it's all about the the takes a bit longer to finish a map, but it is a lot more fun and you're survival rate goes is the case when playing McKoolIsland (v1.0.8). [b]The features of this map include:[/b] Custom Objectives Custom voiceovers Plenty of action scattered about a large Island Multiple Paths to each objective for replay value The detail in this map is astonishing, you may find yourself staring into some serene backdrop wondering why it hasn't been put on a Hallmark Card, however, having to many of these moments will put you at risk...This is not a map that you play once and forget about, McKool has designed it so that there are multiple ways to get to each objective, so the re-playability is high, as is the [i]Drool[/i]-factor! If you're looking for a good time gaming, you've found it! Refer to the readme for more information.




The Resort

resortlandscape.rar | 75.25 MB

recently, [b]The Resort[/b]! The differences between his recently uploaded map and this one (for those of you that have caught on that the names are similar) is that this one only contains just the landscape with the Vegetation for traveling around through the mountainous area. If you already played [b]The Resort[/b], and never got the opportunity to do any exploring...or maybe you want to download The Resort (Landscape) and do the exploring first, this way, when you play the challenging objective version, things will go a little easier and smoother! Whatever your reasons, enjoy the scenic wonders that will assault your peepers! For the Story version, look for The Resort Refer to the readme for more information.




The Resort

resortstory.rar | 132.43 MB

third work of art! The Resort takes place in a large mountainous area, where a research facility has been captured by the North Koreans. Your mission is to reconquer the American research facility and to guarantee that the Aggressor Troops obtain as little to no information as possible about it. However, the conclusion of this mission may not be what you expect... [b]Some of the features of this map include:[/b] Very detailed and realistic environment 4km² free accesible mountain area ~ 2 hours playtime Story with 13 Mission objectives ~ 11500 objects (no Vegetation, just Decals, Brushes, Clouds, Particle effects....) Various sceneries: A big lake with two islands Rivers Big waterfalls Rampant rock ways Forests Cave system Village Mountain peaks Physical enigmas (They´re optional, you have to find and solve them to get more powerful weapons) Epic Story with ~ 20min cutscenes and Script sequences Various gameplay with ~ 270 enemies and tactical fights Fights at day - and nighttime Many other detailed things and places to explorer You´ll travel through very beautiful and various types landscape with lots of detail as you journey through The Resort ...there will also be an opportunity to do some exploring, and yes, there will be a lot of ']i[things[/i]' to investigate. By following the story you´ll decide how difficult the fights are. You can solve little physical problems and get more powerful weapons...or not, and you must look how the best way to survive is. If you think you have what it takes to complete this mission, then your first objective is to locate and put to use, the download link! skm has also released a video flythrough, so you can see what to expect: Refer to the readme for more information.




Cold Mountain | 52.66 MB

detail and high level of intensity while you battle for survival. Cold Mountain takes place in a lonely valley in the Mountains around a large lake with rivers, waterfalls, plenty of forest and canyons. You start off in a small cave and have to find your way out of the valley. This has to be one of the most feature-rich maps I've seen in a long time, with a statement from the developer stating that this map has much better performance than in his last map: [file="90434"]Treasure (v1.0.1)[/file]. [b]Some of the features of this map include:[/b] Very detailed environment Mountain scenario 2km² free accessible mountain area Fights at day - and nighttime Water Reflections Beautiful ToD´s by Ultimarage Various weather scenarios Story with 9 Mission objectives 1-1/2 hours playtime ~ 10min cutscenes ~ 4400 objects (no Vegetation, just Decals, Weapons, Clouds, Particle effects,...) ~ 130 enemies with tactical fights Various sceneries, such as: A big lake with an island Rivers Waterfalls Rampant rock ways Forests Mountain stream with strong current Canyons Desert And more Music, Mini Map, Loadscreen In addition to the nine objectives that are a part of , the most important is survival...which should be kept in the forefront as you fight through many different areas! The same question may plague your mind as you move about in this campaign: [i]"Will I find a way out of this beautiful and very dangerous place, or not?"[/i] If you think you have what it takes to complete this map and reign supreme, then your first task will be to locate the download link and do what comes natural...Good luck! An important note regarding communication: White Subtitles: the Player is speaking Violet Subtitles: a Person is speaking Blue Subtitles: another Person is speaking Refer to the readme for more information.




Mountain Hell | 52.56 MB

but be careful, if you spend too much time admiring the terrain, you'll end up filled with lead, and if that happens, completing the objective becomes a lot harder! Mountain Hell (v1.2) comes complete with lots of elbow room so you will have no problem moving about in the foliage, making use of all the available structures, objects, etc for cover. [b]Some of the features of this map include:[/b] Single Player CutScenes/ Objectives Island Map Mountain Hell (v1.2) is made up of two islands, which makes for some intense fighting as you scope out the enemy AI and dispatch them with extreme prejudice; There are also several cutscenes that will raise your eyebrows, and add a little something to the story. [b]Some of the fixes over the earlier version are:[/b] Fixed objectives file Fixed some visual mistakes Refer to the readme for installation instructions




The Harbour | 31.43 MB

be a short game for you ;) Some of the locales that you will be visiting, and putting your skilz to the test include dense jungle brush, a steel graveyard in the middle of a road, the foot of a mountain and of coarse, a harbour-front that is bustling with industry. [b]Some of the features of this map include:[/b] Detailed harbour Various locations First of 2 maps Your thirst for some Crysis action and scenery will be quenched with The Harbour, courtesy of CaptainChris! If you think you have what it takes to walk away with bragging rights, then all you need to do is locate the download link and put it to good use! Refer to the readme for more information.




The Mixing Bowl

themixingbowl.rar | 16.78 MB

will need to do to prepare for this adventure is to pack some H2O and grab some clean socks! The Mixing Bowl offers you some Single Player action with this level taking place in the desert with plenty of AI and room to move, which is great for those of you that need a break from the typical [i]'island'[/i] trend. Natural cover is what you would expect in the desert...which is pretty much nothing, but, there are some structures and objects that will do just nicely. Your mission, if you except it, is to infiltrate a North Korean airfield and do what enemies of the state do best...wreak havok! [b]Some features of this map include:[/b] Detailed desert environment Mission to complete Lots of NK to shoot If you think you have what it takes to see this level to it's conclusion, and claim bragging rights, then step up, and put your skilz where your mouth is :) Refer to the readme for developer's notes.




z11 | 60.26 MB

on a mission during the evening hours, so lets hope you have no fear of the night. In z11, you have the freedom to fight the enemies that you want, you have the option to pick and choose who you go [i]toe-to-toe[/i] with...which is great for those of you that prefer the stealth approach and fight from the worries though, there are plenty of North Koreans and Aliens to choose from. The majority of time and energy spent on this map, was done so on the visuals and the scene setup, so expect some eye-candy; This being said, the AI is not perfect, and there may some erratic behavior displayed. [b]Some of the features of this map include:[/b] One Objective Friendlt AI Lots of AI / Actions Refer to the readme for the developer's notes.





treasure.rar | 43.88 MB

objectives; This map comes complete with everything except [i]bla[/i]-ness. There is a story to follow, which makes traveling and completing the objectives a whole lot easier...The story consists of different mission objectives; Your wife has been kidnapped and you have to find her, sounds simple and straight forward enough, eh? Well, first you start without your Nanosuit, but you'll get it later. The ending will be an unexpected one. [b]Some of the features of this map include:[/b] Story with 6 different Mission objectives Between 1 and 1 1/2 hours playtime Sequences and music to tell the story Dense and very detailed vegetation Surface of 1-2km² 14 full arranged houses (2 villages) Two rivers and many waterfalls Various sceneries, like rivers, a beach, cliffs, rocks, a forest, villages, mountains,... Free accessible island Lots of places to fight and to explore Over 130 enemies and tactical fights skm has done a fine job bringing you an awesome level! This is a must play if you are looking for a quality mission and some dense and very detailed vegetation, and lots of places to fight as well as explore...but with the baddie count at over 130 enemies, you might be a little busy... Some of the changes from earlier versions include:[/b] Improved performance Better ToDs Fixed problem with Nanosuit (Cloak and Armor Mode) Day/Nightcircle with 2 sunrises: fights at day - and nighttime Fixed other little problems Better Objective oversights in the HUD Refer to the readme for more information.





dowatchyawant.rar | 2.84 MB

action! Be prepared for your gaming experience to jump a notch or two in the intensity department. You'll need to be packin' some serious heat in order to get off this island alive!!! You arrive in a plane, stocked with a few weapons, and you drop down below and scale the beaches of Normandy. Now you have to choose your path. The Maze? The Jungle? ...Or are you more of a free rider and prefer to race and just blow crap up? XIX has it all and you will want to play it over and over. Just make sure you watch your back, the Koreans are everywhere and General Kyong has a bounty on your head. The main objective of this map is a simple one...kill all the Koreans and try to get out alive. If you think you have what it takes to complete this adventure, then your clicking the download link will act as acceptance of this mission. Enjoy.




Tropical Paradise

tropical_paradise.rar | 8.24 MB

download if you want to see how well the level of realism is with the forest, etc., definitely worth checking out. Although Serio (Lord_Reno) made this map for fun, it comes with some nice views...such as the pond, be sure to check it out! This map shows the great potential of the engine, and is a sweet place to spend a bit of time and take in the scenery...all thats needed is for you to start the download! Enjoy.




Panama | 19.55 MB

you'll find that you are in a tropical paradise, but this is far from a vacation hot-spot, and besides, you're here with a job to do... [b]Some of the features of this map include:[/b] One mission Five objectives Big detailed island Two enemy bases One village A lot of enemies Nice cut scenes with sound If you think you have what it takes to see this mission to it's conclusion, and be the one still standing when the dust settles, then you only have one task to complete to start your adventure in Panama, and thats to start your download! Enjoy.




Hostage Rescue

weaponsdump.rar | 49.69 MB

some time in, especially if you're of the mind to go in and work on your skills some. There are not too many enemies to be found, in fact, they're are only six, which is a pretty good number to hone your tactics with; There is also no cutscene as of yet, so this version of this map could be considered a [i]no-frills[/i] map. Once you get into this map, you will need to follow a long road and get to a village. Two armored vehicles should meet you at about half way; When you get past those, you will need to press on and get to the village. MadSquirts has also stated that a Objectives and Mini Map maybe in the works and released in the near future...possibly. Refer to the readme for additional information.




XMAP | 13.94 MB

with XMAP, as there are plenty targets and hundreds of enemies to keep you busy. If you find that you have some spare time while you\'re running around giving your trigger finger a work out, you may want to look at completing some, if not all of the six primary objectives: [list] [*]Processing complex [*]Laboratories [*]Schoolhouse [*]Railway [*]Line [*]The Village [/list] Not to overwhelm you while trying to complete this map, but if you have the time, there are other minor objectives, and things that can be done...and most of these involve killing something, and very often, everything in the area. If this appeals to you, then download and give XMAP a try! Enjoy.




Urban Havok - Freeform Playground

urbanhavoksandbox.rar | 2.57 MB

players can get an idea of what the full map will be like. Urban Havok - Freeform Playground features close quarters urban combat, this level has more alike with a Call of duty 4 level than Crysis. Gone are the lushes jungles to be replaced by concrete and rubble. You must fight your way through the city to the US Headquarters. You and twenty or so other US Marines must accomplish this. On your way you will encounter tanks and air support. [b]Some features of this map include:[/b] Freeform urban map COD4 Style graphics Friendly AI's Spawning Enemy AI's that stop spawning when you there area (Helps make the game less resourse intensive) Small tank driving area Even smaller download now under 5mb in size Refer to the readme for more information.




Mission Whiterabbit | 17.16 MB

lock-n-load, and prepare to read your mission orders, your next OP is Mission Whiterabbit. You have the option on how you can start this level, your choice is to go by boat, and attract unwanted attention, or you can take the not so noisy route, and swim....Choose wisely. LT. Stephen Whiterabbit was taken captive during a previous mission, Intel has it that they are holding him at the last hut on the trail. Your mission, if you choose to except it, is to make your way down the trail and eliminate any hostile forces you encounter, this is a 'no holds barred' mission, do not shoot to wound. As you travel, be sure to check huts and towers for additional weapons and ammunition, also check for a garage on the right for some optional addon weapons. Downloading this file will be your acceptance of this mission... Enjoy.




Busa Island 1 and 2 | 31.68 MB

thing only comes aound, what, once in a lifetime?? OK...maybe I'm getting a little carried away here, let's say...once in a download. (More realistic, eh?) ;) [b]Here is what you will get:[/b] [i]Busa Island[/i] Work your way through the map eliminating any hostile forces you meet.. Ammo can be found at the start of the mission, and along the pathway; Proceed to the end huts, when all of the baddies are eliminated, continue down the path to go to next mission... [i]Busa Island 2[/i] Go to the first hut to load up on ammo...beware of the sniper that is lurking somewheres (




Physis III

physisiii.rar | 2.43 MB

small map that contains yet even more new ways to experiment with the Crysis physics engine. While Physis I seemed more Object or Building orientated, Physis II seemed more [i]Rube Goldberg Device[/i] orientated; Physis III comes across as focusing more on different ways to use Koreans and Rag-dolls to accomplish any number of amusing outcomes. Out of the new additions on this Island, I found the most entertaining to be the Barrel vs Koreans, while a simple invention - it's a new way of looking at a classic weapon. See the readme for further information and installation instructions.




Physis II

physisii.rar | 1.67 MB

vehicles, weapons and of course the Koreans whom have volunteered their time to take part in your experiments. In addition to the original Island however, this download includes a second area which can be accessed via a small bridge between the two sections. The new area contains a giant set of dominoes as well as brand new ways to destroy the environment and haplessly kill anyone that happens to be standing near by. See the readme for further information and installation instructions.




Leodie Island

leodieisland.rar | 7.39 MB

story. Designed to be a training installation for new officers whom are to be equipped with Nanosuits; Leodie Island has a number of areas that allow you to practice with weapons or vehicles, including a vehicle assault course and several weapon ranges. In addition to these features, the Island itself is very well put together and is nice to take your time exploring, despite the location being moderately sized. See the readme for further information and installation instructions.




Mystical Island

mystical_island_1.02.rar | 1.69 MB

when the withing hour approaches, then don\'t worry, as this developer has also provided some very good friends to keep you company... there is Pistol, Scar and Gauss Rifle, with friends like these, you\'re ready for anything...Which is a good thing, as there are plenty of AI Soldiers just itching to evict you from their island! Mystical Island contains buildings/huts, vehicles, exploding barrels, lake, mountain, animals (chickens and frogs), cave and lots of secret stuff as well as more weapons. Because choice is always a good thing, when you start off, you have the option of beginning in one of three places, which keeps the map fresh each time you load it; In each of these starting points, there is a DSG1 and LAW on the ground for you to pick up. [b]Some of the features of this map include:[/b] More weapons and secrets. You now have also more bullets and a SMG when you start the level. More enemies and buildings. More details and objects (trees, furniture etc.). Added some actions to AI (pissing) and some movement (go A to B). The premise behind this map is concerning a rumor going on that there is Technology Center in this island where some experimental weapons are manufactured. This is big threat to USA. Your mission is simple, kill all and don\'t leave any evidence.





giggenheim11.rar | 7.28 MB

however, there are plenty of baddies spread out to keep you on your toes! As you travel through the lush jungles of Giggenheim, some of the scenery will hold your gaze, such is the case with the waterfall! If exploration and nice scenery is what you\'re in the mood for, then this map is definitely for you...especially if you like to hunt down your enemies, whether your preference is to do it stealthily, or in-your-face, up-close-and-persona,l reap the carnage and try to stay alive! If you\'re ready for the adventure, start your download now.





airshore.rar | 27.15 MB

intensify, along with your gaming enjoyment. If you are trying to remember what the [i]Shore[/i] level was about, \"Following the Alien crisis, the small island of Kiribati became a focal point for multiple alien incursions. The Prototype Factory located there is the world leader for Alien studies and has recently come under North Korean domination. US Special Forces have been sent via submarine to retake the facility and the surrounding peninsula.\" This is still the Shore map that you have enjoyed in the past, however, the most notable change made to this level by .:CS:.Seefor and [url=\"\"]Cooter Shooters Clan[/url], is some added air power for both teams. Get ready, strap in and prepare for some total carnage!




Meshavis Canals | 38.43 MB

Warhead. Nice graphics, with lots of vegetation including European Nature vegetations.




Meshavis Canals | 16.83 MB

recommended with powerful graphics card. This map works in Crysis Warhead, but you will notice some missing textures, entities or something. There are currently no mission objectives, the only mission is eliminate all guards.




Crysis - Bolivia | 25.22 MB

ancient Bolivian legend, guarded by creatures from other worlds!!




The Final Battle | 2.06 MB

Really Only Uploaded It So That A Friend Can Try It Out So I\'d Prefer If I Didn\'t Get Complaints About The Quality. Thanks :)




Jeep Ride | 3.3 MB

do. Is a very Little Mission.




ARRIVAL complete single player map | 66.69 MB

Ai (friend and foe), Vehicles, Guns, Scripted set pieces, Aliens, and a working mine cart ride thru the mountains fighting towards the alien homeworld. I created a quick trailer using movie maker and also posted that on youtube. and there are a few (probably a few too many) static screen shots below. Hope you like it and look forward to any comments Good or Bad, This was going to be my last map on Crysis because of Crysis 2 comming out but looks like I gonna need tips for my next map. Hopfully I will be done before March next year. And if i did it again I would probably have done it different (90% learning 10 Doing). I am also hoping to join some modding team if anyone will have me as I love doing this sort of stuff, any offers wink. Thanks Jason..





time_rush_1.1.rar | 23.5 MB

anchor, patrol, agressive patrol*, reinforcement, cars, heli, boats) * Ingame weapons balans * 6 Objectives, 40min gameplay(1 hour on expert)





valley.rar | 32.09 MB

this downloadable bundle of [i]Crysis[/i] goodness! Valley was initially created to be an alternate ending and was to have been publicly offered simultaneously with the recently released Single Player map [file="97195"]Invade[/file], (by [i]Boogeyman[/i]) however, due to unforeseen reasons, this was not the case...but it is now here for your gaming enjoyment! [b]Features included with this level are:[/b] 18 objectives Several live action trackviews Several cut-scenes Mini-Map Diverse game-play Computerize voice acting Many hidden weapons to find With the number of objectives that are needed to be completed in this level, you will not be pagued by any boredom, and you will not have to find things to do to fill in your time; If you wish to complete this game, and walk away with bragging rights, your gaming skills will be put to the test...Valley is not impossible to complete, nor is it overly hard, but it can get intense at times. If you're up to the mission, then all thats needed is for you to locate the 'download' link and put it to good use... Refer to the readme for more information.




Rescue Mission

rescuemission.rar | 48.61 MB

SP maps and mods to enhanse my you can imagine how excited and happy I was when this next developer e-mailed me to inform me of his newest release: Rescue Mission! McKool has created and released the first map in a campaign that will stretch over future's almost as if this was made to order! In Rescue Mission, Nomad is sent on a mission to determine why the KPA have setup bases on several remote islands. His transport is shot down and he must track down any of the survivors. Along the way, he sees some mysterious activity which requires additional investigation. [b]The features of this map include:[/b] Light-sensitive AI Nice atmosphere and interesting plot Multiple cut-scenes with custom dialog Custom voice-overs Custom Objectives Custom Characters (He is currently using several variations of Nerv3’s custom soldier as well as a slight modification of a standard Crysis model) At least one Environmental trap and puzzle While the opening might sound like [i]Old Hat[/i], this level is anything but predictable. The mysterious activity is not the usual "Aliens on the island" theme that has been done many times before, but rather something else entirely. This map is a must-have for your collection, get it now while supplies last! Refer to the readme for more information.





cinema.rar | 9.02 MB

good stuff...Want to go to the movies, but don't want to bother lifting your lazy bum off of your comfortable contour-molded chair? Well, don't fret, as this download will allow you to do both of these things without even leaving your comfy cozy domicile! [b]Some of the features of this download include:[/b] Custom made movie theater Excellent for inside levels Finding Nemo screenshot included! Cry file included within the download Simple, easy installation All that's needed to fully enjoy this map is a bowl full of hot buttery popcorn; You'll get the theater experience without having to shell out the enormous amount of money at the concession stand, or taking the time to find a seat that is in an optimal spot...when you're ready, you can let the good times roll and the blockbusters show at the Cinema! Refer to the readme for more information.





insertion_v102.rar | 13.09 MB

back for more! Insertion (v1.02) takes some real-world issues and brings them to your is all about shipments of nuclear materials have been traced to this island. It is believed that the KPA are using this to manufacture nuclear weapons. The good news here is that this is the first in a series of maps that onji will be releasing! (The not-so-good news is that it may be a bit of a wait for the next installment) Finally...not since I've played [i]Assignment41[/i] for Far Cry have I been psyched about a campaign! I hope he follows through and releases a product that is as much an assault on the senses as it is on the adventure! :) Ahem, back to the description: Once you load up Insertion (v1.02), you will find that you are inserted via submarine into the bay of this island, your goal is to proceed to the foothills of the mountains (it is believed that the manufacturing plant is somewhere in the mountains). The rest, will come naturally. The features of this map include:[/b] 2x2 km Map One primary objective, Two secondary objectives Large Bay, mini-islands, hedland, river delta, jungle basin, village Open ended approaches to objectives Enemies will call in reinforcements and mechanised support Balance between Direct Action or Stealthy play About 1.5 hours gameplay. Refer to the readme for more information.




Crysis Prologue

prologueinstaller.exe | 32.05 MB

builder, it appears that a fair bit of effort has gone into this release, and it is definitely worth the price of a [u]free[/u] download! Crysis Prologue comes complete with an interesting story, as the timeline for this map takes place before the original Crysis forget everything you know that happens, and prepare yourself for a whole new experience. Once you fire up this map, you will take up the role of Nomad, an agent for JSOC; You will be dropped over the Xin Lu island with orders to investigate the reason behind the the presence of the North Koreans in the area. ...Sounds simple, eh? Refer to the readme for the developer's notes.




D-DAYX | 4.4 MB

you start it up, and is perfect for those of you that are history buffs! D-DAYX is in a Beta stage, with a [i]fuller[/i] version to be released at a later time, but this download will still raise your eyebrows and give some bang for your buck. Be sure to get your affairs in order and lock-n-load, you'll soon be preparing for the fight of your life as the Airborne invasion is underway. Take the fight to the beaches and stop the anti-air batteries as well as the ground troops. This is no time for lolli-gagging about, so pull up your socks and get ready for a Crysis adventure! The war is about to begin, good luck soldier! Refer to the readme for installation instructions.




Lost Island II | 28.15 MB

the terrain, you'll end up filled with lead, and if that happens, completing the objective becomes even harder! ;) Lost Island II comes complete with lots of elbow room so you will have no problem moving about in the foliage, making use of all the available structures, objects, etc for cover; Getting bored playing this level is not a concern, as there is plenty to do...if you have time, move around and explore every part of Lost Island II, of coarse, keep an eye open for the baddies that are all over, and make no mistake, there are a lot of them! Don't get too excited, as this is only a demo version of the actual map being worked on, but it is something that needs to be played if you want to get a glimpse of the project that is being worked on! [b]Some of the features include:[/b] Demo of Part1 Single Player Detailed desert environment Mission, to influence a NK airfield Lots of NK to shoot Big Island Refer to the readme for more information.




First Strike | 74.52 MB

down older systems so beware. It has some nice cut scenes and offers 8 primary missions and 8 secondary missions.





liljungle.rar | 745.75 KB

[i]put-a-smile-on-your-face[/i] department, which, in the end, is all that really matters, right? liljungle offers a tonne of fun as you shoot your way to safety in a zero gravity environment, and to add to the challenge, this is a relatively dark map, (think late evening) so it is possible to plan that perfect ambush at or near one of the many structures that normally wouldn't work due to that pesky gravity. The numerous structures will also afford great for cover to catch your breath during battle... Enjoy.




Savanna2Jungle | 77.07 MB

[i]Crysis[/i] action! You'll be amazed by the the goodies that are included with this map, along with the numerous features that are incorporated into favorite being the fact that there are several ways of completing the mission! [b]Some of the features of this map include:[/b] Extremely detailed environments Custom tod with full day-night cycle Objectives (both primary and secondary) Cutscenes Big replay value (different cutscenes, gameplay) Non linear gameplay (lots of ways to accomplish the mission) with HUGE flow graph A chase scene in the beggining of the map where you'll have to escape koreans And maybe a chase scene at the end of the map Refer to the readme for more information.




Broken Paradise

broken_paradise.rar | 5.37 MB

It is out of the urban warzone and into the jungle for you as fight to stay alive in the Broken Paradise. The North Korean Special Forces are out for blood in this lush green carpet of jungle, keeping yourself among the breathing won't be easy as you move about; A word to the wise, quiet-ness is a good thing...especially if you want to be the one doing the victory dance at the end of it all, as the AI seem to be very adept to this terrain, and they are good at what they do... If you think you have what it takes to see this to the end, and in one piece, then you'll want to give this a try, keep in mind that this release is an early version, I'm sure there will be more work made to it by the developer, and I'm sure suggestions and/or [u]constructive[/u] criticisms would be welcomed; Broken Paradise is a fun map, that comes with the potential to be a memorable map. Refer to the readme for more information.




Badlands | 9.98 MB

developer has stated that due to a crash on his system, he had to revert back to an earlier version, thus, all the work after that, which were the objectives, etc, was lost. While you're running around blastin' the meanies in the Badlands, be sure to check anything of interest as you never know what you might find; There are many places to explore and many enemies to take out, so boredom is something that you have to worries about facing. [b]Some feature found inside include:[/b] Fight, Fight, Fight Nice little island with lots to do A lot of things to discover Enjoy.




Dream Experimental | 63.66 MB

look of Dream Experimental is something you need to see to believe, (OK, so you can cheat and check out the screenshots...) as well as the cut scenes, some awesome work done there! There is no way to get bored playing this map, as it comes loaded with secrets zones, so if you feel you need a break from all of the action, do some exploring, and try your never know what you might find. Another sweet feature of Dream Experimental is the improvements made to the baddies...the AI acts more intelligent, which makes for an action packed game, but may not neccessarily be good for the player ;) [b]Some of the features of this map include:[/b] Secret zones Intelligent AI Cutscenes Ambients sounds And much more A lot of great Crysis fun and action come with this download, and there are many high points to it, which include the custom music and of course, the ending...which is a downer, seeings how once you have enjoyed the ending, thats it...the game is over...Another point that should be brought up is that this developer is French, therefore, the game is French, if you can get past this, you're in for one helluva fragging good time! Depending on how this map is received, the developer has stated that he may make an English version as well. Enjoy!





physis.rar | 1.24 MB

some of the entertaining features, of the Crysis Physics engine, outside the single player campaign. Included among the setups here are a number of different ways to kill the Koreans generously populating the areas around the props as well as several different ways to enjoy the havoc explosive barrels can create. Despite the readme stating this may only keep you entertained for a short period of time, this is a highly enjoyable map and is definitely recommended to those who enjoy playing with Physics. See the readme for further information and installation instructions.




LeoBlue | 51.61 MB





invade.rar | 76.74 MB

test. Invade is just what you'll be doing should you except this mission! The North Koreans have taken control of a key United States mining operation and its quarry. The US has setup a few small bases along the way to the North Korean's main stronghold. Your objective is to retake the quarry, meet up with United States forces, and invade their main base to prevent a counter-attack. [b]The features of this download include:[/b] About 1 hour 15 playing time. Plenty of objectives Mini map Custom ToD Added some humor. Voice acting The .CRY file is included with the map. Refer to the readme for more information.




Island Recon

island_recon.rar | 10.96 MB

to keep you glued to your monitor for quite some time! I'll wager that you will play this more then once! Island Recon is not a large map, and is by no means a campaign, however, what it lacks in size, and length of play-time, it more then makes up for in intensity and action! the detail in this map is right up there with the collective works of Leonardo Da Vinci and Picasso...well, maybe I'm going a little overboard...but the detail is something that has to be seen to be enjoyed! The setting of this SinglePlayer map is in the early morning hours, which the 'Time of Day' will attest to; And there is no fear that you will end up being bored shuffling around in Island Recon, as there are a lot of baddies throughout...and to add to the fun of this map, the developer has also added lots of effects. Be sure to pack your map and compass, the dense forest may prove to be a bit difficult to traverse without getting turned around. Refer to the readme for more information.





savannah.rar | 17.46 MB

made-for-your-Crysis-enjoyment Single Player maps that will throw you once again into the action! Plunge head first into a scenic Savannah and find the truth behind the grasslands; No need to pack a picnic for this adventure, there will be no time for a lesure lunch, or skipping merrily through the woods while whistling a tune...unless you can do this while fighting for your survival! The dreaded North Koreans are preparing for something big, as the activity level is up as they have set up many camps around the island. As you take out the North Korean strongholds, witness the vast scenery that accompanies this free-to-roam map, from waterfalls to desert ridges and beyond, but keep your weapon at the ready. You're going to need to outwit your enemy as he is ready to stop you at all costs. Your mission is not complete until you destroy every enemy base and kill every North Korean. This is certainly no safari! Enjoy.




The Fortress

thefortress.rar | 7.98 MB

quench your thirst for insane Crysis action, and we have it here for your enjoyment! The story of The Fortress is an easy one for you to prepare have been captured in a remote fortress in some unnamed desert, but don't fret, being in lock down is not something that you will have to get used to! All you need to do to get bragging rights to this map is to escape and get out alive and kill the dreaded General Kyong and, of coarse, take as many North Koreans as you can find with him. If you can do this, then you can hold your head up high, if not, then feel free to keep trying... Enjoy.




Vulcan Assault

vulcanassaultv2.rar | 11.64 MB

to do. It lasts about 20 minutes, and has several objectives to accomplish. Its a fast paced game on a fairly small map, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun. It is filled with many explosions, cutscenes, and effects. The only thing I ask for is make it a bit "harder", and don't just provide the player with the weapons needed to survive. But other than that, its a good download, and worth 20 minutes of your time -Aykan




Episode 1: Decline of a General

episode1.rar | 10.66 MB

1: Decline of a General' (or 'Episode 1' for short) is a short single player map about a Korean General that is planning to launch a missile. Your objective is to take out the General. Alabama619 did a great job putting the map together, and even managed to script cutscenes, captioned dialog, and a 3D map overview. Overall, its a fun little map to play if you want to get away from the main campaign. The only main thing that bugged me was that you start off with enough ammo to shred an entire army of Koreans, and still have enough for World War 3. While I am exaggerating, perhaps for your next map you can lower the starting ammo. That way you can place strategic points across the map that have ammo dumps, or something along those lines. Other than that, great job, and I hope to see more from you! -Aykan




Strange Island | 3.25 MB

[i]strange atmosphere[/i] and he has done a fine job doing it... Prepare yourself for a fun and unique gaming experience once you fire up Strange Island, and this developer is gifted when it comes to creating very strange and cool places! This campaign will have you venturing through a number of scenic spots, from a jungle-type area to a dockside location. I, for one, cannot wait for KunAda to create and release more content for Crysis, using Strange Island as a base line, along with his already obvious skills, his developments will only get more fun and unique, while adding to the Crysis adventure! Definitely something to look forward to! Refer to the readme for more information.

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