Eclipse Mod - Aftermath Song

aftermath.mp3 | 5.43 MB

is there for some great music for when this mod is released! For those of you that are not in the know, Eclipse is a real-time action strategy game for the PC that allows the player to navigate through many worlds. Set in 2996 between the UWA \"United Worlds Alliance\" formed by the leaders of advanced alien races after several attack attempts by a greed and war driven group of worlds. ECLIPSE provides a new angle on the shooter strategy while bringing new heroes to the battle. To get to the ModDB page as quick as possible, all you need to do is click their affiliate button, found in the right side looks a lot like this: [img][/img] Have a listen and enjoy.




Mass AI Numbers

massainumbers.rar | 125.93 MB

were hundreds of AI on the map? [*] What would you do if you had a whole wall of zombies running towards you? This is a fun video to watch and seeing the baddies flying through the air when the grenades explode is hilarious! Be sure to catch all the different segments provided! Enjoy!




Assault Coop Crysis Zombies Teaser

acczombies.rar | 78.27 MB

sent out his newest piece of work, and the next step in the evolution of the Assault Coop Mod! [i]"Assault Coop mod is planning to move onto the next cryengine, crysis! Construction will soon begin once crysis is released. With new AI and opponents to face, the co-op experience in cryengine 2 will be mind blowing."[/i] The original three game modes from Assault Coop in Far Cry will be brought to a whole new level. These game modes are: Allied warfare Cooperative Campaign Fort Ambush -Realistic coop-(planning)-you'll have one life and once you die you die, however, there will medic tools to help revive your partner The Level ideas so far: [*]Zombie city rescue-run through the infested city to save the survivors. you may have to take refuge and hide because you'll never know where they'll come from. [*]Operation Alamo-defend the stronghold from the on advancing enemy. you may have to fight hand to hand combat from the overwhelming numbers... [*]Civilian hitman-take place in a crowded city and your under cover squad must track and follow the enemy to their secret hide out. [*]Men in crysis-save the world from the aliens planning to take over. you must also search for survivors and as well as survive the nuclear explosion that wipes out the city. [*]Deceased hill-you must assist your fellow allies in capturing and preventing the enemy from this critical point. [*]Unseen robbery-sneak into the bank take the loot without getting caught. To satisfy your Crysis needs, have a look at the [i][b]Assault Coop Crysis Zombies[/b][/i] teaser trailer supplied by FlameKnight7 and start drooling! More updates will come soon....




Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo trailer

crysis_2_multiplayer_gameplay_trailer.mp4 | 14.22 MB

demo/beta. You can, however, sit back, watch a sweet trailer with some equally awesome music accompanying it. The song is \"Invaders Must Die\" by The Prodigy. I put 360-EXCLUSIVE in all caps for (hopefully) obvious reasons. So that means don\'t start flaming me because I posted an irrelevant video. It IS relevant. You might just not be able to play it (the demo). For those of you who can (like me), my gamertag is KILL3R FURBY. feel free to send me a message or an invite if you want to play and school the CoD kids in the Way of The Crysis.




Trauma - A Crysis Machinima

trauma.machinima.crysis.2d.avi | 201.83 MB

[url=\"\"]Gaming Today[/url] have already made the interwebz rounds; Originally housed at the [url=\"\"]inCrysis Forums[/url], and developed by one of their forumites, this is a great testament to a great game! Here\'s what 2 Bad stated in his opening post: [quote]This is my first post, but not my first attempt at machinima. However, this one I wanted to share with the rest of you. I think it is one of the first Crysis machinima films, is it? But calling it \"film\" would be much. It\'s not really a film but more of a montage with meaning. Since Sandbox2 is a pain in dealing with characters, after three hours into it I dropped it all. However I pushed on going with my newest machinima attempt and finished it. The thing I\'m proud of is the audio. It does NOT use game assets. It is all \"hand made\", as you put it. From my personal archives and the net, I gathered bits and pieces and tried to make a whole.[/quote] As stated by the [url=\"\"]Gaming Today[/url] author, If you enjoyed this film short as much as I did, please drop a comment either here or the originating thread over at [url=\"\"]inCrysis Forums[/url] (you’ll need to register to comment there). The artists that come up with these videos do so on account of their own free time. Any amount of encouragement or useful feedback ensures we’ll see more of this creativity along the way. For your convenience, the video has been embedded into this page, however, I would strongly suggest that you download it and view it as it is meant to be, the quality of the download is much much better then the provided video. If you do decide to go with the HD download version, you will need to have [url=\"\"]DivX6[/url] installed. Trauma.Machinima.Crysis.2D.avi [u]Sources[/u] [url=\"\"]Gaming Today article[/url] [url=\"\"]Original thread at inCrysis[/url]




sobs Work of Art

crysis_action_shot.jpg | 745.23 KB

looks very cool. i originally took the helmet shot off some european website then a few days after i uploaded it to crysis filefront, had seen the maker of this amazing 3d render of the helmet,from someone in the crymod forums.sorry i cant remember the names of the original renderer, kudos off to the one who did render it tho. was never really happy with the fact that screenshots of crysis were popping up without pscho wearing his helmet. as for the pic itself well from a fans perspective i think it is pretty clear where the source of my material is. I guess i have a passion for creating action shots or something with just a little twist. hope u guys enjoy from a crysis fan sob[/quote] I think I found my new desktop wallpaper! Excellent work!




crysis 2 teaser poster

crysis_2.jpg | 877.54 KB

you will recognize the image, I just added to it, and gave it my unique look. I love this game so much.




crysis wallpaper

crysis_wallpaper.jpg | 463.17 KB

category for these types of submissions, so if you have any wallpapers you'd like to send in, then don't be shy and [url=""]subit it/them now[/url]!




Alien war wallpaper

alien_war.bmp | 2.5 MB

released map first reported in the news post: [news="41764"]New map coming soon![/news] [quote]its a wallpaper/screen shot of my alien war map enjoy! :) this is a screen shot / wallpaper of my up coming map called alien war this map will be out in a week![/quote] As reported the name of this work in progress is Alien Wars and will feature good lighting and intense battles, and some custom objectives...and best of all, is near completion. Keep your eyes peeled for more information as it comes available.




New Eden Screenshot Pack | 6 MB

this upload consists of 9 screenshots that will feature in the modification. These screenshots show off the excellent architectural work and the high quality of the lighting setup. Also featured are some closeup shots of various textures.




First Official In-Game Crysis 2 Shots | 3.41 MB

to the public, giving us our first taste of the upcoming game. This is the first public release of in-game screenshots of Crysis 2, and it is noted that the HUD is still in Alpha, so it is not the final version The first shot depicts a battle between the player, a group of aliens, and two CryNet soldiers The second shot shows the player taking the more stealthy approach, choosing to unload his clip into a lone CryNet soldier[/quote]




Crysis Sound Pack

crysis_sounds.rar | 7.5 MB

you're not playing it? If you answered 'yes' to one or all of these questions, then you're in luck! This is definitely a download by sob 666 that you will want to get your hands on. What does the Crysis Sound Pack do for you? The answer to that is simple...this sound pack will add the [b]Crysis[/b] words of wisdom to your Windows sound scheme. How cool is that? Now, when you turn your computer off (or some other function) you can have [i]"I'm British you Muppet!"[/i] fill the air, or maybe when your e-mail notification informs you of new mail, you will hear: [i]"Maximum Armor"[/i]...the possibilities are endless. Refer to the readme for more information.

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