Predator: The Heat of the Jungle | 50.51 MB

grab your weapons...things are about to get a little hairy... The story of this mod is a no-nonsense one...a commando on a mission in a Central American jungle, finds himself being hunted by an aggressive life form from outer space. Utilizing the most powerful game engine to date - CryEngine 2, will make it an unforgettable journey to the pure Predator universe. Predator: The Heat of the Jungle is a quick sketch mod, sort of a concept, of how a Predator game on a modern game engine would look like. There will be only one level, but with an unforgettable atmosphere. You will take the role of commando and three freely choose-able comrades to help you out on the mission. [b]The features of this mod are:[/b] Atmosphere as close as possible to the Predator [1987] movie New sounds New menu Modified hud Easter eggs Music Hassle free installer If you're a fan of the movie, then prepare to have your monitor rocked! But keep in mind, this is an early Alpha release...meaning, it is not perfect, nor complete, but the fun and adventure is still there! Enjoy! Refer to the readme for more information.




Crysis 2 The real war mod

crysis_2_the_real_war_mod.rar | 1.49 MB

any bonuses and the ai isn\'t weakened). Installation: Backup the (gamecrysis2 folder) Place the content from the real war folder to your games gamecrysis2 folder. For example in to C:Program FilesElectronic ArtsCrytekCrysis 2gamecrysis2 What the mod changes: Ammunition - (changes bullet physics to as realistic as possible (mass, speed, penetration, damage). Weapons - (Changes weapons to be more realistic magsize, firerate, accuracy). Weapons of ai do the same damage as players (it will be more difficult). Bodydamage - (simulated bulletproofvests and helmets) Shooting a soldier in less armored parts will get him down faster while it will take a lot more shots to kill when shooting at the bullet proof vest. Improved the ai made it fight more realisticaly crouch, increased vission and attack ranges, less shhoting like crazy now they shoot more in controled bursts or single shots. Changed some marine models added more parts made some heavy soldiers with heavy vests and equipment. I replaced the soldiers with hats with heavy soldiers. Changed character health. Boosted a little the nanosuit capabilities. And more... Also I do not take any responsibility if something hapes when using this mod. I tested and created this mod and it work well for me. Have fun and write what you think. Maybe you have some more thoughts please share them if I will have time and it is possible I will include it. Thankyou for reading and sorry for my english Made by justinas91 If you will use my mod give me credits




Crysis mod

crysis_mod_cvargroups_s2.1.rar | 1.52 MB

gosto, não ha necessidade de instalar o autoexec na vrsão 2.0 e 2.1. FOTO vS2.1: Dicas de configuração: Vá em opções! Alto desempenho + Very High Quality: Textura,Particles,Water,Volumetric = deixe HIGH Shadow,Objects,Physics,Effects,PosProcessim = MEDIUM Shader = Low ou Medium Desempenho + Very High Quality: Textura,Particles,Water,Volumetric,Shadow,Objects = HIGH Physics,Effects,PosProces = MEDIUM Shader= Medium ou High Super Very High Quality: Textura,Water,Shader = VERY HIGH Particles,Volumetric,Shadow,Objects,Physics,Effects,PosProces = HIGH Desempenho + Super Very High Quality: Textura,Shader= VERY HIGH Water,Volumetric,Objects= HIGH PosProces= Medium Shadow,Particles,Physics,Effects = Medium --------Editado por Syllas----------




Rainy Days

rainydays.rar | 213.5 MB

immerses you in a darker atmosphere. Rain is an integral part of the missions, and it really adds to the gameplay. The total development time for Rainy Days was two years, and the mod includes a brand new environment, professional voice overs, and new/exciting gameplay. The mod focuses on more of a team fighting experience, and your AI teammates will assist you along the way. The tone is darker then the Crysis storyline, providing for a more serious experience One irk is that the voice overs are in German, but don't let that stop you from downloading this gem. The English subtitles are more then enough to make this an enjoyable experience. The quality is great, the immersion is deep, and the overall experience is well worth it Rainy Days - Release Trailer: Rainy Days is the sequel to The Harbour, which can be found [file="92438"]here[/file]...




Cyberpunk Noir City Environment | 112.21 MB

new; an industrial, cyberpunk styled city. Nearly all the assets were custom modeled, with the exception of the vegetation and few environmental objects [quote]This environment was created for my final year university project. The aim was to "capture the atmosphere" of the cyberpunk genre. I also researched film noir lighting and have tried to add a little of that to my environment. I have modelled and textured most of the objects in the level, apart from the obvious Crysis assets such as the trees, bottles, plates, bin bags, dumpsters, people etc. -jjjapan [/quote] The first thing that you will notice are the lighting effects. The lighting was based on the concept of film noir, and has been adapted well to CryEngine 2 The environment was a work in progress for an upcoming mod based in a Cyberpunk city, but the mod was put on an indefinite hold, and this map was released as a preview. It isn't 100% complete, but jjjapan has moved onto a bigger project It's a beautiful piece of work still, and a major accomplishment for CryEngine 2. I can only see these type of environments improving with the upcoming release of Crysis 2 and CryEngine 3 (the .cry file is included for Sandbox editing) -Aykan




Dismemberment Mod

dismemberment_mod.rar | 1.4 MB

getting fragged; If you like to see a whole lot of [i]damage[/i] when you shoot the baddies, then this is definitely the download for you! If you enjoyed the previous release by HavokSage, then be at ease, you will not be disappointed with this one; If having fun while you play is something you enjoy, then strap yourself in, once installed, you will be able to blow limbs off AI soldiers and blast people into Gibs (Like Unreal Tournament) with any explosive! Dismemberment Mod also comes equipped with a test map for your [b]Crysis[/b] gaming enjoyment; Also, as a bonus, there is a WIP zombie moseying about. [b]Some of the features of this Mod include:[/b] Shoot Heads off enemy's Can off shoot arms but both arms come off (for now) Can off shoot legs but both legs come off (for now) Armless Zombies keep attacking AI caught in the center of any explosion will be turned into gibs. Dismemberment system is fully dynamic (You can dismember people any way you choose in any order you choose. Physicalized blood using my Realtime Water Physics. Realistically flowing blood that goes downhills and is blasted away by grenades. AI caught on the outskirts of any explosion have their legs blown off. More information on this mod can be found in the thread at [url=""][/url] Refer to the readme for more information.

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