Doom III




Hell Over Here Part3 - Teaser Trailer | 6.39 MB

There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of maps being developed, and I am by no means complaining, there is nothing wrong with mods and modifications, but I am a true-blue single-player nut, so I look forward to this release with anticipation! For those of you just tuning in, and have enjoyed this video, then you will definitely want to download and try your skilz at [file="79395"]Hell Over Here[/file] and [file="79840"]Hell Over Here (Part 2)[/file], you won't be sorry! The best part about maps that run in succession, is the story and plotlines, and with the Hell Over Here franchise, this is no different...The story is a typical one, all is well, until one fine day, Outpost 172 ceases communications; Because you're the top dog, or maybe it's because you're on somebodies naughty list, you're the one that is sent to investigate... After being sent to Outpost 172 to investigate why communications have been caught off, you find that, aside from still being alive, your job is not you find yourself in Hell, and your mission parameters have changed slightly...this is no longer an Intel gathering excursion, this has now become a fight for survival...a fight for your survival! ...And this is where part 3 begins...




AbiVideo 2006 (kick ass Finnish College video featuring LMS) | 252.31 MB

packed full of action and comedy! As a note it does contain some swearing and mild action. This video was created for a school project in part by Mixa, who is one of the Last Man Standing Coop Beta testers. It is in Finnish but features English subtitles. I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did, and be on a lookout for the LMS easter egg! Visit #abivideo06 to give feedback to the creators! Be sure to download this movie, it has lots of exciting action and even features a chase scene! Take care. -calimer IRC NOTE: If you are having trouble connecting to go in and manually make sure that your IRC program is trying to connect to as opposed to other servers that are a part of its network.

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