Doom III




DOOM 3 SDK for Windows

d3_1.3_sdk.exe | 5.21 MB




DOOM 3 Software Development Kit

doom3_sdk_2.exe | 11.45 MB

documentation. Here is what has changed since the first release: [quote]We just packaged up a newer version of the SDK. - Vehicles Be sure to read the readme.txt in the vehicles folder - Maya Importer Source To compile the Maya Import dll, you will need to get the Maya 4.5 or the Maya 6.0 SDK from Alias. There is a note in the directory explaining where the files need to go. The project comes set up to compile a dll for Maya 4.5. If you want to compile a dll for Maya 6.0, instructions are in maya_main.cpp. For Maya 6.0, you will need Visual Studio 2003 or higher. The Maya 6.0 SDK does not work with Visual Studio 2002. - Linux Source TTimo put together an official release for the Linux code. The code itself is the same as windows, but there are some different build options and an included SCons file. - Random Fixes Including (but not limited to) compiling 'out the box' in Visual Studio 2003 and 2005 If you have already done significant work on a mod, I would recommend installing this to a clean directory, then running windiff against your code base. Alternatively you could diff against the first SDK and manually copy the changes over.[/quote]

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