Elite Force 2




Dm Space Pad

dm_space_pad.zip | 2.15 MB

to die when jumping from pad to pad, whilst trying to pick your emery’s off from a distance and not falling to your doom ! Bots have no chance on this sort of map and just hang about on one pad acting dumb (As is the norm for bots ) Still do not let this small detail put you off, as this is excellent map from Flix. :) Map Supports. Holo Match Control Points Pandemonium.




Deathmatch Pool

ef2_dm_pool_110.zip | 1.35 MB

appearance of the map (could be a temple to the god Neptune). Texture quality is decent enough, map design and layout is impressive and lighting nicely complements the whole atmosphere of the environment. Don't go diving in green water though, it doesn't look safe stick out tongue Map Specials: * Excellent Gameplay, for strafers and non-strafers * High detail in Ambient, with Lights and Sound * You can get drown under water (starts within in 15 sec). * Small air bubles approaching the water surface, show that you lost some air and health * A ventilator pushing you back to the water surface * Water splash when approaching the CompressionRiffle location * A well hidden secret to be discovered * Destructable gameplay embeded glass objects




Enterprise BETA for EF2

beta_ent_ef2.zip | 6.82 MB

already, I would love to see it continued to be worked on! So far you can access many areas of the ship including decks 1, 2 and 3, transporter rooms, sickbay, the shuttlebay, the bridge, and engineering. Like the readme states, there is only one weapon in the entire map so far and you can walk through some stuff on the bridge. I definately think this is worth finishing, so go for it! Oh, and download it now ;). Gez




FUN MapPack

fun_mappack.zip | 5.5 MB

From the start you notice the openness of this map, as there are no walls. You must either hunt or be the hunted on this one! You will also see that the map is crammed full of every weapon, armor, and ammo under the sun, (See Screenshot) this makes it quite fun!! I would, on the whole, say it is ok if you have 15 minutes to spare. It is a good laugh to play with friends or to play with bots it is just as much fun!! ============================== Fun_Hammsterlab This map is reminiscent of the matrix scene set in the office where Neo was escaping from those agents. It looks like you are on someone’s desk; as if being watched from above, which is a novel idea! And also this map has the same music as the other maps in this pack Ok, this is a sneak-and-shoot map J . You don’t know what is around the corner and before you know it you are being shot at. Lol They only thing was the over zealous placement of weapons! But on the whole, it is a good, fun map ========================== Fun_WereAmI Ok next up we have WereAmI this one reminded me of Tron you know the bit with the light cycle bikes ...... No? Ok then The map is set in a box which has rows of columns in it with an only light coming up from the floor which is a good idea! So you can hide in the shadows and surprise your enemy. Anther fun map which you can use to kill 15 minutes! So to sum the whole map it is no eye candy but it never pretends to be, The whole point is fun and if want to have a quick frag then download this. Pandemonium




Rocket Arena

rocketarena.zip | 4.06 MB

placed crates (check screen shots) This allows you to snipe and hide from enemy fire as well as creep around and jump out at them when they don’t expect it. lol Once you ascend to the 1st and 2nd floor the real fun begins. You can rule the game from up here! It is a bit like king of the hill (good thing), as you can pick off your aggressors 1 by 1. I did think there was a little too much weapon placement, but hey, maybe that’s a good thing. So, to sum it up, this is an excellent map from the map factory known as Flix. Pandemonium




DM Nadoff

deathmatch_nadoff.zip | 2.96 MB





dm_hell.zip | 1.51 MB

mistakes including some lag. A bit too bright, looks like the map is set in a universe where relative luminance is a bit off the walls :p. The map design is average to adequate depending on how critical your are with decent item placement and a good structured design for combat but it still needs a lot of work. Admittedly, Perun states the failings of his own map so this is released as-is so go easy on the criticism.




EF2 Torture

ef2torture.zip | 240.36 KB

used with the use button. By closing the main door, you can lock other players in the big cargo room. With the consoles on the first floor you will be able to torture them. The ability to open the outer door will suck the players into space. Monsters can be added with another console but they are very leathal. Simply open the doors to suck them into space. 4 turrets are placed in each corner. The room on the back has 2 lava rooms. Raichu has graciously added his map file for others to check out. While torture maps are not my favorite kind, it is worth to check it out.




DM Borg Outpost

dm_borg_outpost.zip | 4.45 MB

called \"Gael\". The main floor of this arena is only broken up by a small platform which holds a regen pickup; though you better watch your step as the platform is hovering over a death pit! Around the edges of the arena are ledges (which are lined with borg alcoves) and provide the majority of pickups (health, weapons, etc). On either end of the arena are forcefields that transport you to the other side. The FFA version basically consists of three of the 1on1 arenas. The only difference between them being the colour (either green, yellow or blue). Everything else is the same, except that the forcefields will now transport you to the other two sections. The map layout works fairly well in 1on1. You always have an eye on your opponent and pickups are few and far between. Keeping an eye on the regen in the middle will definitely help you stay alive longer. For some reason though I didn\'t quite like the FFA version. It just doesn\'t feel as though the layout really holds up for more than two players. Give it a try though, it may be what you like. I would also have liked to see a more stronger Borg \'theme\'. At the moment, you could easily change the textures around to create a different atmosphere. Borg themes offer much more than just alcoves boringly lined up along the walls. Anyway, it\'s nice to see a new EF2 map and the 1on1 is worth trying out (especially if coming by other players for a decent FFA/CTF is hard ;)). [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




Great Deku Tree

great_deku_tree.zip | 10.47 MB

about that). It\'s a bizarre combination of Zelda64 and Romulans from EF2. The NPCs are highly annoying and you\'ll die a few times from them. It doesn\'t have the classic gameplay we\'re used to, and so it\'s for deathmatch and not CTF. Enjoy!




DM Morpheus

dmmorpheus.zip | 12.66 MB

have to jump and frag your opponents while flying though the air from building to building, rooftop to rooftop , I cannot explain how much fun this map is really Textures are nice, lighting is good; weapon placement is, well placed The music on this map is good as well and adds’s a good atmosphere to the feel and play of the map. One thing however bots on this map seem to stay on there own building. Nevertheless, this still is an excellent map! Map Supports -Holomatch -Team Holomatch -Control points Pan.




DM Doom

dmdoom.zip | 8.15 MB

ship in warp It is a medium to large sized map set on multiple levels with glass in the floor in some rooms all is up to the high standard set by this mapper :D One thing I did find was my ability to keep on getting lost as all the rooms are the same colour , and I did not have a clue were I was or which way to go some times ? Lighting and the use of it is nice and is used well, as is weapon, health and other pick-ups. So to round up nice clean map with some good ideas, I thought a bit of colour would make a good map an excellent map though. Pandemonium.




Oberia Prime Shuttle Construction Yard

shuttlefactory.zip | 1.53 MB

slow at times, especialy as the rest of the map is fast. The only thing I found slightly anoying is the lack of weapons, there arnt a lot of em arround. All in all a fun map, with bot support, that will keep you occupied for a while. -FliX




DM Tempest

dm_tempest.zip | 4.12 MB

his name instead ! :p The action takes place on a large piece of space junk and strangely enough, it is shaped like tempest’s name! , I did think that I would fall down the gaps in between the gaps in his name but this not a problem at all Game play is fast paced and is a nice good fun map (Name) to play . Pandemonium.




Golden Eye temple

ge_temple.zip | 9.65 MB




FX Hamster Car

fx_hamster_car.zip | 7.49 MB

review[/quote] This is a nice map, pretty fun to bounce around on. I love the powerup distribution, because its pretty nicely spread out over the map. I like the jump pads, nice and labeled so i dont fly off to nowhere. The only thing I dont like is that you take so much damage when you fall. A bit annoying. What would have been cool is using the moving skyboxes, had a road with signs going past on the windows. Overall a nice map, good for an ef2 fragging map, long live flix. Highs:funny subject, nice design, cool concept. Lows:you take damage when you fall, there may be 1 too many ammo boxes. Final Mark:75%




FX King Of The Hill

fx_koth.zip | 3.63 MB

get to these and then protect the bunker, and all the oponents try to storm the bunker. The map idea came to me on holiday, and as i didnt have a Computer with me I scetched the whole thing out, exactly the way I wanted it.[/quote]




Flix\'s Bounce

fx_bounce.zip | 1.54 MB




Step Pyramid

dm_steppyra.zip | 588.61 KB

wanted it to be the first map out. He was the first to submit it but some other filer beat me with posting a EF2 file. Sorry Tempest, you are second ;) [b]BOT support:[/b] Yes [b]New textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




Deathmatch Pool

dm_pool.zip | 913.2 KB

the aqua appearance of the map (could be a temple to the god Neptune). Texture quality is decent enough, map design and layout is impressive and lighting nicely complements the whole atmosphere of the environment. Don't go diving in green water though, it doesn't look safe :p [b]Map Specials[/b]: [*] Excellent Gameplay, for strafers and non-strafers [*] High detail in Ambient, with Lights and Sound [*] You can get drown under water (starts within in 15 sec). [*] Small air bubles approaching the water surface, show that you lost some air and health [*] A ventilator pushing you back to the water surface [*] Water splash when approaching the CompressionRiffle location [*] A well hidden secret to be discovered [*] Destructable gameplay embeded glass objects This map is definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of EF21 - [b]IKS[/b]





city_of_feria.zip | 1.54 MB

medium-small sized map made for single player and multiplayer. Not really a city in the essence of large buildings and towers this is more like an ancient city featuring a plaza, a few small sparse gardens, an open fire pit and stairwells leading to a small doorway on platforms above the center of the map. Using textures and shaders from Chriss Strahl this is a very nicely designed map with very impressive texture quality especially the building with mounted corner wall lights. The lighting is spot on too complementing the foggy idryll planet skybox above the map. There are a few pickups lying around the map with energy/shield bubbles in each corner of the map. Overall its a pretty decent map that is worth trying out! - [b]IKS[/b]




Halls of Death

54halls_of_death.zip | 237.45 KB

room map with some plasma exhausts. Making time 35 hours cca. with included learning how to work with uberradiant.[/quote] For a first map, its pretty good. It has bot support, and the bots seem to know what they are doing, so that adds to the quality. Whilst the same textures are repeated a lot, the map's small design is solid, with hallways filled with dangers such as fires, gas, and a ton of weapons. This map could be described as a glorified obstacle course! In terms of improvements, for his next version, Perun might consider tidying up the lighting, as it is a bit too dark in some corners, and spreading weapons out a bit more, but as a initial effort, I am impressed. :) We don't get many new things for EF2, so get downloading now! [i](I have added some screenshots as the file submission did not contain any.)[/i] ~ Luke20 (The Tenth Doctor).





tubemap.zip | 561.83 KB

tube you will fall inevitably to your death. Tubemap is designed for Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch game modes, while rather basic this map does have some potential and is worth taking a look at. See the readme for further information and installation instructions. ~AdmiralHocking




Holodeck Test

holodeck5.zip | 31.54 KB

follow the progress with almost daily MSN updates by Skipper and I have to admit that for this short time his progress is amazing. :)




World War Two BattleField

tanner03.zip | 916.25 KB

to a series of winding dugouts through which you can crawl around in to various points in the map. The battlefield itself is a pretty plain land with a few bumps and ditches scattered around. Scattered around the field are electric fences (that kill upon contact) and what seem to be landmines (which are near impossible to find until you step on them). A rather clever idea added to this map is that all the pickups are scaled down to a tiny size which means the focus isn\'t on huge rotating hypos interrupting the view but rather the battlefield itself. The dugouts have large stocks of ammo to pick up so you\'d probably want to stay close to them (especially since you won\'t find a lot of cover out on the field). What I would have liked to see is less of a rectangular arena feel to the map. Perhaps some rough rains with fog clouds rolling across to make the rather large field feel a little less open would really have added an atmosphere. Though the idea behind this map is pretty nice and it\'s been pulled off fairly well. You may want to check it out :) [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




DM Fall

dmfall.zip | 12.95 MB

the main room , So you better watch your step and back !! The good thing is that there are no textures used in this map as its all brushwork so the map really runs at a fast speed. Also I really liked the music that flix put in this map :cool: Overall a fun map this Pan.




Deep Space 6

dm_ds6.zip | 969.97 KB

the stairs. It\'s to small to be a starbase. The clip on the shuttle is wrong, you can shoot through it. Even the bots don\'t seem to like it.




Step Pyramid

dm_steppyra_v1_1.zip | 326.66 KB





warehouse_map_v1_1.zip | 3.74 MB

has very few changes to the gameplay of the map...actually, it has no changes to the gameplay of the map, but, this map will appear more professional and authentic as it now comes with a loading screen...which look great by the way! If you already downloaded the previous version, it should be replaced with this one, then all you need to do is get eight to 10 of your friends together, and fight for bragging rights! To add a bit of merriment to your gaming experience, W4rbird has included hidden items throughout this abandoned warehouse, so load up this download and [i]set phasers to [u]fun[/u]![/i] Refer to the readme for more information.




Klingon Bat'Leth Duel Arena

klingon_duel.zip | 763.3 KB

a Klingon theme. A huge fire in the middle and torches on the walls provide some great ambiant lighting. Health pickups are plenty (be warned that bots really hog them ;)) but they are key to staying alive. If you do fight against bots, they don't initially use the Bat'Leth, so you may get a few free hits now and then. A pretty good concept for a map here! I would have liked a little more space to move around on the second level, but other than that the map came out rather well! If you want to hone your Bat'Leth skills or have some simple fun then you should check this out :) Qapla`! [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No [b]Note:[/b] Just so everyone is clear, this map disables the phaser. So even though the phaser still shows up, you can't use it. It's Bat'Leth only :)




Compound 2-b

dm_compound2-b.zip | 1.55 MB

first map)




Achillies Demo

achillies.zip | 238.47 KB

architecture of the room itself. Starship rooms are not rectangular boxes. Download if you have nothing better to do.





dm_tnem.zip | 1.74 MB

too many weapons and pickups scattered around for such a small map, though there are crates to duck behind and other corridors that help make the map a little more playable (as opposed to a big empty area with nothing in it ;)). There were a number of secret doors that revealed weapons and powerups.. though finding them is not too easy! Infact, if you didn\'t know they were there.. you wouldn\'t even think about looking for it! Overall it\'s a decent map, but the item placement could have used some more thought. [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No




FliX\'s Allied Base

fx_alliedbase.zip | 16.97 MB

will want to download this overnight probably.





lift.zip | 200.06 KB

due!). The main part of the map is a lift which you can control to move up or down. Besides that, there are sets of doors to open/close; forcefields to activate; characters to spawn.. and a lot more! I\'m amazed that it all works in MP (though it can possibly crash the server). Sometime when I loaded the map in MP, it would seem to \'switch\' to SP.. this usually happened with the character spawning. Other than that, the map is pretty neat to check out! I surely had fun pushing all the buttons :p [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No

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