Elite Force 2




USS Ark Royal - Teaser

ark_royal_teaser.zip | 722.13 KB

many differences between her and her older sister ships, the Enterprise and the prototype Sovereign.




RPG Warbird

stef2_rpg_warbird_100.zip | 5.43 MB

This Map is also [quote]far better then the beta and fully playable[/quote] Fancy that. Do download, I love Romulan Warbirds. :)





rpg_sfc.zip | 2.04 MB

I have decided to publish the map in its unfinished state. I have included in the .pk3 the .map files so people will be able to modify it at will. Right now the map would be ok for a role play but it need improving. Bot support: no (I dont know why you would need it on an rpg map) new textures: no (never got around to finishing the map so no new textures) build time: 50 hours (and its still not done lol)





schiessstand.zip | 708.89 KB

massive room, spawning different kinds of stock hostiles from EF2, such as Romulan snipers, the Idrill bomb-planters, and many of the Exomorphs. You then, of course, get to fight them, with appropriate weapons, and activating more control panels can add fog or bushes, to vary the environment. Although playable on your own in single player, this map would be even better in multiplayer situations, as you could work together to defeat the enemies, and that option is also avaliable here. This release feels like a beta version, what with the room that is too big, and the various dev-messages that appear on the screen when you push a button, but this is a unique and interesting map to play, and I hope another version of it is released. ~ Luke20 ("The Tenth Doctor").




RPG Atlantic

rpg_atlantic_v1.zip | 7.19 MB

map. It puts together many maps into one. This map is as a result, huge. There is no bridge, as Daedalus is better at editing sources and making rpg maps than making a good thing from scratch. This would ruin the map if he made a bridge, as the source did not include one. Obviously this is a map for junior officers Roleplays mainly. A few [b]bugs [/b]along the line that the author has recognised: [*] Turbolift Teleport problems: Transports to the same deck :P Resulting only one way to get to engineering. [*] Teleport Glitch: you get teleported into the ceiling, you have to duck to get off the ceiling lol [*] Cargobay door on particular deck: Opens really Weird?!? This is a tough one to call. Whereas it has considerable work done to it, the textures have left a lot to be desired. The texture quality really doesn't do this map any bit of justice as there is no detail and it is very bland. It is a real pity that the textures are a let down. This map has potential but it really needs a major overhaul of æsthetics to really make this map worth checking out. An improvement version is needed :) - [b]IKS[/b]




RPG Warbird

73rpg_warbird.zip | 1.64 MB

for ef2. With all damage removed, this is sure good for romulan plotlines! So here we have the supposedly long awaited RPG Warbird, I wouldn't know how 'long awaited' it is personally as i don't follow EF2 WiPs that closely, still, here's the review. So you spawn on some form of platform/walkway next to some form of pit/shaft, apart from the missing ceiling (resulting in whatever was last on you screen appearing in it's place) it looked quite... Romulan-esque, me being me of course, i promptly walked off the walkway down the 'shaft', i walked around the central... Pillar thing to see if it contained a lift of sorts and promptly... Well i fell off the map... So, following this i re-spawned myself and after walking around a bit, walking across invisible floors, looking through the gaps between two parts of a wall and falling off the map in a few other places i came to the conclusion that somewhere in the creation process something must of gone horribly horribly wrong, probably in the decompile if this map is indeed as anticipated as the author makes it out to be. However, having said that, what i have seen is definitely a promising 'beginning?' to something great, all the stereotypical Romulan elements are there, the dark atmosphere, the sense of patriotism conveyed by the star empire's logo being dotted around (rather well i must say) and what looks like an attempt to recreate the singularity core seen in TNG: Timescape... Although in reality it looks like four photon torpedoes frozen in time. I certainly hope there is either a new, or fixed version of this map coming out soon, as from the screenshots, it looks really good. Nice map... Although bug ridden. As a final note to the author, i will say that i tested it running base EF2, if there are any other requirements, please post them here and add them in your readme next time, thanks. -jamesamey




RPG Starfleet Academy

rpg_academy.zip | 3.57 MB

basicly the entire original level, but without the mission objectives or cadets wondering around. There are a number of offices, including the Functionary's, Headmaster's and a couple of spares, there is a lecture hall connected to a Holodeck, and of course, the outside area complete with fountains, pools of water (with fish) and Boothby's award-winning gardening. Also, make sure to check every door on the map. You never know what might open up to reveal some weapons and powerups inside.... Not much else to say about this download, except that it is perfect for Academy roleplays in EF2. My only concern was the chairs that you cannot sit in, but aside from that, not bad at all: a nice conversion. ~ Luke20 (The Tenth Doctor).




USS Kepler

kepler.zip | 6.68 MB

loadable on its own. Its looks pretty sweet. The curved corridors make it look very high quality. The open lounge area in the centre of the deck is a cool feature. The lighting is also very well done with different levels of lighting in certain areas of the decks. The only mute point is the fact the map is unfinished as you can clearly see missing wall panels and missing floors. Don't go stepping into the turbolift as there is no floor and you will simply be caught behind the walls. Also there is a slight niggling problem of mismatching brushes which create a little white oddity on deck 2 in the overall map which does not appear on the individual deck 2 bsp (possibly due to interference from brushes belonging to another deck?) Anyways, this is a decent enough map even if it is unfinished. :) [b]Note[/b]: This mod uses some textures from the "Conflicts of Interests" mod that are used in the Jeffries tubes as is the turbulift model from the same mod.




RPG_Enterprise-E - Patch 1.1

ef2_rpg_enterprise_e_alpha_patch1.1.zip | 1.52 MB

list of additions are; [list] [*]Added Interactive Turbolift Menu [*]Added Toggle Viewscreen [*]Added Mini-Mission [/list] For those that enjoyed this fantastic map in the beginning, your going to have even more fun with it now. I was somewhat bemused by the addition of the Earth Defense scenario, as RPG maps generally aren\'t supposed to have any guiding effect on possible plots. However all in all this is a well put together patch and is a required download for anyone wanting to have RPG-X style turbolifts. See the Readme for further information and installation instructions. [i]Note: This file requires the original download for use.[/i] ~AdmiralHocking




RPG Enterprise-E - Patch 1.0

ef2_rpg_enterprise_e_alpha_patch1.zip | 1.17 MB

[url="http://eliteforce2.filefront.com/file/RPG_EnterpriseE;85160x#1437215"]here[/url]. :) You will have had to download and install that map before installing this patch. [b]Chrissstrahl[/b] brings us this small patch that connects the decks of the Enterprise together and straightens out a few of the map's flaws as well as adding a few new features. The turbolift panels are now useable, there is a shuttle in the shuttlebay and even the laptop in Captain Picard's readyroom will open and close! For some reason, there is also a selection of bonus material inside the Zip folder, such as an interview with the map's developer and some random hud displays. :confused: With the map now fully open to explore and use, this might just give people a reason to dust off their EF2 CDs and try RPG Enterprise-E as an online roleplay. At least one can hope. :rolleyes: This is great stuff! :rock: ~ Luke20 (The Tenth Doctor)




RPG Enterprise-E

rpg_enterprise_alpha2.zip | 9.22 MB

recreation of Rituals version of the most recent vessel to bare the name; Enterprise. This equivalent is a completely re-mapped incarnation and so contains none of the NPCs or mission triggers, leaving you more or less free to explore. Containing all the rooms you\'d expect to find within a RolePlay this really does have a lot of potential to become the first proper RP map for Elite Force 2. Sadly however I found that the only way to travel between decks was with use of noclip, which undermines the ability for this to be actively used. In addition it would appear that this may be the only release of this fantastic file, lack of interest in Elite Force 2 means the author is considering giving up work on it. However should another release come, some of the bugs found in this map could be corrected and truly open up the possibilities for EF2 RPs. This is honestly an amazing piece of work and is a must to download and take a look around. See the readme for further information and installation instructions. ~AdmiralHocking





rpg_moondust.zip | 2.28 MB

collection. Upon opening the map you begin in the shuttle bay, which includes several access points to other areas of the map and a working shuttle. The shuttle itself actually only moves to just outside the shuttle bay door, then turns around and re-enters the shuttle bay, while I found this rather disappointing, it is a nice feature. Upon exiting the shuttle bay and entering the main corridor I was surprised to find a character standing there, at first I thought this had been left on the map by accident, however he eventually moved up the corridor, deactivated a force field and entered the engineering section. Having seen this prompted me to start testing the console in the corridor itself, each activated and deactivated force fields in different sections. Aside from the shuttle and force fields there are a small number of other interactive features and areas to visit, overall a very impressive work in progress. Unfortunately the author wishes to remain anonymous as work on this has been discontinued. See the readme for further information. [i]Note: The hud alteration seen in the screenshot is not included in this file.[/i] ~AdmiralHocking




USS Armstrong

uss_armstrong_v3.zip | 1.25 MB

so that means no interactivity, however, this is still a fun map to play. One thing to keep in mind is in order to activate the doors, you have to [i]use[/i] them.




USS Armstrong

uss_armstrong_v2.zip | 544.05 KB

bit. Original Review: [quote]This is the updated version of 'bridge', now with its name included (USS Armstrong). The missing textures and overlaps have been fixed, however you can walk through the chairs (perhaps on purpose since there is not much room). It has four rooms (with no doors): transporter room, bridge, briefing room and engineering (I think).[/quote]




Watcher\'s Sanctuary

watchers_sanctuary.zip | 164.4 KB

believe. ;) I noticed there are a few overlapping textures, but not too bad for a second map.




USS Armstrong

uss_armstrong.zip | 61.16 KB

since there is not much room). It has four rooms (with no doors): transporter room, bridge, briefing room and engineering (I think).





bridge.zip | 2.76 MB

more than 2 players I would say at its current state. It also has some overlaps and missing textures. I think this may be his first map. Download if you want.




EF 2 Academy

ef2academy.zip | 7.87 MB

models. However this is a nice addition to your roleplaying collection. I reccommend the download




USS Balingo

ussbalingo.zip | 9.19 MB

like square boxes with models placed in them. No offence but the map was just not that great. I mean i understand that the editor is difficult to use, but still. Overall its a good addition to the roleplaying maps since there arent a lot of them, but I don't suggest the download if you plan to frag. It's OK... not the greatest map, but its not the worst




USS Atlantis

ussatlantis.zip | 1.2 MB

it\'s not completely unreasonable considering some of the awful ways other mappers have used for getting between decks. You start off appropriately in the transporter room. From there a central corridor connects all the other rooms of the ship (briefing room, weapons locker, bridge, engineering, etc.) Most of the rooms are a bit small looking and do not deviate from the standard box-like room structure. The bridge and engineering, however, are quite spacious and offer a lot of room and equipment to play around with. From engineering, you can use two side corridors to access the shuttle bay. It\'s a bit disappointing that this map does not use EF2\'s great scripting ability to make for some really interesting RPG elements, but this being Scott\'s first map I can\'t hold that against him. The doors in the map are a bit crazy (if I remember correctly, some of them didn\'t open right), and the pk3 is not set up right (where\'s the MNI file :p). For future maps, try to give the map some z-axis work (like giving engineering a second level), caulk unseen faces, and definitely try out some scripting :D




USS Achillies

ussachillies.zip | 685.42 KB

should be two of these next to each other at all times, one transports you to the next/prev deck, while the other is the destination of the transport. The transporter room has also transports you to a different spot on the place, one which I will presume is the weapons locker/cargo bay. To be honest, the map isn\'t all that good. Chris has said this is his \"first full map\", so keeping that in mind, I think it\'s important to give constructive criticism to help him get better :) Short list from me: doors should slide away gracfully within a wall (i.e. no z-fighting or blocking paths); lighting!! there was virtually none.. it can really set an atmosphere; space usage: things are a little cramped up, while other areas are too open; scale: keeping in mind the height of the player and setting the rest of the \"accessories\" so they look to be more believable; caulking unseen faces; sounds: helps build atmosphere; and lastly just to use as little repetition as possible in a small/narrow area (corridors, small rooms, etc). I don\'t really RPG, so I don\'t know what exactly RPG players look for in a map, however the usual scripting elements seem to be missing (like consoles doing various things, etc.).





map_runabout.zip | 672.1 KB

cockpit. Download if your an RPG player if your not then don\'t. ;) -FliX




USS Irish Leviathian A

uss_irish_leviathian_a_demo_1-1.zip | 1.85 MB

you\'d find in a normal starship across the first three decks. Since it\'s just a demo I won\'t be reviewing/rating it, but I suppose suggestions are welcome on how to improve. From the last time there was indeed an improvement in FPS.. but still lots more to be done.




Eagleeye V3 Beta

eagleeyev3.zip | 2.16 MB

sparkle and shine to it Still a bit overlap here and there and I am losing health leaving the turbo lift. Also, he needs to address the multiplayer problem, as only being able to play this in Single player mode is a bit like playing snap by yourself! :( Over all getting better but not that much has changed from the the last to this one really. Pandemonium.




Eagleeye v2 Beta

eagleeyev2.zip | 1.2 MB

any more. He has also added an engineering deck, and a warp core! See screen shots. All looks much better but there is some over lap on the second set of doors in the lift and You lose some life on the engineering deck leaving the Turbo lift ,also a door opens out into space as well, But this will lead to a room of some sort in the next version . This map only works on a single player as the lift does not work on muti, so load a single player and press ¬ (next to the 1 key) and type devmap eagleeye, hopefully Dr Bob Will sort this out :) So all in all it's getting better, here's looking forward to version 3 . :D Pandemonium.





eagleeye.zip | 823.73 KB

a console and had to noclip out of it! The bridge has a really good look and feel about it and it also has a working (ish) turbo lift I say ish as you lose life when you enter it and it did crash me once when I used it, also if you are not using the lift and some one else does you still see the lift selection screen? So over all this map is buggy, But it is only a beta! So perhaps you can leave DR Bob (Is he a real doctor?) some positive comments to help him iron out all the bugs etc :) Pandemonium




USS Irish Leviathan A

uss_irish_leviathian_a_demo.zip | 1.39 MB

explore, including the Bridge, Ready Room, Engineering, Transporter Room, several Quarters, Jeffries Tubes and lots of corridors :D Since it's just a demo I won't be reviewing/rating it, but I suppose suggestions are welcome on how to improve :) A lot of the panels are usable, so give them a try! Suggestions: - VAST improvement in FPS needed. There are times when 70,000+ polys are being drawn.. even high-end systems might complain some. You could achieve this using areaportals a lot especially since the ship has many doors and sections that can be separated. Keep in mind the structural/detail brushes as well.. Use textures to replace the ship name on the hull.. might save up from space as well as let you use a cool font or something :) The current metal shader you've used might also be causing the FPS slowdown. - Lighting should be less 'simple' (though this could be a WIP still)




RPG USS Briant

rpg_uss_briant.zip | 981.57 KB

usual features. Its rather boxy, with basic brushwork, lighting and textureing. But I can see that the developers tried to put some effort into the map and map design, because they added trims here and there, and tried to liven things up a bit with a lot of models, that you can party run through im affraid. And the Lighting often seems to come from nowhere. But the main downside in my oppinion is the absence of music, especialy in an RPG map it adds alot to the atmosphere. All I can say, is keep at it guys, there is potential in this map, add more detail and try to get rid of the overall box look, and you have a nice starhip map on your hands. -FliX




RPG USS Briant

uss_nbsp_bria00.zip | 234.5 KB

usual features. Its rather boxy, with basic brushwork, lighting and textureing. But I can see that the developers tried to put some effort into the map and map design, because they added trims here and there, and tried to liven things up a bit with a lot of models, that you can party run through im affraid. And the Lighting often seems to come from nowhere. But the main downside in my oppinion is the absence of music, especialy in an RPG map it adds alot to the atmosphere. All I can say, is keep at it guys, there is potential in this map, add more detail and try to get rid of the overall box look, and you have a nice starhip map on your hands. -FliX




U.S.S. Aquitania

ussaquitania.zip | 836.81 KB

entered a rather unexciting ready room, and left. You have to use EVERY door on the map to open it, which is a royal pain. More then half the rooms are quarters. Why is there SNOW in the mourge. The sickbay contains 5 biobeds, and thats it. Every model (almost) is duplicated or triplicated, laptops, chairs, screens. There is no interactivity. The turbolift is confusing. Engineering is a pain. There is a strange clip around the core, and there is no way to get from upper to lower engineering, except the turbolift (And vice versa). The armoury was strange. The messhall looked wrong, it didnt look very hospitable at all. I've eaten at an enlisted messhall in the army, and it looks more warm and inviting. The bridge lighting wasnt inviting either. Overall, mediocre. Highs:second map for ef2, bigger then rpg shuttle Lows:doors wont open unless used, snow in the mourge, engineering is messed. Missing textures, no interactivity. Too many quarters, too many copies of chairs and stuff. Sickbay too small. Final score:30% -Crusader




Type 11 shuttle

rpg_shuttle.zip | 2.18 MB

review : The first problem I see, is that as soon as you spawn, you beam into the middle of the small bridge. This means anyone close (which happens half the time) is clipped into you. Also, several people starting pile into each other. (Random spawns in bridge, corridors, back room would have been good) The bridge itself is good, although a warp effect or an effect to blank the windows would be nice at warp. The back door is a bit strange, with an ff up, and the excelsior which looks smaller than the shuttle (and it is), stuck into an asteroid, just looks a bit strange, but that fact that your model alone is as long as the model of the deralict :S Beaming down is nice with its long effect, but two things could use improvement 1st)the visuals happen after your player appears when beaming back, 2) the ability to be invisible for about 4 seconds when you transport is annoying. an intersting idea would be a transport that beams you into another space onto a transport, which in turn beams you to the surface, lengthening the effect, and stopping the invisible effect. Beaming up is strange, because an accidental touch to the zone makes you dematerialize and beam back, very annoying, a clear marking of the zone, plus moving the zone a bit to the other side so you dont touch it every time you enter the canyon (almost if your not walking off to the right side). The snowstorm looks wicked, except that it goes itno the wall and that looks strange. A few things down on the surface need to be shotclipped, and a few more interactive surface features would have been nice. Highs:Nice for small rps, cool surface, good show of talent. Lows: Transporting, no warp effect, planet could be a tad bigger. Final score: 83%

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