Elite Force 2




STVCOI Defiant Class W.I.P

stvcoi_def_wip01.zip | 53.71 MB

the map you will start on the Bridge of the ship, from there you will be able to look around the Bridge itself, the Transporter Room, corridors and of course Engineering. Also displayed is a wide range of impressive shader effects, including animated LCARS and other new textures. Explorer notes in the readme that the map is full of bugs, however it most certainly doesn't spoil the experience. :) [i]Note: Screenshots are of poor resolution, attempting to run the map at full quality crashes Elite Force 2. Additionally you will need the model pack that was released which can be found [file=75275]here.[/file]




Borg Distribution Node Control Room

borgctrl1.zip | 935.84 KB

first map so be nice. Note that this map isn\'t intended for multiplayer and/or good gameplay, and as such I won\'t rate it. Maybe we can convince him to make a multiplayer version?





lift3.zip | 528.82 KB

buttons you can play with, but it was all done before With his last version, so I do not see the point of this . Pandemonium.




DS7 Starbase Teaser 2

ds7_teaser2.zip | 465.28 KB

trekkish offices. Upstairs is now fully furnished, and now there is a lift next to OPS to the main Station Promenade. (not working atm due to teaser only) That finishes platform 1 deck 1, the teaser, with an unfortunate crash. (I dont know how to change maps) Thats it, it's much improved with more features too. Much more attractive. However, there is still an issue of the mirrored textures, the poorly implemented displays mounted on the walls and the patterned steel floor looking tacky - the steel floor would look good if the walls matched it but alas it doesn't, also the steel ceiling looks out of place. Its not a bad mod but alot of redesigning of the interior is needed..the low walls and cramped space is indicative of Starbase 375 from DS9 or indeed the Defiant Class but in order to maximize this spartan design it should be more metallic looking just like a defiant because the luxurious galaxy-type walls just don't suit the low rise ceilings and tightly compacted compartments. Overall it's an adequate improvement but it still needs alot of work. Download if you wish! - [b]IKS[/b]





patrol.zip | 363.77 KB

Academy community. Patrol is a rather small compact map featuring four rooms. Each room is pretty straight forward with one of the rooms resembling a jail/confinement area with water in it. The map is just a practice map to get used to the editor, on the modder's behalf so don't expect alot from this, it is not meant to be the best of the best.




First Contact - Bonus Map

bonus.zip | 2.81 MB

showing the Borg in the Enterprise\'s engineering. When the game went gold Ritual included it into a special UK release. The map basically shows the Enterprise-E in the way it looked in the final part of First Contact. You can visit the assimilated enginineering as well as the bridge. There are a few weapons included, fitting to the Borg theme it also features the I-Mod, however I would rather recommend this map for smaller RPG sessions in EF2. There is also a little secret included, good luck at finding it ;)





stvcoi_teaser01.zip | 10.99 MB

we\'ve tried enough maps out there that were full bright with no ambiance what so ever.




DS7 Starbase

82contribute_ef2.zip | 916.45 KB

shiny beacon in space, is a starbase is owned by the Federation, a home for many races, including mercenaries, which can start unfortunate bar brawls.... In this Mission, Munro is sent to assist the hazard team in settling a bar brawl and clearing the vents of alien bugs. The mission includes many models from the K7 Starbase level and there have been security turrets placed on the ceilings. There is also a trap set for you. so be careful! Overall it is a good mission but the texturing is a bit of a let down unless DS7 was designed by a Ferengi with bad taste ;). There is little in the way of map objects/furniture which makes the map look very bleak. All in all it definitely needs more work but it is a start! Download if you wish - [b]IKS[/b]




Station 1

station1.zip | 373.33 KB

inside peek at the progress being made by it\'s creator. Unlike his previous map that had you in the great outdoors, Skipper has decided to try his hand at creating a map with rooms. Once you load this map, you will find yourself in a holodeck with comes equipped with a barrell that can be used for target practice. Lava can never be a good thing, so becareful when you\'re near it, and in case you\'re one of these [i]gotta find out for myself[/i] kind of person, there is a health console near by. Refer to the readme for additional information.




Stargate Test Map

stargate_test_map.zip | 4.1 MB

pretty believable Stargate which has animated chevrons, additionally traveling through the stargate, takes you to a small representation of an Alien world of which contains a Goa'uld ring transporter. Although the map has its issues; Overlapping brushes and you actually have to walk face first into a door before it opens, it is most definitely something you will want to look around. The author also notes that the map was started over a year ago as part of a Stargate mod which he never finished, but now has taken up the project again. [i]See the readme for more information.[/i]

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