Elite Force 2




DDS Converter

dds_converter_v21.exe | 1.16 MB

formats). This newer version is indeed a huge step-up from the previous v1.2. It has a lot more features and is much more easier to use. It is also a lot faster than the earlier version. The only thing that slightly bugged me a bit is that after converting a file, you either had to Close the program or Restart, which is a little weird but still not a huge hindrance to using the program (I'm really just a nitpicking here, ignore me :p). You can even use this program for other games (or programs) that need DDS files (like recently released Doom3)! Check the readme out for a little more insight into some options that come with the program. I'd say this is a definite download for anyone who needs to work with DDS files.




Custom shaders

custom_shaders.zip | 728.33 KB




Instant Texture Viewer

instanttextureviewer10.zip | 425.72 KB

radiant each time to look at a texture ;), just double click the file in Explorer and see it full size! You can even check out DDS files from pk3/zips as well, so you dont have to first extract them to view. The program works really well, and besides just opening DDS files without any hassles, the program supports over 30 image formats, dynamic scaling(zooming) and window dragging. My only gripe with it is that the window always remains on top of everything else (i.e. you always have to minimize it to view a window behind it). But it works great and I know I'm leaving this program on my hard drive :D In more recent games (EF2, CoD, etc) this utility should prove very useful.




DDS Converter

ddscv_1_20.zip | 630.24 KB




.DDS To .TGA Convertor

ddsconv.zip | 367.98 KB

etc. Converting .tga back to .dds is more complicated, however, and I am not entirely clear on it myself. However, I asked gameRevolt to clear it up for me, and as soon as I know, i\'ll make a comment. Until then, gentlemen, start your modding! ;)

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