Far Cry 2




Hydragod ft. FirePhoenix Race Map Pack

hydragod_ft._firephoenix_race_map_pack.zip | 4.46 MB

ready for a race? Okay please attach your seatbelts because this gonna be a wild ride! Two mappers decided to bring their mapping skills together and create race maps! Yeah , you have hearded that as well. Race maps! Get in your vehicle and start your engines because with this mappack you're going from start like hell!!




Hydrag0d ft. FirePhoenix Super Jump Map Pack

hydragod_ft._firephoenix_super_jump_map_pack.rar | 12.25 MB

thought we couldn\'t fly. In this age some people still think we human can\'t super jump. The people who think this way got it all WRONG!!! Hydragod and FirePhoenix stood up and proved that we can fly, with Far Cry 2 and the SJ (Super Jump) maps you can jump from-to different platforms. You just simply enter the map, spot a platform, and jump to it, find the next platform and jump to it. Some platforms which are hard to find will be showed by the arrow signs. Find some servers that run these maps or run these SJ maps on your own server and invite your friends and others. Have fun and jump around!




Hydrag0d ft. FirePhoenix Hide 'N Seek Map Pack

hydragod_ft._firephoenix_hide_n_seek_map_pack.zip | 5.66 MB

Seek[/b]. Start up your Far Cry 2 and join a server with an HnS map or if there ain't servers with running HnS maps on it, Get em yourself. Start up a own server, run these maps on it and invite your friends and others. [b][i][u]Rules:[/u][/i][/b] [quote] APR (Red Team): Are the seekers, they must find the yellow team and kill their members with a machete! When you are in a maze map then you may use a pistol, not a Mac-10, a Uzi or even the M-79 (Grenade Launcher). UFLL (Yellow Team): Are the hiders and must try to not get caught by the red team. The yellow team may not kill the red team, as member of the yellow team you may only flee away from them and hide! [/quote]





farcry2complete.rar | 41.76 MB

[i]really[/i] well-made, but the sad thing about this that it will be the authors [u]last[/u] release here on FileFront.* [QUOTE]I just wanted to take the time now to thank you guys for all of your hard work and time spent with me trying to get things presented just right.[/QUOTE] [b]So grab your gear for a last time, and enjoy all of the authors great maps all in one.[/b] *[i]You sure noticed that star behind the word "FileFront"? Well, the author said the following about that:[/i] [QUOTE]*That is unless you actually get your Fallout3 Files site up, :).[/QUOTE]




Hydragod Paintball Map Pack

hydragod_paintball_map_pack.zip | 8.84 MB

showing off and proving your uber shoot-em-up skilz! Do you have any problems sliding through the mud, maybe getting the odd piece of dirt splattered on your boots? Do you have any fear for the risks that you will you take? Do... you... have the guts to step into a rough-n-tough battle and show everyone you 're a pro shooter? Then this download is something that you will definately want to get your hands on! This pack comes complete with three maps: Forest, Cave and Lake, all specially designed for you, and your quench for something a little different from the norm...get your very own copy of Hydragod Paintball Map Pack and start having fun! Refer to the readme for more information.




Pirates wars part 1-3

pirates_wars.zip | 12.26 MB

maps are higly detailed and the have a big pirate ship built whith by me. All maps have are been tested online and they have a very good gameplay experience. Beware that part 2 and part 3 have higher requirements than far cry 2 have,but i most people dont have any problems.If you have low fps try closing any backround programm that you need or lower the shadows a little. There will be more pirates wars map in the future.




Bigsnake Map Pack 1

bigsnake_map_pack_1.rar | 10.28 MB

fishing huts in. Oil, A dusty old plane with the APR controlling a oil storage tank. Wasteland, Half savannah, Half forest. Nothing much to see here besides a few sniper towers, a sniper watch, a few tripods and a old fishing dock on a little lake.




Pack maps of Xearo65

pack_of_xearo65.rar | 11.12 MB

[b]xearo65's[/b] maps, give this a try! [b]This pack includes:[/b] [list] [*]Team Forteresse [*]Sniper Tower [*]Petite Venise [*]Mp surf 2010 [*]Mp surf pr0 2010 [/list] [i]Refer to the Readme and the Screenshots for more information.[/i]





maps.rar | 10.04 MB

[b](DM*, TDM**)[/b] - [b]Fakes[/b] [b](DM)[/b] - [b]Wood Fort[/b] [b](DM)[/b] [b][i]Links to seperate Files, if you want to read the description:[/i][/b] - [url="http://farcry.filefront.com/file/Gold_Mine;103227"][b]Gold Mine[/b][/url] - [url="http://farcry.filefront.com/file/Wood_Fort;103545"][b]Wood Fort[/b][/url] - [b]No Description for Fakes available.[/b] Click on the names to be redirected. [b]Enjoy![/b] * [i]DM = DeathMatch[/i] ** [i]TDM = Team DeathMatch[/i]




Hydragod The Living Dead Map Pack

hydragod_the_living_dead_map_pack.zip | 16.99 MB

2016, Summer is comming up but somewhere in the world a Nuclear Reactor exploded by an unknown happening! The employees at the Nuclear Plant are getting exposed by the radio activity. Few seconds later they died. The wind blows the radio activity more into the land. Some days later at an Research Center the scientists spotted the number of radio activity in the air, and warned the people to stay at home inside and close their doors and windows. 4th of July, 2016, Few days later some Special Forces were sent out to check the area. The Special Forces blocked the road and set off the entire area. But as soon as the Special Forces reaches the Nuclear Plant they see all dead bodies everywhere. One Soldier was taking a look at an dead body. Then the eyes opend of the dead body and the man try to bite the soldier. Soon the Special Forces open fire at the man that just have bitten one of their group. Then the man falls down on the ground. But the all the other dead bodies are standing up and are up about to attack the Special Forces. It's the living dead! Soon the Special Forces stepped into their jeeps and drive quick as possible back to their own camp that was settled nearby. 29th of July, 2016, The Special Forces failed in stopping The Living Dead. The Living Dead succeed to escape from the Nuclear Plant. They are now heading to a graveyard somewhere deep in the woods. They bite priests and monks at the church. One undead priest made an plague. This plague bring also the skeletons alive. 10th of August, 2016, The Living Dead is heading to a old church that has an big cemetery Their plan is to bring more dead people alive. It's about to create an bigger army. How bigger the army is, how bigger their change to survive. 18th of August, 2016, The Living Dead made it to bring the dead bodies alive at the cemetery. Now they heading to the border. When they might cross the border they can't be stopped! 31th of October, 2016, It's about just two months ago and this is even worser than Halloween. The Living Dead now started to create bigger armies. Now a month later their army is triple times bigger. They are heading to the border to enter the bigs cities and increase their army. But people on the news have heard of ''The Living Dead Apocalypse''. The humanity is in GREAT DANGER!! The alarm raises and the people are scared. The most people are buying weapons at the Pawn Shops or use kitchen knives or anything that can be used as weapon. The army is united together with the civillians. From now off there is one big alliance that fight back against The Living Dead. IT'S TIME TO KICK SOME ASS! But unfortunately the army of The Living Dead was bigger and stronger. Much people died and turned back into a zombies. 13th of November, 2016, This bad luck number doesn't give much more hope for the survivors. The Living Dead has almost the entire world in control! There is a hand full of people that can safe the planet Earth from this Crisis. That small group of survivors succeed to escape from the big army and took shelter in a car park. But one zombie has spotted the survivors and shout something. Then it is quiet for just 5 seconds. Then the zombies come running from outside and walking into the car park. The survivors decided to shoot a way through these zombies outside and try to escape AGAIN! 13th of December, 2016, It's now a half year ago that this whole entire zombie sh*t started! The survivors manage to escape from those zombies again and ran into the dark woods. They met someone in the woods that lead them to an camp nearby that contains the last human beings. This camp is also nearby an big comet. It might be that this comet have caused a earthquake that breaked open the earth's crust. It can be that this comet let the Nuclear Reactor did explode. The survivors have food in the camp for three months. Five hours later they hear a low scream of The Living Dead army. They are surrounded by zombies and all other Living Dead. Quick they grab their weapons and take their posts. IT'S TIME TO MAKE A END ON THIS APOCALYPSE! IT'S TIME TO LIBERATE THE PLANET EARTH FROM THE LIVING DEAD!!!




FC Legendary MapPack

mappack_fc_legendary_maps.zip | 6.62 MB

fame. FC Legendary MapPack is a mixed bag of gaming enjoyment designed to enhance your [b]Far Cry 2[/b] gaming fun! There is a bit of everything for everybody, all contained in this one itty-bitty download, whether it be 'Team Deathmatch', 'Capture the Diamond', etc. A fair bit of effort and time, not to mention skill went into the creation of these maps, and is worth the price of the [u]free[/u] download! :p [list] [b]Here is what is contained in the pack:[/b] [*][i]Monkeybay[/i] DM, TDM, CTD and VIP [*][i]Radio[/i] DM and TDM) [*][i]Radio v2[/i] Fixed bugs and objects Added CTD and VIP) [*][i]Surf[/i] Only DM [*][i]Surf v2[/i] Added TDM [/list] The [i]Radio[/i] map Is a detailed remake of the classic [b]Far Cry[/b] map, and it is also one of the favorites of tuleby, as well as many others...judging by the amount of versions of it that have surfaced over the years. The same goes for [i]Surf[/i], although not specified as one of this developer's faves, it is a great map from the original [b]Far Cry[/b] and deserves to be played to it's potential in the game's 'sequel'. Rounding out this pack is [i]Monkeybay[/i]; This map is also a remake of the original release, and the developer has stated that he has painstakingly tried to keep the detail from the FC version...and most of it was. If you're looking to relive the enjoyment of the first game, but in the atmosphere of [b]Far Cry 2[/b], then your look is over...Download the FC Legendary MapPack now and start the fun! Refer to the readme for more information.




Jungle Jeep Rally

jungle_jeep_rally.zip | 4.5 MB

Wrangler. Why not other cars? Because it would be nearly impossible to finish the track without repairing the car. Only with Jeep this is avoidable. But if you want to use other vehicles be my guest. You can modify the map if you want in any ways but give credit.




Hydragod 911 Emergency Map Pack

911_emergency_map_pack.zip | 9.71 MB

911, Someone called Hydragod has released a new map pack filled with showy maps! There are five maps: Coast Guard, Police Station, the Fire Station, Hospital Rooftop and Hospital Rooftop 2 (no background buildings, less FPS). Join your favorite team and do your job. Have fun!!

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