Far Cry 2




Higher Damaging Weapons

higher_damaging_weapons_1_1.rar | 71.34 KB

here as well. I have no way of testing this version as my computer is dead. I have a feeling that explosive weapons might be too damaging so if you could please let me know if they are.




Far Cry 2 Rewards Mod

far_cry_2_rewards_mod_v1.01_steam_and_retail.rar | 6.25 MB

weapons - More effective weapon manuals - Increase damage of weapons - Shotguns are more accurate and have a more effective range - Vehicles are stronger when manuals purchased, but the repair time is increased (slightly!) - Camouflage suit is now twice as effective - Maximum damage sustained while jumping has been halved, while minimum damage sustained has been doubled - Cheaper manuals and utilities/equipment - More ammunition available for hardcore/infamous players - Far less recoil from weapons when manuals are also purchased (still needs to be controlled, but far better than Vanilla FC2!)

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