Grand Theft Auto San Andreas




Vallana Vetra GTA4 Overhaul | 26.63 KB

saving of all player vehicle locations,real names, performance and variants and the ability to save locations with a name and description and teleport there later. and with world builder features [u][b]World builder![/b][/u] * Any combination of keys can be used. Ctrl, Alt, Shift are recommended as modifier keys * 3D camera pointer is supported (the pointer moves where you look) (see beta 0408 videos:) * Objects can be moved and rotated on X, Y, Z plane * Free-roam camera system (with no clipping) * Objects can be placed in groups so you can turn entire groups on/off * Placed objects are auto-saved!so its permanent if you want it to be * Controllable move/rotate rate * Object collision on/off * GUI is always relative to screen size and function able [u][b]General Vehicle improvements[/b][/u] So far, vehicle tracking has been the biggest part, so that is the only feature that is complete in this part. The rest will come soon Vehicles never disappear.Instead, they remain where you left them (if it was hidden, or in a parking spot), or they get recovered by police (if they were stolen), or they get impounded (if it belongs to you, and you parked it in an improper location for an extended time) [b][u]Fuel Consumption[/u][/b] This mod is mostly working, but we still need to implement the stations (waiting for properties mod). Then I will add all the associated effects of having no fuel/incorrect fuel type. Support for different fuel types. [b][u]Real Names and variants[/u][/b] Vehicles have real names and there are also more variants of each vehicle, each with it\'s own performance levels, handling and different upgrades available for them. [b][u]Model rarity[/u][/b] This will affect how often a certain model will get spawned. This is separate from the game\'s spawn ratio because of the extra models we allow. [b][u]Properties[/u][/b] Function able real estate with new interiors,rent system and so much more under Business system(check it site) similar to test drive unlimited . [b]Gangs[/b] many new gangs ,tweaked gang properties,vehicles,leaders and inter-relationships,drug dealing plus system much more advanced to that of godfather2! .




GTA IV: Texture:Yamaha YZFM 450

yamahayzfmmonsterenergy.rar | 234.07 KB

similar the sanchez is a slightly different motorbike and thus will obviously not look Identical. However that being said the new textures do look fairly good in the game itself. [b]Required Files[/b] [file=116155]Spark IV Tool[/file]




GTA IV: Nrg900 Rear Lights

nrg900_ruecklichter_v1_by_frost.rar | 745.47 KB

instructions on how to use them (although in german but translated below using google). When put in game these do look a lot better than the stock versions and will add more to the game. [b]Required Files[/b] [file=116155]Spark IV[/file]




iCEnhancer 1.2 - ENB Graphic Mod

icenhancer12.rar | 2.82 MB

and lighting effects that can cause overheating on certain Nvidia cards; namely, the GF8800, high-end cards from the GF2xx series, and most of the GF4xx and GF5xx series. If you experience artifacting, bugs, inexplicable slowdowns, blue screens, nausea, or explosive diarrhea, discontinue use immediately. You’ve been warned. The mod includes improved lighting effects that are adaptive to the day/night cycle as well as weather conditions, be they sunny, cloudy, or rainy. Lens flares add that new Hollywood camera feel, depth of field makes distance objects appear out of focus, and what appears to be HDR lighting — or at least some form of adaptive lighting — prevents overly bright areas from “whiting out.” To install this mod, follow these steps: NOTE: Back up any files that you will be asked to replace. Download iCEnhancer v1.2. Open iCEnhancer12.rar and extract the contents to your desktop or a temporary folder. Open the folder “iCEnhancerData” and select all of its contents — including the folders. Copy the contents of the folder. Navigate to your GTA 4 installation folder (/Rockstar Games/Grand Theft Auto IV). Paste the copied files and folders. If you are asked whether you wish to replace any files, select Yes. Optional: To install the enhanced lens flare effect, right-click on the iCEnhancerLensFlare.rar and select “Extract Here,” replacing any files, as necessary. Optional: To install the enhanced light shafts effect, right-click on the iCEnhancerLightShafts.rar and select “Extract Here,” replacing any files, as necessary.




Real Cars For GTA 4 v0.4

real_cars_for_gta_4_v0.41_beta.exe | 356.83 MB

world including Aston Martin, Jaguar, Volkswagen, Audi, Ford, Lexus, Ferrari, Masarati, Toyota, Dodge, Lamborghini and more. There are a lot of sports cars included as well as hatchbacks, MPVs, Pickup trucks and more. However you will need a clean version of GTA IV to install this modification and it will only work in single player mode. This modification will make GTA IV a lot more realistic where it will have real life named cars, although not completely realistic since I doubt you would see this many tuned sports cars in Liberty City / New York though really! [quote]New in this version =================== *All cars have been replaced with new ones. *Suport for the new Gta4 patch v1.0.7.0. *Includes ELS - Emergency Lighting System. *Fixed traffic issues. (only taxis)[/quote]




GTA IV - Resident Evil IV MOD v1 | 508.33 MB

environment. This modification basically changes all of the people in the city into Zombies which will chase you all around the city! While this version does have a couple of bugs in the game, it is a brilliant mod although while it does have its good features including the massing of the zombies around the player, rather than eating the player they beat him up which isn't really zombie like but still it can be very difficult to do unless you have a machine gun or similar. That being said it adds a new gametype to GTA IV for those have completed the game several times. The premise is simple: install Resident Evil IV Mod, and GTA IV npcs are replaced by armies of the undead, who proceed mob Niko until he is killed. It’s still a work in progress – it’s intended to be played in classic zombie-killing fashion, meaning with melee weapons. Unfortunately, guns aren’t disabled, and the zombies still obey the standard game’s bystander rules. If you start using projectile or explosive weapons, the zombies run away from you as fast as they can, dashing your hopes of blowing them to bits with sticky bombs

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