Grand Theft Auto San Andreas




Lotus Elise

lotus_elise_sanan.rar | 276.23 KB

either purchase, find or spawn within the game, as well as a fairly detailed interior as well as a roof which may appear some times if you spawn the car. This car can also be tuneable within an Transfender store and includes a British number plate on the back but not the front which makes it a little bit more realistic (even though the real number plate is a WV!!!). The lotus also includes custom handling, but doesn't include a damage model (except when destroyed). [b]Required Files[/b] [file=44920]IMG Tool V2[/file]




Lotus Seven | 934.45 KB

1970s. This car comes in several colours (well the trims, the main body is the same colour). The Lotus Seven will replace the bandito within GTA San Andreas, and includes a custom handling as well as a fairly detailed interior and can be modded in any transfender within the game. [b]Required Files[/b] [file=44920]IMG Tool V2[/file]




Lotus Exige Sport Custom

lotusexige.rar | 3.18 MB

detailed interior with fully 3D seating, gearsticks and well everything even the smallest of details such as the volume and the buttons on the radio are included. The car itself also includes a fully 3D engine and two models that can be found in game, one with a roof and one with out, The car also includes a custom handling, several different colours to choose from (which can be bought, spawned or found in the game) and is completely moddable in any transfender store within the game. You can tell that a lot of hard work went into this model when even the minor detail has been included (radio buttons, air conditioning blowers, etc), definately a recommended car! I would also like to say thanks to the author for allowing this great car to be added to this site :) [b]Required Files[/b] [file=44920]IMG Tool V2[/file]

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