Half Life




Half-Life Frontline Force 2.0 Mod

flf2.0finalwin.exe | 144.22 MB

opengl to run, if you\'re not in opengl it will error and give you a message box saying gtfo and switch to opengl. - included maps are: flf_dusk, flf_sorrow, flf_shroud, flf_siberiankiss, flf_bridge2, flf_fallujah, flf_biohazard, flf_toledo2, flf_risu, flf_kezman, flf_village, flf_afghan, flf_dcity, flf_village, flf_lombardi, and if i\'m missing any in this list, you\'ll find em. - new weapons: ak105, p90, ksp58, smoke, tears, dpms kitty kat Bugs:- - voice comm MAY not work, it should, but sunspot and i were having problems with it; and we aren\'t sure if it was his server or not. (i have no mic so i couldn\'t really test properly) - linux, obviously, the linux server may do one of the following: not run, run and crash randomly, run and crash all the time, run away far far away and shout out \"look at how wonderufl linux is!!!\"




Front Line Force V1.8 Windows

frontline18.exe | 88.48 MB

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