Half Life




ESF Bot Version 3

esf_bot-3-setup.exe | 651.64 KB

combos • Bots avoid db's to avoid some crashes • Redid menu, looks better now, more options and with percent and skill you can select default and random values • Bots can see attacks so they better react on them • Autopilots: with this a bot will take over the host(experimental) • Super bots: bots who can cheat, there are 3 different types. They start with higher pl, they regain or have unlimited Ki, also they can regain health • skill has more effect on bots • bots don't swoop always straight so they can surprise their enemies • when an enemy of a bot is very close and the bot is charging an attack, the bot will beam jump at their enemy bots remember enemies • bots should strafe to avoid walls and team mates • better unwaypointed navigation • better 'danger reaction' • new console command: command to let a bot execute a console command, commands to enable/disable the use of combos and destructo discs • hopefully fixed a bug where bots power up when they didn't need to. • new bot names • new chat messages • new welcome message • bots react with retreating and random teleporting when their blinded by a solar flare • bots should better react on close enemies • most console commands should now work for dedicated servers as well • buu bots recover hp • better enemy selection • higher skilled bots should avoid attacks when they swoop • better teleporting • taunt messages work now • bots can now have spaces in their name • more chance that bot uses a special beam cannon or ki blasts • Very nice manual made by eekhoorn • bots recover when their hit by melee




ESF Bot 3.1

esf_bot-31-setup.exe | 625.7 KB


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