Half Life




Earth Special Forces Grega's S2K Tournament Map Pack

grega_s2k_tourny_mappack.rar | 3.72 MB

surely is the map pack for you. You can see the description of all the 3 maps below: [*] The first map is s2k_tournament. Its a map of the Bodukai tournament in Buu saga. It has a switch that activates the crowd. [*] The second map is s2k_tournament_duel. This map is made specially for 1 on 1 fights. If you fall out of the ring and stay on the floor for 3 seconds you die. The 3 second limit is there so you cant be thrown out of the ring. This map also has a switch for the crowd. [*] The last Map is s2k_tournament_destroyed. This is the same place as the other 2, but in a different light. During the tourny Goten blew away a small part of the roof and after Vegeta turned Majin he made 2 big holes into the stands. Basicly thats it. There is no crowd in here eather since they all ran away in panic.

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