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Earth's Special Forces: Spunky's Open Beta CVAR Editor

sece_1010.zip | 182.89 KB

(Open Beta). [b][u]Installation:[/b][/u] - Extract executable file to esf_openbeta directory. [b][u]Use:[/b][/u] - Simply follow onscreen instructions. The program will do most of the work for you. However, if you decide to change a value, be sure to go through the _cvar.cfg file for that character, removing any lines that appear more than once. (2/05/07) Changes/Fixes: - Changed the way the program executes. It will now check for the first program execution. If it is the first execution, the program will generate the autoexec.cfg file (or edit, if it already exists), saving the user tedious work. If it isn't the first execution, the program will execute normally. - Exit option added to main menu, to avoid the infamous "infinite scrolling as a result of the exit command" bug. - Multiple instances of the program can no longer be run, avoiding confliction between multiple instances reading/writing to the same file simultaneously.

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