Half Life




Half-Life GHOST OPs Beta v1.0 Full

ghost_b1.exe | 78.89 MB

with their own weapons, speed, armour etc.. For all the information of each class, then please [url="http://www.ghostopsmod.com/players.html"]--> Click here




Half-Life GHOST OPs Beta v1.1 Patch

ghost_b11patch.exe | 2.56 MB

func_breakables belonging to the other team. -Aim mode does not modify duck speed[/i] [b]Bug Fixes[/b] [i]-Fixed a number of encountered crashes -Information about objectives now wraps on the hud -Fixed say text on spectators -Improved network performance -Removes loose weapons for a team when a team\'s trigger_spawn is fired -Removes corpses when a player respawns -Priming grenades no longer rattles -Grenades now behave correctly if held too long when primed, or a player is killed holding a primed grenade -Partially implemented spectator modes -If all players leave a team, the map will change if game has started -Players leaving a team also fire info_eliminates -Last player leaving a team creates a 30 second period after which, if a team is missing players, the map will change -Fixed C4 arming exploit. -func_breakables no longer continuously spawn gibs.[/i]

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