Half Life




Half-Life: Master Sword - Continued Full (v1.11)

msc_installer_feb2008b.exe | 337.55 MB

spells [*] Gone from about two dozen weapons, to over 90 [*] Added, literally, hundreds of new monsters and NPC's [*] Introduced countless new quests, tweaks, mapper tools, game concepts, mythology, storyline, and all around, just a mess load of more stuff to do It’s well overdue for a version upgrade! Featuring all the above, and a brand new, smarter, sleeker, self-installer, tracker scheme, and the most stable release of MSC had in a very, very long time. (Granted, that’s still stable in the same sense that strawberry Jell-O is stable, but they are working on it.) This will be the last large update for awhile. That’s not to say the team is stopping development, but rather, they are no longer distributing updates included in this package with the betapackages – thus, the next betapack should be under 10mb, instead of these 80mb monsters we’ve been handing out lately. For now however, and hopefully straight through until March, this is the one and only thing you need to play. For those of you who are already fully patched to JAN2008a – there’s a fast upgrade patch for you that is around 60MB (the full installer is 345MB!) If you’ve ever had any issues with our dynamic map updating system, however, now would be a good time to snatch the full installer.




Half-Life: Master Sword

masterswordvall-1.3-c1.4.exe | 64.39 MB

of MSv1.3 such as the newer helmet model, the lost War Hammer VGUI, and fixed configuration settings for performance! MasterSword is set in the land of Daragoth, a world of rampaging orcs, of people trying to live in a harsh fantasy environment and of adventurers who ply they're trade saving (Or stealing from) townspeople, hunting great treasures and having a few pints at the local Inn or public house.




Half-Life: Master Sword Continued v1.1 patch

msc_beta_pack_installer_september14th_2006.zip | 7.53 MB

most, a wide range of monsters to fight, a good many maps - and more on the way! [*] [b]This patch includes[/b] - Countless minor bugfixes - A new AI for orcs and Guards - Tons of new items, including immunity potions and new spells! - About 20 new monsters/npc's - Support for the new maps "The frozen summit" (by Avoozl) and "The forgotten outpost" (by evil squirrel) - Fixed 0x0x0 bug - And much more!

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