Half Life




Natural Selection: CO Starfight Map

co_starfight.rar | 644.89 KB

As you can see on the screenshots below, the map itself looks like one big laboratory.




Natural Selection: CO Hearne Map

co_hearne_b1.rar | 958.48 KB

decided it was time to head for a spaceport for some much needed R&R. The captain set the autopilot and then he and the crew went to have a look at their salvaged booty. The ship is now one week out from a highly populated spaceport and communication with the crew cannot be established…[/quote]




Natural Selection: CO Overmin Map

co_overmin_fin.zip | 4.77 MB

Small layout changes [*] Mirror textures misalighment [*] Solved elevator bug [*] Removed med-sci door [*] Usable door in crew sector are now different from others [b]Change Log - Beta 2 [8.3.2004]:[/b] [*] Added third path to the hive [*] Added weldpoints [*] Fixed bug with mdl.files [*] Deleted some cyclers and infodecals [*] Small layout changes [*] Clipnodes tweaking [b]Change Log - Beta 3 [17.3.2004]:[/b] [*] Solved sprite bug [*] Added weldpoint [*] Added ventilation system [*] Small layout changes [*] Clipnodes and leaves tweaks [*] Added custom signs [*] Added speaker [*] New ReadyRoom [*] Added custom music and ambience sounds Any Combat Lovers should definitely get this map. For further information, check the readme below.




Natural Selection: CO Tempest Map

co_tempest_rc1.zip | 12.05 MB

issues: [*] the door in the glazed indoor/outdoor section extends through the wall when operated [*] polycounts are generally quite high, esp. in the hive [*] Circe needs to reference the wad file, checking where he got everything from & giving appropriate credit As said, Circe really wants to know what you think of the map.

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