Half Life




HiveMind 3.1: Combat

hive31combat.exe | 587.01 KB

Artificial Intelligence for the Half-life modification, Natural Selection. Features of Hivemind include: Support for Natural Selection Combat BETA (v3.1 and above) Support for all NS life forms (v3.0 and above) Smart building strategy (e.g. bots will choose DC SC or MC at random) No extra plugins (such as metamod) required. Bots will ALWAYS build another hive if they are a gorge and have enough resources (v3.1 and above)\"




Natural Selection Hivemind V1.1X

hivemind11x.exe | 1.75 MB

Steam set up. Hivemind 1.1x is available. There are only a few changes, but hivemind bots will now bunnyhop in combat! We have been trying to fix this for ages and are proud to present you with it. :) [b]Changes:[/b] [v1.1x]  Longstanding combat bug fixed: bots now jump and bhop in combat.  Implemented wall walk for co_angst (the lift)  Added support for co_angst.

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