Half Life




NS Dedicated Server

ns_v2_dedicated_server.zip | 87.61 MB

Bytes: 91860927 Contents: NS 2.0 Win32 and Linux Dedicated Servers Linux server known issue: NS 2.0 runs perfectly on the HLDS stream, which we recommend using. However, the NS 2.0 Linux server does not currently work with the version of the Half-life Dedicated Server for Linux. We\'re working with VALVe Software to resolve this issue, and we will post an update to the linux dedicated server as soon as we have solved this compatability issue with HLDS (check forums for up to date info on this at http://www.natural-selection.org/forums ). Notes for unzipping to Linux: This is a unified zip file for Linux and Win32. To unzip it, on windows, use winzip or another package and unzip to your halflife server directory. Special note for Linux admins: Please unzip the file *WITHOUT* the -a flag. i.e. simply unzip buy typing \'unzip \' (without the quotation marks) in your halflife server directory. As always with any new HL mod, reinstalling HLDS and your mod cleanly is HIGHLY recommended to avoid issues running your server. Content Usage: NOTE: This zip file contains only files for running a dedicated server. It will not function properly as a client. It is not for users who want to play NS, it is only for NS server admins. [/quote] *Note: An updated \"so\" is available as a seperate download for those having problems running HLDS with Linux.




Natural Selection

ns_install_v20.exe | 116.28 MB

spacecraft or colony. Marines vs. marines and aliens vs. aliens scenarios will also be supported in the near future. "First-person strategy" with a real resource model and consequences for actions. Both sides are genuinely different and together they accommodate different play styles: Marines:: Fighting skill is less important, strategy and communication take its place. Playing as a marine will be a tense experience with methodical planning and strategy, interrupted with action. Aliens:: Playing as an alien will be an intense action experience, rewarding reflexes and alien heroics. Communication and coordination don't require typing. NS includes easy to use and intuitive menus, and commands. Being the commander on the marines is a seamless experience, that requires almost no extra knowledge. The game even has small pop-up hints that help beginners to play.

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