Half Life




Natural Selection: v3.2 Open Beta 2 Server File

ns_dedicated_server_v32beta2.zip | 175.72 MB

the readme below for the complete change log. [*] [b]AMXModX Users[/b] Those of you who run AMXModX on your servers can find a pre-release NS module [url="http://www.nsmod.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=6589"]-=here=-[/url].




Natural Selection: v3.2 Server Files

ns_dedicated_server_v32.zip | 172.23 MB

release [url="http://halflife2.filefront.com/news/;32268"]HERE[/url] for more information. [b]Changelog:[/b] March 1st, 2007 New Features * Bind-able alien movement abilities (blink, leap, charge) o Movement abilities can be bound directly using +movement. o Movement abilities can still be selected as a "weapon" and fired (no change). o Movement abilities can be used in the readyroom but play at a much lower volume. o Set "r" to default +movement in the keyboard bindings. o Changed description for "Reload" to "Reload/alien movement" in the keyboard bindings. * Added teleport feature to hives o Players may now use an active hive to be teleported to the next hive with an 0.8 second cool-down per player. o If a player uses a growing hive, it triggers 'The Enemy Approaches' Alert and makes it available for both hive and movement chamber teleportation. o Gorge spit can also be used to trigger 'The Enemy Approaches' on a growing hive. o Normal friendly fire no longer makes a hive available for teleportation. o Hive teleport order is determined by the top-to-bottom order shown on the alien HUD. o If a player can't reach a hive to use it, standing directly under the hive while pressing use will also work. * "Ghost" placement model for marine structures o When a marine structure is first placed by the commander, it will be a ghost structure. o A ghost structure is partially transparent (but still solid) and will be immediately recycled for 80% of the resource cost if touched by an alien player. o A ghost structure can be attacked and damaged without triggering an immediate recycle. o The commander can choose to recycle a ghost structure in the same manner as an unbuilt structure. o When a marine player starts to build a ghost structure, it will turn into a normal unbuilt structure. * NS on HLTV o NS now sends minimap updates to a connected HLTV server. o NS now sends particle system templates to a connected HLTV server. Spores, Welder sparks etc. should display when spectating via HLTV. o NS now sends hive information to HLTV. o Every 30 seconds, the HLTV server rebuilds the information so recently connected players get the data too. o Various bug-fixes to improve the HLTV experience ( detailed later in the changelog ).




Natural Selection v3.2

ns_dedicated_server_v32beta1.zip | 175.12 MB

your current NS install so clan players and others can continue playing without being affected. There are a lot of changes in v3.2, including four new maps, quite a few interface changes, HLTV improvements and more. The full changelog is here, and we suggest you read it while you download to avoid confusion! [*] [b]NOTE[/b]: [u]Running AMX Mod or other server plugins will have undesirable effects until compatible plugins are released[/u]




Natural Selection: v3.2 Beta1 Server Hotfix

ns_dedicated_server_hotfix_v32beta1.zip | 929.53 KB

sprites for welder, mines and hand grenades ( not included in the patch ) [*] Adds correct version of weapon and armor upgrade sprites ( not included in the patch ) [*] Adds the 3.2 version of the energy bar. ( not included in the patch ) [*] Adds missing 3.2 version of the resource tower model ( with improved hitbox ) ( not included in the patch ) [*] Added ns_shiva.wad and ns_nancy.wad ( not included in the full installer ) [*] Adds updated minimap sprites for players that adds an outline to increase visibility. (not included in either) This patch does not fix an of the bugs in the client or server binaries. This hotfix installer is for the server operators. This hotfix is backwards compatible with your existing 3.2 beta1 installer.

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