Half Life




Half-Life: Outbreak Mod

outbreak11.zip | 22.31 MB

weapons and robotic armor. Its a take no prisioners battle to the death with what ever race left at the end the new dominate race in this world. It is very fast pased and really high action, The zombies run really fast and can spawn from the corpses of your fallen allies. [*] [b]Changes in v1.1[/b] -New map ob_forsaken -Steam compatible bots included but they are really basic -Zombies can bite, gives them health -Zombies can no longer pick up health kits or armor -Default damage for m-16 & glock incresed -Added "refresh" command for servers to set spawn #'s via console -Improvements and balenceing done to all maps -Sprite given to claws to replace crowbar -Included all need textures -Removed zombies floating -Zombies take 1/2 fall damage because they feal no pain -Gave Zombies poison blood -New texutres added -Cut all turrets health in half -Added Cancel button to team menu -Removed team menu crash bug No more info. is known as the current website is down due to exceeded bandwidth.

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