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Project Timeless Beta 2.0 Teaser

ptbeta20_trailer.zip | 34.77 MB

release. Actually beta 2.0 is very different and new compared to beta 1.0 in many aspects - so if you thought PT is no fun - give it a try and you may change your mind - beta 2.0 is an all new experience and it's fun![/quote] The teaser shows what's new in [url="http://www.project-timeless.serverforce.de/"]Project Timeless[/url] and what you can expect to see. Here's a quick glance at the change log: [+] Since we have realized that the game was way too slow it has become much faster now - faster movement and faster weapon switching! [+] We've implented amazing new visual effects to increase the quality of eplosions and weapon effects [+] There are amazing new maps and all other maps were tuned or even completely redesigned [+] New player animations increase the atmosphere [+] There are 2 new grenades: EMP and napalm and a redesigned razor model [+] Added a powerful movement-sensor [+] Added a round display that shows up the current sub-round [+] The score-system is more understandable now [+] There are many other new things you'll discover while playing beta 2.0

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